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6/26/2009Google Chrome Web Browser Gets Its Own Japanese Manga
6/26/2009Daily Briefs
6/26/2009Nana's Ai Yazawa Puts Manga on Hold Due to Illness
6/26/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 14-20
6/26/2009Macross Frontier's Second Theatrical Film Confirmed (Updated)
6/26/2009U.S. Anime Sales Drop Only 2% in Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008
6/26/2009Spielberg Still Has Oldboy Plans Despite Korean Suit
6/25/2009Miku Sakamoto to End Ai no Moto ni Tsudoe Manga
6/25/20092 New Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire Clips Posted
6/25/2009Group Discusses Lucky Star Uniforms to Boost Local Tourism
6/25/2009Funimation Portal Streams New Fullmetal Alchemist Again
6/25/2009Ichigo 100%'s Mizuki Kawashita to Launch Anedoki? Manga
6/25/2009Kamen Rider Double to Premiere in Japan in September
6/25/2009Bokurano Manga Ends in Japan's Ikki Magazine
6/24/2009Bessatsu Sh?nen Magazine to Launch in September
6/24/2009Diamond Cancels Some July Manga/Anime Related Orders
6/24/2009Macross Frontier Movie Scheduled for November 21
6/24/200918-m Tetsujin 28/Gigantor Statue's Construction Video Streamed
6/24/200911eyes Game Gets TV Anime, Manga Adaptation Green-Lit (Updated)
6/24/2009Asura Cryin' 2 TV Series Green-Lit for Fall
6/24/2009K-On! Gets Non-4-Panel Flashback Manga Special
6/24/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, June 15-21
6/24/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 8-14
6/24/2009Daily Briefs
6/23/2009Aoi Hana's TV Ad, Promo, Production Video Streamed
6/23/2009CLAMP's xxxHOLiC Original Anime DVD Sequel Green-Lit
6/23/2009Ponyo's U.S. Trailer Now Streaming by Apple (Updated)
6/23/2009Ontama! Manga Reportedly Gets Net Anime Adaptation (Updated)
6/23/2009TOKYOPOP & Pocky Art Contest
6/23/2009Fruits Basket Scrapbook Competition
6/23/2009Daily Briefs
6/23/2009Madhouse Studio Co-Founder Maruyama Returns to Otakon
6/23/2009Hatsune Miku Virtual Singer's New CD in Weekly Top 10
6/22/2009The Sacred Blacksmith Anime's Promo Video Streamed
6/22/2009New Manga from Hanaukyo, Chaosic Rune, D.C. Creators
6/22/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 25-31
6/22/2009Japanese Box Office, June 6-7
6/22/2009Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire's New Clips Posted
6/22/2009Live-action Ashita no Joe Helmer Yasuharu Hasebe Dies
6/22/2009Anime Network Expands into Online HD Videos
6/21/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 18-24
6/21/2009Shiawase Kissa 3-ch?me Sh?jo Manga Nears Its End
6/21/2009Japanese Box Office, May 30-31
6/21/2009University's Open Campus Site Includes K-On! Cameos
6/20/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 11-17
6/20/2009Baton Animation by Azumi's Kitamura Posts New Trailer
6/20/2009S.A.'s Maki Minami Launches Seiy? ka?! Sh?jo Manga
6/20/2009Yumi Nakata's Chu-Bra!! Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
6/20/2009Hangry & Angry's Hitomi Yoshizawa Attends Anime Expo
6/19/2009Gundam's Yoshiyuki Tomino to Appear at NY Anime Fest
6/19/2009Toyama Animators Produce Shorts to Promote Tourism
6/19/2009Tonari no 801-chan Anime Short Green-Lit (Update 3)
6/19/2009Gundam 00 Season 2 on SciFi Starting June 29th
6/19/2009Appleseed, Ubunchu, Walking' Butterfly Posted on iPhone
6/19/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 7-13
6/19/2009New Moribito Episodes Start on Adult Swim on August 22
6/18/2009Astro Boy, Blood, Spice and Wolf II Promos Streamed
6/18/2009Eden of the East Gets Two Theatrical Films Green-Lit
6/18/2009U.S. Appeals Court Declines to Hear Dwight Whorley's Case
6/18/2009Top-Selling Animation/Manga DVDs in Japan, 1st Half of 2009
6/18/2009Final Fantasy VII: ACC Was #2 U.S. BD in First Week
6/18/2009Black Lagoon, Hayate's Mell to Sing at Otakon
6/18/2009Daily Briefs
6/18/2009Voice Actress Kikuko Inoue to Appear at Otakon
6/17/2009Anime Expo: Blaine Convention Offer's Special "P.O.V." Freight Handling Service
6/17/20092nd Bakemonogatari Promo, Summers Wars TV Ad Posted
6/17/2009Old Boy Publisher Sues Korean Studio Over U.S. Film Rights
6/17/2009Tales of Vesperia, Canaan, Aika Zero Promos Streamed
6/17/2009Hyde & K.A.Z.'s Vamps Band to Appear at Otakon
6/17/2009Eyeshield 21 Football Manga Ends in Japan After 7 Years
6/17/2009Daily Briefs
6/17/2009Queen's Blade's 2nd Season Green-Lit (Update 2)
6/17/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, June 8-14 (Updated)
6/17/2009Sengoku Basara's 2nd Anime Season to Premiere in 2010 (Updated)
6/16/2009Square Enix July Update
6/16/2009Daily Briefs
6/16/2009The World I Create, Stolen Hearts Manga Listed by
6/16/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 8-14
6/16/2009Summer Wars Trailer Streamed from TokiKake Director
6/16/2009Utena Director Ikuhara Works on New Anime's Opening
6/16/2009Tomoko Ninomiya's Appendicitis Puts Nodame on Hold
6/16/2009Gokusen Manga to Return in 2 Installments Next Month
6/16/2009Junko Mizuno to Appear at Toronto Exhibit on Thursday
6/16/2009Funimation Writer Spencer Prokop Passes Away at 51
6/15/2009Hello Kitty Theme Park Proposed in China for 2013
6/15/2009Last Gasp Adds Strange Tale of Panorama Island Manga
6/15/2009Stereopony Girl Band's Members to Be Animated in Movie
6/15/2009Sea Story Fantasy TV Anime's Opening Sequence Streamed (Updated)
6/15/2009Kimi ni Todoke Manga to Resume in Japan in September
6/15/2009Bones' Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Promo Short Streamed
6/15/2009Umineko no Naku Koro ni Anime's Promo Video Streamed
6/15/2009The Original Cap Is Coming Back Steve Rogers Returns
6/15/2009Comic Sales Crash in May No Comic Over 100K Again
6/15/2009Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--May 2009
6/15/2009Ryan Dancey on Pirates and Copyrights
6/15/2009BSG: Pegasus Expansion This Fall
6/15/2009Del Rey Picks Up Two Kodansha Series One from Tokyopop
6/15/2009Pirates in Parliament! Of EU
6/14/2009Japanese Box Office, May 23-24
6/14/2009Ghibli's Ocean Waves DVD Dated for August 17 in U.K.
6/14/2009Life-Size Gundam Statue's Special Effects on Video
6/14/2009Tatakau Shisho Series Novels Reportedly Get Anime (Updated)
6/14/2009Kuroshitsuji Anime's Second Season Green-Lit (Updated)
6/13/2009Funimation Brings Its Web Video Player Back Online
6/13/200918-Meter Life-Size Gundam's Videos, Night Shots Posted
6/13/2009BokuKimi, Kaiji's Live-Action Film Teasers Streamed
6/13/2009Metrocon Posts Statement After Founder's Arrest
6/13/2009Kannagi/Lucky Star Director Yutaka Yamamoto at Otakon
6/12/2009Eva:1.0 Film on 70+ N. American Screens This Summer (Updated)
6/12/2009Sequel to Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger Being Planned
6/12/2009Afro Samurai Creator Takashi Okazaki at Anime Expo (Updated)
6/12/2009Del Rey Adds Samurai Deeper Kyo, Wild @ Heart Manga
6/12/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 31-June 6
6/12/20095th Sgt. Frog Super Movie Confirmed in Japan for 2010
6/12/2009Daily Briefs
6/12/2009Survey: K-ON's Mio, Reborn's Hibari are #1 Bride, Groom
6/12/2009King of Thorn Manga Gets Film Adaptation in 2010 (Updated)
6/12/2009Jun? Manga to Print Boys-Love Works on Pre-Order Demand
6/12/2009Media Blasters Acquires Blade of the Immortal Anime
6/11/2009Oshii's Musashi to Play at Korean, Swiss Film Fests
6/11/2009Doujin Work's Hiroyuki to Oversee New Comic Gear Mag
6/11/2009Monster's Kojima, Madhouse Reveal Tibetan Dog Anime Film (Updated)
6/11/2009Vampire Hunter D Manga on Kindle, P.S. Triple on iPhone
6/11/2009Kawamori, Arias, Pierrot CEO, Kelts to Speak in NY School
6/10/2009Dynamite Gets Robocop For Original Comic Series
6/10/2009Viz Anime via Playstation Top Three Series
6/10/2009'Futurama' Returns 26 New Episodes in Mid-2010
6/10/2009Hulu Gaining Audience, Losing Share Viewing Patterns Changing Fast
6/10/2009Print View 'Blood the Last Vampire' Screening At Wizard World Philadelphia
6/10/2009Print View Graphic Novel Sales Up in 2008 Manga Sales Decline
6/10/2009Daily Briefs
6/10/2009Inubaka Pet Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action Film in Fall
6/10/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, June 1-7 (Updated)
6/10/2009Spice & Wolf II, FMA Premium, Air Doll Promos Posted
6/10/2009Ai Kawashima's Symphony in August Film to Open in August (Update 2)
6/10/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 1-7
6/10/2009Nodame Cantabile Backstage Manga Miniseries Planned
6/10/2009Basquash Director Shin Itagaki Reportedly Replaced (Updated)
6/9/2009Digital Manga Publishing Sells Directly to Retailers
6/9/200918-Meter 'Lifesize' Gundam Statue Nears Completion
6/9/2009Rayearth & Pok?mon's Naomi Tamura to Sing at Otakon
6/8/2009Tokyopop COO Interview John Parker Gives Update
6/8/2009Beyblade to Return to U.S. Metal Fusion
6/8/2009Mass Media Review Roundup Of Graphic Novels
6/8/2009Priest Casting Advances Cam Gigandet Added
6/8/2009Shokotan Goes to Hong Kong, Halko Goes to UK in Summer
6/8/2009Nana Mizuki is 1st Seiy? with #1 Album in Weekly Charts (Updated)
6/8/2009Central Park Media's Licenses Offered by Liquidator
6/8/2009Japanese Task Force Calls Anime Museum 'Unnecessary'
6/8/2009Reborn Staff Creates Video for Aya Ueto's 'Smile for?'
6/8/2009Twilight Actor Cam Gigandet to Co-Star in Priest Film
6/5/200920,000 Evangelion Mobile Phones Sell Out in 5 Hours
6/5/2009Rica Takashima at NYC's MOCCA Festival This Weekend
6/5/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 24-30
6/5/2009RIP David Carradine 'Kung Fu,' 'Kill Bill' Star
6/5/2009Ponyo Film Comics, Dinosaur King Manga More from Viz
6/5/2009Librarians Pick Hot Fall Graphic Novels At BEA
6/4/2009Sales Decline at Navarre FUNimation Parent Reports Q4 and FY
6/4/2009FUNimation Video Portal a ?Paradigm Shift? Plus 'FMA' Release Window
6/4/2009Star Trek Cracks Top Five BookScan Top 20 Graphic Novels for May 2009
6/4/2009Tomehane! Suzuri K?k? Shod?bu Manga Gets Drama Series
6/4/20093rd Live-Action 20th Century Boys Film Trailer Posted
6/4/2009Ponyo to Open on 800 U.S. Screens, Blood on at Least 11
6/4/20091st Gurren Lagann Film's Subbed U.S. Premiere at AX
6/4/2009Pokemon's 3D Shorts Return to Theaters with New Ending
6/4/2009Martial Arts Actor David Carradine Passes Away at 72
6/4/2009Antique's N. American Premiere in NY Asian Film Fest (Updated)
6/3/2009Saru Lock Action Comedy Manga to Get TV Drama, Film
6/3/2009Gonzo's Earnings Rise, But So Do Losses in Annual Results
6/3/2009Hanamaru Kindergarten Anime Green-Lit with Gainax
6/3/2009Darker than Black TV Anime Sequel Green-Lit
6/3/2009Phantom Episode 10 Leaked 1 Day Before Japan's Debut
6/3/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, May 25-31 (Updated)
6/3/ Streams 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist Again
6/3/2009ADV Adds Former CPM Title Darkside Blues
6/2/2009Sentai Filmworks Reissues Daphne, Kannazuki, Dokkoida
6/2/2009Daily Briefs
6/2/2009Lucky Star Underpants for Sale in Japan
6/2/2009Obama Manhwa Biography First in a Series of 50 Bios
6/2/2009'The Otaku Encyclopedia' In October From Kodansha
6/2/2009'Moribito' Back on Adult Swim Starting June 13th
6/2/2009Eva:1.11 Sells 49,000 in 1st Week as #1 BD So Far
6/2/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 25-31
6/2/2009Mai-Mai Miracle Film's English-Subbed Trailer Posted
6/2/2009Gundam 00 & Loveless' Yun Kouga Comes to Anime Expo
6/1/2009Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' New Trailer Streamed
6/1/2009New Shakugan no Shana Anime in Development Revealed (Updated)
6/1/2009Hayao Miyazaki Considers Drawing Porco Rosso Sequel (Updated)
6/1/2009'Up' Soars Above Weekend Box Office 'Star Trek' Rockets Past $200 Million
6/1/2009Hacker Swipes 'One Piece' 'Simulcast' on Hold
6/1/2009Smaller BEA Manages Positive Vibe For Graphic Novels, at Least
6/1/2009Daily Briefs
6/1/2009Anime Network Posts Detective Loki, Rune Soldier
6/1/2009Kuroshitsuji & Ultraviolet's Becca to Sing at Otakon
6/1/2009Beck Rock Manga Gets Live-Action Film with Hiro Mizushima
6/1/2009The Obama Story Manhwa Biography Published in U.S.