Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2009Tokyopop Confirms Its Kodansha Manga Licenses Will End (Update 2)
8/31/2009Marmalade Boy's Yoshizumi Launches Chitose etc. Manga
8/31/2009Ponyo BD to Ship in Japan with English Subs on December 8 (Updated)
8/31/2009Darker Than Black: Ry?sei no Gemini's 2nd Ad Streamed
8/31/2009Rock Band Glay to Perform 3 Concerts in California
8/31/2009Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku's 'Best' Albums Rank #4, #5 (Updated)
8/31/20093 K-On! Image CDs Debut on Same Day, Rank in Top 10 (Updated)
8/30/2009Japanese Box Office, August 15-16
8/30/2009Actress Chisa Yokoyama Injured in Scooter Accident (Updated)
8/30/2009Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy Live-Action Drama Gets DVD Box
8/30/2009Miyazaki's Ponyo Slips to #13 with US$2 Million
8/30/2009Tar? As? to Step Down as Head of Defeated Ruling Party (Update 3)
8/29/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 3-9
8/29/2009Digital Manga Adds Maiden Rose Boys-Love Manga (Updated)
8/29/2009Funimation's One Piece Simulcast Begins Tonight
8/29/2009The Abashiri Family, Ky? kara Hitman Trailers Streamed
8/28/2009Daily Briefs
8/28/2009Iketeru Futari Manga's Live-Action Film Trailer Posted
8/28/2009Nyan Koi! Romantic Comedy Anime's Promo Streamed
8/28/2009Kirsten Dunst Cosplays in Akihabara for Video
8/28/2009Shogakukan, Shueisha Buy 2 European Anime Distributors
8/28/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 16-22
8/28/200920th Century Boys Film Finale Opens in U.S., Japan
8/28/2009Japanese Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 17-23
8/27/2009Is He Turning Japanese? Manga Made into Live-Action
8/27/2009AKB48 Idol Group Confirmed at New York Anime Fest (Updated)
8/27/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, August 17-23
8/27/2009Disappearance Diary Nominated for Ignatz Award
8/27/2009Frogman's Flash Anime Honors Bakabon Creator Akatsuka
8/27/2009Actress/Singer Aya Ueto's Concert Gets Bomb Threat
8/27/2009Ichiban Ushiro no Daima? Fantasy Novels Get Anime
8/24/2009Crunchyroll Adds RH Plus Vampire Boys-Love Drama (Updated)
8/24/2009Dragon Ball Online MMORPG's New Trailer Video Posted
8/24/2009True Blood's Stephen Moyer Joins Priest Film Thriller
8/24/2009Sex Pistols Boys-Love OVA's Promo Video Streamed
8/24/2009Adult Swim to Run 1st Bleach Film on September 5
8/24/2009Cencoroll Film's 3rd Commercial Posted Online
8/23/2009Japanese Box Office, August 1-2
8/23/2009Hatsune Miku Virtual Idol Performs 'Live' Before 25,000
8/23/2009Sh?jo Fight Volleyball Manga to Bundle Anime DVD
8/23/2009Miyazaki's Ponyo Drops to #12 with US$2.4 Million
8/23/2009Eureka Seven Movie's English Trailer Posted
8/22/2009New Moribito Episodes Start on Adult Swim Tonight
8/22/20092nd, 3rd Anime Political Ads of This Year's Elections Posted (Updated)
8/22/20094Kids Stops Streaming Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
8/22/2009Hidamari Sketch's 3rd Season Green-Lit (Updated)
8/22/2009Ryukishi07, Peach-Pit's ?kamikakushi Game Gets Anime
8/22/2009Black Rock Shooter Anime with Yutaka Yamamoto Confirmed for Spring (Updated)
8/22/2009Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri Anime to Debut in October (Updated)
8/22/2009Gundam Unicorn's Japanese Cast, English Site Unveiled
8/21/2009Cencoroll, Yatterman, Kamui Gaiden Promos Streamed
8/21/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 9-15
8/21/2009Star Trek's Karl Urban to Play Villain in Priest Film
8/21/2009Daily Briefs
8/21/2009Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime
8/21/2009Part of Yoshiyuki Tomino's 'Ring of Gundam' Previewed (Updated)
8/21/2009Gundam Unicorn to Be 6 50-Minute OVAs (Update 2)
8/19/2009Shokotan, Yawaraka Sensha Creator Animate Music Video
8/19/2009New Tales of Symphonia Anime Series' Promo Streamed
8/19/2009Morning Musume, Public Enemy, AKB48, Idoling!!! Members on Magical Girl Anime CD
8/19/2009Kaze no Stigma Novelist Takahiro Yamato Passes Away
8/19/2009Gundam Unicorn Novelist Outlines 1st Anime Installment
8/18/2009Daily Briefs
8/18/2009Kyo Hatsuki's Inu-Neko Manga Gets Live-Action Film
8/18/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, August 10-16
8/18/2009Berserk, Baki, Barefoot Gen Pitched to Hollywood
8/18/2009Funimation to Relaunch One Piece Simulcast on August 29
8/18/2009To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Anime's Promo Video Streamed
8/18/2009Sekirei's Gokurakuin to Launch Returners Manga Series
8/18/2009Comic Market 76 Draws 560,000 Over Three Days (Updated)
8/17/2009Syfy's Ani-Monday Block Lists Monster Series
8/17/2009Koike, Madhouse's Redline Car-Racing Video Clip Posted
8/17/2009Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra's 2nd Promo Streamed
8/17/2009Tokyopop Announces Online Manga Program
8/17/2009You Higuri Resumes Cantarella Manga After 4-Year Break
8/17/2009D. Gray-man to Move to Jump SQ. After 1/2-Year Hiatus
8/17/2009Writer Hired for 'Spider-Man' Movies 5 and 6
8/16/2009Bandai Channel to Stream Anime in U.S., Eurasia at Start of 2010
8/16/2009Miyazaki's Ponyo Opens at #9 with US$3.5 Million
8/16/2009Sayonara Zetsub? Sensei Manga Bundles Original Anime (Updated)
8/15/2009Junko Mizuno to Appear at San Francisco Next Saturday (Updated)
8/15/2009Miyazaki's Ponyo Brings in US$1.2 Million on Friday (Updated)
8/15/2009Anime Weekend Atlanta to Host Yasuhiro Imagawa
8/14/2009Drawn & Quarterly Adds Oji Suzuki's Red Kimono Manga
8/14/2009Sengoku Gy?jin Dullahan Anime Opens Preview Site
8/14/2009Da Vinci Mag's Koishigure Love Short Stories Get Anime
8/14/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 2-8 (Updated)
8/14/2009Gundam Rock English Cover Album to Ship in Japan
8/14/2009Japan Prints Manga to Explain Economic Growth Policy (Updated)
8/14/200918-m Eva Poster, Akemi Takada Sketch on Charity Auction
8/14/2009Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishanikusai~ OVA Trailer Uploaded
8/14/2009The Sacred Blacksmith Anime's 2nd Promo Video Posted
8/14/2009Baka to Test to Sh?kanj? Anime Promo Streamed
8/13/2009Maggie Q Joins 'Priest' As a Priestess
8/13/2009Siegel Heirs Win Another Round Due to Kitchen Comment on Newsarama
8/13/2009Graphic Novel Galleys Bought for Films By Vanguard Films
8/13/2009Spider-Man Play Shut Down Out of Money
8/13/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 20-26
8/13/2009Actress Maggie Q to Co-Star in Priest Film
8/13/2009Miyazaki & Ghibli's Ponyo Film Opens at Midnight
8/13/2009Desert Punk/Sunabozu Manga Returns After 4 Years
8/13/2009Shukufuku no Campanella's Anime Adaptation Listed (Updated)
8/13/2009Happy Science's Rebirth of Buddha to Open in October
8/10/2009One Piece Film Trailer, Uchurei's 1st Episode Streamed
8/10/2009Daily Briefs
8/10/2009GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA DVD Listed
8/10/2009Yu Yu Hakusho Cast Reunites for New Picture Drama
8/10/2009Hyakko Manga Volume 5 to Bundle 10-Minute Anime Short
8/10/2009Man Arrested for Burning Down Home over Gundam Models
8/10/2009Gundam Creator Tomino to Receive Award at Locarno
8/9/2009Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu's Details, Images Posted
8/9/2009Darker Than Black: Ry?sei no Gemini's Promos Streamed (Updated)
8/9/2009Yu-Gi-Oh! Sets Guinness Record with 22.6 Billion Cards
8/9/2009New Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ TV Anime Green-Lit
8/9/2009Karino Takatsu's Working!! Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit (Update 2)
8/9/2009Arakawa Under the Bridge Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit (Update 2)
8/8/200920th Century Boys Films' U.S. Trailers Streamed
8/8/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 13-19
8/8/2009Actress Noriko Sakai Arrested After Turning Herself In (Updated)
8/8/2009Satelight, Hal, JM to Create Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu
8/7/2009Daily Briefs
8/7/2009Japanese Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 27-August 2
8/7/2009Twin Spica Sci-Fi Coming-of-Age Manga Ends in Japan
8/7/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 26-August 1
8/7/2009Ponyo's Advance Screening in New York City This Sunday
8/7/2009Miracle Train Intro DVD's Promo Posted Online
8/7/2009Ontama! Begins Streaming on Japan's Nico Nico Douga
8/6/2009Aoi Hitomi no Onna no Ko, Kowarekake Promos Streamed
8/6/2009Singer/Actress Noriko Sakai Missing after Spouse's Arrest
8/6/2009New York Anime Fest to Host Cencoroll's U.S. Premiere
8/6/2009Digital Manga Adds Makoto Tateno's Yokan - Premonition
8/6/2009Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
8/6/2009Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Film Confirmed (Updated)
8/6/2009Daily Briefs
8/6/2009Ghibli's Isao Takahata Receives Award at Locarno
8/3/2009New iPhone Comics App #1 in Books Supports Retailer Sales of Hard Copies
8/3/2009'Futurama' Cast Signed For Return of Show
8/3/2009'Watchmen' DVD at $9.99 At Best Buy
8/1/2009Ponyo, Tailenders Anime's New Trailers Streamed
8/1/2009Fairy Tail Anime's Voice Cast Listed in Shonen Magazine