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Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/30/2010Beelzebub, Toriko Manga on Jump Super Anime Tour
6/30/2010To Love-Ru -Trouble- Manga Gets More Anime Green-Lit
6/30/2010Evangelion Racing Motorcycle to Compete in July
6/30/2010Marvel's superheroes get cute makeover for 'Little Big Planet'
6/30/2010Marvel's LittleBigPlanet DLC Details
6/30/2010Montreal's Fantasia Film Fest to Premiere Anime Films
6/30/2010Daily Briefs
6/30/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, June 21-27
6/30/2010ToHeart2 adnext to Include Bonus Anime Short Story
6/29/2010New Bleach Episodes Return to Adult Swim on August 28
6/29/2010Comic Sumomo Bish?jo Manga Mag to Launch in August
6/29/2010Merchants Object to Anime Expo Exhibit Hall Changes
6/29/2010Alice Eve to Play Emma Frost In 'X-Men: First Class'
6/29/2010Manga Publishers Face Uphill Battle Against Scanlations
6/29/2010Manga Publishers Face Uphill Battle Against Scanlations
6/29/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 21-27
6/29/2010Angel Beats! #1 Sells 23,000 to Top Weekly BD Chart
6/29/2010Eva Voice Actress Megumi Ogata to Perform at CNAnime
6/29/2010Nurarihyon no Mago Anime's 4 TV Commercials Streamed
6/29/2010Otakon to Host Rainbow's Koujina, Madhouse's Maruyama
6/28/2010Romeo x Juliet J-Rock Band 12012 Performs at Anime USA
6/28/2010Japanese Box Office, June 19-20
6/28/2010Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Manga Put on Hiatus
6/28/2010Daily Briefs
6/28/2010Sunrise, Dengeki G's Love Live Project Gets Anime DVD
6/28/2010Tommy Lee Jones Confirmed As Colonel Chester Phillips in 'Cap' Movie
6/28/2010Jackson in Talks to Helm 'The Hobbit' No Deal yet
6/28/2010'Toy Story' Controls Cruise Box Office Down 19%
6/28/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, June 14-20 (Updated)
6/28/2010Shiki Horror TV Anime's Preview Video Streamed (Updated)
6/28/2010Tokumei Joshi Ana Namino Y?ko Manga Spawns 2nd Film
6/27/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 7-13
6/27/2010Aurora's Former Staffers Launch Manga Factory
6/27/2010Arakawa Under the Bridge's 2nd Season Green-Lit
6/27/2010Letter Bee, D.Gray-man Artists Do Classic Novel Covers
6/27/2010Kodocha, Honey Bitter Get Crossover Manga in Japan
6/26/2010Voice Actor Takeshi Aono Hospitalized After Stroke
6/26/2010Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail 001 Promo Streamed
6/26/2010Daily Briefs
6/25/2010Kenichi Sonoda to Launch New Manga, Kio Ends Digopuri
6/25/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 13-19
6/25/2010Final Bakemonogatari Episode Streams Today (Update 4)
6/25/2010House of Five Leaves Manga to End in Japan in July (Updated)
6/25/2010Aki Sora, Future Diary, Mazinkaizer SKL Promos Streamed
6/25/2010Funi Adds Chrono Crusade, Gantz, Kaleido Star, Peace Maker
6/25/2010MangaGamer Brings Rino, Akio Watanabe to Anime Expo (Updated)
6/24/2010Del Rey to Publish 2 More 'Odd Thomas' GNs Set for 2011 & 2012
6/24/2010DC Goes Digital Via comiXology & PlayStation Network
6/24/2010Hastings Entertainment Adds Comics A Major Expansion of the Direct Market
6/24/2010Supernatural Anime Concept Art Reveals Spikey Hair and Big Eyes
6/24/2010Ouran High School Host Club Manga to Enter Final Arc
6/24/2010Section23 Adds Xam'd, Hell Girl: Three Vessels Anime (Updated)
6/24/2010Production I.G Animates New Otakon Opening Video
6/24/2010So-Ra-No-Wo-To's Unaired Episode 7.5's A Part Streamed
6/24/2010Daily Briefs
6/24/2010Moonlight Mile's Ohtagaki Draws in Live Stream Today (Updated)
6/24/2010Angel Beats' 7th BD/DVD to Include Unaired Special
6/24/2010Top-Selling Animation DVDs/BDs in Japan: 1st Half of 2010
6/23/2010Ai no Kotodama, DenYuDen, Strike Witches Videos Posted
6/23/2010G Gundam Spawns New Manga with Original Anime Staff
6/23/2010Media Blasters Removes 3 Manga Volumes from Schedule
6/23/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, June 14-20
6/23/2010Himeka to Perform at Montreal's OtakuThon in August
6/23/2010Eva:2 is #1 BD in 4th Week, Angel Beats Sells 15K+ on 1st Day (Updated)
6/23/2010Daily Briefs
6/23/2010Toei, Shanghai Media Group Animate New Ikky?-san Film
6/22/2010Voice Actress Aya Hirano to Use Twitter for 1 Day Only
6/22/2010Funko?s 'LOTR' Plush Out in September
6/22/2010Movie Early Looks 'Green Hornet' and 'Conan'
6/22/2010Beyblade, Colorful, Pok?mon, Umizaru Trailers Streamed
6/22/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 14-20
6/22/2010Book of Eli's Albert Hughes: Warner Wants PG-13 Akira (Updated)
6/22/2010Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA Confirmed for October 29
6/22/2010Takuya Mitsuda's Major Baseball Manga Nears Its End
6/22/2010A-1 CEO Hideo Katsumata Assumes New Title at Aniplex
6/21/2010Durarara's Final DVD to Add DVD-Exclusive Episode 25
6/21/2010Zettai Karen Children's Shiina to Draw in Live Stream Today
6/21/2010Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--May 2010
6/21/2010DOJ Acquires Indie Press Revolution Majority Share
6/21/2010Magneto Cast For 'X-Men' Movie
6/21/2010'Avengers' Launch Over 163K Tops Since July 09
6/21/2010Tensai Bakabon's Akatsuka Inspires Biographical Film
6/21/2010Samurai Harem, Kaze no Stigma, Area 88 Streamed
6/21/2010Daily Briefs
6/21/2010Infinite Stratos Light Novels Get TV Anime Green-Lit
6/21/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 31-June 6
6/21/2010Full Metal Panic Novels 4 & 5 to Ship in U.S. Next February
6/20/2010Welcome to the Space Show's First 22 Minutes Streamed Worldwide (Updated)
6/20/2010Japanese Box Office, June 12-13
6/20/2010Aki Sora, Asobi ni Ikuyo Promo Videos Streamed
6/20/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, June 7-13
6/19/2010Manga UK Confirms No DVD for Honey & Clover, 3 Others
6/19/2010Haku?ki's 2nd Anime Season Green-Lit for Fall
6/19/2010Atashin'chi Comedy Manga Made into 3D Theatrical Anime
6/18/2010Live-Action Akira Film Plans Get New Writer
6/18/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 6-12
6/18/2010New Seikon no Qwaser Anime Temporarily Listed
6/18/2010Weekly Shonen Jump Launches Naruto's Forest Campaign
6/18/2010Movie Dates Shift 'The Last Airbender,' 'Priest'
6/18/2010Digital Comics Moving to Web Comixology Beta-testing Web App
6/18/2010Daily Briefs
6/18/2010Anime Expo, MangaGamer to Host 3 More Guests for 2010
6/18/2010Comic Bunch, Comic Yuri Hime S Mags to End Publication
6/18/2010Translated Manga Scan Aggregator Removes 350+ Series
6/17/2010Robert Rodriguez Offered 'Deadpool' By Fox
6/17/2010Dark Horse, USA Today, & Toshiba In a New Multi-Platform Initiative
6/17/2010Shukufuku no Campanella to Add DVD Bath Scene for 3D TVs
6/17/2010Bleach Singers RSP to Perform at Anime Expo
6/17/2010Alive Manga Writer Tadashi Kawashima Passes Away
6/17/2010One Piece Pirate Jeans for Sale in Japan
6/17/2010Princess Resurrection Original Anime DVD Listed
6/17/2010Apple Backs Down on iPad Censorship After a Barrage of Criticism
6/17/2010DC Developing Live Action 'Blue Beetle' TV Series
6/17/2010Ridley Scott Planning Two 3-D 'Alien' Prequels Could Start in Early 2011
6/17/2010Anime convention this weekend
6/17/2010Sony Preps 'Ghost Rider' Sequel Nic Cage in Talks to Return
6/17/2010'Green Hornet' Gets IMAX Buzz A Good Sign
6/17/2010Anime Expo to Host Bleach Voice Actor Masakazu Morita
6/17/2010X Japan Members Yoshiki, Sugizo to Perform at Otakon
6/17/2010Toronto's CNAnime to Host Artist Yoshitaka Amano
6/17/2010DMP CEO: New Venture to Launch 1,000+ Manga Online
6/16/2010Down, but Not Out: Manga Holds On in a Tough Market
6/16/2010MangaGamer to Host Artists, Musicians at Anime Expo
6/16/2010Evangelion:2.22 is Japan's #1 BD for 3rd Week in a Row
6/16/2010Tokyo's 'Nonexistent Youth' Bill Rejected by Assembly
6/16/2010Isshoni Training's Primastea Ships Kuttsukiboshi Anime
6/16/2010Hot Topic Launches Black Butler Merchandise
6/16/20104 Anime Selected for Young Animator Training Project
6/16/2010Daily Briefs
6/16/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, June 7-13 (Updated)
6/15/2010E-Book Pub Bitway Invests US$750,000 in Crunchyroll
6/15/20102010 Naruto Film Shown with Theatrical Anime Short
6/15/2010Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Book Has New Episode Listed
6/15/2010ANA Jumbo Jet Painted with Life-Size Gundam Image
6/15/2010Daily Briefs
6/15/2010Minister Arai Regrets Aide Listing Manga as Expenses
6/15/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 7-13
6/15/2010Shonen Sunday for iPhone Manga App Launched in Japan
6/14/2010'Kid' Wins Battle of 80s Retreads Box Office Up Again
6/14/2010'Batman 3' to Start in March According to Current Plans
6/14/2010DVD Round-Up: Week of June 15th It's 'Seth MacFarlane Week'
6/14/2010Tokyo's Nonexistent Youth Bill Voted Down in Committee
6/14/2010Battle Spirits Card Game's New TV Series Green-Lit
6/14/201014-Year-Old Arrested for Leaking Manga on YouTube (Update 3)
6/14/2010Daily Briefs
6/14/2010Bleach, 2nd Hell Girl Season Streamed
6/14/2010Kikaider Actor Shunsuke Ikeda Passes Away
6/14/2010Kuruneko Anime Gets 2nd Season with Ringu's Nakatani
6/14/2010Moyashimon, Sekirei, Evangelion, Redline Videos Posted
6/13/2010Live-Action Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler on U.K. DVD
6/13/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 31-June 6
6/13/2010Heroman's 2nd BD/DVD to Include Original Anime Short
6/13/2010Oricon: Gakuen Hakkenden Boys-Love Anime in the Works
6/12/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 24-30
6/12/2010Live-Action Kaibutsu-kun to Return in New TV Special
6/12/2010Ai no Kotodama BL Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action Film
6/12/2010Critic: Kannagi Director Yamamoto Plans TV Anime
6/11/2010Shamus Acquires ComiConn Date & Site TBD
6/11/20103-D 'Gon' Anime Feature Currently in Production
6/11/2010WotC Gets $100K In Tournament Organizer Lawsuit
6/11/2010Japanese Box Office, June 5-6
6/11/2010Kimi ni Todoke, DenYuDen, FMA, Redline Promos Streamed (Updated)
6/11/2010Manga Aggregator to Close as OpenManga Plans Launch
6/11/2010Sekirei Sequel's 1st BD/DVD Includes Unaired Episode 0
6/11/2010ANN to Stream 1,000+ Anime Episodes Throughout Summer
6/11/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 30-June 5
6/10/2010Japanese Singer Beni to Perform at Anime Expo
6/10/2010GetBackers' Rando Ayamine Takes Hiatus to Recuperate
6/10/20102nd Man Arrested for Uploading Anime via Perfect Dark
6/10/2010Singer Namie Amuro Turned into Tatsunoko Character
6/10/2010Moyashimon's 9th Manga Volume to Bundle CG Anime DVD
6/10/2010Madhouse Makes Anime Series for Warners' Supernatural TV Show (Updated)
6/10/2010View from the Game Store--The Evolution of the Game Store
6/10/2010Japanese Publishers Launch Electronic Manga Award
6/10/2010Yamato, Hello Kitty Mark 36th Birthday with KimuTaku (Updated)
6/9/2010Daily Briefs
6/9/2010Gonzo Makes Crackdown 2/Riot Act 2 Game-Based Anime
6/9/2010Supernatural The Animation Project Launched From Japan
6/9/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, May 31-June 6
6/9/2010Mitsudomoe TV Anime's 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
6/9/2010Black Rock Shooter Footage to Premiere at Anime Expo
6/9/2010Japan Basketball Association Awards Slam Dunk's Inoue
6/9/2010Inazuma Eleven Soccer RPG Gets Movie This Winter
6/8/2010Manga Publishers Form Anti-Piracy Coalition Thirty Sites Targeted
6/8/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 31-June 6
6/8/2010Anchor Bay Adds First Squad: The Moment of Truth
6/8/2010Voice Actor Robert O. Smith Passes Away
6/8/2010Evangelion 2.22, 1.11 Rank #1, #2 on Weekly BD Chart
6/8/2010Anime Network to Begin Streaming Maid-Sama on June 15
6/8/2010U.S., Japanese Publishers Unite Against Manga Scan Sites (Updated)
6/8/2010Bleach Simulcast Launched on Crunchyroll Today
6/8/2010Daily Briefs
6/7/2010Funimation Confirms Sacred Blacksmith DVDs to Be Uncut
6/7/2010Funimation, BioWare Work on Animated Dragon Age Film (Updated)
6/7/2010Bunny Drop Manga Gets Live-Action Film Green-Lit
6/7/2010One Piece Film Strong World BD/DVD to Add New Scenes
6/7/2010Bones Makes Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto Robot TV Anime (Updated)
6/7/2010Toaru Majutsu no Index's 2nd Season Green-Lit
6/7/2010Animate USA brings more yaoi to Kindle
6/6/2010Politician Cosplays as Evangelion's Gend? for Election
6/6/2010Tokyo's 'Nonexistent Youth' Bill Faces Defeat in June
6/6/2010My Darling is a Foreigner in English Manga Put on iPad
6/6/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 17-23
6/5/2010Shiki Horror TV Anime's Commercial Streamed
6/5/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 24-30
6/5/2010Tales of Symphonia's Final OVA Series Green-Lit
6/5/2010Hidamari Sketch, Sacred Blacksmith, Negima! Streamed
6/4/2010Funimation Parent Navarre Reports Q4 Anime Sales Dip
6/4/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 23-29
6/4/2010Daily Briefs
6/4/2010DMP Adds Garden Sky Boys-Love Manga, Love Water Novel
6/4/2010Alive - The Final Evolution TV Anime Formally Dropped
6/4/2010Japanese Box Office, May 29-30
6/4/2010Kuroshitsuji II, Hutch the Honeybee Promos Streamed
6/3/2010Mardock Scramble Book Listed by Viz's Distributor
6/3/2010Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian Novels Get Anime
6/3/2010Seitokai Yakuindomo, DenYuDen TV Anime Promos Streamed
6/3/2010Daily Briefs
6/3/2010Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 1st Half of 2010
6/3/2010Yamaga: New Gainax Work to be Based on Novel (Updated)
6/3/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 24-30
6/3/2010Bandai Entertainment to Continue to Distribute Sola
6/2/2010Rosie Huntington-Whitely to Replace Megan Fox? In 'Transformers 3
6/2/2010Pirate Manga Site Makes Google's Top 1000 1.1 Billion Page Views Per Month
6/2/2010DOJ Sues Pirate Site Operator Charging Copyright Infringement
6/2/2010Upper Deck Names New President Paul Meyer
6/2/2010Zenescope's Silver Dragon Imprint Teams With Discovery Channel for GNs
6/2/2010Michael Bay to Produce TMNT Movie Rebooting Live Action Franchise
6/2/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Bleach TV Anime on June 8
6/2/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, May 24-30
6/2/2010Animatrix's Studio 4?C to Animate New ThunderCats
6/2/2010Gackt Confirms July Dates for 1st European Tour
6/2/2010Manga Bio of Galactic Railroad's Miyazawa Translated
6/2/2010Production I.G to Acquire 11.2% Stake in Tatsunoko
6/2/2010Daily Briefs
6/2/2010Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 1st Half of 2010
6/1/2010New Gakuen Heaven, Warcraft Books Listed by Amazon
6/1/2010NY Film Fest Hosts U.S. Debuts of King of Thorn, Kakera
6/1/2010Singer Eiko Shimamiya Reveals She Has Thyroid Cancer
6/1/2010'Hobbit' Director Quits New Director Sought
6/1/2010'Shrek' Stays Atop Slumping B.O. 'Prince' & 'Sex' Don't Deliver
6/1/2010Gaiman - McFarlane Skirmishing Continues Judge Sets Deadline
6/1/2010Dark Horse's Manga Sales Up 13%, Vertical Also Up 18%
6/1/2010Disappearance of Haruhi to Screen in LA June 24
6/1/2010Japanese Man Arrested for Fake Anime/Game Stickers
6/1/2010Totoro Sells 1-Millionth DVD after 440 Weeks in Japan
6/1/2010Eva:2.22 BD's 1st Week Tops This Is It's Sales to Date