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Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/31/2004Geneon Entertainment Licenses
7/31/2004New Bandai acquisitions
7/31/2004New Right Stuf Acquisitions
7/30/2004Otakon Pre-Registration Numbers
7/30/2004Manwha Licensing at SDCC Exceeds $1 million
7/24/2004New Tokyopop Releases
7/24/2004FUNimation to Launch TV Channel?
7/24/2004Del Rey Announces 6 New Manga
7/24/2004Bandai to Launch Manga Division
7/24/2004New Dark Horse Manga
7/24/2004Geneon November and December Releases
7/24/2004Inu Yashu to End
7/24/2004More From Viz
7/16/2004Download section updated
7/15/2004New Otakon Guests
7/15/2004Dragonball GT Poster Redemption Offer
7/14/2004Viz Formally Announces InuYasha Theatrical Premiere
7/14/2004Anime Expo: Anime Piracy
7/13/2004Grappler Baki Licensed
7/9/2004Bandai Entertainment Cracks Down on DVD Piracy and Intellectual Property Infringement
7/9/2004Gundam Pirates Arrested in Tokyo
7/9/2004Japan Defense Paper Issued as Manga
7/8/2004Anime Expo Attendance
7/8/2004New Otakon Guests
7/6/2004More Gundam Seed
7/6/2004Fantasia Anime
7/6/2004Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Licensed
7/5/2004"Made in Japan" to fight anime piracy
7/4/2004Bandai Entertainment New Licenses
7/4/2004New Geneon Acquisitions
7/3/2004Tokyopop Licenses
7/3/2004Popotan & Earth Defense Family Licensed
7/3/2004FUNimation Licenses Burst Angel
7/3/2004FUNimation Licenses Tenchi Muyou OVA 3!
7/3/2004AN Entertainment Licenses Guu
7/3/2004ADV Films Licenses
7/3/2004Jungle Guu Update
7/3/2004Another ADV License
7/3/2004TRSI announces two acquisitions
7/2/2004Media Blasters Licenses