Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/30/2005Adult Swim Evangelion Date
7/29/2005Venice International Film Festival Lineup Announced
7/29/2005JoyRide OP Stresses Local Events For Full Metal Alchemist TCG
7/29/2005Mattel Plans Full Zatch Bell Line For 2006
7/29/2005Microsoft Vista to End DVD Piracy
7/29/2005Fox Announces Blu-Ray Support Formally With Content
7/28/2005Anime Takes Honors at Fantasia
7/28/2005Save ConnectiCon Reaches Target
7/28/2005Ninin Ga Shinobuden Licensed
7/28/2005Doraemon 2006 Movie Teaser
7/28/2005Marvel Profits Fall as Toy Sales Plunge
7/28/2005Nick Giving Kids a Million to "Just Play"
7/27/2005JAST USA Abandons Copy Protection Scheme
7/27/2005Voltron Hollywood Movie
7/27/2005Philippines Gets All Tagalog Dubbed Anime Station
7/27/2005Ichigo 100% to End
7/27/2005CMX October Releases
7/27/2005Japanese Box Office
7/27/2005Urusei Yatsura 2006 Dates
7/27/2005Disney Steps Into Graphic Novel Fray With W.I.T.C.H., Pirates of the Caribbean, Abadazad, & Alias
7/27/2005McDonald's and DreamWorks Animation Cut Marketing Deal
7/27/2005NBC Universal Eyeing DreamWorks
7/27/2005Sakura Diaries English Cast List Finalized
7/26/2005Stand Alone Complex Movie
7/26/2005Banner of the Stars 3 Trailer
7/26/2005Sukisho Sub Only
7/26/2005Mitsukazu Mihara Titles Confirmed at Tokyopop
7/26/2005"Azumanga Daioh" Thin-Pack Coming to DVD
7/25/2005Manga-ka Hinako Sugiura Dies
7/25/2005Naruto on YTV
7/25/2005New Japanese Dragonball DVD Releases
7/25/2005Second IMAF Competition Announced
7/25/2005Kristine Sa to do AnimeToonz3
7/25/2005Tokyopop Announces Prequel to 'GTO' And 'Hatenko Yugi' ('Dazzle')
7/25/2005Graphic Novel Gains Outpace Comics Again In Both June and Q2
7/25/2005Michigan J. Frog Out as WB Mascot
7/25/2005Manga Entertainment UMDs
7/25/2005Lupin III: the Columbus Files Release Announced
7/25/2005Viz January Releases
7/25/2005Tokyopop and Viz Collaborate in Germany
7/25/2005Urban Vision Drops Price on Ninja Scroll
7/22/2005Bastard!! coming to PC
7/22/2005The Place Promised at The ImaginAsian
7/22/2005Fist of the North Star MMORPG
7/22/2005Miyazaki Movies Recommended by British Film Institute
7/22/2005Spirited Away on Top of BFI List
7/21/2005ConnectiCon in Debt
7/21/2005New York Times on Mean Girls of Anime
7/21/2005New Right Stuf Releases
7/21/2005Fate/Stay Night Image
7/21/2005Another Otakon Guest
7/21/2005New Tokyopop Manga?
7/21/2005Media Blasters Licenses Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!
7/21/2005 Media Blasters October Releases
7/21/2005New Madman Site
7/21/2005Anime Network Inks Five SVOD Deals
7/21/2005Appleseed in France
7/21/2005Navarre Names Ward Thomas Senior VP At FUNimation Entertainment
7/21/2005Final Fantasy Helmer's Reel 'Gon' Manga-Based CG-Feature in 2007
7/21/2005Animex Festival Solicits Entries
7/21/2005Konami Gets "Were-Rabbit" Rights
7/21/2005Disney Reopens Talks with Pixar
7/21/2005Mickey News Looks Back at Disney Strike of 1941
7/21/2005Navarre Sued In Relation to Funimation Acquisition
7/20/2005Gilgamesh at the Alamo
7/18/2005Del Rey Manga Announcements
7/18/2005Viz Announces New Sci-Fi Novel Imprint
7/18/2005New Viz Manga
7/17/2005Go Comi Releases
7/17/2005New UMD Releases
7/17/2005Upcoming CPM Releases
7/17/2005Geneon Soundtracks
7/17/2005Central Park Price Reductions
7/17/2005New Bandai Releases
7/17/2005Funimation Collections
7/17/2005New Geneon Releases
7/17/2005Ichigo Mashimaro Produced by Geneon USA
7/17/2005Takashi Shimizu To Direct Parasyte
7/17/2005Cromartie Follow-Up
7/17/2005New Ghibli Short Movie
7/17/2005The Return of Robotech
7/17/2005New Blackjack Movie
7/17/2005Manga Cafes Grow In Stature
7/17/2005Dreamwave Assets For Sale
7/17/2005New ADV Manga
7/16/2005Marmalade Boy Misunderstanding
7/16/2005Cromartie Legal Issues Cleared Up
7/15/2005CMX on Tenjho Tenge
7/15/2005CMX Manga Licenses
7/14/2005Digital Manga Yaoi Titles
7/14/2005New Reviews and Feature
7/14/2005Evangelion: Angelic Days Press Release
7/14/2005Dark Horse Comic-Con Announcements
7/14/2005Gon Theatrical Movie
7/14/2005ADV Bittorrent Test
7/13/2005More Guests for Otakon
7/13/2005Manga Character Monument
7/13/2005Eden Manga Scheduled
7/13/2005New Books from Digital Manga
7/12/2005Digimon Movie on Jetix and Toon Disney
7/12/2005New DVD Set Releases
7/12/2005Upcoming Final Fantasy Concerts
7/12/2005Top Selling Manga
7/12/2005Nana Live Action Article
7/11/2005Masami Tsuda and So Young Lee At Comic-Con
7/11/2005Basilisk in Summer 2006
7/11/2005Mystic Ticket at Comic-Con
7/11/2005Gundam Seed on UMD
7/11/2005Sonic X TCG
7/9/2005MomoCon Announces 2006 Dates
7/9/2005Tomoko Taniguchi at Comic-Con
7/9/2005Kakurenbo at Comic-Con
7/9/200520th Century Boys Delay
7/9/2005Shinji Nagashima Passes Away
7/9/2005Yukikaze 5 Trailer
7/9/2005KakuRenBo Manga
7/9/2005New Manga Company
7/9/2005Yun Kouga Artbook
7/9/2005Mai Hime Manga Ends
7/9/2005New Manga from Chie Shinohara
7/9/2005xxxHolic - Tsubasa Websites
7/9/2005Matt Thorn to Teach Manga in Japan
7/8/2005Naruto Debuts on September 10th On the Cartoon Network
7/8/2005Manga Featured in USA Today Novelizations, Magazines & Hybrids
7/8/ on G4
7/8/2005Otakon Musical Guests
7/8/2005Capeta Anime
7/8/2005IGPX Website
7/8/2005Death Trance Website
7/8/2005Takara Buys Tatsunoko
7/8/2005BBC Radio on Anime
7/8/2005Live Action Monster Movie Screenwriter
7/8/2005Gundam True Odyssey Tops Japanese Sales
7/8/2005Roy Disney Makes Peace With Magic Kingdom
7/7/2005Article on Otakudom
7/7/2005Manga in CosmoGIRL From Tokyopop
7/7/2005Full Metal Alchemist OP Kicks Off With Launch Parties
7/6/2005FBI cracks down on P2P
7/6/2005Three Korean media companies form Studio ICE
7/6/2005Anime Central 2005 Moved Up
7/6/2005The Professional: Golgo 13 Finally on DVD From Urban Vision
7/6/2005Ai Yori Aoshi AnimePlay Coming on CD-Rom From Hirameki
7/6/2005Initial D Beats Star Wars
7/6/2005Otaku Entrance Exam
7/6/2005JAM Project in Brazil this week
7/6/2005Adult Swim Announces Evangelion
7/6/2005Tokyopop Manga Featured in USA Today
7/5/2005Appleseed & Kikaider Code 02 Manga Licensed?
7/5/2005Junko Mizuno Signing
7/5/2005Karas Coming to America in '06 From Manga Video
7/5/20052x2=Shinobuden Manga Licensed
7/5/2005Anime Expo 2007 in Long Beach
7/5/2005Go Comi Website Launch
7/5/200518 Foot Mech for Sale
7/5/2005Cromartie Namesake Not Happy
7/5/2005Neon Genesis Evangelion on Adult Swim Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker on Showtime
7/5/2005Anime Expo Boasts 32% Increase Blows Away Prior Attendance Record
7/3/2005Funimation Licenses Trinity Blood
7/2/2005Gun X Sword Confirmed for Geneon
7/2/2005ADV Films News
7/2/2005Japanese Voice Actors Win In Court
7/2/2005Geneon Anime Licenses
7/2/2005New Bandai Licenses
7/1/2005TRSI Licenses 2X2=Shinobuden
7/1/2005Manga Freebies Launch This Month 'Takuhai' and 'Animerica'
7/1/2005Everything Old Is New Again in GAMA Elections Rick Loomis Returns as President