Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2005New Company to Release Classic Anime Movies And Live Action Features
8/31/2005Japanese Distributor Buys Stone Bridge Press Key Publisher of Books on Asian Pop Culture
8/31/2005AnimEigo Clarifies Urusei Yatsura
8/31/2005Street Fighter headed for PSP
8/31/2005Manga Entertainment schedules Astro Boy box set
8/30/2005Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny This Fall / Winter
8/30/2005Mini Pato PSP Game
8/30/2005Blood+ PlayStation Games
8/30/2005Deko Boko Friends on Treehouse TV
8/30/2005Hellsing Website
8/30/2005DrMaster Expands Beyond Asian Graphic Novels
8/30/2005Theater Offers Otaku Discount for Trainman
8/30/2005All Yuri Anthology Seeking Submissions
8/30/2005Namco to Publish Afro Samurai Video Games
8/30/2005Square Enix to Acquire Taito
8/30/2005New Anime Distributor
8/30/2005Gonzo Credit Cards
8/30/2005 Viz Winter and Spring Titles
8/30/2005Anime, the Next Generation
8/30/2005ADV November Releases
8/30/2005Princess Tutu Release Set
8/30/2005Naruto Continues to Climb Lycos Top 50
8/29/2005Ghibli Shorts DVD
8/29/2005Gals swoon over Boy's Love media boom
8/29/2005DramaQueen Announces New Licenses
8/29/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on YTV in September
8/29/2005Honey and Clover Live-Action Movie
8/28/2005World Cosplay Summit Ends in Aichi
8/28/2005Hans Zimmer And Mark Mancina Do Blood+ Music
8/27/20052 Million Yen CLAMP Sign Board
8/26/2005White Pirates, Black Pirates?
8/25/2005New Tokyopop Releases
8/25/2005Bandai Entertainment Announces Over One Million Units of Cowboy Bebop
8/25/2005First look: Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-101A
8/25/2005Piracy Not To Blame In Decline of Moviegoers
8/25/2005Range Murata Exhibition in Oregon
8/25/2005Samurai Champloo PS2 Game
8/25/2005Appleseed RPG
8/25/2005CPM Previews at CNAnime
8/25/2005Cowboy Bebop sells 1 million units
8/25/2005Soul Calibur III Release Date Set
8/25/2005Adult Swim Schedule Revision
8/25/2005Advent Children Delayed
8/25/2005Fox News on Anime and Manga
8/25/2005Inuyasha the Movie 3 Includes Exclusive Card TV Promotion Planned
8/25/2005How Manga and Anime Fans Guide the Industry
8/25/2005Live Action Prince of Tennis
8/24/2005Google Talk Available
8/24/2005Robotech to Receive Award
8/24/2005RahXephon, Cromartie High School and Colorful Confirmed for G4
8/24/2005Street Fighter Alpha: Generations Release Set
8/24/2005Karas Release Dates
8/24/2005Otakon Cited in Baltimore Hotel Plans
8/24/2005Howl's Moving Castle in London
8/24/2005Lycos on Naruto
8/24/2005Spaceflight Totoro Song Available for Download
8/24/2005Steamboy DVD a Top Seller
8/24/2005Maicching Machiko Teacher Movie
8/24/2005Seiyuu Change Enrages Fans
8/24/2005Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Trashes Tickle U.
8/23/2005ADV Films Exploits BitTorrent for Advertising
8/23/2005Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain
8/23/2005Howl Honored in Hollywood
8/23/2005Elfen Lied Cover Artwork
8/23/2005Har?+Guu Release Scheduled
8/22/2005ADV Rewrites Anime 'Ghost Stories' Gets New Script
8/22/2005Microsoft find spam bill hard to swallow
8/22/2005Guu is Good (and Coming Soon)
8/22/2005Sony to Triple Cell Phone Manga Offerings
8/22/2005Toei Content Landing on Chinese Cell Phones
8/22/2005"Zatch Bell!" Joins YTV
8/20/2005Right Stuf announces Astro Boy, Kimba
8/20/2005Central Park Media License Announcements
8/19/2005Score Has 'Fruits Basket Card Game' One-Shot Box Set Out in Q1
8/19/2005Fullmetal Alchemist director Seiji Mizushima at PMX
8/18/2005Computer characters mugged in virtual crime spree
8/18/2005'Howl's Moving Castle DVD'--Spring 2006 With 'My Neighbor Totoro'
8/17/2005Central Park Media A-Ko Releases
8/17/2005Bandai October - November Releases
8/17/2005Ghibli Spring DVDs
8/17/2005Inu Yasha On The Road
8/17/2005Interactive 3D Display: Its Here!
8/16/2005New Anti-Korean Manga Creates Tension Between Japan and Korea
8/16/2005Banpresto announces "Another Century's Episode 2" for PS2
8/16/2005Cosplay Photo Shoot at Otakon
8/16/2005Article on Anime Dealing with War
8/16/2005Yuricon Tokyo Featured in Japanese Magazine
8/16/2005Nikkatsu Sale Halted by Union
8/16/2005FMP? Fumoffu Screening at Alamo Drafthouse
8/16/2005CMX November Releases
8/16/2005Official Retail Store For Final Fantasy Opens
8/15/2005Zatch Bell Clothing License
8/15/2005Inu Yasha Movie 2 On Cartoon Network
8/15/2005Decipher Troubles Continue Holland Issues Statement
8/14/2005Funimation November and December Releases
8/14/2005Media Blasters December DVDs
8/14/2005Dark Horse December Releases
8/14/2005Otakon to Hold At-Con Registration
8/14/2005New Manga by Ira Ishida
8/14/2005New Manga by Masami Tsuda
8/14/2005Ai Yori Aoshi Ends
8/14/2005New Manga by You Higuri and Shinji Wada
8/14/2005Zeta II to Premiere at Tokyo Festival
8/14/2005The Adventures of The Little Prince on DVD
8/12/2005Bandai Gets Magical DoReMi Master Toy License
8/12/2005Four More ICE Kunion Series Launch in 05
8/12/2005Tomy - Takara Merger Progresses
8/12/2005Heir to the Stars On VOD
8/12/2005Lesbian / Bisexual Website Profiles Yuri
8/11/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on Cartoon Network in October
8/11/2005Bandai to Release DoReMi Toys
8/11/20054Kids Reports Sales, Earnings Declines Lower Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kirby Sales
8/11/2005Daniel McAbee of The Tangled Web on Convention Competition Exhibitors vs. Dealers
8/11/2005Naruto on Cartoon Network
8/11/2005Japanese Musicians Defy Sony by Joining iTunes
8/11/2005Microsoft to Fight Crime With Spammer's Millions
8/10/2005State of Animation Industry In Japan
8/10/2005Naruto #1 on Stuff Magazine's Hit List
8/10/2005RaXephon on G4
8/10/2005Colorful Also on G4
8/10/2005Stellvia 2 Cancelled
8/10/2005Dragonball 20th Anniversary
8/10/2005Zatch Bell CCG Expansion
8/10/2005Shinigami no Ballad Anime
8/10/2005NECA Plans 'NBX TCG' To Debut at Gencon
8/10/2005DBZ TCG Sells Out
8/9/2005Tokyopop Licenses Smuggler
8/9/2005Lycos Gets It Wrong
8/9/2005Naruto Delayed on YTV
8/9/2005New Jump! Super Stars Images
8/9/2005Pokemon Rocks America Tour
8/9/2005More anime-gaming heading for the DS
8/9/2005Magical Doremi Airdate
8/9/2005Hentai Case to Go to Supreme Court
8/9/2005Seiji Mizushima at PMX
8/9/2005Keroro Gunso Movie
8/9/2005Digi Charat Singing Auditions
8/9/2005Otakon May Be Pre-Reg Only
8/8/2005Bleach gets a go on Nintendo DS
8/8/2005More on Fruits Basket Domination
8/8/2005DramaQueen Announces New License
8/8/2005Viz Officially Announces Kamikaze Girls Theatrical Run
8/7/2005King of Fighters Anime
8/7/2005YTV Naruto Date
8/7/2005Puffy AmiYumi at Otakon
8/5/2005Totoro Theme in Space
8/5/2005Fullmetal Alchemist TCG Released
8/5/2005Viz Plans Zatch Bell Anime For November
8/5/2005DBZ TCG Sells Out
8/5/2005Navarre Announces Earnings
8/5/2005Animal Yokocho Anime
8/5/2005Avenger Price Increase
8/5/2005Odex To Return to Singapore DVD Market
8/5/2005Tokyopop License Updates
8/4/2005Shinichiro Watanabe at AnimeFest
8/4/2005Bandai Announces Complete Collections 'Avenger,' 'Wolf's Rain'
8/4/2005Navarre Profits, Sales Up for Quarter Ending June 30th
8/4/2005First Israeli Anime Convention
8/4/2005Funimation Executive Changes
8/4/2005ITunes USA Offers Japanese Inventory
8/4/2005Escaflowne the Movie on Cartoon Network
8/4/2005Kakurenbo at Otakon
8/4/2005Gravitation News
8/3/2005Media Blasters November Releases
8/3/2005Fruits Basket 11 in Top 150 Books
8/3/2005Wizard World Atlanta pushed to 2007
8/3/2005Digital Manga Licenses Gorgeous Carat Galaxy
8/3/2005Initial D Live Action DVD
8/2/2005Museum Anime Exhibit in Illinois
8/2/2005ADV October Releases
8/2/2005Bandai October Releases
8/2/2005Otakon Announces Kumiko Kato
8/2/2005Lucas Looking to Anime?
8/2/2005Time Ranks Top 5 Anime Movies on DVD
8/1/2005Sony Distributes Anime On PSP
8/1/2005Black Cat Website
8/1/200518-Foot Mech Fails to Sell
8/1/2005The oldest animation film in Japan discovered in Kyoto