Anime News

DateArticle Name
4/29/2006"Nobel Prize" For Foreign Manga
4/29/2006New ADV Licenses
4/28/2006Bandai Museum Moving
4/28/2006America Gets Screwed
4/28/2006Hikaru no Go and Shingu on iaTV
4/27/2006New Battle Angel Manga Series in Development
4/27/2006DBZ TCG Expansion
4/27/2006Manga Entertainment Wants Lupin Cosplay Photos
4/27/2006Eureka 7 Hyped by Yahoo!
4/26/2006Anime Gets the Boot in Fall Kids WB Schedule
4/26/2006Madman Announces New Licenses for Australian Market
4/25/2006Cartoon Network, Viz Launch Free Broadband Service
4/25/2006Gundam Aims for Holiday Xbox Launch in US
4/25/2006Conan, Shin-chan Strong at Box Office
4/25/2006Anime at Cannes
4/24/2006Kids WB To Survive Merger
4/24/2006Star Blazers Goes Hollywood
4/24/2006Ghibli is #1 Consumer Brand in Japan
4/24/2006Super Robot Wars Gets TV Series
4/24/2006Animax Crashes Korea on Saturday
4/21/2006BIBLOS Publishing Division Acquired by Animate Group
4/21/2006Palladium in Trouble
4/21/2006Media Blasters Nabs GaoGaiGar
4/21/2006Kanye West Makes Manga
4/19/20064Kids Grows Up, Launches Tween to Adult Licensing Subsidiary
4/19/2006Trinity Blood Film Details
4/19/2006Dir en Grey to Open for Korn
4/19/2006Tsutomu Nihei to Work on Halo Comic
4/19/2006Thundercats Season 2 on DVD
4/19/2006Digimon CCG Cancelled???
4/18/2006Oban Star Racers Premiere in London
4/18/2006Guitar Vader at Fanime
4/18/2006DrMaster Picks up Junk
4/17/2006Koji Kondo in Chicago
4/17/2006Range Murata, Tensai Okamura in Geneva
4/17/2006Mamoru Oshii Does Radio Drama
4/14/2006Suburban LA County Pulls Manga Textbook
4/13/2006Fruits Basket #13 Climbs in Booklist
4/13/2006Hyde in Anaheim Confirmed
4/12/2006Naruto #3 on Nielsen Anime List
4/12/2006DBZ Triple Play on Oricon
4/12/2006Negadon Theatrical Premiere in NYC
4/12/2006Anime Rental Site Shutting Down
4/12/2006Manga Cafe + 34 Days + 16 Yen = Bad Idea
4/12/2006Cartoon Network Creating In-House Department for Tv Movies & Mini-Series
4/12/2006International Conference on Asian Comics, Animation & Gaming in Toronto
4/11/2006MIT Anime Symposium
4/11/2006Shogakukan Introduces Light Novel Series in Japan
4/11/2006Nobuo Uematsu Coming to Chicago
4/11/2006Eureka 7 PS2 Game in America this Fall
4/11/2006Manga Picks up Tactics, Street Fighter II
4/10/2006Final Fantasy: Advent Children Los Angeles Premiere
4/10/2006Crime Investigation Agent Zaizen Jotaro Anime
4/10/2006CLAMP at Anime Expo
4/10/2006Dark Horse Offers Free Comic-Con Trip
4/8/200610th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award Finalists Announced
4/8/2006Naruto Uncut Preview for Shonen Jump Subscribers
4/8/2006Bleach Set for September Adult Swim Debut
4/8/2006Naruto Marathon Next Week
4/8/2006Junko Mizuno, TsuShiMaMiRe at ACen
4/7/2006Original Gundam Finally on Japanese DVD
4/6/2006Gonzo Film Nominated for Annecy
4/6/2006SWIRI TV, DVD Series Planned for Production
4/6/2006Red Hot Chilli Peppers Song For Death Note
4/6/2006Fruits Basket Continues Booklist Run
4/6/2006Naruto for Xbox 360
4/6/2006Penicillin Coming to A-Kon
4/5/2006Fate/Stay Night #5 on Oricon
4/5/2006Biblos Bankrupt
4/5/20062006 Eisner Nominations
4/5/2006Basilisk Premiere in Hurst, TX
4/5/2006US Publishers Comment on Biblos Bankruptcy
4/4/2006G4TechTV Canada Wants to Air Anime
4/4/2006Still no New Anime Unleahed on G4
4/4/2006Tokyopop to Publish Atomic King Daidogan
4/4/2006Weekly Shonen Jump Top Anthology with Girls
4/4/2006KOTOKO Coming to Anime North
4/4/2006Hyde in Anaheim "Not Yet Been Confirmed"
4/4/2006Italian Police Seize 400 Pirated Anime Titles
4/3/2006Hyde in Anaheim, San Francisco in July
4/2/2006Sakura-Con: Dark Horse
4/2/2006Transformers, Even Stevens Star Close to Deal
4/2/2006Tokyo Governor is Not a Mickey Mouse Fan
4/2/2006IFC's Samurai Kittens
4/2/2006Late Night Ghibli on TCM
4/2/2006New Shonen Jump Japan Series