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Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/31/2008USA Today Booklist, March 17?23: Manga Times Three
3/31/20082nd Monochrome Factor Promo Movie Posted Online
3/31/2008Bonus Kimikiss Anime Episode Announced for DVD Release
3/31/2008I.G, Shirow's Real Drive Anime Streams New Promo Movie
3/31/2008Shinichi Ishizuka Wins First Ever Manga Taisho for Gaku
3/31/2008Macross Designer Mikimoto to Work on Appleseed TV Show
3/30/2008Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair Public Day Attendance Up 22% (Updated)
3/30/2008Madhouse to Animate Otakon Video
3/30/2008Funimation CEO Discusses Anime's Future with Variety
3/29/2008X Japan to Perform in Paris on July 5 (Updated)
3/29/2008TAC Revisits Fable by Galactic Railroad's Miyazawa
3/29/2008Tokyo International Anime Fair Briefs: Day 3
3/29/2008Hayate the Combat Butler! Anime's Second Season Leaked (Updated)
3/29/2008New Negima OVAs to Ship with Manga Volumes 23-25
3/29/2008Noramimi Anime's Second Season Greenlit for Production
3/29/2008Kodomo no Jikan (Nymphet) Second Term Anime Announced
3/29/2008Cartoon Network Has No Plans for One Piece's Return (Updated)
3/28/2008Sanrio's Onegai My Melody Kirara's Preview Streamed
3/28/200815-Second Blassreiter Commercial Posted Online
3/28/2008JAM Project Supergroup with DBZ's Kageyama at Otakon
3/28/200818-Second Clannad After Story Teaser Trailer Streamed
3/28/2008To Love-Ru TV Anime's 2nd Promo Movie Posted Online
3/28/2008Winter Sonata the Animation's Trailer Streamed Online (Updated)
3/28/2008Blue Dragon, Moribito to Run on America's Cartoon Network
3/28/2008Megumi Anime about Girl Abducted by N. Korea Posted
3/28/2008TokiKake's Hosoda, xxxHOLiC's Mizushima Plan Films
3/28/2008Madhouse Announces Latest Film from Black Lagoon's Katabuchi
3/28/2008First Sketch for Newest Film by Paprika's Satoshi Kon
3/28/2008Trigun's Nightow to Draw 1-Shot in Jump Square Mag
3/28/2008Sho-Comi Mag Marks 40th Anniversary with Free Manga
3/28/2008Tokyo International Anime Fair Briefs: Day 2
3/28/2008Chi's Sweet Home Kitten Anime's Ad Posted
3/27/200815-Second Itazura na Kiss Trailer Movie Streamed
3/27/200830-Second Michiko to Hatchin Trailer Posted Online
3/27/2008Jetix, Telecom's Robo Crosser to Launch in Spring 2009
3/27/2008Tokyo International Anime Fair Briefs: Day 1
3/27/2008Madhouse to Animate New Casshern TV Series for Fall
3/27/2008Tokyopop Licenses Tokko Manga from GTO's Fujisawa
3/27/2008Clannad After Story TV Sequel to be Announced
3/27/2008Media Blasters Rescues Seirei no Moribito License
3/27/2008Shoko "Shokotan" Nakagawa Draws Aya "Aya-tan" Hirano
3/27/2008Bones Studio's Newest Anime Confirmed as B?nen no Xamdou
3/27/2008Hyakko Slapstick School Comedy Manga to be Animated
3/27/2008Two Nine-Decade-Old Anime Films Discovered (Updated)
3/27/2008Classic 'Speed Racer' Toons Online Available for Downloading
3/27/2008'Tokko' Manga From 'GTO' Creator Due in July From Tokyopop
3/27/2008CCGs and Miniature Games Up in '07 Board Games Soar 10-25% in the Hobby
3/27/2008Bandai Nabs 'Rocket Girls' 12-Episode Anime
3/27/2008Media Blasters Nabs 'Seirei no Moribito' Originally Licensed by Geneon
3/26/2008Idol Singer Shoko Nakagawa to Perform at Anime Expo
3/26/200881diver Manga Dramatized in Live-Action TV Series
3/26/2008Speed Racer Announced for Distribution on Crunchyroll
3/26/2008Amatsuki Virtual-World History Anime's Promo Streamed
3/26/2008Rainbow: Nisha Rokub? no Shichinin Manga Gets TV Anime
3/26/2008Someday's Dreamers Adapted into New Anime This Summer
3/26/2008Eva Movie Remake Gets Theatrical Remake of Its Own
3/26/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, March 18?24
3/26/2008Right Stuf Interviews Emma Manga Creator Kaoru Mori
3/26/2008Daily Briefs
3/25/2008Gundam MS IGLOO 2 Anime Announced
3/25/2008New True Tears Promo Video Streamed
3/25/2008U.S. iTunes Store Adds 4 Manga Entertainment Titles
3/25/2008BOST to Offer Downloads without Digital Restrictions (Updated)
3/25/2008Yaoi Jamboree Hosts Artists Eiki Eiki, Mikiyo Tsuda
3/25/2008Anime Boston Apologizes for Registration Issues
3/25/2008Seto no Hanayome OVA Greenlit for Production
3/25/2008Yozakura Quartet "Superteen" Manga Gets Anime
3/25/2008Daily Briefs
3/24/2008Rozen Maiden Confirmed to Restart in Young Jump Mag
3/24/2008Short Promo Video for Madhouse's Kaiba TV Anime Posted
3/24/2008Anime Boston Congoers Report 9-Hour Registration Waits
3/24/2008Goth, Moribito, Bebop Creators Start Young Gangan Manga
3/24/2008Comic Bunch to Adapt Hit Korean/Chinese/Japanese Novels
3/24/2008Japan's Foreign Ministry to Hold Manga, Anime IP Panels
3/24/2008Daily Briefs
3/24/2008Viz Licenses Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody
3/23/2008Daily Briefs
3/23/2008Blade of the Immortal TV Anime Confirmed for Summer
3/23/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: March 10?16
3/22/2008ADV Picks Up Upper Deck Japan's Kiba TV Anime
3/22/2008Daily Briefs
3/22/2008Bandai Entertainment Confirms License of Rocket Girls
3/22/2008Anime Collectible Firm's Head Convicted of Tax Evasion
3/21/2008Vampire Knight Anime's Promo Video Posted Online
3/21/2008Registration Email Messages to AOL Accounts Fixed
3/21/2008Wagaya no Oinarisama Anime's New Promo Video Streamed
3/21/2008Japanese Box Office: March 15?16
3/21/2008Junj? Romantica Boys-Love Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/21/2008Funimation Clarifies Status of Negima, Romeo ? Juliet
3/21/2008Gonzo Works to be Streamed Simultaneously with Airing
3/21/2008Daily Briefs
3/21/2008Gonzo Series Available for Download Simultaneously With Japanese Broadcast
3/21/2008Graphic Novel Day at the BEA Starts With DBD Breakfast
3/21/2008CBS Nukes 'Jericho' Conclusion Next Week
3/21/2008Credit Crunch Hits Borders Share Price Tumbles
3/20/2008D.C's Japanese Embassy, Smithsonian to Show Free Anime
3/20/2008Short Chii's Sweet Home Anime Video Clip Posted Online
3/20/2008Japan's Softbank to Sell Harlequin Manga Online
3/20/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 12?18
3/20/2008Kadokawa Streams Mamoru-kun Anime in Japanese for Free
3/20/2008YGO! GX QSR Promotion Launching March 24th
3/20/2008'Love Like Blood' in 3D From Tokyopop
3/20/2008BSG Prequel Greenlit 'Caprica'
3/20/2008New Transformers Maxi-series Launches in July
3/20/2008Sci Fi Orders 'The Stranded' Pilot Scripted by Mike Carey
3/20/2008Kevin Conroy to Voice 'Gotham Knight' Price Lowered on Single-Disk DVD
3/20/2008Verdict reached in Michael George case
3/20/2008Strong Retailer Turnout Expected for Trade Conference
3/20/2008Brand Cuts Would be a Welcome Change
3/20/2008UD Announces New World of Warcraft Program
3/20/2008Kadokawa to Print Type-Moon Ace Mag Spinoff in April
3/20/2008X Japan, Other Artists to Hold "Hide Memorial Summit"
3/20/2008Ultra Jump Egg Manga Mag Spinoff Launches Online
3/20/2008USA Today Booklist, March 10?16: Fruits Basket Returns
3/20/2008Daily Links
3/19/20084Kids Confirms Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's American Fall Premiere
3/19/2008Madhouse's Allison & Lillia Promo Video Posted Online
3/19/2008Tokyopop's Levy Plans 3D Lament of the Lamb Film
3/19/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, March 11?17
3/19/2008New Slayers Anime to Be Titled Slayers Revolution
3/19/2008Bandai Visual USA Delays Shigofumi, True Tears, Sola
3/19/2008Digital Manga to Publish 5 Boys-Love Novels This Fall
3/19/2008Megumi Manga about Girl Abducted by N. Korea Gets Anime
3/19/2008Bandai Visual to Focus on Blu-ray Disc in Japan, USA
3/19/2008Daily Links
3/19/2008Jossie, Malika Manga Mags to Launch for Japanese Women
3/18/20081-Shot Initial D Manga to Appear in Shonen Rival Mag
3/18/2008Bandai Visual USA Begins Free Streaming of Haruka Anime
3/18/2008Mandala 02 World Manga to Ship in Japan on March 21
3/18/2008Japan Blog 2008
3/18/2008Lupin III: Green vs Red's Pencil Test Videos Streamed
3/18/2008Website Removed Bokurano, Rocket Girls, Romeo ? Juliet
3/18/2008Daily Links: Clannad Malware, Tokyo Character Mall, Eva Goods
3/18/2008Soul Eater TV Anime's Promotional Video Streamed (Updated)
3/18/2008Winter Sonata's Bae Yong-Joon to Voice Anime Version
3/18/2008Shonen Magazine, Shonen Sunday Mark 50th Anniversary (Updated)
3/17/2008Tokyopop Adds Anime-Based Speed Grapher Manga, Novel
3/17/2008GeGeGe no Kitar? Anime Movie to Open in Japan in December
3/17/2008Gokusen's Morimoto to Start Deka Wanko Detective Manga
3/17/2008Aqua Age, Tsubomi's Yabuuchi to Launch Hatsukoi Shinan
3/17/2008Peach-Pit Draws One-Shot Manga in Young Jump Mag
3/17/2008Animax's Ultraviolet: Code 044 Anime Pre-Announced
3/17/2008Anime for Korean Winter Sonata TV Drama Hit Confirmed
3/17/2008Daily Links: Code Geass, Ghibli Exhibit, File-Sharing
3/16/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 5?11
3/16/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: March 3?9
3/16/2008Yawara, Monster's Naoki Urasawa to Teach Manga Classes
3/15/2008Daily Links of the Day: File-Sharing, Saiyuki Musical
3/15/2008Makoto Shinkai's Neko no Sh?kai to Compete at Annecy (Updated)
3/15/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, March 4?10
3/14/2008Chrome Shelled Regios Light Novels to be Animated
3/14/200812th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Nominees Announced
3/14/2008Doraemon to be Japan's First "Anime Ambassador"
3/14/2008Tokyopop to Release Otsu-ichi's Goth Novel, Manga
3/14/200821 Minutes of Final Ryofuko-chan Episode Streamed
3/14/2008Monochrome Factor Anime's Promo Movie Posted Online
3/14/2008New Fist of the North Star Anime Projects Greenlit
3/14/2008Daily Links of the Day: Disney, Urushihara, Gundam Seed
3/13/2008Gonzo/GDH Contacts Crunchyroll Video Site (Updated)
3/13/2008Bus Gamer TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/13/2008Wildstorm Posts Free Batman, Shinchan Manga Previews
3/13/2008Phantom Dream from Fruits Basket's Takaya, Tokyopop
3/13/2008Live-Action Speed Racer Film's Full Trailer Posted
3/13/2008USA Today Booklist, March 3?9: Highest-Ranking Naruto
3/13/2008Death Note, Free Cagliostro in San Francisco This Month
3/13/2008Japanese Box Office: March 8?9
3/13/2008Protoculture Addicts Issue 94 Survey
3/13/2008USA Today Booklist, March 3?9: Highest-Ranking Naruto
3/12/2008Shonen Sunday Offers Unseen Detective Conan Episode
3/12/2008Tokyopop Adds Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Manga
3/12/2008Daily Links of the Day: Ponyo, ADV in UK, Appleseed
3/12/2008Masamune Shirow, I.G's Real Drive Trailer Posted Online
3/12/2008Warner Begins Pitching Oshii's Sky Crawlers Overseas
3/12/2008Yoko Kamio's Cat Street Manga Gets Live-Action Drama
3/12/2008Shonen Magazine Marks 50th with New, Returning Manga
3/12/2008Manga Artist Keichir? Suzuhara Passes Away
3/12/2008Funimation, Bandai Entertainment Responds on Crunchyroll (Updated)
3/12/2008Anime Expo Hosts Pok?mon Director Masamitsu Hidaka
3/12/2008Russian Protestant Leaders Call for Ban on Ikki Tousen
3/11/2008Koto - Marvel Products Panel at Wizard World LA
3/11/2008Japanese-Animated Batman Video's New Teaser Online
3/11/2008Video Site with Unauthorized Anime Gets US$4M Capital
3/11/2008Japan's Planned Child Porn Law Exempts Manga, Anime
3/11/2008Crystal Blaze TV Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
3/11/2008Libre Launches Kurofune Zero Manga Magazine on May 28
3/11/2008Death Note's Matsuyama in Metal Rock Face Paint
3/11/2008New York Comic Con Hosts Open T.M.Revolution Interview
3/11/2008DrMaster Gets Nephylym, Feng Shui Academy Manga
3/11/2008Hataraki Man's Moyoco Anno Halts Work Due to Health (Updated)
3/10/2008Protoculture Addicts #95 Now Available
3/10/2008Boy Dies After Imitating Naruto in Sandbox
3/10/2008New Blue Dragon, N.Y. Salad, My Melody Anime Planned
3/10/2008Boy Hospitalized After Imitating Naruto in Sandbox (Updated)
3/10/2008Amuri in Star Ocean Anime's Promo Video Posted Online
3/10/2008Gurren Lagann Movie to Open in Japan in Fall 2008
3/10/2008New Druaga Fantasy TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/10/2008Ichijo's Pride Manga Adapted into Live-Action Film
3/9/20082nd Annual Seiy? Awards Announced
3/9/2008Ushio & Tora's Fujita, Recca's Anzai to Start New Manga
3/9/2008Michiko to Hatchin TV Anime Confirmed for 2008
3/9/2008Sherlock Hound, Yamato's Voice Taichirou Hirokawa Dies
3/9/2008USA Today Booklist, February 25?March 2: Naruto Returns
3/8/200845 Japanese Doraemon Chapters Posted Online for Free
3/8/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: February 25?March 2
3/8/2008Weather Buries Neo NohCon
3/7/2008Full First Episode of English Aquarion Streamed
3/7/20082nd ToHeart2ad Promo Video Posted Online
3/7/2008Japanese Box Office: March 1?2
3/7/2008New Votoms Manga to be Previewed in Japan on March 19
3/7/200811th Pok?mon Feature Movie's Full Trailer Streamed
3/7/2008Nabari no ? TV Anime's Promo Video Posted Online
3/7/2008Japan's am/pm to Sell Macross Frontier Cream Puffs
3/7/2008Ono's Brave Story Manga to End in Japan Next Week
3/6/2008Manga Volumes Place on Amazon Japan's 2007 Top-10 List
3/6/2008Belgian, Dutch Film Festivals to Screen Anime Films
3/5/2008New Kimikiss pure rouge Promo Video Posted Online
3/5/2008Masamune Shirow's Appleseed TV Series Pre-Announced
3/5/2008ADV Announces April/May Releases
3/5/2008Dragonball Movie Reportedly Pushed Back to April 2009
3/5/2008Anime Greenlit for Tanaka's Titania Space Opera Novels
3/5/2008Peacemaker's Chrono Creates Paka Run Horse-Racing Manga
3/5/2008ADV Head Says UK Issues May Be Due to Illegal Releases
3/5/2008Appleseed Sequel to be Shown in Austin, Texas Tonight
3/4/2008First Live-Action Death Note's English Trailer Posted
3/4/2008Teenager's Video with Naruto Quote Leads to Arrest
3/4/2008Oricon: Nana's Yazawa, DB's Toriyama are Most Popular
3/4/2008Gegegee no Kitar?'s Mizuki to Exhibit Art in Washington, D.C.
3/4/2008Morikawa to Draw Hajime no Ippo Spinoff One-Shot Manga
3/4/2008July's Antique Bakery Anime to Retain Gay Character (Updated)
3/4/2008Marvel's Stan Lee, Shaman King's Takei to Join Forces - Update
3/4/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, February 26?March 3
3/3/2008Ghibli Founder Takahata to Base Next Film on Lullaby
3/3/2008Bokurano's Kitoh to Draw One-Shot Manga in Jump Square
3/3/2008Funimation Channel Adds MoonPhase, Peach Girl, Suzuka
3/3/2008Theatrical Version of Gurren Lagann Pre-Announced (Updated)
3/3/2008Top French University Hosts Manga Conference
3/3/2008Koge Donbo's Kamichama Karin -chu- Sh?jo Manga to End
3/3/2008Japan's Shonen Jump Ends Prince of Tennis, Muhyo & Roji
3/3/2008Shina Dark Anime Music Videos' Samples Posted Online
3/2/2008Hana Yori Dango Gets Korean Live-Action TV Remake
3/2/2008Sapphire: Princess Knight to Revive Tezuka's 1st Sh?jo Work
3/2/2008South Carolina Student Removed over "Death Note" List
3/1/2008Gegege no Kitar? Live-Action Sequel's Teaser Streamed
3/1/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: February 18?25 (Updated)
3/1/2008New York Comic Con to Premiere Lucky Star, Code Geass