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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2009'V' Stabilizes With Final '09 Episode
11/30/2009Turkey Day Auds Feast on Leftovers 'New Moon' Rises Again (Just Barely)
11/30/2009'NY Times' GN Gift Guide By Gustines
11/30/2009Weekend Spending Flat People Up, Tickets Down
11/30/2009Origins of manga and anime
11/30/2009Obscene anime news
11/30/2009Are Japanese anime studios in hot water?
11/30/2009Japanese Box Office, October 17-18
11/30/2009Newspaper: Crayon Shin-chan Manga Sequel in the Works (Updated)
11/30/2009Vexille, Kanon, Spice & Wolf Posted in English Online
11/30/2009Yokohama Arts Foundation Posts Anime Shorts Online
11/30/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 16-22
11/30/2009Le Paradis Manga Mag's 1st Issue Posted Online for Free
11/30/200911 Arrested in Japan for Uploading via Share Program (Update 3)
11/30/2009Naruto, Toriko, One Piece Event Anime Shorts Streamed
11/25/2009Aya Hirano's Speed Star is #4 on Weekly Album Chart
11/25/2009Leiji Matsumoto, Queen's Music Video Screenshots Posted
11/25/2009Ikkitousen's New TV Anime, Xtreme Xecutor, Confirmed (Update 2)
11/25/2009Ninja Assassin: Anime is in Its Blood, and That Blood is Everywhere
11/25/2009Video Surfaces of Man Taking Anime Video Game Character To Be His Lawfully Wedded Wife
11/24/2009Eden of the East II Film Expanded, Delayed Until March
11/24/2009Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts Win International Emmy
11/24/2009Kadokawa CEO Predicts Anime of Sugar Dark Light Novel
11/24/2009House of Five Leaves Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
11/24/2009Toons of the 2000s: Top 5 Anime That Made It To U.S. TV
11/24/2009'New Moon' Shatters Records Drives 2nd Biggest Weekend Ever
11/24/2009Big Paydays for Marvel Brass If Disney Deal Goes Through
11/24/2009Daily Briefs
11/24/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 16-22
11/24/2009Lucky Star, Gigantor Made Honorary Residents of Hometowns
11/24/2009Manga-Based Bloody Monday Drama Gets Sequel in January
11/23/2009Fire Breaks Out at Offices of Da Capo Developer Circus
11/23/2009Funimation Starts Initiative for Co-Producing Anime (Updated)
11/23/20092009 Space Battleship Yamato Film Has 2 Endings Made
11/23/2009Nana Mizuki to Sing in New Year's K?haku Uta Gassen (Updated)
11/23/2009Wii gets movies, TV shows and anime
11/23/2009Daily Briefs
11/23/2009Erica Sakurazawa Launches Koi no Kaori Manga
11/23/2009Anime Song Lyricist Toshio Oka Passes Away at 92
11/22/2009Zac Efron: Death Note Remake 'Not on the Front Burner'
11/22/2009Leiji Matsumoto Animates Music Video for U.K.'s Queen (Updated)
11/22/2009Nurarihyon no Mago Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
11/22/2009Funimation Adds Sekirei, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode & Decode:02 (Updated)
11/22/2009Ristorante Paradiso's Ono Starts Tsuratsurawaraji Manga
11/22/2009TokiKake's Hosoda Had Offer to Direct Haruhi Film
11/22/2009Love Rollercoaster CG Anime to Premiere Over-the-Air on Monday (Updated)
11/21/2009Halo Legends Episode 2 Available on XBox Live
11/21/2009Daily Briefs
11/21/2009Ponyo to Run in Leeds on Sunday, in London Next Week
11/21/2009Yamada-kun Creator Puts Manga on Hold Due to Illness
11/21/2009Shokotan's Live-Action U.S. Sukashi Hero Video Posted
11/20/2009Durarara, Fumihiko Sori's To Video Clips Streamed
11/20/2009Trigun: Badlands Rumble Film's Teaser Trailer Posted (Updated)
11/20/2009Mai Mai Miracle's 1st 5 Minutes from Madhouse Streamed
11/20/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 8-14
11/20/2009Kiss?sis Manga Gets 4th Original Anime DVD Green-Lit
11/20/2009Tono to Issho 4-Panel Gag Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
11/20/2009NisiOisin's Katanagatari TV Anime Ads Streamed
11/20/2009Space Battleship Yamato Underpants for Sale in Japan
11/20/2009Anne Hathaway in 'Spider-Man 4' No Confirmation Yet
11/20/2009'Pokemon: Arceus' Movie Airs Tonight Ties In With TCG Release
11/20/2009Idris Elba Joins 'Thor' Cast To Play Heimdall
11/20/2009Daily Briefs
11/20/20092009 Pok?mon Film on U.S. Cartoon Network Today (Updated)
11/19/20093rd 20th Century Boys Film DVD to Add Unseen Epilogue
11/19/2009Daily Briefs
11/19/2009Japan's Replacement for 'Anime Hall of Fame' Proposed (Updated)
11/19/2009MangaGamer Adds Koihime?Mus?, More Da Capo Games
11/19/2009Sex Pistols/Love Pistols Boys-Love Manga Returns
11/19/2009Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 9-15
11/19/2009Blu-ray Sales Push 'Up' to the Top Wal-Mart Offering $78 BD Player
11/19/2009'V' Ratings Drop In Second, Third Weeks
11/19/2009Another 500 Blockbuster Stores? Sales Plunge 21%
11/19/2009Another Try at 'Global Frequency', 'Pushing Daisies' Alum to Pen Pilot
11/19/2009Man Weds 2D Virtual Girlfriend in Real Life
11/19/2009Arashi's My Girl CD Debuts on Top of Weekly Chart
11/19/2009I.G Plans Titan Rain CG Anime with Chevalier's Ubukata
11/18/2009Daily Briefs
11/18/2009Dragon Zakura School Manga Gets Korean Drama Next Year
11/18/2009Kaiji's Live-Action Film Gets Sequel Green-Lit in 2011
11/18/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, November 9-15
11/18/2009Durarara's 12-Minute Perfect Guide Special Streamed
11/18/2009Weekly Astro Boy Magazine Now on iPhones in English
11/18/2009ANN's Jonathan Carrera Directs New AKB48 Music Video
11/18/2009Quiz Magic Academy Original Anime 2 to Ship in February
11/17/2009Fate/stay night Gets TV reproduction Special Editions
11/17/2009San Francisco's Viz Cinema to Show Gurren Lagann Films
11/17/2009Peeping Life CG Anime Gets New Mini-Series in Japan
11/17/2009Wee Hour Retailing on Black Friday Walmart, Disney
11/17/2009'Dollhouse' ARG Headed in Unknown Direction
11/17/2009Shueisha Plans Global Digital Comics Starting with Dragon Ball
11/17/2009'Twilight' Beats 'Star Wars' Retailers Geared Up
11/17/2009IDW to Adapt 'The Last Unicorn' To Comics
11/17/2009Fans find more limited anime language options
11/17/2009Fantasy Anime 'Rental Magica' on DVD Soon
11/17/2009Anime Convention held in Drayton
11/16/2009Mini-Skirt Space Pirates TV Anime Now Set for 2011
11/16/20091st Kingrun Anime Songs K?haku TV Event Announced
11/16/2009Luminous Arc 3 to Bundle Anime DVD in Japan
11/16/2009Manga-Based Salaryman Kintaro TV Drama Gets Sequel
11/16/2009Funimation Posts More Anime Series Online
11/16/2009Disaster Film Levels Box Office 'Pirate Radio' Walks the Plank
11/16/2009Best Buy Fires Back In DVD Price War
11/16/2009New York Int'l Children's Film Fest to Show Tezuka Films This Month (Updated)
11/15/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 2-8
11/15/2009ANN Halloween Pumpkin Carving winners announced
11/15/2009IMAGI's Astro Boy Adds US$1.7 Million, Slips to #13
11/15/2009Japanese Box Office, October 3-4
11/15/2009Neko Ramen, Calling, Scarlet Manga Listed by Amazon
11/14/2009Initial D's Signed AE86 Replica Auctioned for Charity
11/14/2009Higanjima's Live-Action Horror Film Trailer Streamed
11/14/2009Mayoi Neko Overun! Light Novels Get Anime, Manga
11/14/2009Darker than Black Side Stories' Promo Video Streamed
11/14/2009Daily Briefs
11/13/2009Hikaru Utada to Tour U.S., U.K. in January, February
11/13/200910 Minutes of Fumihiko Sori's To Sci-Fi CG Anime Posted
11/13/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 1-7
11/13/2009Eva 2.0 Wins 1st in Animation at Lyon Asian Film Fest
11/13/2009Kiss?sis Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit for Next Spring
11/13/2009Miwa Ueda's Papillon - Hana to Ch? Manga Ends in Japan
11/13/2009Piano Bundle in February Price Reduced
11/13/2009Navarre Refinances $65 Million
11/13/2009Dark Knight DVD $3.99 Hyper-deflation Continues
11/13/2009Magic on Xbox Bringing in Players To Stores
11/13/2009Knock it off: Global treaty against media piracy won't work in Asia
11/13/2009Militant Cute and Sexy Politics in Japanese Moe Comics
11/13/2009China's state-owned cultural institutions reshuffled
11/13/2009Game-Based Dante's Inferno Animated Video Clip Posted
11/12/2009DC Museum Starts Month-Long Tezuka Film Fest on Friday
11/12/2009Shueisha, Microsoft Reveal Details on Phone Manga Sales
11/12/2009Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 2-8
11/12/2009ANN Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Entries Posted
11/12/2009'Dollhouse' Canceled After this Season
11/12/2009DC Sweeps Top Spots Marvel Slips
11/12/2009Classic Anime "Prince Planet" Now Available on YouTube and Hulu
11/12/2009'Tears to Tiara' Anime Coming Soon
11/12/2009Pacific Media Expo centers on Asian animation, games and fashion
11/12/2009Halo Legends video coming
11/12/2009Anime enthusiasts nationwide will gather in Midwest City for Izumicon
11/12/2009Anime and Hentai in the adult Internet
11/12/2009Daily Briefs
11/12/2009Live-Action Bebop Producer Reveals 1212 Entertainment
11/12/2009The Wallflower Manga Gets January TV Drama Green-Lit
11/12/2009Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi Manga Gets Live-Action Film
11/12/2009Eva 1.0's 1st 8 Minutes, 1st 4 Dubbed Soul Eater Episodes Online (Updated)
11/11/20094Kids Reveals US$5-Million Loss in Third Quarter
11/11/2009Kait? Reinya Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit for January
11/11/2009CN Boutiques at TRU 'Ben 10,' 'Bakugan,' 'Secret Saturdays'
11/11/2009Comic Sales Sag in October Double Digit Decline
11/11/2009Test-Driving Modern Warfare 2?s Night-Vision Goggles
11/11/2009Daily Briefs
11/11/2009Production I.G's Bungaku Shoujo Film Teaser Streamed
11/11/2009NHK: Shueisha to Sell Manga on U.S. Phones Next Spring
11/11/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, November 2-8
11/11/2009Ponyo, Astro Boy Submitted for Oscar Nominations (Updated)
11/11/2009Yona Yona Penguin, Live-Action TokiKake Trailers Posted
11/11/2009Hunter X Hunter Manga to Reportedly Return on January 4
11/10/2009Kurokami's U.S. BD Release to Have English Dub Only
11/10/2009To Aru Kagaku no Railgun's Opening Theme Lands at #3
11/10/2009Last 6 Shangri-La Single DVDs Dropped for Box in Japan
11/10/2009Handley to Be Sentenced for 'Obscene' Manga in January
11/10/2009MGM Paves the Way for Classic Anime Series ?Prince Planet? to Launch on YouTube? & Hulu on November 9
11/10/2009Halo anime gets release schedule
11/10/2009Daily Briefs
11/10/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 2-8
11/10/2009Junko Mizuno at San Francisco, Yui Makino in Singapore
11/10/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 26-November 1 (Updated)
11/9/2009Kobato's 1st DVD to Include New Mini Flash Anime
11/9/2009Alleged Akihabara Killer Sends Apology to Victim
11/9/2009Prince Planet Classic Sci-Fi TV Anime Begins Streaming (Updated)
11/9/2009To Terra's Takemiya, Trina Robbins to Hold Joint Talk
11/9/2009Student's Self-Animated 'Fumiko no Kokuhaku' Short Posted (Updated)
11/9/2009Tokuj? Kabachi!! Kabachitare! 2 Manga to Get TV Drama
11/9/2009Carrey's 'Carol' in Disappointing Win Box Office Top Ten Down
11/9/2009Daily Briefs
11/9/2009Japanese Box Office, September 26-27
11/9/2009Carrey's 'Carol' in Disappointing Win Box Office Top Ten Down
11/8/2009IMAGI's Astro Boy Adds US$2.6 Million, Falls to #10
11/8/2009Japanese Box Office, September 19-20
11/7/2009Daily Briefs
11/7/2009Gintama's 2010 Anime Movie Teaser Streamed
11/7/2009Ghost in the Shell: SAC to Spawn 2 New Manga in Japan (Updated)
11/7/2009Oshii's Musashi Holds U.S. Premiere in San Francisco
11/7/2009Mari Okazaki Ends Suppli Romance Manga in Japan
11/6/2009Former ADV Dubbing Studio Voices Halo Legends Project
11/6/2009U.S. Cartoon Network Puts Bakugan on Saturday Nights
11/6/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 25-31
11/6/2009Yoshitaka Amano's N.Y. Salad Gets 3D Film Green-Lit
11/6/2009True Tears BD Box Planned with New 3-Minute Epilogue
11/6/2009'Bakugan' Returns to Primetime Saturday Nights on the Cartoon Network
11/6/2009Wal-Mart Opens New Front in Online Price War Ten Top DVD Releases for $9.99
11/6/2009Nikkei: Ishinomori Work to Get Hollywood Film in 2012 (Update 2)
11/6/2009Baby & Me's Ragawa to Launch Mashiro no Oto Manga
11/5/2009Borders to Close 200 Walden Outlets in January
11/5/2009Mixed Vegetables' Komura Launches Usotsuki Lily Manga
11/5/2009J.J. Abrams, Hasbro in Micronauts/Microman Film Talks
11/5/20092001 Nights' Hoshino Creates Manga for British Museum
11/5/2009Media Blasters Adds Queen's Blade, Ikkitousen Great Guardians (Updated)
11/5/2009The Bears' School Picture Books Get Anime Movie in 2010
11/5/2009Crayon Shin-chan Manga to Continue until February
11/5/2009Heartcatch Precure! Trademark Filed (Update 2)
11/4/2009Marvel?s Q3 Down 42% As Expected
11/4/2009Movie Gallery Closing 400+ Stores As Change Depresses Prospects
11/4/2009'Sherlock' Backs 'Family Guy' After Microsoft Pull-out
11/4/2009Sony Online, WotC Launch New Magic Game 'MTG--Tactics'
11/4/2009Wal-Mart Fires Second Salvo of Toy Price Cuts Affects 100 Popular Toys
11/4/2009Zipang Ends as Kaiji Kawaguchi Plans Next Manga in 2010
11/4/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, October 26-November 1
11/4/2009Eva 2.0, Musashi, First Squad to Premiere in Waterloo
11/4/2009Liar Game Film Teaser, Sekirei Recap Video Streamed
11/4/2009Britain's Got Talent's Boyle Sings in Eagle Talon Anime
11/3/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 26-November 1
11/3/2009My-Hime Blu-ray Box's New Anime Shorts Listed
11/3/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 19-25
11/3/2009Ghibli Composer Joe Hisaishi Awarded Medal of Honour
11/3/2009High and Mighty Color Rock Band to Play at Sakura-Con
11/3/2009To Love-Ru, Kuruneko Creators Launch New Manga Series
11/3/2009Nana Mizuki Puts 10th Top-10 Single on Weekly Chart (Updated)
11/3/2009Daily Briefs