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12/31/2009Torajirou Kishi, Madhouse's Devil Comic Previewed
12/31/2009Japanese Box Office, December 26-27
12/31/2009Embracing Love's Nitta, Greenwood's Nasu Restart Manga (Updated)
12/30/2009Crayon Shin-chan Online MMORPG to Launch in Korea
12/30/2009Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
12/30/2009Rekka Katakiri Halts Zetsub? CD Sales After Legal Warning
12/30/2009K-On! Anime's 2nd Season Officially Announced
12/30/2009Nana Mizuki Live Diamond x Fever Tops BD Chart
12/30/2009Dell?s latest green product: Bamboo
12/30/2009'Captain America' Filming in June According to Director
12/30/2009'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' Modernized Mythology for Tweens
12/30/2009Hollywood Sets B.O. Record in 2009 But Not in Number of Admissions
12/30/2009Naruto Shipp?den is #5 Show Streamed on Hulu in 2009
12/30/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, December 21-27
12/29/2009Elemental Gelade, Sore Jaa Yoshida-kun! Manga Ending
12/29/2009NisiOisin's Katanagatari Promo Video Streamed
12/29/2009Large Investors Circle B&N Accumulating Stock
12/29/2009Holiday Sales Grow Slightly Online Taking Share
12/29/2009Full 2010 FCBD List Released Including Silvers
12/29/2009Borders Joins e-Book Gold Rush Amazon: More Digital than Paper
12/29/2009L5R?s 15th Anniversary Celestial Edition
12/29/2009'Avatar' Scores Again! Leads Biggest B.O. Weekend Ever
12/29/2009Kids Products Testing Delayed Until 2011
12/29/2009Home Video Biz Optimistic Behind Rental, Blu-ray Gains
12/29/2009'Tetsujin 28' Movie From Mamoru Oshii
12/29/2009Tragedy Replaces Happy Ending in Fairy Tales
12/29/2009Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 21-27 (Updated)
12/29/2009Crunchyroll Lists Durarara, Chu-Bra Among Its Anime
12/29/2009Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh's Dubbed/Subbed DVD Offered
12/29/2009Lupin III Part II Airs with Subs in Southern California
12/29/2009WAaI! boys in skirts Magazine to Launch in Japan
12/28/2009Daily Briefs
12/28/2009New Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts Special to Air
12/28/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 14-20
12/28/2009Harlem Beat's Nishiyama Launches Queen's Butler Karin Manga
12/28/2009Yamato, Darker than Black, Shugo Chara CDs in Top 10
12/28/2009Shin Koihime?Mus? Gets New Original Video Anime
12/28/2009Angel Beats, Shiki Anime Promo Videos Streamed
12/27/2009The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee Anime to Get Film
12/27/2009Ghost in the Shell's Oshii Announces Tetsujin 28 Film (Updated)
12/27/2009The Legends of Tono from Gegege's Mizuki Gets Animated
12/27/2009Honey Hunt Goes on Hiatus, Author Reveals New Manga
12/26/2009Keshikasu-kun Children's Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit
12/26/20092009's Top-Selling Blu-ray Discs in Japan (Continued)
12/26/2009Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky Teaser Posted
12/26/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 13-19
12/26/2009Japanese Box Office, December 19-20
12/25/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 7-13
12/25/2009Bandai Entertainment Updates Haruhi Suzumiya Site
12/25/2009Votoms: Gen-ei Hen Video Anime's Promo Videos Streamed
12/25/2009Haruhi, Omamori Himari, Haruka Videos Posted
12/25/2009Petit Eva's Kanaban Streams Yanyan Machiko Anime
12/25/2009Zettai Karen Children Manga Gets OVA Green-Lit
12/25/2009Gundam Unicorn Anime's English Dubbing Cast Announced
12/25/2009Senk? no Night Raid Spy TV Anime's Promos Streamed
12/24/2009Hollywood Boulevard to Be Closed for 'X Japan Filming'
12/24/2009Denn? Coil Gets Japan's 1st Augmented Reality Campaign
12/24/2009Distant Star's Shinkai Posts Images for Next Anime
12/24/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 30-December 6
12/24/2009Abnormal Physiology Seminar Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
12/24/2009Sailor Moon's Takeuchi, Hunter X Hunter's Togashi?Have 2nd Baby (Updated)
12/24/20092009's Top-Selling Blu-ray Discs in Japan (Overall)
12/24/20092009's Top-Selling DVDs in Japan (Overall)
12/24/2009My-Hime EXA Manga to Launch in January
12/24/2009X Japan Confirmed to Film 4 Music Videos in Hollywood
12/23/2009Borders U.K. Stores Closing Today No Buyer Found
12/23/2009Daily Briefs
12/23/2009X Japan to Appear in Hollywood on January 9
12/23/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, December 14-20
12/23/2009Gundam: Zeon Children's Academy Manga Starts in January
12/23/2009Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 14-20
12/23/2009Kowarekake no Orgel D?jin Anime's Samples Posted
12/23/200911Eyes Game Gets Original Video Anime Green-Lit
12/23/2009Tono to Issho Adds Gackt Anime, Time of Eve Adds Pilot
12/22/20091/1-Scale 'Life-Size' Gundam to Rise Again at Shizuoka
12/22/2009Eva 2.0, Summer Wars Win Japan Academy Awards
12/22/2009Yona Yona, Overrun, Tono to Issho, Rin Videos Streamed
12/22/2009Unko-san Scatological Comedy's New TV Anime in January
12/22/2009Comic Gear Mag Stops Publication in January
12/22/2009Biglobe to Debut Yutori-chan Anime via Email (Updated)
12/22/2009Cirque du Freak's Arai Launches Arago Police Manga
12/22/20091st BIg Windup! Compilation DVD Set to Have New Anime
12/22/2009Triumphs and trials filled the year in anime
12/22/2009FFG Cancels 'UFS' 'Kingdom Hearts' CCGs Will Focus on LCGs
12/22/2009'Avatar's' Weekend Total Rises An Unprecedented 3% Drop
12/22/2009'Final Fantasy XIII' Sells a Million Units in 1 Day in Japan
12/22/2009Konami's 'Pegasus League' OP For Experienced Players of All Ages
12/22/2009New 'Shugo Chara!' Manga 'Shugo Chara! Encore!' in February
12/21/2009Baka to Test to Sh?kanj?, Liar Game's Promos Streamed
12/21/2009Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow TV Anime to Debut on April 2
12/21/2009Distant Star's Makoto Shinkai Outlines Next Work
12/21/2009Lupin III: the Last Job TV Special to Air in February
12/21/2009'Avatar' Beats Blizzard To Post 2nd Biggest December Bow
12/21/2009Early Release on 'D&D' For Wizards Play Network Retailers
12/21/2009'Planet Hulk' Preview Screenings In New York and L.A.
12/21/2009Anime fans flock to Destin
12/21/2009RPT-FEATURE-Young shoppers edge manga into Europe's mainstream
12/21/2009Ghibli's new 'anime' features girl in fantasy
12/21/2009Man accused of running away with girl sentenced
12/21/2009Anime store caters to kids of all ages
12/21/2009Tales of Graces, Sengoku Mus?, My Girl Songs in Top 10
12/21/2009Daily Briefs
12/21/2009Funimation Streams My Bride is a Mermaid, Other Anime
12/21/ Portal Launched with Buso Renkin Streams
12/21/2009Polysics Rock Band Announces U.S. Tour in 14 Cities
12/21/2009Man Gets 15 Years in Anime, Twilight Cross-Country Case
12/20/2009Shin Koihime?Mus?'s New Anime Season to Debut in April
12/20/2009Even More Prizes Added to ANN Holiday Logo Contest
12/20/2009Tokyo City Produces Anime to Promote Foreign Tourism (Updated)
12/20/2009My Darling is a Foreigner Film's Teaser Streamed
12/20/2009Junod Anime Film on Hiroshima Aftermath Slated for 2010
12/20/2009'Fumiko's Confession' Nominated for YouTube Awards
12/19/2009Bootleg Naruto, Bleach, Death Note Merchandise
12/19/2009Daily Briefs
12/19/2009Evangelion 2.0 DVD Has Retakes in the Works for Spring
12/19/2009Shugo Chara! Encore! Manga to Launch in February
12/19/2009Ookiku Furikabutte TV Anime's 2nd Season Green-Lit (Updated)
12/19/2009Kamen Rider Dragon Knight's Final 6 Episodes Streamed
12/18/2009Crunchyroll Adds Cobra the Animation Videos, TV Series
12/18/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 6-12
12/18/2009Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Anime's Footage Streamed (Updated)
12/18/2009Tecmo Cancels Bastard!! MMORPG's Development (Updated)
12/18/2009Anime Network to Add The Skull Man, Tears to Tiara
12/18/2009'Nanovor' Graphic Novel From IDW
12/18/2009Daily Briefs
12/18/2009Shiki Horror Mystery Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
12/18/2009British Anime Net Dancer Beckii Cruel Forms Girl Band
12/17/20092 Oklahoma Students to Be Disciplined for 'Death Note'
12/17/2009Viz Adds Rocket Girls, Harmony Novels & Bleach Guide (Updated)
12/17/2009Live-Action Manga-Based Saru Lock Trailer Streamed
12/17/2009Last Haruka 3 DVDs Add Long Edition, Multiple Endings
12/17/2009Daily Briefs
12/17/2009Funimation Confirms Strike Witches Cast, FMA Street Date
12/17/2009Haruhi Suzumiya Film's New Promo Video Streamed
12/17/2009Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 7-13
12/16/2009Evangelion Chronicle Magazine to Re-Launch in January
12/16/2009Metal Fight Beyblade Anime Gets Film in Summer 2010
12/16/2009Ghibli's Next Film Adapts Mary Norton's The Borrowers (Updated)
12/16/2009'Avatar' Gets Golden Nom No 'Ponyo' in Animated
12/16/2009Battle Angel Alita is ?Just Add Water? Cameron Says
12/16/2009Xbox 360 Game Announced On Anime Boobs
12/16/2009Cameron confirms sci fi slate
12/16/20094th Bleach Film, 4th Naruto Shipp?den Film Green-Lit
12/16/2009Japanese Box Office, December 12-13
12/16/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, December 7-13
12/16/2009All 56 One Piece Books on Japan's Weekly Top 200 Manga
12/16/2009Daily Briefs
12/15/2009Lives, Butterfly, Puzzle+ Manga Listed by Amazon
12/15/2009Durarara!!, Chu-Bra!! TV Commercials Streamed
12/15/2009Ponyo Not Nominated for Golden Globes
12/15/2009Funimation Posts More Anime Series Online
12/15/2009Boys on the Run, Shin-chan CD Singles Debut in Top 10
12/15/2009Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 7-13
12/15/2009Ponyo Sells 9,000 BDs to Top Japan's Weekly Anime Chart
12/15/2009Viz Confirms Kirby Manga & Novels by Hayashi, Otsuichi (Updated)
12/15/2009Omamori Himari TV Anime Promo Video Posted Online
12/15/2009Cameron: Battle Angel Has Script, 1 Year of Design Work
12/14/2009Daily Briefs
12/14/2009Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Trailer Streamed
12/14/2009Namie Amuro, Gundam's Amuro Make Joint Music Video
12/14/2009Those Who Hunt Elves' Yagami, ufotable Stream Yawarakame
12/14/2009Sega Plans Jewelpet's Overseas Expansion Next Year
12/14/2009Boys Over Flowers' Kamio to Launch Manga in February
12/14/200910th One Piece Film Tops Ponyo's Opening Weekend (Updated)
12/14/2009100 Out of 400 Laid Off at CG Astro Boy's Imagi Studio
12/11/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 29-December 5
12/11/20092010 Pok?mon: Diamond & Pearl Film's New Teaser Posted
12/11/2009Barefoot Gen's Nakazawa Donates Art to Hiroshima Museum (Updated)
12/11/2009Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 23-29
12/11/2009Doraemon: Nobita no Ningyo Daikaisen's Trailer Posted
12/10/2009Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st Trailer Posted
12/10/2009Solanin, Planzet, Cobra, Sayaka Videos Streamed
12/10/2009Otomo's Hipira: The Little Vampire Book Gets TV Anime (Updated)
12/10/2009Bakuman. Manga's TV Anime Confirmed for Fall 2010
12/10/2009Tokyo Anime Fair Announces 6th Annual Awards of Merit
12/10/2009Bushiroad Confirms Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Anime
12/10/2009Bruce Wayne Returns In April
12/10/2009Top Cow Goes Digital Five Ways
12/10/2009Hatsune Miku Virtual Idol to Hold 1st Solo Concert
12/10/2009Daily Briefs
12/10/2009Hetalia Anime's Third Season Green-Lit (Updated)
12/9/2009SD Gundam Sangokuden Anime Film to Open on February 27
12/9/20095th Sgt. Frog Movie, Nintendo DS RPG Detailed
12/9/2009'Kick-Ass' Director Does It in Camera Vaughn Hates CGI, Shaky Camerawork
12/9/2009Daily Briefs
12/9/2009B Gata H Kei Manga's TV Anime Confirmed for Next Spring (Updated)
12/9/2009Canada's Bionix on Demand for Anime Ends This Month
12/9/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, November 30-December 6 (Updated)
12/9/2009Kousuke Sugimoto's 'The TV Show' Anime Streamed in HD
12/9/2009Studio Ghibli to Announce Next Film on December 16 (Updated)
12/8/2009Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky Revealed (Updated)
12/8/2009Voice Actress Yurika Ochiai Reports Murder Threats
12/8/2009Namikawa Directs 1st Film: Live-Action Wonderful World
12/8/20092 Eva Fender Guitars Auctioned for 17 Million Yen
12/8/2009Daily Briefs
12/8/2009School Library Journal Names Best Books in 2009
12/8/2009Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 30-December 6
12/8/2009Manga Nominated for Awards at Angouleme Comic Fest
12/8/2009Lupin 'Steals' Statue, 'Obama' Attends Afro Samurai Show
12/7/2009Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya Manga to Launch in 2010 (Updated)
12/7/2009Moyashimon Manga Gets 2010 Live-Action Drama Green-Lit (Updated)
12/7/2009Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
12/7/2009Starry Sky Drama CD/Game Series Gets Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
12/7/2009Giant Killing Soccer Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit
12/7/2009Yoj?-Han Shinwa Taikei Novel Gets TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
12/7/2009Psychic Detective Yakumo Novels Get TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
12/7/2009One Piece's Luffy Adorns Cover of Men's Fashion Mag
12/7/2009Funimation Adds Animated Guardians of Luna Project (Updated)
12/7/2009Japanese Box Office, November 28-29
12/7/2009801 Media Adds Under Grand Hotel Yaoi Manga (Updated)
12/7/2009'The Drifting Life' Heads to Film Will Be Produced in B&W
12/7/2009Graphic Novel Circulation Numbers Another Measure of Popularity
12/7/2009'Gossip Girl' Manga From Yen Press
12/7/2009Daily Briefs
12/7/2009Macross F's Sheryl, May'n Put Albums in Weekly Top 10
12/6/2009Japanese Box Office, November 21-22
12/6/2009Guin Saga's Kurimoto Wins Japanese Sci-Fi Writers Award
12/6/2009Yume o Kanaeru Z? TV Anime to Return in This Winter
12/6/2009Aniplex's So-Ra-No-Wo-To Anime TV Commercial Streamed
12/5/20092009 Japanese Comic Ranking, #26-50
12/5/2009Japanese Box Office, November 14-15
12/5/2009Newspaper: Tatsumi's A Drifting Life Memoir Gets Film
12/5/2009Daily Briefs
12/4/20092009's Top-Selling Manga in Japan, by Series
12/4/2009To Aru Hik?shi e no Tsuioku Light Novel Reportedly Gets Film
12/4/2009Sentai Adds Skull Man, Maria Holic Anime in February (Updated)
12/4/2009Yen Press to Adapt von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl Novels
12/4/2009Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! Gets Anime DVD in Sho-Comi Mag (Updated)
12/4/2009Ikkitousen XX, Fullmetal Alchemist Wii Videos Posted
12/4/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 22-28
12/4/2009Ponyo Qualifies for Golden Globes' Consideration
12/4/2009Major Baseball TV Anime's 6th Season to Debut in April
12/4/2009New Code Geass Project's Launch Revealed (Update 4)
12/3/2009Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 23-29
12/3/2009Higurashi, Baka to Test, Amagami Get New Manga
12/3/2009Negadon's Jun Awazu Directs Planzet CG Film for 2010
12/3/2009Basquash's Itagaki Writing, Directing Bish?jo Anime Work
12/3/2009Udon Entertainment to Publish Mega Man Megamix Manga
12/3/2009Summer Wars, Vinland Saga Win Media Arts Awards (Update 2)
12/3/2009Daily Briefs
12/3/2009Japanese Box Office, November 7-8
12/3/20092009 Japanese Comic Ranking, #1-25
12/2/2009Happy Cafe's Matsuzuki to Launch New Manga on Saturday
12/2/20091st Naruto Anime's Finale Premieres on Canada's YTV
12/2/20095-Meter Space Battleship Yamato Model Displayed
12/2/2009'Avatar' Predicted to Earn $250 Million In the U.S. and Canada
12/2/2009First 'Naruto Shippuden Box Sets' Due Out January 26th
12/2/2009'Coraline' Leads in 'Annie' Nominations Miyazaki's 'Ponyo' Gets 2
12/2/2009'Hobbit' Filming Delayed From March to Mid-Summer
12/2/2009Daily Briefs
12/2/2009Japanese Box Office, October 31-November 1
12/2/2009Kindaichi's Kanari, Baka-Kyoudai's Adachi Start Manga
12/2/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, November 23-29
12/2/2009Jewelpet, Kiruminzuu Anime Get New Sh?jo Manga Spinoffs
12/1/2009Daily Briefs
12/1/2009Japanese Box Office, October 24-25
12/1/2009Tatsumi's Black Blizzard Listed by Drawn & Quarterly
12/1/2009Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 23-29
12/1/2009Inuyasha Shop to Open in Japanese Department Store
12/1/2009Ponyo's Miyazaki, Hisaishi Nominated for Annie Awards
12/1/2009To Love-Ru's Yabuki Confirmed for Mayoi Neko Overrun
12/1/2009Dragon Ball's Toriyama, DNA?'s Katsura to Launch Jiya Manga (Updated)
12/1/2009Thailand's Super Dunker Wins 3rd Int'l Manga Award