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9/30/2011LDP Petition: Japan's Child Porn Laws Should Apply to Manga/Anime/Games
9/30/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Round 2: Groups A-D
9/30/2011Voice Actresses Ai Orikasa, Ami Koshimizu, Yuko Sanpei Leave Baobab
9/30/2011Voice Actress Satomi Akesaka Leaves Space Craft Entertainment (Updated)
9/30/2011One Piece Kaizoku Musou's Tokyo Game Show Promo Posted
9/30/2011ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers RPG Gets Video Anime Series
9/30/2011Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist Anime Film Green-Lit
9/30/2011Bookstore: H+P -HimePara- Adapted Into Drama CD, Not Anime
9/30/2011Sphere, Minori Chihara, Kalafina to Take Part in Quake Charity Event
9/30/2011Kindle Launches Graphic Novel Price War 'Watchmen' at $9.99
9/30/2011Disney Reviving 'The Lone Ranger' With Depp
9/30/2011Rising Star Games Wants to See You Bring Their Fighters to Life!
9/30/2011Pok?mon Rumble Blast Gameplay Video Posted
9/30/2011London Gaming Con: Discounts Available for 3-4 December Event
9/30/2011Shinobi 3DS StreetPass Trailer Streamed
9/30/2011Beyond the Future - Fix the Time Arrows Game Trailer Streamed
9/30/2011Ultraman's Monsters to Star in Ultra Zone Variety Show
9/30/2011Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 Gameplay Videos Posted
9/30/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 18-24
9/30/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Towa no Quon, The World God Only Knows (Updated)
9/30/2011Berserk Silver Accessories- Art of War Releasing Silver Pendants
9/30/2011Crunchyroll to Stream New Hunter x Hunter Anime
9/30/2011Youmacon Returns to Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center November 3rd ? 6th
9/30/2011Hawaii Int'l Film Fest to Show Buddha, Millennium Dragon
9/30/2011Do As Infinity Event Streamed Live on Sunday (Updated)
9/29/2011Ben-To School Comedy TV Anime's Station Ads Streamed
9/29/2011Twitch Site: Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara Considered for Oldboy
9/29/2011Cross Fight B-Daman's Toy-Based Anime Promo Video Posted
9/29/2011Idolm@ster Cast Recreates Gero-Gero Kitchen in Live-Action
9/29/2011Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! Manga Has TV Anime in the Works (Updated)
9/29/2011Daily Briefs
9/29/2011Daily Cosplay - Kaleido Star's Sora Naegino
9/29/2011Viz Media Releases Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds Anime Film
9/29/2011Anime Network Simulcasts Persona 4: The Animation
9/29/2011Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Now Shipping in North America
9/29/2011Critical Mass Video Announces Anime 18's Nightmare Campus Complete DVD Collection for Jan. 3, 2012
9/29/2011Precure Film Inspires Guam Travel Tour with Cosplay
9/29/2011Toei Streams Making-of Video for 'Rebellions' Pilot
9/29/2011Spain's Sitges to Show FMA, Trigun, Buddha
9/29/20113 Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Videos Streamed
9/29/2011Man Pleads Guilty to 'Anime' Pornography in New Zealand
9/29/2011The Anime Network to Simulcast Persona 4 The Animation
9/29/2011Sonic Generations Dreamcast Trailer Streamed
9/29/2011Bookstore: H+P -HimePara- Harem Comedy Novels Not Getting Anime (Update 2)
9/28/2011Japan's Video Sales Up for 1st Time in 5 Years in 2011's 1st Half
9/28/2011Anime Director Kazuyoshi Yokota Passes Away
9/28/2011Square Enix, Yahoo! Japan to Launch New Game Project
9/28/2011Kuroko no Basuke Manga Gets TV Anime Produced by I.G
9/28/2011Medaka Box Manga Gets TV Anime
9/28/2011Maken-Ki's 1st BD/DVD to Include Anime Bonus Extras
9/28/2011Daily Briefs
9/28/2011Daily Cosplay - Toho Project's Remilia Scarlet
9/28/2011Japanese Model Names Child After One Piece Character
9/28/2011King of Fighters XIII Promos Streamed, Release Date Delayed
9/28/2011Hawaii, Warsaw Int'l Film Fests to Show A Letter to Momo
9/28/2011Singapore to Air English-Dubbed Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime
9/28/2011New Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel Volume Tops Charts
9/28/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases, Sept. 25-Oct. 1
9/28/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, September 19-25
9/28/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
9/28/2011Sentai Filmworks Adds Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
9/28/2011Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment Announces Dirty Pair: The OVA Series DVD Collection
9/28/2011Hetalia, Durarara, Conan Characters Turned Into Teddy Bears
9/28/2011Lucky Star's Kaori Fukuhara to Sing on Real Akiba Boys CD
9/28/2011Warriors Orochi/Musou Orochi Sequel Set for December in Japan
9/28/2011May'n to Hold 1st Solo Arena Concert Next March
9/27/2011Kamikaze Girls' Nakashima Helms Film About Invading Giants
9/27/2011Fruits Basket/Kodocha's Daichi Helms Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
9/27/2011Range Murata, Others Draw 'Girls & Bicycles' Art Book
9/27/2011TV Tokyo Lists Game-Based Uncharted TV Drama Short
9/27/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 19-25
9/27/2011Kenji Kamiyama's New Anime to Be Revealed Live Online
9/27/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: September 19-25
9/27/2011Maya Miyazaki's Gokujyo? Manga Gets TV Anime in 2012
9/27/2011New Ikki Tousen Anime's 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
9/27/2011Daily Briefs
9/27/2011Daily Cosplay - Tiger & Bunny's Blue Rose
9/27/2011Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable PSP Game Updated Teaser Posted
9/27/20112011's Evangelion, K-On!! Christmas Cakes Put on Sale
9/27/2011Tezuka Pro Revives Budori Gusuko Anime after TAC's Bankruptcy
9/27/2011Vocaloid Song Crowd-Sourced to Sell Fried Chicken
9/27/2011Dengeki Maoh Mag Revamped with 1,000+ Pages in Next Issue
9/27/2011Squid Girl Invades Namja-town with Desserts, Dishes
9/27/2011AniMinneapolis 2012 Coming to Ramada Mall of America
9/27/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Persona 4 The Animation
9/27/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Persona 4 The Animation
9/27/2011Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal to Premiere on Toonzai on October 15
9/27/2011Ro-Kyu-Bu's Japanese 'Primary School Girls Are Great' Shirt Cancelled
9/26/2011Ranma 1/2 Manga Gets Live-Action Special with Yui Aragaki
9/26/2011Ikkyu-san Anime Promotes Kyoto Tourism in 3 Languages
9/26/2011Tiger & Bunny Matchmaking Party Planned in Japan
9/26/2011Gundam AGE TV Ad with Galileo Galilei Song Streamed
9/26/2011North American Stream List: September 18-24
9/26/2011Crunchyroll Confirms Stream of Squid Girl Season 2
9/26/2011A Letter to Momo Anime Film Gets Manga Adaptation
9/26/2011Natsume Y?jin-Ch?'s Nyanko-Sensei Cushion Offered in Lottery
9/26/2011Gen Urobuchi Clarifies Writing Role on Fate/Zero Anime
9/26/2011Live-Action Ranma 1/2's Supporting Cast, Writer Revealed
9/26/2011Singapore's Anime Festival Asia Announces Guest Lineup, Theme Song
9/26/2011Live-Action Wild 7 Film Gets Manga Adaptation
9/26/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls
9/26/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!
9/26/2011Final Fantasy XIV's Chocobo Trailer Streamed
9/26/2011Anime Blast Chattanooga Announces 3rd Round of Guests
9/26/2011Man Arrested for Holding Woman Captive He Met at June Anime Con
9/26/2011Sentai Filmworks Announces ICE Dub Cast
9/25/2011Code Geass Gets Lelouch Hugging Pillow/Dakimakura Cover
9/25/2011Daily Briefs
9/25/2011Daily Cosplay - Odin Sphere's Velvet
9/25/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 12-18
9/25/2011Working'!! TV Sequel's 4th Character Trailer Streamed
9/25/2011Paprika's Tsutsui Discusses Anime Plans for New Novel (Updated)
9/24/2011Daily Cosplay - Kuroshitsuji II's Alois Trancy
9/24/2011Japanese Box Office, September 17-18
9/24/2011Gundam AGE Opening Theme Performed by Galileo Galilei
9/24/20114th +Tic Nee-san School Comedy Short Now Streaming
9/24/2011Fate/Zero TV Anime's Kariya Mat?/Berserker Ads Streamed
9/24/2011Bakuman 2 Anime's 1st Episode Preview Streamed
9/24/2011Madoka Magica's Ky?ko Featured on Guide Dog Poster
9/24/2011Animax Asia to Run 2011 Last Exile on Same Day It Airs in Japan
9/24/2011Shaman King to Return in New Short Manga in November (Updated)
9/24/2011NY Mag: Warner Offers Brad Pitt All You Need is Kill Film
9/24/2011Code:Breaker Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
9/24/2011Animax Asia Takes Off With Last Exile ?Fam, the Silver Wing? in a Same-Day-As-Japan Simulcast
9/23/2011IDW Announces 'The Death of Optimus Prime' Followed By 2 New 'Transformers' Series
9/23/2011Patty Jenkins to Direct 'Thor 2' For 2013 Release
9/23/2011Dynamite's 'Voltron' Launches in December With Ross Covers
9/23/2011Animeleague at the UK's Entertainment Media Show on October 1-2
9/23/2011Thermae Romae's Mari Yamazaki Starts Giacomo Foscari Manga
9/23/2011AM2 Launches Official 2012 Pre-Registration Contest with Miyavi, Dir en Grey and Disneyland Tickets
9/23/2011New York Int'l Children's Film Fest to Screen Chocolate Underground This Weekend
9/23/2011CLAMP Festival Event to be Streamed Live
9/23/2011Media Blasters Announces Bakuman. Dub Cast
9/23/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 11-17
9/23/2011Doraemon Train to End Service in October Due to Ad Ban
9/23/2011Daily Cosplay - Final Fantasy VI's Terra Branford
9/23/2011Japanese Animators Participate in Charity Art Book Project
9/23/2011Madoka Magica Poster Auctioning for 500,000+ Yen
9/23/2011Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Trailer Streamed
9/23/2011TV Tokyo Gives Away Pikachu Digital TV Remote
9/23/2011Katamari Amore to be Released on iTunes on September 29
9/23/2011New Ai no Kusabi BDs to Come With Short Story by Author
9/23/2011Studio ufotable to Host Fate/Zero Caf
9/23/2011Freezing Manga Gets First Chronicle Spinoff Manga Series
9/23/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Round 1: Groups G, H (Updated)
9/23/2011Dragon Age Trailer for Japanese Theatrical Release Posted
9/22/2011Daily Cosplay - One Piece's Usopp
9/22/2011VIZ Media Debuts Riveting Action Manga Series Psyren
9/22/2011Berserk TV Ads for Manga Volume 36, 1st Film Streamed (Updated)
9/22/2011Saboten Con Announces Sean Schemmel as Final Guest for This Year
9/22/2011Anime Art Director Shichiro Kobayashi Wins Gov't Film Award
9/22/2011Hello Kitty to Issho! Puzzle Game Heads to PS Vita
9/22/20115th Towa no Quon Film's Trailer Streamed
9/22/2011801-chan Otaku Love Comedy Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action DVD
9/22/2011Tiger & Bunny's Kotetsu Hat Now on Sale
9/22/2011VIZ Media Sweeps Latest NY Times Manga Bestseller List - Twice in a Month
9/22/2011Biglobe Poll: Fall Anime with Highest Interest Level
9/22/2011Professor Layton's London Life's English Trailer Streamed
9/22/2011English-Dubbed Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS Trailers Streamed
9/22/2011Anime USA 2011 Proudly Announces Our First Round Of Webcomics Guests
9/22/2011Kimi to Boku Anime's 3rd Promotional Video Streamed
9/22/2011Woman Arrested for Falsely Selling K-On!! Concert Tickets
9/22/2011Madoka Magica Letterman Jacket, Slippers, Alarm Clock Offered
9/22/2011Appleseed XIII Anime Gets Manga Series in October
9/22/2011Crunchyroll Listed Squid Girl Season 2's 1st Episode (Updated)
9/22/2011Dragon Quest X Site Opens with Promo Video
9/22/2011Zipangu Fest To Host Films By Star of Japan's Contemporary Experimental Scene
9/22/2011Live-Action Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Trailer Posted
9/21/2011Bravely Default's Tokyo Game Show Trailer Posted
9/21/2011Critical Mass to Release Urotsukidoji: New Saga OAV
9/21/2011New Ai no Kusabi Boys-Love Anime Relisted for 2012
9/21/2011Crunchyroll, TV Tokyo Sue YouTube Users for Unauthorized Anime Uploading
9/21/2011Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere's TV Ad Streamed
9/21/20114th Towa no Quon Film's 1st 8 Minutes Streamed
9/21/2011TMS Makes Anime Film of Hal's Flute by Anpanman's Yanase
9/21/2011Princess Resurrection Manga's 3rd Anime DVD Promo Posted
9/21/2011Natsume's Book of Friends Get 4th Season in January
9/21/2011Madoka Magica Writer Urobuchi: It Hasn't Ended Yet
9/21/2011Daily Briefs
9/21/2011Daily Cosplay - Persona 3's Aegis
9/21/2011Square Enix Music Event to Be Streamed Live
9/21/2011Tiger & Bunny Staff Respond to Online Fan Project
9/21/2011Gundam AGE Anime's TV Ad Streamed
9/21/2011Satoshi Kon Exhibition Video Streamed
9/21/2011Oreimo Light Novel #9 Tops Sales Chart for 2nd Week
9/21/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, September 12-18
9/21/2011Tainted Reality Presents BORN at Nekocon 2011
9/21/2011X Japan Conquers Latin America
9/21/2011Critical Mass Video Announces Decemeber 6, 2011 Release of Anime18's Urotsukidoji New Saga Complete DVD Collection
9/20/2011Heroes Phantasia Anime Crossover Game's Teaser Streamed
9/20/2011Tiger & Bunny Head Writer Clarifies Sequel Possibilities
9/20/2011Scandal Contributes Next Bleach Opening Theme Song
9/20/2011Final Fantasy XIII-2's Tokyo Game Show Trailers Posted
9/20/2011NY Anime Fest to Host Hatsune Miku Creators, Producers
9/20/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 12-18
9/20/2011Ghost in the Shell's Kamiyama Starts New Anime Feature
9/20/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: September 12-18
9/20/2011DC Adds Gay Superhero to 'Teen Titans' More Diversity in the 'New 52'
9/20/2011Daily Cosplay - Hidamari Sketch's Yuno
9/20/2011Exclusive: ANN Streams 'Sizzle Reel' for Onigamiden
9/20/2011Aniplex and Nico Nico Douga Present Fate/Zero Streaming Worldwide
9/20/2011Con-Nichiwa Announces Initial Guest List
9/20/2011AM2 Launches Online Registration for Artist Alley
9/20/2011Aniplex to Stream Fate/Zero Worldwide in 8 Subbed Languages
9/20/2011Minori Chihara's Horizon Theme Song Video Streamed
9/20/2011Section23 Films Announces December Slate
9/20/2011Anime-ZAP! Welcomes Daniel and Jillian Coglan
9/20/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: September 18-24
9/20/2011Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave PSP Game's Promo Posted
9/20/2011Aki Sora's Masahiro Itosugi Launches Uwakoi Manga
9/20/2011Tiger & Bunny's Vest, Tie, Watches Offered in Japan
9/20/2011Tale of Innocence R Game Promo Streamed
9/20/2011NY Anime Fest to Host U.S. Premieres of Guilty Crown, Fate/Zero
9/20/20111st 2011 Pok?mon Film's English-Dubbed Trailer Streamed
9/20/2011Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney's TGS Promo Posted
9/20/2011Kingdom Hearts 3D's TGS Trailer Streamed
9/20/2011Crayon Shin-chan 3DS Action Game's Teaser Streamed
9/19/2011Ika Musume/Squid Girl Sequel's Invasion Warning Ad Posted
9/19/2011NY Anime Fest to Host Tekken's Dai Sato, Katsuhiro Harada
9/19/2011Manga UK Posts Redline Racing Anime Film Trailer
9/19/2011Manga-Based Gourmet Film Gokud? Meshi's Trailer Streamed
9/19/2011Bakuman's Fictional Shonen Jack Mag Recreated as Cushion
9/19/2011To Aru Hik?shi e no Tsuioku's 1st 12 Minutes Streamed
9/19/2011Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Upgraded Video Posted
9/19/2011Rie Kugimiya to Make Stage Debut in Play in Early 2012
9/19/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 5-11
9/19/2011NebrasKon 2011 Announces Guests Stephanie Young and David Brehm
9/19/2011VIZ Media Announces the Release of Pokemon-Zoroark: Master of Illusions on DVD
9/19/2011GEN Manga Announces the Release of Alive
9/19/2011Disgaea 3: Absence of Dentention Coming to PlayStation Vita!
9/19/2011Disgaea: Netherworld Unbound Coming to the Android Platform!
9/19/2011Clan of Champions Coming to the West!
9/19/2011Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Game's Promo Streamed
9/19/2011AKB48 Members, Ultraman Foundation Visit Quake Area
9/19/2011Ghibli's From Up on Poppy Hill is #1 Japanese Film of 2011
9/19/2011Shogakukan to Sell New Manga Mag Only at 7-Eleven Japan
9/19/2011Anime Detour Hosts Donation Drive for Greg Ayres
9/19/2011The Idolm@ster 2 Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
9/19/2011Friends: Mononoke Shima no Naki Film's Promos Streamed
9/19/2011Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 U.S. Release Announced for Spring 2012
9/19/2011Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Unboxing Video Streamed
9/19/2011Nekocon 2011 Announces Voice Actress Leah Clark
9/19/2011Ni no Kuni PS3's Gameplay Video Streamed
9/18/2011Daily Briefs
9/18/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 29-September 4
9/18/2011Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Artist Changed Before Anime Launch
9/18/2011Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere Anime is BD-Only at Retail
9/18/2011Yukari Tamura, Yui Horie Join Ben-To Anime Voice Cast
9/18/2011Report: Domestic/Int'l Animation Market in Japan Grew 5.8% in '10 (Updated)
9/18/2011Sega Reveals Sakura Wars/Border Break Game Crossover
9/18/2011Shueisha Starts Semi-Monthly Manga Mag for Grown-Ups
9/18/20111st Dragon Quest Monsters Game Upgraded for 3DS in 2012
9/17/2011Japanese Box Office, September 10-11
9/17/2011North American Stream List: September 11-17
9/17/2011Tiger & Bunny 'Super Event' to Be Held on November 13
9/17/2011Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side ~3rd Story~ to Appear on PSP
9/17/2011Singer Elisa to Put Career on Hold Due to Fatigue (Update 2)
9/17/2011Fate/Zero TV Anime's Kayneth/Lancer Ads Streamed
9/17/2011El Shaddai Headed to Android Devices as an App
9/17/2011Sphere, Hisako Kanemoto Sing Squid Girl Sequel's Themes
9/17/2011Voice Actress Group Sphere Star in Natsuiro Kiseki Anime (Updated)
9/17/2011Gens? Suikoden's New PSP Game Announced via Video
9/16/2011Daily Briefs
9/16/2011Sony's Shuhei Yoshida: PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free (Updated)
9/16/2011Akamatsu's J-Comi Tests Pay Service with Adult Manga, D?jinshi
9/16/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 4-10
9/16/2011U.S. Embassy of Japan to Show Welcome to the Space Show in D.C.
9/16/2011Working'!! TV Sequel's 3rd Character Trailer Streamed
9/16/2011Kadokawa to Launch Altima Ace Manga Mag in October (Updated)
9/16/20113rd +Tic Nee-san School Comedy Short Now Streaming
9/16/2011Resident Evil Revelations' TGS Trailer Streamed
9/16/2011Hot Topic's Sailor Moon Halloween Costume Revealed
9/16/2011Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Film Festival Dates
9/16/2011Hawaii, Vancouver, Toronto, SF to Show 2011 Fullmetal Film
9/16/2011Galneryus' Ono, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Perform Hunter X Hunter Songs
9/16/2011Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! Refused by Ch?ky? TV Station
9/16/2011NIS America to Release Disgaea, Neptunia, Clan of Champions Games
9/9/2011Tai Chi Chasers Premieres on U.S. TV This Afternoon
9/9/2011Konami Streams 5 Senritsu no Stratus Game Videos
9/9/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 28-September 3
9/9/2011Madoka Magica Production Note Book Archive Gets 2nd Run
9/9/2011Code Geass Inspires KMF Variation Project with Manga
9/9/2011Supercell Selects 15-Year-Old Singer for Next Album
9/9/2011Gundam/Ideon's Yoshiyuki Tomino to Launch G Reko
9/9/2011Final Fantasy Type-0 RPG Gets Manga in November
9/9/2011New Digimon TV Series to Assemble Franchise's Heroes
9/8/201111th/12th Street Fighter x Tekken Teaser Videos Posted
9/8/2011C? (C Cube) TV Anime's 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
9/8/201117-Year-Old Wins Supercell Audition to Sing Guilty Crown Songs (Updated)
9/8/2011Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Video Posted
9/8/2011Butterfly, Flowers' Yoshihara to End Chocolate Girl Manga
9/8/2011Sora no Manimani School Romantic Comedy Manga Ends in Japan
9/8/2011Moe Moe Daisens? Gendai-Baan ++ Game Video Streamed
9/8/2011Gurren Lagann Quake Charity Book Sold on Kindle Store
9/8/2011Hetalia's Himaruya to Resume Chibisan Date in Comic Spica
9/8/2011Fate/Zero Opening Theme 'oath sign' Sung by LiSA
9/8/20111/1 VOTOMS Builder Is Now Making a Robot He Can Ride
9/8/2011Un-Go Episode:0 to Run in Theaters Instead of on TV
9/8/2011Green Lantern vs. Kinnikuman Drawing Held by Creator
9/8/2011Live-Action Higanjima Horror Film's English Trailer Posted
9/8/2011We Heart Japan to Host Performance for Disaster Relief
9/8/2011We Heart Performing for Japan
9/8/2011New US-Japan Anime Collaboration Features Big Talent
9/8/2011Japan's A.P.P.P. Works on Moksha with Cybergraphix, Stan Lee
9/8/2011Kakko-Kawaii Sengen! Anime DVD to Add Original Episode
9/8/2011Umizaru Coast Guard Manga Gets 4th Film Next July
9/8/2011ComiPo! Manga Creation Software Debuts in English
9/8/2011ComiPo! Manga Creation Software to be Released in English
9/8/2011Mara Winokur Promoted to SVP, Digital Media, Business Development and Strategy at Starz Media, New Lead Executive for Starz Digital Media
9/8/2011GKIDS in Deal with Studio Ghibli for Theatrical Rights
9/8/2011Miyavi Concert to Be Streamed Worldwide
9/7/2011Gurren Lagann Charity Book Digitally Available in North America
9/7/2011Austin's Fantastic Fest to Premiere Live Action Smuggler
9/7/2011Daily Cosplay - FLCL's Haruko Haruhara
9/7/2011Unofficial Tiger & Bunny 3D Mousepads Offered
9/7/2011Gundam's Zaku Jacket with Helmet-Style Hood Offered
9/7/2011Join the Reunion with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years
9/7/2011Fate/Zero Ending Theme 'Memoria' by Eir Aoi Previewed
9/7/2011QC Anime-zing! Announces 2012 Dates and Location
9/7/2011GKids to Distribute 13 Ghibli Anime Films in N. America (Update 2)
9/7/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, August 29-September 4
9/7/2011Blue Exorcist's Latest Manga Book, 1st Novel Top Charts
9/7/2011Former Prime Minister As? Confirms Rozen Maiden Story
9/7/2011Jiro Taniguchi Plans New Historical Manga
9/7/2011Midori-Ko Independent Anime's 2nd Trailer Streamed
9/7/2011Kono Danshi, Uch?-jin to Tatakaemasu. Anime's Trailer Posted
9/7/2011Mirai Nikki's Staff, Cast, Premiere Date, Songs Revealed
9/7/2011Monster Hunter Heads to 3DS with Slide Pad Peripheral
9/7/2011Konami's Busou Shinki Moon Angel Episode 1 Streamed
9/7/20119th Dantalian no Shoka Novel with Unaired Anime Cancelled (Updated)
9/7/2011Monthly Sh?nen Magazine + to Launch on October 20
9/6/20112 More English-Dubbed Trigun: Badlands Rumble Clips Posted
9/6/2011Creators/Publishers Issue Letter to Shops That Digitize Manga
9/6/2011Funimation Plans The Legend of the Legendary Heroes DVD/BD
9/6/2011Usamaru Furuya to End Innosan Sh?nen J?ji-gun Manga
9/6/2011Armored Core/Dark Souls' From Software Studio Tour Streamed
9/6/2011Fate/Extra CCC RPG Planned for PSP Next Spring
9/6/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 29-September 4
9/6/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: August 29-September 4 (Updated)
9/5/2011Daily Briefs
9/5/2011Ojamajo Doremi Gets Light Novel Sequel Set in High School
9/5/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe 2011 Round 1: Groups C, D
9/5/2011Exist?trace to Perform at Tekkoshocon 2012
9/5/2011Dragon Quest I, II, III Game Commercials, Promo Streamed
9/5/2011Ni no Kuni's PS3 Game Trailer Streamed
9/5/2011Experimental Ad Lib Anime Kenky?sho to Air in October
9/5/2011Sankarea Zombie Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
9/5/2011K-ON! Anime Film's Full Trailer Streamed
9/5/2011Dragon Quest's Slime Pork Buns Planned by FamilyMart
9/5/2011Dragon Quest X Wii/Wii U to Be Franchise's 1st Online Game (Updated)
9/5/2011Dark Horse Comics: FLCL Manga Omnibus Planned in 2012
9/5/2011Gintama x Sket Dance Crossover Manga Get TV Anime
9/4/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 22-28
9/4/2011North American Stream List: August 28-September 4
9/4/2011Hunter x Hunter Slated for 45+ Episodes, Chihayafuru for 25
9/4/20111st Pok?mon Center in Quake-Hit Tohoku Region Planned
9/4/2011Lucky Star Town Holds 1st Cross-Dressing Cosplay Contest
9/4/2011Working'!! TV Comedy Anime Sequel's Ads Streamed
9/3/2011Japanese Box Office, August 27-28
9/3/2011NDK announces Japanese guests, final round of domestic guests
9/3/2011Gigazine Site Lists Gundam AGE Cast, Song Performers
9/3/20112011 Tales of Symphonia OVA's Limited Edition Adds Bonus Anime
9/3/2011Asura Cryin'/Stellvia's Akizuki to Launch Miharori Place Manga
9/3/2011Toradora's Yasu Launches Hokkenshitsu Manga Series
9/3/2011Kenichi Matsuyama, Koyuki Expect 1st Child in February
9/3/2011Peach-Pit to Launch Kugiko-san Horror Manga Series
9/3/2011Studio Ghibli's Isao Takahata Confirms He Has New Work
9/2/2011?Captain America? DVDs on October 25th Share| Available in 3-D
9/2/2011Fans Seek Boycott of 'Star Wars' Blu-rays Lucas Just Can't Keep From Tinkering
9/2/2011Home>Markets Taiwanese Animation Supports Cartoonist whose Hands Were Broken Ali Ferzat
9/2/2011Daily Briefs
9/2/2011Daily Cosplay - When They Cry - Higurashi's Rena Ryuugu
9/2/2011Inazuma Eleven Manga to End in Japan
9/2/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 21-27
9/2/2011eBook store PAPYLESS Launched the English Site, eBook Rental site "Renta"!
9/2/2011New Book on Hayao Miyazaki from Crescent Moon Publishing
9/2/2011Animate USA ? New Releases in Amazon Kindle Store
9/2/2011Working'!! Sequel's 1st BD to Include Bonus Sequence
9/2/2011Sengoku Basara Film Blu-ray to Bundle New Video Extras
9/2/2011Towa no Quon Film #4's Trailer, #3's Opening Streamed
9/2/2011Hetalia Paint it, White! Film's English Trailer Posted
9/2/2011Bookstore: Recorder to Randoseru 4-Panel Manga Gets Anime
9/2/2011XSEED Licenses Corpse Party Horror PSP Game
9/2/2011Queen's Blade Visual Books' Anime Promo Streamed
9/2/2011Working'!! TV Sequel's 1st Character Trailer Streamed
9/2/2011Viz Releases Naruto 52 Digitally & in Print on Same Day
9/2/2011Macross F, Madoka Magica, Hetalia Win Anime Kobe Awards
9/1/2011Celebrate Hatsune Miku's 4th Birthday with 33 New Miku releases from HearJapan!
9/1/2011Two Street Fighter x Tekken Teaser Videos Streamed
9/1/2011Trigun: Badlands Rumble Film's English Dub Clips Posted (Updated)
9/1/2011Ghost in the Shell's Optical Camouflage Camera App Posted
9/1/2011Daily Briefs
9/1/2011Blue Exorcist Manga #7 Gets 1-Mllion-Copy Print Run
9/1/2011Space Fanzine Yamato Co-Editor Jerry Fellows Passes Away
9/1/2011Tales of Xillia's Star Driver Downloadable Content Video Streamed
9/1/2011Chibi Devi! Sh?jo Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime in October
9/1/2011Nintendo 3DS Conference to Be Streamed on September 13
9/1/2011Hotarubi no Mori e Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
9/1/2011Dengeki Poll: Top 10 Games to Make Into Anime
9/1/2011Seiji Mizushima, BONES' 1st Un-Go Promo Video Streamed
9/1/2011Daily Cosplay - Panzer Dragoon Orta's Orta
9/1/2011XSEED Announces Corpse Party for the PSP!
9/1/2011Anna Tsuchiya Sings Kamen Rider Fourze Theme Song
9/1/20112011 Prince of Tennis Film Event to Be Streamed Live
9/1/2011One Piece Kaizoku Musou Action Game for PS3 Revealed
9/1/2011Anime Inspired by Japan's Women's Soccer World Cup Team Proposed
9/1/2011Viz Manga Debuts Seven Volumes of Naruto in Seven Days
9/1/2011R-15 Portable PSP Game Rated Age 17+
9/1/2011Viz, T3 Networks Partner to Market Anime for TV
9/1/2011T3 Networks Inc. Enters into Television Partner and Strategic Marketing Agreement with VIZ Media