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Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/29/2006Tokyopop Takes on Digital Music
6/29/2006Pokemon Keeps Comin' Back
6/29/2006Train Man Leaves Station in September
6/29/2006Booklist: 5 Weeks for Naruto 10
6/29/2006Funimation Channel Comes Home to Houston
6/29/2006Disgaea sequel, and anime sites up
6/29/2006LA Times Article on Anime Expo
6/28/2006Monkey Punch, Ueda at AnimeFest
6/28/2006Gonzo Movie Clips Online
6/28/2006Gundam Online Game Video
6/28/2006Jakks Captures Pokemon Toy License
6/28/2006Kenshin Autograph Giveaway at Comic-Con
6/27/2006ADV Teams up with Sojitz
6/27/2006The Pillows Meet & Greet Tomorrow in San Fran
6/27/2006ADV/Sojitz Deal Continues Trend
6/27/2006Death Note Tops Box Office Again
6/27/2006Anime News Network at Anime Expo
6/26/2006Hyde-ing from Questions at AX
6/26/2006Manga Apprentice for Life
6/26/2006Ghibli, Gundam Strong in Oricon Midyear Rankings
6/26/2006G Gundam Director in Toronto
6/26/2006Bleach Movie Site Open
6/26/2006ANN Blogs
6/24/20064Kids Descends from Summit
6/23/2006UC-Irvine Brings Anime into Academia
6/23/2006Building Better Anime in Beijing
6/23/2006Yamato USA Announces Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
6/23/2006Canada Scores Anime en Fran?ais
6/22/2006Otakon to Welcome Kill Bill Animation Director
6/22/2006Japanese Guests to Present FMA Premiere at AX
6/21/2006Manga Madness Summer Reading Club
6/20/2006Turner Turns to Anime Production
6/20/2006Death Note Tops Japanese Box Office
6/20/2006AX to Stream Events Online
6/20/2006Tales of Symphonia Anime
6/20/2006AIC Enlists University in Singapore
6/20/2006Flash: Advent Children is Popular
6/19/2006Nausicaa's Mehve Comes to Life
6/19/2006Japanese Kids Can't Read...Manga?
6/19/2006Funimation Channel Live in LA
6/19/2006New Anime on Encore WAM, Starz Action
6/19/200634 NuTech Shows to Adult Source Media
6/19/2006German Mag Snags Conan Creator
6/19/2006Latest AX Guests: Mana, Ishiguro
6/17/2006Bleach: Heat the Soul 3 Images
6/17/2006Del Rey announces shojo Densha Otoko manga
6/17/2006Anime Expo Secures Anime Singer
6/17/2006Hyde Ticket Giveaway
6/16/2006Teacher Arrested for Showing Pornographic Drawing to Students
6/16/2006Vampire Hunter D Author Plans Hollywood, US Comic Debuts
6/16/2006Moe Bien
6/16/2006Harlequin Re-Launches Manga Line
6/16/2006Tsutomu Nihei at Phoenix Anime Festival
6/16/2006New York Event: Kuromi + Sushi
6/15/2006Naruto Still Surfing on Booklist
6/15/2006Nakajima Back at AX
6/15/2006Transformers Actors Train with US Air Force
6/15/2006New Pokemon Season on Cartoon Network this Fall
6/14/2006Negadon in LA
6/14/2006UK Manga Demand Growing
6/14/2006X:Re-Mix at Anime Expo
6/14/2006Kenshin Manga Bids Goodbye
6/14/2006Top Selling Anime Releases of 2006
6/13/2006More Alternatives to Maid Cafes
6/12/2006Orange Road Closed Ahead
6/12/2006Black Cat Crosses Funimation's Path
6/12/2006Funimation Channel on Verizon
6/12/2006Zipang Licensed
6/11/2006Tokyopop Expands to Australia and New Zealand
6/9/2006Spider Riders on Kids WB
6/9/2006Captain Tsubasa Joins Japanese Soccer Team
6/9/2006Medicom FMA Toys Coming to America
6/8/2006Funimation Channel in LA Details
6/8/2006Bandai Gears Up OP 'Naruto CCG' Fueling Growth in Play
6/8/2006Naruto Hangs 10 on Booklist
6/8/2006Moe Burgers
6/8/2006Gatchaman CG Film in Production
6/7/2006Live Action Devilman Acquired
6/7/2006Funimation Syndicated Block Starts June 19
6/7/2006Banya: The Explosive Delivery Manhwa
6/6/2006D-Rights Acquires 34% Stake in Geneon Entertainment
6/6/2006Nana Kitade at Otakon
6/6/2006Production I.G to Produce Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
6/6/2006Nana Kitade Debut US Album in July
6/6/2006Funimation Announces Series of Fullmetal Alchemist Games
6/5/2006Witchblade Acquired, Positioned for Adult Swim
6/5/2006Yumi Matsuzawa in Brazil
6/5/2006Robotech Charity Screening
6/5/2006Anime Network Sees Advertising Tick Up
6/5/2006Viz Sweeps Bookscan Top Ten
6/5/2006Koike at Comic-Con
6/4/2006ADV Licenses Comic Party Revolution
6/2/2006New AX Guest: Romi Paku
6/2/2006Yasahiro Koshi at Anime Mid-Atlantic
6/2/2006The RZA Gets His Afro Samurai On
6/1/2006Hollywood Anime Update: Pet Shop of Horrors, Witch Hunter Robin, Sailor Moon