Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, May 22-28
5/31/2007Akihabara Idol Halko Momoi to Perform at Anime Expo
5/31/2007Geneon, Azureus to Offer Anime on BitTorrent via Vuze
5/31/2007USA Today Booklist, May 21-27
5/31/2007Seven Seas Heads Speak on Nymphet Aftermath
5/31/2007Japanese Box Office, May 26-27
5/31/2007Tokyopop's World Manga for Avalon High, Vocabulary
5/31/2007Survey about "Roots" of Otaku Lifestyle Published
5/31/2007Live-Action Speed Racer's Mach 5, Rain's Role Revealed
5/31/200740% of Japanese Consumers Using Manga Downloads
5/31/2007LiveJournal Admits Errors in Suspensions, Offers Fixes
5/31/2007Animax to Hold Anime Song "Grand Prix" in July
5/30/2007First Naruto Movie Adds 17 More Theaters to Canada Run
5/30/2007Seven Seas Cancels Nymphet Release in North America
5/30/2007Missing Animazement Attendee's Family Asks for Help
5/30/2007Arts Vision Releases Statement about Chairman's Arrest
5/30/2007Bandai Visual Planning 2 Gunbuster Gattai DVD Editions, No Film Run
5/30/2007Shota Community, Other LiveJournal Accounts Suspended
5/30/20073 Anime Themes in May 20-27's Top Singles in Japan
5/29/2007Author of False Doraemon Ending Issues Apology
5/29/2007Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe
5/29/2007Death Note Spinoff, Appleseed Sequel Websites Launch
5/29/2007CAV Selling off CPM Titles
5/29/2007Paprika Opens Second in Per-Screen Average
5/29/2007Tekkonkinkreet Director Michael Arias at Anime Expo
5/29/2007Database Opens for Every Detective Conan's Case Closed
5/29/2007Broccoli Plans "New Type of Book" for English Disgaea
5/29/2007Highlander Anime, Street Fighter II V to Air on Sci Fi
5/29/2007Seven Seas Puts Nymphet on Hiatus
5/29/2007Udon Entertainment Launches Manhwa Line with Haksan
5/29/2007Minami-ke Anime Announced
5/28/2007Japan NIH Holds Symposium on Japanese Pop Culture Abroad
5/28/2007Detective School Q Television Drama Announced
5/28/2007New Superhero Gag Manga by Comic Party's Sekihiko Inui
5/28/2007Zard Singer Izumi Sakai, 40, Dies from Staircase Fall
5/28/2007Tachiguishi Retsuden Plays Portuguese Festival
5/28/2007Arts Vision Chairman Arrested for Sexual Assault
5/28/2007Japanese Embassy in the UK Promotes Manga
5/28/2007Japanese, US Companies Fund Live-Action King of Fighters
5/28/2007Design the New York Anime Fair Mascot
5/27/2007Production I.G Interviews Chevalier Animation Director
5/27/2007Macross 25th Anniversary Concert to Be Held in Tokyo
5/27/2007Bandai Entertainment to Sell Clamp School Detectives DVDs
5/26/2007Gunbuster vs. Diebuster Licensed by Bandai Visual USA
5/26/2007Piano no Mori Trailer
5/26/2007Yoshiki, Gackt, Miyavi, Sugizo to perform at Anime Expo 2007
5/25/2007Japanese Haruhi Cast to Perform Live at Anime Expo
5/25/2007First Naruto Movie to Screen in Canada for One Day
5/25/2007Shojo Manga Exhibition Arrives in Minnesota May 25
5/25/2007New You're Under Arrest Television Anime in Production
5/25/2007Production I.G Screens Anime inside Online Game
5/25/20073D Galaxy Express 999 Anime Announced
5/25/2007Figure News: Goodsmile opens ?overseas? page
5/24/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 16?22
5/24/2007Funimation's Negima Giveaway Ends May 25
5/24/2007USA Today Booklist, May 14?20
5/24/2007Japanese Man Arrested for Bootlegging Dragonball DVDs
5/24/2007Rintaro, Madhouse to Animate 2008 Penguin CG Movie
5/24/2007Right Stuf to Be ImaginAsian's Exclusive DVD Retailer
5/24/2007Toshiba Entertainment Becomes Showgate Inc.
5/24/2007Satelight Reveals New Macross Project as TV Series
5/24/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: April 30-May 20
5/24/2007Iris Print to Start BL Twist Mag on Boys' Love Fiction
5/23/2007Canada's YTV to Resume Eureka 7 Broadcast June 1
5/23/2007Ghibli's Unproduced Three Bears Film Opens as Museum Set
5/23/2007Buzzer Beater Anime Remake to Start on July 3
5/23/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, May 16?21
5/23/2007Shion no ? Anime Announced
5/23/2007Shoji Kawamori Draws Powered Suit to Pitch Nissan SUV
5/23/2007Vexille All-CG Film to Open in Japan on August 18
5/22/ Posts Satoshi Kon Interview on Paprika
5/22/2007Amazon Removes Mislabeled Sailor Moon Bootleg DVD Set
5/22/2007Doujin Work Show to Add Live-Action D?jinshi-Making
5/22/2007ReelTime to Stream Utena, Kare Kano, Other Enoki Anime
5/22/2007Japan's Foreign Minister Creates Foreign Manga Award
5/22/2007Follow Up: Shigurui Air Dates Announced
5/22/2007Yoko Kanno to Perform Special Concert in Seoul
5/21/2007New Aniplex-Backed Studio to Hold Panel at Anime Expo
5/21/2007Super Robot Spirits Goes Abroad in Hong Kong Concert
5/21/2007Japanese Box Office, May 19-20
5/21/2007U.S. Navy to Create Manga to Explain Itself to Japan
5/21/2007Cup Noodle's Freedom Wins Ad Industry's Clio Awards
5/21/2007Samurai Deeper Kyo's Kamijy? Starts Shonen Mag Manga
5/21/2007Spriggan's Minagawa Starts New Manga in Ultra Jump
5/21/2007Del Rey Licenses Basilisk Authors' Yagyu Ninja Scrolls
5/21/2007Azumi's Aya Ueto Leads Piano no Mori Cast
5/20/2007Amazon Updates Sailor Moon Bootleg
5/20/2007New Manga from Fruits Basket Creator Set to Debut
5/20/2007Yen Press Manga Get Release Dates
5/20/2007Satoshi Kon Talks to New York Times
5/20/2007Volume on Japanese Literary, Animated SF Due in December
5/20/2007Death Note Movies Come to New York
5/19/2007AN Entertainment Says Good-Bye to Risky Safety
5/19/2007Cannes Brings News of The Neighbor Number 13 Movie
5/18/2007Toei on Precure 5, One Piece, Versailles, Kitaro Films
5/18/2007Nine Poles Held by Police over "Fansubs"
5/18/2007Three Arrested in Japan for File-Sharing Sh?nen Manga
5/18/2007Negima! Live-Action Confirmed by Creator Ken Akamatsu
5/18/2007TV Asahi Buys 110,000 More Shares of Toei Animation
5/18/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 9?15
5/18/2007Queenie Chan to Pen Koontz's Odd Thomas Graphic Novel
5/18/2007USA Today Booklist, May 7?13
5/17/2007Viz's Princess Knight is First Translation of Original Run
5/17/2007Amazon Sells Sailor Moon Bootleg as "Official Boxset"
5/17/2007Anime Studios Explore Profit-Sharing, Hollywood Remakes
5/17/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, May 9?15
5/17/2007Anime Expo Upgrades Cosplay with PC Prize, Goth-Loli
5/17/2007Novel Depicts American Working in Tokyo at Manga Firm
5/17/2007Japan's PTA Decries Shin Chan Anime, Sh?jo Comic Mag
5/17/2007Shueisha: Banned Chinese Death Note Copies Were Pirated
5/16/2007Oshii Writing Toei Film for Battle Royale II Director
5/16/2007California Museum to Host Tezuka Art, Shojo Beat Party
5/16/2007Visual Kei Band Blood to Play in Europe, Mexico
5/16/2007Otaku USA Magazine Arrives June 5
5/16/2007Dragon Knights Ends, My-Otome Creators' Latest Begins
5/16/2007Bandai Visual Japan Confirms Blu-Ray, HD DVD Dates
5/16/2007Anime Bootleggers Sentenced to 42 Months In Prison
5/16/2007Blade of the Immortal Wins British Fans' Eagle Award
5/16/2007Treasure Gaust Anime Premiere Set for June 11 in Japan
5/16/2007Anime Expo, Toei Announces 2 Anime Directors as Guests
5/15/2007Production I.G Posts Mamoru Oshii's Interview Part 3
5/15/2007Latest Haruhi Novel, Ghost Hunt Manga Delayed in Japan
5/15/2007Ah! My Goddess Creator's Newest Character Starts Novel
5/15/2007Hidden Death Note Trailer Reveals Light's English Voice
5/15/2007Beijing Bans Horror Stories Based on Death Note
5/15/2007Japanese Box Office, May 12-13
5/15/200730-Million-Yen Gundam Comes Home
5/15/2007Toei to Establish In-House US Licensing Department
5/15/2007ADV Acquires The Wallflower
5/15/200713 Genius Party Video Contest Entries in Five Days
5/14/2007Barefoot Gen Artist to Pen Drenched by Black Rain Film
5/14/2007Animax Channel Expands into Germany with Unity Media
5/14/2007Boys over Flowers Forces F4 Idol Band to Rename Itself
5/14/2007Howl's Moving Castle Wins Best Script Nebula Award
5/14/2007South Korean Idol Rain in Speed Racer Movie Talks
5/14/2007ANN Downtime Tonight
5/14/2007Tekkonkinkreet's Arias to Speak at Japanese University
5/14/2007Anime Network Expands into UK with Two Weekly Hours
5/14/2007Bandai Visual Hosts Freedom Director at Anime Expo
5/14/2007Simoun Yuri Anime Reportedly Licensed by Media Blasters
5/14/2007Shinichi Watanabe to Appear in Houston, Texas May 15
5/14/2007Black Blood Brothers Anime Licensed by Funimation
5/13/2007Hideaki Anno Directs Japanese Dub of Danish Puppet Film
5/12/2007Anime Central Panel Reports Available
5/11/2007TV Tokyo Program Crowns King of Foreign Otaku
5/11/2007Xenoglossia's Heroine Haruka Launches Blog Journal
5/11/2007Madhouse's Piano no Mori to Open July 21 in Japan
5/11/2007Japanese Anime DVD Ranking, May 2?8
5/11/2007Paprika, Tekkonkinkreet to Screen at Seattle Film Fest
5/11/2007Transworld to Get Exclusive Edition of Hellsing OAV 2
5/11/2007Funimation to Sell Advance DVD Copies at Anime Central
5/10/2007Variety Names Studio 4?C Founder Among Cannes's Movers
5/10/2007Code Geass to Premiere Series Finale in July Events
5/10/2007AOL Adds Bubblegum Crisis to In2TV Online Videos
5/10/2007Touka Gettan Anime Airing Episodes in Reverse Order
5/10/2007Mother Ordered to Return Late Manga Creator's Remains
5/10/2007USA Today Booklist, April 30-May 6
5/10/200711th Annual Tezuka Cultural Prize Winners Announced
5/10/2007Viz Goes Beyond Manga with Fiction, Non-Fiction Books
5/10/2007Detective Conan Statues Damaged by Unknown Assailant
5/10/2007Manga Lounge, Parents Panel at Asian Art Museum May 13
5/10/2007Live-Action Film on Manga Artist to Premiere at Cannes
5/10/2007Ghibli Museum Library Releases European Films in Japan
5/10/2007Romeo ? Juliet's 12012 to Perform at AnimeNEXT 2007
5/9/2007Yamato, Macross Director to Create Biopic on Engineer
5/9/2007New VOTOMS Video Series to Use Computer Graphics
5/9/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, May 2?8
5/9/2007Sci Fi Channel Reveals More Titles for Ani-Monday Slot
5/9/2007San Francisco to Get "Anime-Inspired" Hotel
5/9/2007Ergo Proxy, Tenjho Tenge to Air on Fuse Starting June 8
5/9/2007Publishers Weekly's Comics Bestsellers, April/May
5/9/20071/1-Scale Gundam Highlights New Park Attraction
5/9/2007Ookiku Furikabutte wins Kodansha's Manga Award
5/8/2007Japanese Game Ranking, April 23-29
5/8/2007Da Capo II, Nanatsuiro Drops, Maid Guy to Be Animated
5/8/2007Stone Bridge to Print Tezuka Book, Miyazawa's Railroad
5/8/2007Veteran Actor Kazuo Kitamura Passes Away at 80
5/8/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 23-29
5/8/2007Rotten Tomatoes Rates Comics and Manga-based Movies
5/8/2007Media Blasters Sets Ramen Fighter Miki Date
5/8/2007Protoculture Addicts Announces "First Class" Subscriptions
5/8/2007Los Angeles Times Interviews Sakuran Director Ninagawa
5/8/20074Kids Seeking New VP
5/7/2007Kagetora Creator's New Ice Skating Manga Begins May 16
5/7/2007Evangelion Movie Remakes' Chapter Titles Confirmed
5/7/2007Japanese Box Office: May 5-6
5/7/2007Fruits Basket's Final Tally in Japan: 18 Million Sold
5/7/2007New Satoshi Kon Interview Translated into English
5/7/2007Anime Network's Video-on-Demand Adds 500,000 Households
5/7/2007Gundam Leads Bandai Visual Franchises with 12 Million
5/7/2007Moyashimon Anime Staff, Broadcast Date Confirmed
5/6/2007New Mag to Debut Ah! My Goddess Creator's Latest Work
5/6/2007Sci Fi to Air Ghost in the Shell's Solid State Society, Noein, Tokko
5/5/2007"Otaku Cultural Mecca" Welcomes Foreigners in PR Blitz
5/5/2007Death Note Movies to Show at New York Asian Film Fest
5/5/2007Sci Fi Channel Launches Monday Night Anime Block
5/4/2007Moto Hagio Interview Now Available Online in English
5/4/2007Naruto Movie Tickets, Theater List Now Open to Public
5/4/2007Tokyopop Previews Five Manhwa on Free Comic Book Day
5/4/2007Protoculture Addicts #91 Shipped
5/4/2007Japan's Comic Charge Mag Serializes Hong Kong Artist
5/4/2007Bandai Entertainment Holds May 29 Haruhi Launch Event
5/4/2007Anime Central Updates Rules After Badge Shipping Delays
5/3/2007Geneon to Sell The Story of Saiunkoku DVD on August 28
5/3/2007Viz to Offer Death Note Downloads via Direct2Drive
5/3/2007Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture Anime to Air in Fall
5/3/2007Viz to Ship Tekkonkinkreet, Kurohime, Muhyo & Roji's, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
5/3/2007Japanese Anime DVD Ranking, April 25-May 1
5/3/2007Unofficial Blood the Last Vampire Photos Appear
5/3/2007USA Today Booklist, April 23-29
5/2/2007Go Nagai Interview Translated into English
5/2/2007Viz Media Announces New Sh?jo Manga Titles
5/2/2007Ghibli "Channel" Opens for Studio News, Information Online
5/2/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, April 25-May 1
5/2/2007Interview with Goro Miyazaki
5/2/2007Denn? Coil Manga to Print in Ciao's August Issue Extra
5/2/2007Speech Synthesis Software for Anime Announced
5/2/2007Xenoglossia, Code Geass to Be Novelized in Japan
5/1/2007Otakon Reveals Voice Guests Mamiko Noto, Tomokazu Seki
5/1/2007Survey: Manga Rental Struggles to Catch On in Japan
5/1/2007NHK Launches Ani-Kuri 15
5/1/2007Announcement Planned for Hiromu Arakawa's Hero Tales
5/1/2007Happy Happy Clover Children's Anime to Air in July
5/1/2007Free Sh?nen Alchemist Light Novel Mag Launches Online