Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/31/2008Rintaro's Yona Yona Penguin Promo Video Streamed
10/31/2008Appleseed's Aramaki to Direct Vipers' Creed in January
10/31/2008Entire Black Jack Manga Chapter Posted Online
10/31/2008LA Area's Gallery Nucleus Exhibits "Tokyo.Ten"
10/31/2008Bo-bobo's Sawai Ends Chagecha Manga after 8 Issues
10/31/2008New Dragon Ball, Tegami Bachi Anime to Be Streamed
10/30/2008Bandai Ent. Posts English-Dubbed Code Geass R2 Trailer
10/30/2008'World of Warcraft' Hits 11 Million Subscribers a Record
10/30/2008WotC to Stop Supporting Minis Skirmish Game As D&D Minis Reposition
10/30/2008'Hulk' on Top Of DVD Charts
10/30/2008'Agnes Quill' Movie Based on SLG Graphic Novel
10/30/2008Japanese Prime Minister Needs More Manga Time Touts Exports
10/30/2008'Preacher' Movie Back in Play With Sam Mendes Directing
10/30/2008'WoW Minis' OP From Upper Deck
10/30/2008Daily Briefs
10/30/200815 Bish?jo Hy?ry?ki Multimedia Project Gets Video Anime
10/30/2008New Prince of Tennis Manga to Reportedly Start in March
10/30/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 21-28
10/30/2008Kadokawa Group Holdings Report Net Loss for 1st Half
10/30/2008Aria's Amano to Launch Amanchu! Manga on November 29
10/29/2008Macross Frontier is 1st Title to Top BD Sales 3 Times
10/29/2008Next Higurashi, Detective Conan Films Titled, Dated
10/29/2008ADV Reveals More of Switchblade Pictures' Lineup
10/29/2008Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mah? Light Novels to Be Animated
10/29/2008Spooky Graphic to Animate Music Video for Jero, NHK
10/29/2008ADV Preps Switchblade Slate One Live Action Film per Week
10/29/2008Downey, Jr. Re-Ups With Marvel Two More 'Iron Man' Films & 'The Avengers'
10/29/2008ADV's Chris Oarr on Its Switchblade Releases Live Action Movies with Cult Appeal
10/28/2008Kawamori's "Target HAL" Film Short Set for October 31
10/28/20082nd Tamagotchi Feature Film's Full Trailer Streamed
10/28/2008Fruits Basket Gets Stage Play ? by All-Male Troupe
10/28/2008Sky Crawlers, Macross Frontier Win Digital Media Awards
10/28/2008Kurt Hassler on Yen Joining Orbit And the State of the Market
10/28/2008Toei Titles on Crunchyroll Streaming & Download-to-Own
10/28/2008Geppi's Entertainment Museum Settles Rent Dispute Will Pay $600K By Year's End
10/28/2008'Indy' Tops DVD Charts 'Iron Man' Still #2
10/28/2008Daily Briefs
10/28/2008Toronto Theater to Screen Rare Band of Ninja Anime
10/28/2008Japanese Box Office, October 25-26
10/28/2008FUNimation Sues CA Retail Sites over Alleged Bootlegs
10/27/2008'MapleStory' Killer Arrested For Hacking Account
10/27/2008'High School Musical 3' Sets Records Biggest October Weekend in History
10/27/2008'Ninja Scroll' Movie Deal 'Watchmen' Writer
10/27/2008'Futurama' Movie's 'D&D' Connections 'Bender's Game' Due November 4th
10/27/2008Daily Briefs
10/27/2008Ponyo-Inspired Pop-Pop Boat Toy Sold in Japan
10/27/2008Japanese Wife Arrested for Selling Ponyo DVD Copies
10/27/2008Toei Animation Adds Anime to Crunchyroll Website Today
10/27/2008Devil Kings Basara's Shimotsuki to Launch Death Edge Manga
10/27/2008Dokuro-chan Ripiru Manga Ends in Japan (Updated)
10/27/2008Jinki -Shinsetsu- Manga Ends in Japan
10/27/2008Ashita no Joe Artist Chiba to Create Tomogaki Manga
10/26/20084th Sgt. Frog Super Movie to Open in Japan in March
10/26/2008Museum Explores Japan's Old Capital through Manga
10/26/2008Warner Brothers to Produce Live-Action Ninja Scroll (Updated)
10/26/20083 Arrested for Stealing Dragon Ball Vending Machine
10/25/2008USA Today Booklist, October 13-19: No Manga
10/25/2008First Major Baseball Anime Film's Trailers Streamed
10/25/20085th Slayers TV Anime to Be Titled Slayers Evolution-R
10/24/2008Daily Briefs
10/24/2008Bandai Networks To Sell Bleach Guitars in Japan
10/24/2008Librarian Fined for Promoting Daughter's OEL Manga
10/24/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, October 13-19
10/24/20081st 13 Minutes of Switch Anime Volume 1 Streamed
10/24/2008Top Shelf Licenses Japan's AX Underground Manga
10/24/2008Death Note, DMC's Actor Matsuyama Gets APN Award
10/24/2008Code Geass: Over One Million Discs Served
10/23/2008Hexagon Pictures Promotes Anime/Manga Films at TIFFCOM
10/23/2008Morning 2 Mag to Post 3 Entire Issues Online for Free
10/23/2008Switch Crime Action Manga Ends in Japan
10/23/2008Credit Crisis 'Carnage' In Media Companies
10/23/2008Wine Manga Gets 'Times' Write-up Influences Wine Sales
10/23/2008China?s Toy Manufacturers Struggling Over Half Shuttered
10/23/2008Daily Briefs
10/23/2008Berserk's Miura to Draw Cover for March Comes in Like a Lion
10/23/2008Resident Evil: Degeneration DVD/Blu-ray on December 30
10/23/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 15-21
10/23/2008Yen Press to Be Combined with Hatchette's Orbit
10/22/2008I.G to Animate Moribito Author's The Beast Player Novels
10/22/2008Oh My Goddess' Fujishima to Launch Paradise Residence Manga
10/22/2008Kodomo no Jikan Second Term Episode to Ship with Manga
10/22/2008'TDK' Dominates Scream Awards Winning an Even Dozen
10/22/2008What's Old is New Blu-ray Gives Studios Backlist Opportunities
10/22/2008Dark Knight Blu-Ray Limited Edition Revealed
10/22/2008Daily Briefs
10/22/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, October 14-20
10/22/2008Sojitz's Dissolution of ARM to Not Affect FUNimation
10/22/2008Right Stuf Streams Toward the Terra Movie Trailer (Updated)
10/22/2008Sojitz to Dissolve ARM Subsidiary for Anime Overseas
10/21/2008Astoboy Statue Unveiled at Tezuka's Old Grade School
10/21/2008Japanese Parliament Hosts Rival Adult Anime Petitions
10/21/2008Hasbro Beats Expectations, Stock Falls 'Magic,' Board Games, Boys Toys Strong, D&D Insider Flagged
10/21/2008'The Dark Knight' Helps Mattel in Q3 Sales Up, Stock Price Down
10/21/2008Review of 'The Joker' 4 Stars Out of 5
10/21/2008Interview with John Ledford
10/21/2008'The Umbrella Academy' Optioned By Universal
10/21/2008Funimation Acquires 'Shikabane Hime' Streaming Subtitled Eps Starting 10/24
10/21/2008Daily Briefs
10/21/2008Onegai Anime Fans Raise Y120,000 for Real Lake Locale
10/21/2008Riki-Oh Film to be Screened in LA on Halloween Weekend
10/21/2008Japanese Box Office, October 18-19: Ponyo Rises to #8
10/21/2008Lupin III Theme Attraction to Open in Tokyo in Spring
10/21/2008Spirit of Wonder's Tsuruta Draws Sasurai Emanon Manga
10/20/2008Bleach Screened in Canada Tonight, in D.C. on Friday
10/20/2008Young Gangan Editorial Staffer Dismissed for Blog Post
10/20/2008ADV Films to Distribute Anime for Sentai Filmworks (Updated)
10/20/2008'Huntik' Wins 5th Annual MipCom Junior Licensing Challenge
10/20/2008'Clannad' Leads ADV Announcements 24-Episode Series From Kyoto Animation
10/20/2008'Max Payne' Punishes Box Office Up 12% Over Last Year
10/20/2008Daily Briefs
10/20/2008Kuroshitsuji Inspires Outfits in Tokyo Fashion Show
10/20/2008Funimation Confirms Shikabane Hime: AKA Acquisition
10/20/2008Prosecutor Alludes to Manga in UK Student's Murder Case
10/19/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, October 6-12
10/19/2008Hong Kong, Taiwanese Actors Join Cast of LaMB Anime
10/19/2008Shin Chan iPod in U.S., Fate/stay night iPod in Japan
10/18/2008New Square Enix Products
10/18/2008Chrome Shelled Regios Light Novels to Get 4th Manga
10/18/2008Errata: Freedom BD's Suggested Retail Price is US$139.99
10/18/200879,000 Copies of 2nd Negima Manga/DVD Bundle to be Made
10/17/2008USA Today Booklist, October 6-12
10/17/20082nd Teaser for Miike's Live-Action Yatterman Streamed
10/17/2008ADV Samples Free Anime on iPhone, iPod Touch via vSNAX
10/17/2008Macross Creator Kawamori to Work on Mugen Dai Sh?nen
10/17/2008Tetsuo Hara to Launch Keiji Spinoff Naoe Kanetsugu
10/17/2008Honey & Clover's Umino to Draw for Dreams Come True CD
10/16/2008First Switch DVD's Second Promo Video Posted Online
10/16/2008Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka Promotional Video Streamed
10/16/2008AIC Teases about Project with Tenchi Creator Kajishima
10/15/2008Shooting Star Rockman 3 Game Manga Confirmed for Next Month
10/15/2008Live-Action Film of Kaiji Manga to Open Next Summer
10/15/2008'Ah My Buddha' & 'Doujin Work' Two New Comedy Series from Media Blasters
10/15/2008Launch Tournaments for 'Kingdom Hearts: Light and Darkness'
10/15/2008Terrence Howard In 'Iron Man 2'
10/14/2008Viz Showcases Anime at MIPCOM Global Industry Event
10/14/2008Japanese Box Office, October 11?12: 20th Stays at #7
10/14/2008Amazon Listings Reveal More Tokyopop Licenses
10/14/2008Bones' X'amd: Lost Memories Opening Now Streaming (Updated)
10/14/2008Oshii Develops, Writes Musashi Miyamoto Samurai Film (Update 2)
10/14/2008Digital Manga Gives Release Windows for Delayed Titles
10/14/20082nd Macross Frontier Album Sells 102,000 in 1st Week
10/14/2008U.S. Copyright Law That Allows Equipment Seizures Signed
10/13/2008Ao Mimori's B.O.D.Y. Sh?jo Manga to End in Japan
10/13/2008Media Blasters Announces Amaenaideyo!! DVD Release
10/13/2008No Starch to Translate Non-Fiction Manga Guides (Updated)
10/13/2008Diamond Distributor Removes Some Digital Manga Titles
10/13/2008Project MP, Sh?chikubai Novels to Get 2009 TV Anime
10/13/2008Tokyopop to Publish CSI Manga In 2009
10/13/2008Interview With Tokyopop's Marco Pavia, Part One Market Trends, Monthly Title Release Rate
10/13/2008Interview with Tokyopop's Marco Pavia, Part Two Publishing Plans, Digital Delivery
10/13/2008'Wanted' DVD Out December 2nd Six Versions Available
10/12/2008UNICEF Japan Continues Push against Virtual Child Porn
10/12/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, September 29-October 5
10/12/20081st Strike Witches DVD Reportedly Sells 10,961 Copies (Update 2)
10/12/2008Oshii's Sky Crawlers Picks Up 3 Awards at Sitges Fest
10/11/2008Amazon Listings Reveal New Tokyopop Licenses
10/11/2008Waterloo Fest to Screen Eva:1.0, Genius Party Films
10/11/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 1-7
10/10/2008Daily Briefs
10/10/2008Honey and Clover's Umino to Draw Cover for Berserk
10/10/2008USA Today Booklist, September 29-October 5
10/10/2008Funimation Streams Free Ouran, School Rumble 2 Episodes
10/10/2008Street Fighter IV Fighting Game to Get Anime Feature (Updated)
10/10/20082009 Pok?mon: Diamond & Pearl Movie's Teaser Streamed
10/10/2008Tokyo's Wonder Festival 2009 Winter Cancelled
10/10/2008Iowa Collector Charged for Allegedly Obscene Manga (Updated)
10/9/2008Seto no Hanayome OVA Commercial Streamed
10/9/2008Anime for Sengoku Basara Action Games Confirmed for 2009
10/9/2008Upper Deck Announces Loot Cards For 'WoW TCG' Expansion
10/9/2008'Veronica Mars' in 'Astro Boy' Kristen Bell Joins Vocal Cast
10/9/2008Heavy Metal Rules DVD Charts 'Iron Man' Tops Them All
10/8/2008Nana Mizuki's "Trickster" CD Single Reaches #2
10/8/2008Each ef - a tale of melodies Episode Streams for Free
10/8/2008Announcing Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
10/8/2008'Saber Rider & the Star Sherrifs' Anime-Based SF Western from the 1980s
10/8/2008Ex-Manga CEO Starts New Company Marvin Gleicher Forms 'Marvin Media'
10/8/2008Retail Employment Down 40K in September Sales Appear to Be Off as Well
10/8/2008Anne Hathaway Joins 'Alice' Cast
10/7/2008China Milk Scandal Announcement
10/7/2008U.S. Manga Guide Author Makes Cameo in Fairy Tail Manga
10/7/2008Yokohama Museum to Sell Macross Frontier's Tuna Buns
10/7/2008428 Wii Visual Novel to Get New Anime Project
10/7/2008Final Fantasy Games' Uematsu to Score Guin Saga Anime
10/7/2008Marvel Movies--Made in the U.S.A. Next Four Will Be Shot in L.A.
10/7/2008New Graphic Novel Line From Tony Caputo
10/7/2008'Indiana Jones 5' Is in the Works Success Breeds Sequels
10/7/2008'Clone Wars' Scores Highest Ratings Ever For a Cartoon Network Series Premiere
10/7/2008Fred Pierce Leaving Wizard No Immediate Replacement
10/7/2008Macross Frontier Singer May'n to Perform in Singapore
10/7/2008Daily Briefs
10/7/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, September 22?28
10/7/2008Shin-Chan Film's Story Remade as Live-Action Film
10/6/2008Tai Seng to Release Live-Action Take on Shamo Manga
10/6/2008Promo Image from I.G's Hottarake no Shima Revealed
10/6/2008Target, KB Respond to Walmart In Holiday Toy Price War
10/6/2008Production I.G. Producing CGI Feature
10/6/2008'Punisher: War Zone' Gets an 'R' For Violence, Language & Drugs
10/6/2008Go Comi Adds 'BL' Titles Announced at Yaoi Con
10/6/2008Daily Briefs
10/6/2008USA Today Booklist, September 22?28: Naruto 31 at #65
10/6/2008Funimation Streams 1st 3 Darker Than Black TV Episodes
10/6/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, September 24?30
10/6/2008Red Garden, NHK to End in Boxes, Not Single DVDs
10/6/20082 Crows Manga Spinoffs to Launch in Young Champion Mag
10/6/2008Junj? Romantica 2's First Episode Preview Streamed (Updated)
10/5/2008Daily Briefs
10/5/2008Evangelion 2.0 Film Set for Early Summer of 2009
10/5/2008Prince of Tennis "Tribute" Manga to Launch in November
10/5/2008Asura Cryin' Light Novels' Anime Adaptation Green-lit
10/5/2008Spice and Wolf's 2nd TV Anime Season Confirmed (Updated)
10/4/2008Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Censored by Two TV Stations
10/4/2008Production I.G, Fuji TV to Make Computer-Animated Film
10/4/20081st Bleach Movie to be Screened in Canada on October 20
10/3/2008Yen Press Title Gets Animated Sunrise Producing 'Black God' Anime
10/3/2008Digital Manga Cuts Production From 12 to 7 Titles per Month
10/3/2008Daily Briefs
10/3/2008Go! Comi Adds 2 BL Works from Devil Within's Ry? Takagi
10/3/2008Gonzo to Stream Linebarrels of Iron on Crunchyroll Today
10/3/2008Mononoke Screening in Seattle on Friday, Saturday
10/3/2008Switch Anime's Opening Sequence Posted Online
10/3/2008Toradora TV Anime's Promo Movie Streamed
10/3/2008TV Asahi Acquires Shin-chan, Doraemon's Shin-ei
10/3/2008St. Louis Theater to Screen Totoro October 3?5
10/2/2008Revoltech and Revoltech Fraulein Canceled Status
10/2/2008Casshern Sins, Linebarrels of Iron Anime Adapted as Manga
10/2/200820th C. Boys, Detroit Metal City at American Film Market
10/2/2008Black God Manga Confirmed to Get Anime by Sunrise
10/1/2008Hellsing Manga Ends as Hirano Plans New Work Next Year
10/1/2008Italian Volleyball Team Puts One Piece on Uniforms
10/1/2008Nico Nico Site to Stream Tentai Senshi Sunred Anime
10/1/2008Deux Press Announces New Boys-Love Manga Titles
10/1/2008Distant Star Manga's Sahara to Adapt Sukima Switch Songs
10/1/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, September 23?29
10/1/2008Tetsujin 28, Samurai 7 Get Adapted as Stage Plays