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1/31/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 11-17
1/31/2010TV Host: Soukyuu no Fafner Film Is in Production
1/31/2010Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Writer Discusses Film
1/31/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 11-17
1/31/2010Ashiaraiyashiki no J?nin-tachi. Manga to Bundle Anime
1/30/2010Sora no Otoshimono Flying Panties Event Planned
1/30/2010Eden of the East, Working!! Promo Videos Streamed
1/30/2010Ikkitousen XX/Shin Koihime?Mus? Collaboration Launched
1/29/2010The iPad: Good or Bad for Manga?
1/29/2010F.Y.E. Animania Night Is An Anime Spectacular
1/29/2010Daily Briefs
1/29/2010Winter Sonata Anime's Ending Scene to Be Live-Action
1/29/2010Negima! ~M? Hitotsu no Sekai~ Extra Green-Lit for Fall
1/29/2010Shueisha Tops 270-Billion-Yen Manga Market in 2009
1/29/2010Crunchyroll Adds Phantom Thief Reinya Anime
1/29/2010Japanese Firms Reveal Bish?jo Anime Plans for Coming Year
1/29/2010Murata Not Involved in Revived Mardock Scramble Anime
1/29/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 17-23
1/29/2010With the Light Manga Creator Keiko Tobe Passes Away
1/29/2010Japanese Box Office, January 23-24
1/28/2010Daily Briefs
1/28/2010NY Int'l Children's Film Fest Hosts 3 Anime's U.S. Premieres
1/28/2010iPad Secrets Revealed ? TOP 4 reasons why manga fans should buy an iPad!
1/28/2010Nodame Cantabile: Finale DVD to Have Unaired Episode
1/28/2010Diamond Comic Distributors Revise Minimum Order Policy
1/28/2010Gintama Anime Movie's 3 TV Ads Streamed
1/28/2010Tomohiro Kat? Apologizes in Court for Akiba Killings
1/28/2010Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Manga Has TV Anime in the Works
1/28/2010Gundam Unicorn's World Premiere in Hong Kong on 2/6
1/28/2010Haruhi Film Theme, Beckii Cruel Promo Videos Streamed
1/28/2010Is iPad a Game-Changer? Apple Takes on Amazon
1/27/2010Super Street Fighter IV, Quiz Magic Academy Promos Posted
1/27/2010Anime Network, Funimation Launch YouTube Video Rentals
1/27/2010Daily Briefs
1/27/2010Media Blasters Hints at Live-Action Bible Black Trailer
1/27/2010Quad Graphics Acquires World Color Press Deal Worth Over $1.3 Billion
1/27/2010Borders CEO Resigns Stock Price Dips
1/27/2010'A-Team' Helmer Plots GN Due in May from IDW
1/27/2010Court Upholds Ban on 'D&D' For Wisconsin Prisoners
1/27/2010Gokuj?!! Mecha Mote Iinch? Sh?jo Anime Gets 2nd Year
1/27/2010Upper Deck Settles Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Counterfeiting Case
1/27/2010Male Arrested in Japan for Uploading via Perfect Dark (Updated)
1/27/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, January 18-24
1/27/2010Imagi Animation Studio Closes Los Angeles Office
1/26/2010K-ON's Final BD Sells 31,000 to Top Weekly Chart
1/26/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 4-10
1/26/2010Tsukihime Manga Finale, Volleyboys Manga Put on Hold
1/26/2010Live-Action Manga-Based Saru Lock's 5 Minutes Posted
1/26/2010Super Street Fighter IV Anime, Live-Action Dead Rising Announced (Update 2)
1/26/2010Funimation Streams Uncensored Sekirei, Other Anime (Updated)
1/26/2010Daily Briefs
1/26/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 18-24
1/26/2010Zoids' Ueyama Draws Doraemon/Loveplus Crossover Manga (Update 2)
1/25/2010SD Gundam Sangokuden April TV Anime Listed by Retailer
1/25/2010Bisei-Tokei Voice Actress Clock Phone App Launched
1/25/2010Watase Ends Sakura-Gari, Restarts Fushigi Y?gi: Genbu
1/25/2010One Piece Anime Theme Park Attraction to Open in March
1/25/2010DoW??s ??Mystery Express?? Deductive Whodunit Offers Classic Murder Mystery
1/25/2010'Avatar' Sets Overseas Record Domestic Mark in Sight
1/25/2010Possible Sentencing Deal in Handley Case Continuance Granted
1/25/2010'Priest' Will Have an Animated Prologue Studio Announcement Expected Soon
1/25/20102nd Haruhi Anime Season's DVDs Mentioned in New Video
1/25/2010Handley's Sentencing for 'Obscene' Manga Delayed
1/25/2010Votoms: Gen-ei Hen Video Anime's Promo Videos Streamed
1/24/2010Japanese Box Office, January 16-17
1/24/2010Hajime Segawa Ends Ga-Rei Manga, Launches Tokyo ESP
1/24/2010New Evangelion Manga, 2 Other Titles to Launch in Asuka
1/24/2010Hayao Miyazaki Animates New Short for Ghibli Museum (Updated)
1/24/2010Lucky Star's Impact on Shrine's Town: 1 Billion+ Yen
1/23/2010Hawaii's Kawaii Kon Hosts Director Aramaki, Actor Kishio
1/23/2010Japan Posts Hatsune Miku Video for Phone Recycling
1/23/2010Howl's Moving Castle Actress Jean Simmons Passes Away
1/22/2010Bungaku Shoujo, Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani Promos Streamed
1/22/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 10-16
1/22/2010Japanese TV Show to Film Haruhi Fans in L.A. Next Monday
1/22/2010Slayers Revolution's 1st 4 Dubbed Episodes Streamed (Updated)
1/22/2010Maid-sama! & Fist of the North Star Mus? Promos Posted
1/22/2010Overall BD/DVD Sales, Anime Sales Rise in Japan in 2009
1/22/2010Chi-Sui Maru TV Anime Shorts to Debut on February 6
1/22/2010Manhwa-Based Priest Film Has 2D Animated Prologue
1/21/2010SOTA Toys - Haiti Earthquake Relief Auction
1/21/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 4-10
1/21/2010Haruhi Film, Soul Eater, Sands of Destruction Promos Posted
1/21/2010Sentai Adds Gintama, Hidamari Sketch x 365 Anime (Updated)
1/21/201055th Shogakukan Manga Award Winners Announced
1/21/2010Hana Kappa-kun Kids' Newspaper Manga Gets TV Anime
1/21/2010Chi's Sweet Home Manga's 7th Volume to Bundle Anime
1/21/2010Daily Briefs
1/21/2010Shizuoka City: Gundam Statue to Bring in 40 Billion Yen
1/20/2010Yen to Print 350K of Twilight Graphic Novel in March (Updated)
1/20/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 27-January 3
1/20/2010Crunchyroll Quietly Launches iPhone Streaming App
1/20/2010Daily Briefs
1/20/2010Summer Wars, 'Elemi' Win at 64th Mainichi Film Awards
1/20/2010U.S. Librarians Honor Children of the Sea, ?oku, Pluto
1/20/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, January 11-17
1/20/2010Fanworks Makes Anime Inspired by Prehistoric Japan
1/19/2010Adult Swim Confirms New Anime to Launch on February 14
1/19/2010Possibility of New Minky Momo TV Series Alluded
1/19/2010Shaman King/Ultimo's Takei to Restart Jumbor Manga
1/19/2010Funimation Streams Pani Poni Dash!, X, Other Anime
1/19/20102009 Japanese Anime/Game Magazine Circulation Numbers
1/19/2010Gunj? Yuri Manga to Resume in Ikki Mag in February
1/19/2010Daily Briefs
1/19/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 11-17 (Updated)
1/18/2010Nana Mizuki is 1st Seiy? with #1 Single in Weekly Charts
1/18/20102009 Japanese Manga Magazine Circulation Numbers
1/18/2010Kekkaishi Anime Streams with Subs on Hulu
1/18/2010Sgt. Frog, Kuroshitsuji, Bloody Monday Videos Streamed
1/18/2010Yuruyuri Yuri Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
1/18/2010Reborn, Ladies versus Butlers! DVDs to Add Anime Extras
1/18/2010Dragon Ball Actor Daisuke Gouri Passes Away (Updated)
1/18/201010 Titles Nominated for 3rd Manga Taisho Awards
1/18/2010Daily Briefs
1/17/2010Anime Culture Mentioned on 4 U.S. TV Shows This Week (Updated)
1/17/2010Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi Trailer Streamed
1/17/2010Zhu Zhu Pets' TV Animation, Manga Planned by Sega Japan
1/17/2010Sci-Fi Author/Anime Staffer Takumi Shibano Passes Away
1/17/2010Descendants of Darkness Manga Returns After 8 Years
1/16/2010Retailer to Stop Imports of Funimation BD/DVDs into Japan
1/16/2010Official One Piece 3D Breasts Mouse Pads for Sale
1/16/2010Working!! TV Anime's Popura Character Trailer Streamed
1/16/2010Japanese Box Office, January 9-10
1/15/2010Eden of the East's Behind-the-Scenes Video Posted
1/15/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 3-9
1/15/2010Rie Kugimiya's Fans Wait 25+ Days Outdoors in Taiwan
1/15/2010Gegege no Kitar? Voice Actor Isamu Tanonaka Passes Away
1/15/2010Print View Every Bookó10,000 Copies Stolen By Pirates
1/15/2010Ivan Reitman to Direct 'Ghostbusters 3' 2011 Release
1/15/2010Daily Briefs
1/15/2010Konohana's Kazumi Told to Edit Manga's Erotic Content
1/15/2010Anime Network Launches iPhone Streaming Application
1/15/2010Kanokon TV Anime Listed by Media Blasters (Update 3)
1/14/2010Daily Briefs
1/14/2010Ichigo 100%'s Kawashita Ends Anedoki? Manga This Month (Updated)
1/14/2010English Gundam UC on Amazon, Other Gundam to Get Streams
1/14/2010Sega's Lilpri Card Arcade Game Gets TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
1/14/2010Diamond Lists 2009's Top Market Shares, Graphic Novels
1/14/2010'Fumiko's Confession' Wins YouTube Video Award in Japan
1/14/2010Read or Die Team's Welcome to the Space Show at Berlin
1/14/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 28-January 3
1/13/2010Osamu Tezuka's Ayako Manga Listed by Amazon
1/13/2010Shuho Sato: Publisher Lost Several Billion Yen Last Year (Updated)
1/13/2010Game-Based Dante's Inferno Animated Video Clips Posted
1/13/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, December 28-January 10
1/13/2010Baka to Test to Sh?kanj? BD/DVDs to Add Bonus Anime
1/13/2010Druaga MMORPG's New Opening Anime by Gonzo Posted
1/13/2010Big Windup, Senk? no Night Raid Videos Streamed
1/13/2010Your and My Secret's Morinaga to Start Kirara no Hoshi
1/12/2010Gon Manga's Korean CG TV Animation Pushed Back to 2011
1/12/2010Court: Upper Deck Liable for Counterfeit Yu Gi Oh! Cards
1/12/2010Columbia to Reboot 'Spider-Man' Raimi, Maguire Are Out
1/12/2010Adult Swim Nabs 3 Anime Losing 'Death Note' & 'Blood+'
1/12/2010Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--December 2009
1/12/2010Daily Briefs
1/12/2010Stone Bridge Press Founder Reacquires Company
1/12/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 28-January 10
1/12/2010Boys Over Flowers' Kamio to Launch Tora to ?kami Manga
1/12/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 14-20
1/12/20104Kids CEO Takes Pay Cut, Execs' Pay Tied to Ownership
1/11/2010Nico Nico Douga Launches DVD Commenting Service
1/11/2010Adult Swim Loses Blood+ & Death Note, Hints at 3 New Anime
1/11/2010Daily Briefs
1/11/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 21-27
1/11/2010Multiple Anime Expo Staffers Resign in Board Dispute
1/11/2010Loveplus, 1/1 Gundam, Shaft Win Japan Otaku Awards
1/10/2010Japanese Box Office, January 2-3
1/10/2010X Japan Films 4 Music Videos in Heart of Hollywood
1/10/2010Tales of Symphonia, Hanamaru Kindergarten Videos Posted (Updated)
1/10/2010Tezuka, Brazilian's Joint Work Realized 20 Years Later (Updated)
1/9/2010Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Heaven and Earth Anime Green-Lit
1/9/2010Soil Manga by Bambi and her Pink Gun's Kaneko Gets TV Drama
1/9/2010Funimation: No More Big Windup! Anime to Be Licensed
1/8/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Aniplex's So-Ra-No-Wo-To Anime
1/8/2010'New Code Geass Project's Latest Footage' on April BD/DVD
1/8/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 27-January 2
1/8/2010Gonzo Staff Reassembled for Druaga MMORPG's New Opening
1/8/2010Kami no Shizuku Manga Wins French Wine Mag's Top Award
1/8/2010Yuria 100 Shiki Manga to End in Japan This Month
1/8/20104Kids? Kahn Takes Pay Cut Deal Incentives for Execs
1/8/2010Toys Up, Books Down Retailer Holiday Sales Reports
1/8/2010Hobbit Production to Start in June For 14 Months
1/8/2010'Video Business' Shuts Down Other Reed Mags in Flux
1/8/2010Jakks Dentsu Co-Production Anime, Toys
1/8/2010Directors Guild, Effects Noms Award Season Underway
1/8/2010'Kick-Ass' to Open SXSW In March
1/8/2010New Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Trailer Posted
1/8/2010Mardock Scramble Anime Film Website Launched
1/8/2010Funimation Gets Hetalia, The Sacred Blacksmith Anime
1/7/2010Halo Legends, Nintama Musical's Videos Streamed
1/7/2010White Fox Addresses Katanagatari Anime Materials' Leak
1/7/2010Densetsu no Y?sha no Densetsu Light Novel Gets Anime (Updated)
1/7/2010Kait? Tenshi Twin Angel Gets Web Anime, Comic in 2010 (Updated)
1/7/2010Beck Rock Manga's Live-Action Film Footage Streamed
1/7/2010Jakks, Dentsu Develop Japanese-Animated Monsuno for TV
1/7/2010Funimation Adds Hero Tales, Master of Martial Hearts (Updated)
1/7/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Hanamaru Kindergarten Anime
1/6/2010Crunchyroll Confirms Simulcast of Durarara!! TV Anime (Updated)
1/6/2010Working TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
1/6/2010Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari BD/DVD Listed by Amazon
1/6/2010Hoshi no Furumachi Manga Made into Live-Action Film
1/6/2010Kimi ni Todoke Manga Gets Live-Action Film Green-Lit
1/6/2010AKB48 Idol Group Gets Spinoff Offers in 6 Countries
1/6/2010Tokyopop's BLU Boys-Love Imprint Raises Prices
1/6/2010'Dune' Gets Director Pierre Morel
1/6/2010'Deadpool' Movie Gets Writers From 'Zombieland'
1/6/2010Daily Briefs
1/6/2010Funimation Adds Gainax, I.G's FLCL Anime on Blu-ray/DVD (Updated)
1/6/2010Geass Producer: Stage, Musical Versions Considered
1/5/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Omamori Himari Comedy Anime
1/5/2010Funimation Gets Live-Action Kamui, RoboGeisha Films
1/5/2010Shukufuku no Campanella TV Anime's Promo Streamed
1/5/2010Hatsune Miku's 1st Video Clip Collections to Ship in Japan
1/5/2010Manga to Release Summer Wars, Kamui in United Kingdom (Updated)
1/5/2010Kami no Shizuku Manga's Korean Drama Plans Delayed
1/5/2010Record 450,000 Visit Lucky Star Shrine on New Year's
1/5/2010Last Full Metal Panic Light Novel Volume Being Written
1/5/2010Daily Briefs
1/5/2010Sega Sammy Launches CG Animation Studio in Japan (Updated)
1/4/2010Crunchyroll Confirms Streams of Chu-Bra!! Comedy Anime
1/4/20101st Episodes of 27 Nippon Animation Titles Streamed
1/4/20102009's Top Anime Movies at Japanese Box Office
1/4/2010'Avatar' Posts Trifecta Passes the $1 Billion Mark
1/4/2010Disney Expands Ties With Stan Lee After Marvel Acquisition
1/4/2010The Ten Best DVDs of 2009 The Blu-ray Era in Full Swing
1/4/2010'Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure' Due in May From Dark Horse Deluxe
1/4/2010Marvel Acquisition Approved $4.3 Billion Deal
1/4/2010'Ghostbusters 3' 'Progressing' Harold Ramis Sees Summer Start
1/4/2010Inoue Confirms End of Vagabond Manga by Year's End
1/4/2010Katanagatari Production Materials Posted Before Debut (Updated)
1/4/2010Yu Yabuuchi to Restart Naisho no Tsubomi Sex Ed Manga
1/4/2010The Great 2010 Twitter Give-Away
1/4/2010Funimation Adds Shaw Brothers' Live-Action Films (Updated)
1/3/2010New Year's Greetings
1/3/2010Gaku Mountain-Climbing Manga to Get Live-Action Film
1/3/2010True Tears BD Box with New Epilogue Confirmed
1/3/2010Animax Channel, Imagica's Cooking Channel to Join Forces
1/2/20102009's Top Movies at Japanese Box Office
1/2/2010Top 10 Anime Business News of 2009 by
1/2/2010Daily Briefs
1/1/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 20-26
1/1/20102nd Isshoni Anime to Be Isshoni Sleeping with Hinako