Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/31/2005Boogipop Novels and Manga Licensed
10/31/2005Boogiepop in Protoculture Addicts
10/31/2005Live-Action Mushishi
10/31/2005Zeta III Title
10/31/2005Production I.G to do XXXHOLiC Series
10/31/2005Article on Anime Store in Rochester
10/31/2005TMS Offers Anime Online
10/31/2005The Third Animation Announced
10/31/2005Full Metal Alchemist Movie On PPV
10/31/2005Eureka 7 PS2 Opening
10/31/2005Cool Breeze Broadcast Interrupted
10/31/2005USB Loincloth
10/31/2005Suzumiya Haruhi TV Series Details
10/31/2005Utaware Rumono TV Animation
10/31/2005Kappa Mikey Website Launches
10/31/2005CELL Pocessor Capabilities Revealed
10/31/2005Comic Buyers Get Panties
10/31/2005BS Hi Broadcast Of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin On Heavens Door
10/31/2005Nihon University Manga Prize Winners Announced
10/31/2005Kosaka Affirms Support To Animation Industry
10/31/2005HRP-3P Robot
10/30/2005Funimation Announces Negima License
10/30/2005High Level Asian Contents Meeting
10/30/2005Cartoon Network To Produce Gamera Animation
10/30/2005Gamera Revival In Japan
10/30/20052006 One Piece Movie
10/30/2005Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Opens
10/30/2005Animation Symposium In China
10/30/2005Oshii Art Gets Home
10/28/2005Funimation Announces Rights for Moon Phase
10/28/2005Bakuretsu Con 2006 Announced
10/28/2005Kawaii Kon grows for 2006
10/28/2005Top Selling Manga
10/28/2005Gonzo Style Shop Opens
10/28/2005Wings of Rean Website
10/28/2005.hack Movies
10/28/2005Otaku Unmasked Conversation in New York
10/28/2005.hack//GU manga
10/27/2005Girls High School Students Website
10/27/2005Live Action Grave of the Fireflies
10/27/2005Viewtiful Joe in November
10/27/2005One Piece at Viz
10/27/2005Ranma 1/2 OAV Set
10/27/2005New SVP at Viz Media
10/27/2005Media Blasters February DVDs
10/27/2005Mari Iijima Talks About Macross
10/27/2005No Unedited One Piece
10/27/2005 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Released For PSP
10/27/2005Nerima Daikon Brothers Site
10/27/2005Yoshinaga Sanchi No Gargoyle TV Update
10/27/2005New Keyboard Can Download Anime Music Data
10/27/20051st Gunsword TV Episode Online
10/27/2005Positive Forecast Spurs Toei Stock Rally
10/27/2005School Girl Sprayed With Strange Liquid
10/27/2005Another Maid Cafe Cited For Entertainment
10/27/2005Livedoor Enters Rocket Racing League
10/27/2005Onmyoji Manga Ends
10/27/2005NTT Developing Human Remote Control
10/27/2005US Passports Get RFID
10/27/2005Samurai Are In
10/26/2005Yuri Manga in Publishers Weekly
10/26/2005Three New Ghibli Museum Movies
10/26/2005NTV to Offer Streaming Anime
10/26/2005Kazuma Kodaka at Yaoi-con
10/26/2005CPM Puts Descendants of Darkness Episode Online
10/26/2005Majikano TV Series
10/26/2005Controversy Over Osomatsu-kun Use In Sake Ads
10/26/2005Summo Getting Big In America?
10/26/2005Was Pepsi Gundam Promotion In Trouble?
10/26/2005World's First Criminal Conviction Of A BitTorrent User
10/26/2005OLM Adopts GEO-Element 3D Modelling Software
10/26/2005Yahoo Japan CG Web Animation
10/26/2005Wings Of Rean Site Opens
10/26/2005Asian Comics Invade Europe
10/26/2005Video Comparison: iPOD VS PSP
10/25/2005Publishers Weekly on Tokyopop OEL
10/25/2005Llamacon Announced in Massachusetts
10/25/2005Japanese Seiyuu Are Regularly Transfered Into English Dubs
10/25/2005Macias: Gaijin Otaku Guide To The Japanese Press
10/25/2005New Nana Mizuki Nanoha Single Tops Charts
10/25/2005Guide To Making USB Devices At Home
10/25/2005 Matsuya Candy Bags With Anime Illustrations Are Hot
10/25/2005New Tamagotchi Models Due In November
10/25/2005Linux Powered GPX2 To Be Sold
10/25/2005Sony Has Sold 10 Million PSP's
10/25/2005Ikuhara To Be Featured On NHK Program
10/25/2005Dragonball AF
10/25/2005Mini Pat PSP Trailer
10/25/2005Major Cross Platform Push For Wings Of Rean
10/25/2005Evangelion: Angel XX Figures Revealed
10/25/2005Hellsing OVA Extras
10/25/2005Tide Line Blue Sequel Anime To Be Added To DVD
10/25/2005Datsu Otaku Fashion Guide
10/25/2005Yume Juu Yoru
10/25/2005Takeaki Momose's Magikano To Be Animated
10/25/2005Ghibli Movies on Turner Classics Update
10/25/2005Hisaishi Film Submitted For Academy Award
10/25/2005IGPX Manga Details
10/25/2005Major Sequel TV Series
10/25/2005Satoru Ozawa Interviewed
10/25/2005Wings of Rean Update
10/24/2005Gun Parade Orchestra Blog
10/24/2005John Gaeta Directed Anime Will Screen First Overseas
10/24/2005Initial D 4th Stage Episodes 21-22 Announced
10/24/2005Takara Dumps Broccoli Stocks
10/24/2005Maaya Sakamoto Photo Essay
10/24/2005Joe Hisaishi Concert In South Korea
10/24/2005CPM Provides Anime for iPod
10/24/2005CPM Releases Gogai! Gogai!
10/24/2005TBS Reruns Japanese Folk Tales
10/24/2005Voice Actors Request Help with Blood Drive
10/24/2005Miyazaki Classics on Turner Classics
10/23/2005Is Yuki Suetsugu Guilty Of Copyright Violations?
10/23/2005Seiyuu Criticizes Anonymous BBS Postings
10/23/2005Bandai Launches Preemptive Strick Against iPOD?
10/23/20051 Chip MSX To Be Built
10/23/2005Horse Races To Victory With Anime Inspired Name
10/23/2005Vertical To Publish Parasite Eve Novel
10/23/2005Nissan Shows Off GTR PROTO
10/23/2005Mushiking Guitar
10/23/2005NES turns 20
10/23/2005Manga Artists Get Computer Aide
10/23/2005Yoshinaga Sanchi No Gargoyle TV Animation
10/23/2005Machine Robo Compilation Mook
10/23/2005Moe Moe Proverb Dictionary
10/23/2005Akiba Walker
10/23/2005New Suetsugu Yuki And Bessatsu Friend Statements
10/23/2005Adult Magazine Publishers To Self Impose Sales Restraints
10/23/2005Fansub Production Time Down To Mere Hours
10/23/2005Viz Media To Outsource Manga Production Through eigoMANGA
10/23/2005Zaizen Jotaro To Be Animated
10/23/200535 Million Hit Commemoration Wallpaper
10/23/2005Special Strawberry 100% Episode Will Air
10/23/2005Bandai TV in North America?
10/23/2005Gaiking Details
10/22/2005Japanimation Tour Launches
10/22/2005New Game Trailer Being Released Via Bit Torrent
10/22/2005Dr. Shinichiro Akizuki Dies
10/22/2005Tokyo Project Gathering Exhibitors Seek Asian Investment
10/22/2005Kororo / Zorori Double Feature
10/22/2005FanExpo 2005 In Santiago Chile
10/22/2005Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Gets Anime Makeover
10/22/2005Final TOP OVA Volume Announced
10/22/2005Further "Appropriations" Identified?
10/22/2005Mari Iijima on Macross Dub
10/22/2005High School Girls Anime
10/21/2005Production On New Doraemon Film Advances
10/21/2005Sotsu Agency Announces Earnings
10/21/2005Fastcorp Unveils Moe Computer
10/21/2005Real Life Paradise Kiss Fashions Revealed
10/21/2005Tim Burton In Japan
10/21/2005Cinequanon Establishes Animation Trust Fund
10/21/2005TIFF Proceedings Being Streamed Live
10/21/2005English Language Release Of Nagasaki 1945 Coming
10/21/2005Manga Pros To Staff Kyoto's First Major Anime / Manga Subject
10/21/2005Oshii And Fukusaku Team On Elle Is Burning!
10/21/2005Kodansha Pulling Eden No Hana From World Markets
10/21/2005DMP Talks About Lain Book
10/21/2005Edmonton Journal Retracts Article
10/21/2005Tokyopop Cancels Flower of Eden
10/20/2005Digital Polyphony Unveils Tourist Trophy
10/20/2005Pulled Yuki Suetsugu Manga Still Being Sold In Japan
10/20/2005Suzumiya Haruhi TV Series Announced
10/20/2005RAY Anime Details
10/20/2005Livedoor Credit Offers Otaku Moe-Loan
10/20/2005TMS To Stream Lupin III
10/20/2005Haruka Naru Toki No Naka De To Become Feature
10/20/2005Companies Urged To Utilize New Media In Contents Distribution
10/20/2005Canadian Sentenced over Loli-Porn Manga
10/20/2005Gigantor on Adult Swim
10/20/2005You Higuri at Yaoi Con
10/20/2005New NANA Movie
10/20/2005TBS Announces REC Anime
10/20/2005Trigun Movie
10/19/2005Examining The Yuki Suetsugu Case
10/19/2005A Retailer's experience with FMACCG
10/19/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! Cut vs. Uncut Sales
10/19/2005Initial D AE86 Replica for Sale
10/19/2005Yuki Suetsugu Copies Art From Other Manga
10/19/2005Top Anime and Manga Properties
10/19/2005Movie Based on Kazuo Umezu Manga
10/19/2005Howls Moving Castle DVD Extra Video
10/19/2005American Teens Mop up Raunchy Japanese Manga
10/19/2005Kodansha and Suetsugu Apologies
10/19/2005FFVII: Advent Children Anime Awarded
10/19/2005Maid Massage Parlor Opens
10/19/2005No Pants Girls
10/19/2005Mini OP/ED: Terminator VS Metal Gear
10/19/2005Broccoli Year End Earnings Forecast: 926 Million Yen In The Red
10/19/2005Korean Inu Yasha Fans Asked To Pick Celebrity Look Alikes
10/19/2005Sales Strong For Sega Toys
10/19/2005CPM to Resume Publishing Non-Yaoi Manga And Manhwa in 2006
10/19/2005Looking For the Next Big Thing in Anime & Manga 'Naruto' & 'Full Metal Alchemist' Are Real Contenders
10/18/2005Digital Manga Awards
10/18/2005Tomino Surprises Gundam Audience
10/18/2005First Outlander's Voice Announced
10/18/2005ADV Registers Jiggle Counter Trademark
10/18/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! Toy Sales Down
10/18/2005Anime Companies At South Korean DICON 2005
10/18/2005Robot Taekwon V Goods Hot On Internet Auctions
10/18/2005Naruto Games In North America Press
10/18/2005Maid Cafes Face Legal Hurdles In Some Parts Of Japan
10/18/2005Saikano Live Action Theme
10/18/2005New Anime And Manga From Yoshitomi Akihito
10/18/2005BlackJack Movie In December
10/18/2005Oldest Japanese Animation Frames Found
10/18/2005Atari Ships Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi
10/17/2005Tsubasa Season 2
10/17/2005Papillon Rose Broadcast Date
10/17/2005IATV Appeals to Viewers
10/17/2005World of Matsumoto Leiji Exhibition
10/17/2005Young You Magazine Discontinued
10/17/2005More Naruto Games
10/17/2005Central Park Media to Restart Manga
10/17/2005Maison Ikkoku Drama
10/17/2005Ray Anime
10/17/2005More Gundam Morotcycle Helmets
10/17/2005Gundam True Odyssey Stateside
10/17/2005Black and White Anime
10/17/2005 8,000 Japanese Fans Attend Mar Fest 2005
10/17/2005Dengeki Maoh Magazine Debuts
10/17/2005PSP My Hime Fighting Game
10/17/2005Toei Animation ERP Adoption Progress Report
10/17/2005Index and Sojitz Announce American Company
10/15/2005Harvard Lecture on Anime Copyright and Online Piracy
10/15/2005IGN Covering Anime And Manga
10/14/2005Contents of Academic Journal Released
10/14/2005Kaoru Mfaume Named Managing Director of Manga Entertainment
10/14/2005Viz Launches Shonen Jump Video
10/14/2005Editorial Regarding Fansubs
10/14/2005No man's Land in France
10/14/2005Hikaru no Go and Naruto Video Details
10/14/2005Geneon January Soundtracks
10/14/2005Unaired Kamichu Episodes To See DVD Release
10/14/2005Full Metal Alchemist Movie DVD Release Announced
10/14/2005Learn English The Moe Way
10/14/2005I.G. Interview Round 2
10/14/2005Miyazaki And Nick Park Team Up For TIFF Talk
10/14/2005Gundam Motorcycle Helmets
10/14/2005Anime Promotes Dialect Usage Among Japanese
10/13/2005Series Based on Yukari Ichijo Manga Dominate Afternoon TV
10/13/2005CLAMP announces XXXHOLiC TV series
10/13/2005Fullmetal Alchemist, Negima! hit USA Today's top 150
10/13/2005Animal Treasure Island scheduled
10/13/2005DearS DVD trade-in program
10/13/2005Anime And The iPOD Effect
10/13/2005Sayuri Iwata To Sing New Conan Theme
10/13/2005Taekwon V Movie Restoration And Plagiarism Claims
10/12/2005Mini Pato Game Update
10/12/2005Next Space Tourist Wants to Cosplay
10/12/2005LoveBerry Card Game Hot Among Japanese Girls
10/12/2005Overseas Interest In Ichiro Sakaki's Strait Jacket
10/12/2005Puffy AmiYumi On Cyndi Lauper's New Album
10/12/2005GAINAX Angel XX Site
10/12/2005Gundam Otaku May Become 4th Space Tourist
10/12/2005PSP Ghost In The Shell: SAC Goes Gold
10/12/2005New Book: 70 Japanese Gestures
10/12/2005eigoMANGA Launches Anime Radio Program
10/12/2005Advent Children Anime Breaks 700,000 In Sales
10/12/2005XXXHolic Anime Coming
10/12/2005Sakura Taisen Slot Machine
10/12/2005Tokyopop February and March Manga
10/12/2005FUNimation January Releases
10/12/2005January CMX Releases
10/12/2005Media Blasters January Releases
10/12/2005Dark Horse February Releases
10/12/2005.hack Bonus Episodes on YTV
10/12/2005My Neighbor Totoro Premiere Screening
10/12/2005Papillon Rose Characters
10/11/2005Go Nagai Museum Update
10/11/2005CPM Reprices Collections
10/11/2005Dark Horse Manga Details
10/11/2005DBZ CCG Expansion Announced
10/11/2005New Mari Matsuzawa Manga and Anime
10/11/2005Live Action Tokyo University Story
10/11/2005GDH One of Japan's Fast 50
10/11/2005Retailers Get Their Own Section At TAF 2006
10/11/2005Toranoana: Sales Excede 10 Billion Yen
10/10/2005?NARUTO? statues and collectibles coming soon from TOYNAMI
10/10/2005Exclusive Trading Card in Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 6
10/10/20051.72 Million Otaku in Japan
10/10/2005GBASP Gets Brighter Screen
10/9/2005Naruto Game Bound for USA
10/9/2005Sega Sammy Acquire TMS
10/9/20050083 Site
10/9/2005Advertising In Video Games: Fastest Growing Segment
10/8/2005Itsudatte My Santa! Release
10/8/2005Dark Horse Takes on Horror
10/8/2005NASA Mission Explained in Manga
10/7/2005Toei Talks About Outsourcing
10/7/2005Guardians of Luna to Be Co-Produced by Tokyo Kids
10/7/20052005: What's Hot In France?
10/7/2005150 Million Pokemon Games Sold
10/7/2005Bandai Visual: US Gundam Sales Lagging
10/7/2005Warner Bros. to support Blu-ray and HD-DVD
10/7/2005Definitive Answers On High-Def
10/7/2005Warner Bros. Goes UMD in Japan
10/7/2005Tokyopop Announces Win a Nano of Manga Contest
10/7/2005Kakurenbo on Adult Swim
10/7/2005Dark Horse December Manga
10/7/2005Del Rey 2006 New Manga
10/7/2005Viz Late January and February Releases
10/7/2005Takuhai Changes to Manga Magazine
10/7/2005Papillon Rose Website
10/7/2005Bandai January Release
10/7/2005Go Nagai Memorial Announced
10/7/2005HD-DVD: Region Coding Could Be History
10/6/2005New Del Rey Acquisitions
10/6/2005New Manga in Japan
10/6/2005AN Entertainment Announces Har?+Guu
10/6/2005Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Promo Torrent
10/6/2005Broccoli: Liabilities To Exceed Assets
10/6/20052008 World Cartoon Summit In Kyoto
10/6/2005Go Nagai Memorial Planned
10/6/2005Japanese Otaku Market Worth 411 Billion Yen
10/6/2005Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Resolved: Comic Books Should Be Less Expensive
10/5/2005Kakurenbo Hide & Seek Contest
10/5/2005Japanese girls love Shonen Jump
10/5/2005No New Ultimate Girls Anime
10/4/2005AOL Launches Anime Radio
10/4/2005New Riyoko Ikeda Manga
10/4/2005Princess Tutu Volume 2 Details
10/4/2005Tutu Extras Clarification
10/4/2005Go Nagai Wants to Remake Black Jack
10/4/2005LA Area Library to Buy $10,000 Anime/Manga Collection
10/4/2005Chiba Tatsuya Says He Was Misquoted On 'Hate Manga' Apology
10/4/2005Boy Manga Now The Faire Of Teen Girls In Japan
10/4/2005First Anime Title On HD-DVD By Year's End
10/3/2005Nana Continues Strong at Japanese BO
10/3/2005New Ultimate Girls Anime?
10/3/2005Your and My Secret Trailer
10/3/2005Gokusen 2 on LA TV Station
10/3/2005FLCL Storyboard Book
10/3/2005Gundam Exhibit in Tokyo
10/3/2005'Kanji de Manga' Box Set Available for the Holidays
10/3/2005Ashita No Joe Creator Apologizes For Korean 'Hate' Manga
10/3/2005Top Creators Seek International Funding At Project Gathering
10/3/2005Yu Yamada Wears 1.2 Million Yen Dress At Paradise Kiss Press Conference
10/3/2005Puffy Mania As American Animation Debuts
10/2/2005Paramount to Release on Blu-Ray
10/2/2005Tokyopop Adds Titles to Site
10/2/2005Astro Boy Credit Card in Hong Kong
10/2/2005Dr. Ochanomizu Lectures on HIV and Safe Sex
10/1/2005Merchant Evicted from Australian Event
10/1/2005Rumble Pak Moves to Devil's Due
10/1/2005IGN Top 25 Animated Movie
10/1/2005Pandora's Cube Owner Sentenced to Prison Time for Piracy
10/1/2005Saikano Novel Will Serialize Online
10/1/2005Takashi Murakami On Nissan Concept Car Exhibition
10/1/2005Doragostea Din Tei-Love Animation Update
10/1/2005Seiyuu Kazuhiko Inoue Forms New Company
10/1/2005Nihonbashi District To Become Osaka's Suginami
10/1/2005Kia Asamiya Hospitalized