Anime News

DateArticle Name
4/30/2005Grandia 3 Trailer
4/30/2005Piano Website
4/30/2005XXXholic & Tsubasa Chronicle Trailer
4/30/2005Funimation Licenses Sunabozu
4/30/2005ADV To Release the Place Promised
4/30/2005Geneon Licenses
4/29/2005ADV - Out of Print titles
4/29/2005End Of A Magazine
4/29/2005Tokyo's fantasy caf
4/28/2005Takahashi Autographed Inu Yasha Cards
4/28/2005University Manga Magazine
4/28/2005New Tokyopop Manga
4/28/2005Takara Shares Change Hands
4/28/2005DMP Titles Nominated for YALSA Awards
4/27/2005Har?+Guu Website Launches
4/27/2005Pop Japan Deadline
4/27/2005Psycho le Cemu Auction
4/27/2005Takehiko Inoue Manga Return
4/26/2005Two Takahashi Autographs Per Series In First Edition Product Only
4/26/2005Nominations Close on May 4 for Crown of Anime Tournament
4/26/2005'Blame' Anime Coming Soon
4/26/2005Do This: Manga, Art and Graphic Novel Expo
4/26/2005Manga for PSP: Seven Seas Announces 12,000 Downloads in 5 Days
4/26/2005Tokorozawa, Japan Seeks to Host Satsuki and Mei's Home
4/26/2005Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys "Manga"
4/26/2005Fake Nominated for ALA Award
4/26/2005Clamp Movie Site
4/26/2005Bandai to Promote Anime Games at E3
4/25/2005Genshiken Fighting Game
4/25/2005FUNimation Acquires Domains
4/25/2005InuYasha Movie 3 Scheduled
4/25/2005Moe Market Worth 88 Billion Yen
4/25/2005U.S. Culture: lessons from the classroom / Anime gives U.S. students window on Japan
4/24/2005Shojo Beat Preview
4/24/2005Anime all the way at Kawaii Kon '05
4/22/2005Assistance Needed for Dean of Anime Fandom
4/22/2005Borders Warns
4/22/2005Rumiko Takahashi Autograph Cards In Inuyasha TCG
4/22/2005Hasbro Scheduled to Launch Direct to Consumer Website in May
4/22/2005"Initial D" Stars Driving Into Malaysia
4/22/2005Ah, anime! Three-day convention opens today
4/22/2005JETRO Sets up Shop in LA
4/22/2005Ghibli Apologizes over Satsuki & Mei Tickets
4/22/2005Satsuki and Mei's Home Permanent Exhibit?
4/22/2005Patalliro Saiyuki Trailer
4/22/2005New Tohru Fujisawa Manga
4/22/2005Howl's Moving Castle Site
4/22/2005The Americanization of Manga: The Next Big Thing?
4/22/2005Japanese 'manga' joint venture gives San Francisco starring role
4/21/2005Bandai bundles UMD with DVD
4/21/2005New Girls Manga Anthology from Kodansha
4/21/2005Graphic Novels Lead Comic Market
4/21/2005Viz Does Howl's Moving Castle
4/21/2005Ultimate Tylor Set Announced
4/21/2005AX Job Fair
4/21/2005What's it Like to Marry an Otaku?
4/21/2005LA Times Article on Fansubs
4/21/2005Kirameki Project Trailer
4/21/2005International Manga and Anime Competition Winners
4/21/2005New Gundam Universe
4/21/2005Even More Anime on UMD
4/21/2005Live Action Eva Concept Art
4/20/2005Toonami VOD News
4/20/2005New Manga from Tsutomu Nihei
4/20/2005More Anime on UMD
4/20/2005Death Note Licensed by Viz
4/20/2005Seven Seans Offers Free Downloadable Manga for Sony PSP
4/19/2005More Hellsing anime on the way
4/19/2005I''s Preview Edited in Jump
4/19/2005More on Hellsing OAV
4/19/2005Ergo Proxy
4/19/2005Erementar Gerad Licensed by Geneon
4/19/2005Girls Bravo Manga Licensed?
4/19/2005Girls Bravo Confirmed
4/19/2005Initial D Race Queen Contest
4/19/2005Del Rey Celebrates One Millionth Manga in Print
4/18/2005Tenjho Tenge Pushed Back
4/18/2005CPM Price Correction
4/18/2005Funimation Lupin Releases
4/18/2005Suzuka Anime
4/18/2005Keitaro and Naru Married
4/18/2005Howl's Moving Castle Screenings in Hollywood
4/15/2005Max Factory's Guyver 1 Coming May 2005
4/15/2005Japan Pop Icons Puffy Ami Yumi in Arizona
4/15/2005New Manga from Satomi Ikezawa
4/15/2005Low Sales for New Gundam PS2 Game
4/15/2005New ADV Releases
4/15/2005New Bandai Releases
4/15/2005Fafner DVD Release
4/15/2005Streaming Otomo
4/14/2005Saiyuki Reload Website
4/14/2005Kirby Movie
4/14/2005TAN on COX on Demand
4/14/2005New Appleseed Movie and TV Series in the Works
4/14/2005Initial D Website
4/14/2005Dream at A-Kon 16
4/14/2005Anime Network Adds Cox For SVOD
4/13/2005Puffy in San Fran moved to 4/27
4/12/2005Guin Saga Anime
4/12/2005Yaoicon 2005 Announced
4/12/2005CN to Strip DBZ 'Broly: Second Coming' Breaks Record
4/12/2005s-CRY-ed and Escaflowne on Cartoon Network
4/12/2005Dragon Ball Z Returning to Cartoon Network
4/12/2005No Fullmetal Alchemist for Teletoon
4/11/2005Miyazaki One of 100 Most Influential
4/11/2005Mai Hime Second Season
4/11/2005Bleach Rock Musical
4/11/2005Fullmetal Alchemist Reruns Start in Japan
4/11/2005Kirameki Project Site Online
4/11/2005Bandai Previews
4/11/2005Exclusive FLCL Cover
4/11/2005Vagabond to Return
4/11/2005More on Anime For Developing Nations
4/11/2005Puffy Ayumi Hits West Coast
4/11/2005Del Rey Adds 3 Manga Series Debuting in the Fall
4/11/20054Kids gets Kappa Mikey
4/11/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! Now Online Wield those cards all over the 'net.
4/10/2005Gankutsuo Licensed
4/10/2005New Tokyopop Licenses
4/10/2005Viz Announces Meru Puri
4/10/2005DramaQueen Announces First Licenses
4/10/2005ADV Helps Out with Student Production
4/10/2005Scrapped Princess Website
4/10/2005New Releases from TRSI
4/9/2005Sakuracon Report: TOKYOPOP
4/9/2005Sakuracon Report: FUNimation
4/9/2005Sakuracon Report: Bandai Entertainment
4/9/2005Sakuracon Report: Geneon Entertainment
4/8/2005Negima Swamps Sin City But Sin City GN Sales Continue to Rise
4/8/2005'One Piece' On Toonami in April One of the Most Popular Anime in Japan
4/8/2005Sony Patent Takes First Step Towards Real-Life Matrix
4/8/2005New Mini-Mega Man Diorama Playsets
4/7/2005New Line Cinema to Adapt "Monster" Manga
4/6/2005Fullmetal Alchemist #1 Anime on Adult Swim
4/5/2005Next Ghibli Movie
4/5/2005Viz Name Change Complete
4/5/2005Wulin Warriors (ThunderForce) Coming to Toonami This Fall
4/5/2005CDS Completes Round Trip Bought by Perseus
4/5/2005Bandai Announces Box Sets And GIS 2 Music
4/5/2005DBZ TCG Details Plus More Anime TCG News
4/5/2005Otaku Exhibit in NYC
4/5/2005Harmony Gold Helps U.N.
4/5/2005More on New Ghibli Movies
4/5/2005The 18th Singapore International Film Festival
4/4/2005Cartoon Network's 1st Original 'Toonami' Series
4/4/2005The Place Promised Theatrical Site
4/4/2005Naruto Goes PSP The anime, not the game.
4/3/2005Anime fans flock to Midstate convention
4/2/2005Powerpuff Girls Anime Announced
4/1/2005Viz Covers Up 'I''s' Stars Over Nipples
4/1/2005GAMA Retailer Division to Research Retailer Organization Plus Elects Officers, etc.
4/1/2005Turtles Get a Director For 2007 Release
4/1/2005Bandai Conceives .hack//Another Birth
4/1/2005Tech hosts anime, gaming convention