Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2005Hikaru no Go Licensed?
5/31/2005DramaQueen Licenses Arashigaoka
5/31/2005Company Seeks Fan Translators
5/31/2005Online Anime
5/31/2005Miyazaki to be Present at Howl Premiere
5/31/2005Angel Heart Anime
5/31/2005New Anime from Gonzo
5/31/2005Mitsuteru Yokoyama Inheritance
5/31/2005Nutech Digital Lawsuit
5/31/2005Hikaru no Go Solicited
5/31/2005Bandai Entertainment September Releases
5/31/2005Japan's Top Paid Mangaka
5/31/2005Most Recognized Japanese Chara In China
5/31/20051st Chinese International Animation Festival
5/31/2005Shareholders Get Sneak Preview Of New Gudam Film
5/31/2005Sudoku Popularity Explodes In Britain
5/31/2005First Anime Copyright Trust Established
5/31/2005Bandai Visual On Next Gen DVD Standard
5/31/2005Chromatie school live-action movie
5/30/2005Finalists Announced for Japanese Digital Anime Festival
5/30/2005TANK S.W.A.T. 01 Website
5/30/2005Burst Angel OAV
5/30/2005Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Remains on Top
5/30/2005Onna! Presents "Project Manga"
5/30/2005Pop Japan Travel Endless Summer Tour
5/30/2005Cartoon Network Summer 2005 Kick-Off
5/30/2005Anime at SIGGRAPH
5/30/2005Animax in Latin America
5/30/2005New Guyver in August
5/30/2005Tokyo Anime Fair 2006
5/30/2005More on Burst Angel OAV
5/29/2005Wired on Shoujo and Shonen
5/28/2005Fall Tokyopop Releases
5/27/2005Shadow OVA Coming This Summer
5/27/2005CMX Spring Sampler 2005
5/27/2005Ken Groove Sues Nutech Digital
5/25/2005CMX August Releases
5/25/2005Initial D Final Volume
5/25/2005Tokyopop Licenses Psychic Academy Ourabanshou
5/25/2005Samurai Champloo Manga Release
5/25/2005Tokyopop to Release Telepathic Wanderers
5/25/2005Gundam: True Odyssey Movies
5/25/2005Moeyo Ken TV Series
5/24/2005Gungrave Returns to G4
5/24/2005CPM Previews
5/24/2005TRSI Announces Gravitation OAV
5/24/2005TMS Announces Financial Results
5/24/2005Bandai Releases Inuyasha: Feudal Combat Shots
5/24/2005Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon Now Available
5/23/2005Protoculture Addicts E-Books
5/23/2005Range Murata drops by Anime Expo
5/23/2005DrMaster Previews
5/22/2005Gundam Massive for US Release
5/22/2005Gantz Release Update
5/21/2005Anime News Network Reader Murdered
5/21/2005Viz To Release Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
5/20/2005To Heart Update
5/20/2005.hack//GU Trailer
5/20/2005Tales of Phantasia Trailer
5/20/2005Gungrave Box
5/19/2005Full Metal Panic Second Raid Scheduled
5/19/2005Yaoi Author Feted in New York Creator of Best-Selling Series
5/19/2005Manga Releases Plateau in 2005 Anime Market Rebounds
5/19/2005Graphic Novels Drive April Sales Comics Down 5%
5/19/2005Netflix Takes Over Wal-Mart DVD Rentals
5/18/2005Tenjho Tenge To Remain Edited
5/18/2005New CMX Licenses
5/18/2005Advent Children Release
5/18/2005Child porn, if animated, eludes regulators Freedom of expression vs. moves to place controls on DVDs, software
5/18/2005Robot lets rider walk and fire just like Gundam
5/17/2005Bandai Games Announces New .Hack Game for PS2
5/17/2005Anime Next Announces Guests
5/17/2005Toriyama to work on Xbox 360 game
5/17/2005Geneon Announces Tetsujin 28 Release
5/17/2005Aki Maeda in Saikano Movie
5/17/2005ADV Announces Samurai Gun
5/17/2005Target to Phase out Anime
5/17/2005Pokemon Movie on Cartoon Network
5/17/2005Zeta Gundam: A New Translation Trailer
5/17/2005Air Special Promo
5/17/2005Gun X Sword
5/17/2005D.C.S.S in July
5/17/2005Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence English Dub
5/17/2005Yaoi Body Wash
5/17/2005Stand Alone Complex Wins At Canadian Entertainment Network Awards
5/17/2005Ishinomori Shoutarou Manga Encyclopedia
5/17/2005A-Kon Announces Guests
5/17/2005New Publishing Option For Fan-Artists
5/17/2005Gonzo Opens Up To Private Investors
5/17/2005Premium Animation Channels Gaining Ground
5/17/2005Seven Seas Relaunches
5/16/2005Samurai Gun Licensed
5/16/2005Dark Horse Licenses
5/16/2005Steamboy DVD Release Announced
5/16/2005.Hack and MegaMan TCG's to be canceled
5/16/2005Sagikake!! Trailer
5/15/2005FUNimation acquires Slayers TV series
5/14/2005New Sailor Moon Book
5/14/2005New Manga Publisher Announced: Go! Media Entertainment
5/13/2005Puffy Ami Yumi visited Atomic Comics, AZ.
5/12/2005Takara and Tomy May Merge
5/12/2005Dead Leaves Wins Award at Houston Festival
5/12/2005CPM Price Redux
5/12/2005Prayers Trailer
5/12/2005Lady Snowblood from Dark Horse
5/12/2005Kodansha Manga Awards
5/12/2005Anime on PSP Article
5/12/2005Colleen Doran Signs for Shoujo How-To With Impact Books
5/12/2005Disney Reports Second Quarter 2005 Earnings of $698 Million
5/11/2005Production I.G Unveils Blood+
5/11/2005Advent Children Release Announced
5/11/2005New Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Set for Fall
5/11/2005Navarre Acquires Funimation
5/11/2005Funimation Name Change
5/11/20054Kids Entertainment Financials
5/11/2005Upcoming 4Kids Series
5/11/2005Tales of Phantasia Licensed
5/11/2005Tarbox Resigns from CMX
5/11/2005The Other Top Selling Graphic Novels
5/11/2005Bandai Profits Down
5/11/2005Bandai Trailers
5/11/2005Manga Head Hair Gel
5/11/2005"The World's Greatest Batman Collection" For Sale
5/10/2005Geico Insures Speed Racer
5/10/2005Anime Event in Switzerland
5/10/2005Black Cat Anime
5/10/2005Tezuka Award Winner Announced
5/10/2005Full Metal Alchemist Tops Bookstore Sales
5/10/2005Basilisk Delayed
5/9/2005DC Gets New Logo This Month
5/9/2005Viz Flexes Licensing Muscle
5/9/2005REFILING: BizTrend: Coffee shops with manga rebound after redrawing themselves
5/9/2005'Soft Power' On the Rise in Japan
5/8/2005Geneon Releases Anime on PSP
5/8/2005Ghibli Releases
5/8/2005Pom Poko and My Neighbors the Yamadas Cast
5/8/2005Blood TV Series Scheduled
5/8/2005University Of Tokyo Expands Contents Field Education
5/6/2005TokyoPop Announces "Princess Ai: Lumination" Comic-Con Cosplay Contest
5/6/2005Princess Ai Dolls
5/6/2005Pokemon Movie on Cartoon Network
5/6/2005Macross Plus: The Collection
5/6/2005CPM Offers PSP Downloads
5/6/2005Kakurenbo Licensed
5/6/2005NPR on Satoshi Kon
5/6/2005Baki The Grappler Site and Details
5/6/2005Ninja Scroll Set Delayed
5/6/2005Place Promised Correction
5/5/2005New York-Tokyo To Host US Premiere Of The Place Promised In Our Early Days
5/5/2005John Woo On Appleseed Sequel Film & TV Series Codenamed POSEIDON PROJECT
5/5/2005Tokyopop To Continue Princess Ai
5/5/2005Korean Manhwa Closes In On Japanese Manga In European Market
5/5/2005AN Entertainment Announces Hare+Guu Site
5/5/2005Happy Children's Day in Japan
5/5/2005Toon in: Ye Dilli manga porn
5/5/2005Carmi native shares world comic book award
5/4/2005More Robin Williams on Anime
5/4/2005Stand Alone Complex Releases
5/4/2005Gekkan Magazine 30th Anniversary
5/4/2005More On Yaoi
5/4/2005Yaoi Fansite Shuts Down
5/4/2005Manga Adaption and Re-release
5/4/2005TP Talks About Growth Of Manga
5/4/2005Buddha Receives Harvey Awards Nomination
5/4/2005Kazuma Kodaka At NYC
5/4/2005Raijin Comics Loses Domain
5/4/2005More Angela Fafner Music
5/4/2005Desert Punk Website
5/4/2005Pastel Licensed
5/4/2005Yugo The Negotiator Release Changes
5/4/2005YTV Picks up 4Kids Shows
5/4/2005Howl's Moving Castle Discussion Panel Before Premiere
5/4/2005Afro Samurai Press Release
5/4/2005Japan Postal Service Issues Anime Stamps
5/4/2005AJA Brings Anti-Piracy Fight To Second Hand Books Market
5/4/2005Happy National Day in Japan
5/4/2005Stewie Leads 'Family Guy' Brand Blitz Series Makes a Triumphant Return to Fox
5/3/2005Samuel L. Jackson Gets Animated for Spike TV with 'AFRO SAMURAI'
5/3/2005Adult Swim Anime Only
5/3/2005Kiley Adds Tokyopop Publisher Title
5/3/2005Happy Constitution Day!
5/3/2005Dark Horse Announces 'Japan'
5/3/2005Geneon Announces 3 New Anime Series 'Starship Operators', 'Bottle Fairy' & 'Doki Doki School'
5/3/2005Fruits Basket Tops Bookstore Sales
5/2/2005Bandai Merges with Namco
5/2/2005Konami Sells Takara Stock
5/2/2005Pokemon TCG: EX Emerald Expansion Over 90 New Cards