Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/31/2007Shooting Begins on Oreskaband Movie Musical
10/31/2007Grandia 2 Designer to Draw Manga for Ayakashi Anime
10/31/2007Bandai America to Return to Making Dragon Ball Z Toys
10/31/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, October 23?29
10/31/2007Banpresto Announces New Gundam Goods for Prize Drawing
10/31/2007Funimation Adds Ghost Hunt Anime by 12 Kingdoms Author
10/31/2007New York Bookstore Opens with Cosplayers, Manga, Anime
10/30/2007Le Chevalier Author, Production I.G Start Sci-Fi Manga
10/30/2007Sci-Fi Channel to Air Karas, Black Jack, more
10/30/2007McDonald's Japan to Launch Sgt. Frog Happy Meals Early
10/30/2007100-Song Marathon to Mark New Prince of Tennis Videos
10/30/2007Japanese Box Office, October 27?28: Crows 0 Tops Hero
10/30/2007Murakami's Los Angeles Opening Attracts Celebrities
10/30/2007Vertical to Publish Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack Manga
10/29/2007Right Stuf's Podcast Interviews Astro Boy's Fred Ladd
10/29/2007Details of School Days Video Announced
10/29/2007Biohazard (Resident Evil) CG Anime Film Announced
10/29/2007Japan's Defense Ministry to Explore 'Realizing' Gundam
10/29/2007FanimeCon to Host Voice Actor Hidenobu Kiuchi
10/29/2007TIFF 2007 Hosts "Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor" Panel
10/29/2007Manga to Launch for Lucky Star Spinoff, La'cryma Game
10/29/2007Tokyo International Film Fest Hosts Moyashimon Panel
10/29/2007Blu, Boysenberry, Deux, DMP, Yen Announce Boys-Love Titles
10/27/2007Hiroshi ?saka Memorial Exhibit Announced
10/26/2007Variety Interviews Tokyopop CEO, Covers Film Projects
10/26/2007Funimation Clarifies Witchblade's Best-Selling Debut
10/26/2007Manga-Based Sakuran to Close Toronto Asian Film Festival
10/26/2007Waterloo Fest Screens 5cm per Second, Metro Explorers
10/26/2007Artist Takashi Murakami to Premiere Anime Short in LA
10/26/2007Classic Sh?jo Manga Anmitsu-hime Gets Television Drama
10/26/2007Illumitoon's B'tX, Beet, BoBoBo-Bo DVDs Discontinued
10/26/2007Yuri-Manga-Based Film Love My Life to Screen in L.A.
10/25/2007Animax Adds Hong Kong, Taiwan to Anime Mobile Service
10/25/2007Tokyopop's Blu Yaoi Imprint Raises Prices to US$12.99
10/25/2007USA Today Booklist, October 15?21: Naruto Yields
10/25/2007Starz Edge Network to Launch Weekly Anime Block
10/25/2007Afro Samurai Creator Takashi Okazaki Confirms Sequel
10/25/2007Japanese Poll: 87% Accept Manga Child Porn Regulation
10/25/2007New Anime Licensee Announced with Unico as 1st Title (Updated)
10/25/2007SPJA, Manga Companies Give to California Fire Evacuees
10/25/2007Negative Happy Chain Saw Edge Premieres in Tokyo
10/24/2007Tatsunoko Posts New Yatterman Promotional Movie
10/24/2007Tokyopop Plans Live-Action Remake of Ikki Tousen Manga
10/24/2007Amatsuki Fantasy Manga to be Adapted for Anime
10/24/2007Sakuran Director to Print Photo Book of Death Note's L
10/24/2007Computer-Generated Idol Miku Hatsune Gets Own Manga
10/24/2007Japanese Box Office, October 20-21: Eva Lingers at #10
10/24/2007Twins Sent to Jail for Extorting from Akihabara Otaku
10/24/2007New Anime Licensee Brings Haruhi to Russia, Baltics
10/24/2007Anime Expo's Parent Organization Adds 5 Board Members
10/23/2007ADV Posts Trailer for Magikano Magical Comedy Online
10/23/2007Yahoo! Comics Japan Launches Free Net Manga for Women
10/23/2007Japan Asks America to Stop Illegal Net Releases of Anime
10/23/2007Someday's Dreamers to be Made into Live-Action Film
10/23/2007Band Headed by Sailor Moon Actress to Perform at PMX
10/23/2007I.G Posts Trailers for Tokyo Marble Chocolate
10/23/2007Witchblade Has Best 1st-Week Sales in 2007 U.S. Anime
10/23/2007ICv2 to Host Industry Conference before NY Anime Fest
10/23/2007Sand Chronicles to be Adapted into Live-Action Film
10/22/2007Code-E Anime's Second Season Announced
10/22/2007Tokyo Anime Fair Announces Its 2008 Anime Awards Rules
10/22/2007Family Honors Anime Fan Killed While Serving in Iraq
10/22/2007Madhouse, Film Studio Nikkatsu to Open Joint US Office
10/22/2007Del Rey Author, Japanime Artist Create Manga in Wired
10/22/2007Aurora to Launch Manga Imprint Aimed at Women
10/22/2007Oshii Introduces Tachigui Sequel at Tokyo Film Fest
10/22/2007Anime Network Adds Venus Versus Virus, IATV Drops Ueki
10/21/2007Masamune Shirow Talks About Ghost Hound
10/21/2007Digital Manga Offering Prizes to Catalog Subscribers
10/20/2007Manga Sales in Japan Decline for Fifth Consecutive Year
10/20/2007Naruto Voice Actress to Appear at Naruto/Star Trek Convention
10/19/2007Official Shin Chan Cologne, Eau de Toilette on Sale
10/19/2007World Cosplay Summit 2008's Italian Finalists Chosen
10/19/2007Death Note's English Dub Premieres on Web, Television
10/19/2007Variety Covers New Anime Movies with Directors' Quotes
10/19/2007Morning International Manga Winner's Mag Cover Posted
10/18/2007Two Senior Executives Leave Funimation
10/18/2007Manga Cafe Resident Arrested for Attempted Robbery
10/18/2007SPJA Starts Anime Expo Con Chair Search
10/18/2007USA Today Booklist, October 8?14: Naruto Adds to Gains
10/18/2007Gundam 00 Opening Theme Tops Japanese Singles Chart
10/18/2007Funimation Arranges Vexille, One Piece Movie Showings
10/18/2007Half-Year Anime DVD Sales Figures for Japan Released
10/18/2007Ru Igurashi's 10th Fan Questionnaire Results Posted
10/17/2007Animate TV to Stream Higurashi Kai Online for Free
10/17/2007G4techTV Canada to Run Requiem, Black Lagoon Anime
10/17/2007Protoculture Addicts #93 Has Shipped
10/17/2007DMP Employee Volunteered for Yaoi-Con Bish?nen Auction
10/17/2007Bandai Entertainment Posts Zegapain, Haruhi Videos
10/17/2007Japan's 1st Non-Profit Cosplay Organization Formed
10/17/2007Tokyo's Akihabara District to Test Electronic Guides
10/17/2007Theatrical Play of 3 Tezuka Stories to Premiere in DC
10/17/2007Code Geass DVD Magazine to Include Sequel Promo Video (Updated)
10/16/2007ADV, IGN Stream Entire 1st Episode of Pumpkin Scissors
10/16/2007BusinessWeek Profiles CG Astro Boy, Gatchaman's Imagi
10/16/2007Negima!?, Umi no Tairiku Manga Restart at BonBon's End
10/16/20071st Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire Still Posted
10/16/2007Japanese Box Office, October 13-14: Eva Hangs on at #9
10/16/2007Akihabara Manga Festival Schedule Announced
10/15/2007Death Note Films to Premiere in United Kingdom
10/15/2007Japanese Animators, Directors Establish First Union
10/15/2007Saiyuki Reload Burial OVA 2's Promo Video Posted
10/15/2007PMX Hosts Seiy? Yukana, Claymore's Director & Designer
10/15/2007Nagasaki Anime Film on Atom Bomb to Show in New York
10/15/2007Book on Underground Manga Given Authorized Translation
10/14/2007"Itasha" Tear Up The Track in Chiba
10/13/2007NANA Movies on Canada's Omni TV
10/13/2007Mushishi, Dororo Adaptations Win at Sitges Film Festival
10/12/2007Fighting Spirit Creator Designs Women's Boxing Poster
10/12/2007Slam Dunk, Vagabond's Inoue to Visit NYC in November
10/12/2007Fullmetal Alchemist Movie on Canada's YTV October 19
10/12/2007Taiwanese County Warns of Death Note, Others Defend It
10/12/2007Moon Phase Episodes, 5cm per Second Trailer Posted
10/12/2007Japan's Yukikaze Blu-ray Box to Add English Dub, Subs
10/12/2007Hawaii Film Fest Screens Appleseed Sequel, Coo, Hokuro
10/12/2007Production I.G Confirms Details of New TV Special
10/11/2007Hoshin Artist to Adapt Shiki by Twelve Kingdoms Author
10/11/2007Kawai Holds Orchestral Concert, Oshii Hosts Radio Show
10/11/2007New York Anime Festival Announces New Guests
10/11/2007Eva: 1.0, Gundam Game Win in Digital Contents Grand Prix
10/11/2007USA Today Booklist, October 1?7: 3 Naruto Books Enter
10/11/2007Toei's Anime Comic Phone Channel Wins MIPCOM Award
10/11/2007Station Cites Principal's Arrest for Pulling Nymphet
10/10/2007Videos for Dragon Ball Z Game, Kodomo no Jikan Posted
10/10/2007Japanese Box Office, October 6-7: Eva Stays at #8
10/10/2007Voice Actor Kenjiro Tsuda to Be at Pacific Media Expo
10/10/2007Live-Action Films Planned from Manga Creators' Stories
10/10/2007Promo Video for Gonzo's Druaga Fantasy Anime Posted
10/10/2007Dark Horse Drops Monthly Blade of the Immortal Issues
10/10/2007A.D. Vision Lays off 13 Employees, Shifts Priorities
10/9/2007Miyazaki, Supporters Raise 73 Million Yen For Forest Preservation
10/9/20072nd Japanese TV Station Removes Nymphet from Schedule
10/9/2007Kyoto Hosts Sengoku Era-Themed Anime/Game Event (Updated)
10/9/2007Sayonara Zetsub? Sensei's 2nd Season in 2008 Confirmed
10/9/2007Manga-Inspired Films Screen in Los Angeles in November
10/9/2007Tatsunoko's Yatterman Remade for Broadcast in January
10/9/2007Death Note Confirmed to Air on Canada's YTV October 26
10/9/2007Librarians Nominate Death Note for Book Award
10/9/2007Nyoro Nyolo
10/9/2007Yatterman Remake to Take Kekkaishi's 'Golden' Timeslot (Updated)
10/8/2007Viz, T.U.K. Offer Limited-Edition Bleach Street Shoes
10/8/2007Japan's TV Tama Takes Nymphet, Higurashi off Schedule
10/8/2007AZN TV to Begin Saiyuki Reload Gunlock on October 29
10/8/2007Dear Boys Basketball Manga to be Made into Musical
10/8/2007Tokyo FM Broadcasts, Uploads 1st Radio Ghibli Episode
10/8/2007Media Blasters, Del Rey Announce New Manga Licenses
10/8/2007Junko Mizuno to Appear at Signings at Kidrobot LA, NY
10/8/2007Nelvana, Media Blasters, WEP Sign HP for Online Video Store
10/6/2007Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Preview Screening Report
10/6/2007Geneon USA President & CEO Sends Message to Fans
10/6/2007Seattle Theater Screens 5cm Per Second
10/5/2007Japan Tour to Visit Vampire Hunter D Creators, Pierrot
10/5/2007New Kindaichi Anime, H20 Game-Based Anime Announced
10/5/2007Japanese Man Arrested for Selling Pirated Ghibli DVDs
10/5/2007First Teaser Image of CG Astro Boy Footage Posted
10/5/2007Utada's Record-Breaking Downloads Broken Down by Song
10/5/2007Naruto Wii Game Promoted with Ramen Eating Contest
10/5/2007Mamoru Oshii's Tachigui Film Runs on AZN TV October 25
10/5/2007Manga: The Complete Guide Launches in NJ, California
10/5/2007Dark Crystal Comic Creators, Viz Senior VP Interviewed
10/4/2007Eva 1.0 Theme Helps Singer Set Digital Download Record
10/4/2007Viz Goes Live with Blue Dragon Website
10/4/2007Anime Expo Looking for Office Manager
10/4/2007Books from Dengeki, Kino's Journey Author Gets Anime
10/4/2007Clannad "Canned Bread" Promotion Launched
10/4/2007Jump Square, Kaiji, Strait Jacket Promo Videos Posted
10/4/2007Shokotan Works with Fans to Create Manga, Anime
10/4/2007Japanese Officials Reprimanded for Gundam Wikipedia Updates
10/4/2007Special A Sh?jo Manga to be Animated for Television
10/4/2007Manga Section to be Set Up in 900 Trans World Stores
10/4/2007CW to Replace Kids' WB! Block with 4Kids on Saturdays (Updated)
10/4/2007Websites for Astro Boy, Super Robot Wars OVA Launched
10/4/2007USA Today Booklist, September 24-30: Naruto Lingers
10/4/2007Goth Novel Slated for Hollywood Adaptation
10/4/2007Anime Films Vie for First Asia Pacific Screen Awards
10/3/2007IDW Publishes Umezu's Reptilia as Its First Manga
10/3/2007Nominees for Japan's Media Arts Festival Announced (Updated)
10/3/2007Evangelion: 1.0 is Now Top Grossing Eva Movie
10/3/20071st Sci-Fi/Fantasy Video-On-Demand Channel Shows Anime
10/3/2007Anime Pitched for Distribution at American Film Market
10/3/2007First Slam Dunk Basketball Scholarship Awarded
10/3/2007Bandai Visual USA to Release Tokyo Metro Explorers
10/2/2007ADV Manga Wakes Up
10/2/2007Kadokawa Group to Merge ASCII, MediaWorks Subsidiaries
10/2/2007I, Otaku Manga Contest Looks for Best Otaku Collections
10/2/2007Freelance Writer Wanted for Protoculture Addicts
10/2/2007Glass Fleet, Jing OAV, Tokyo Majin Previews Posted
10/2/2007Newest Gosh?sh?-sama Ninomiya-kun Promo Video Posted
10/2/2007New York Anime Festival to Host World Cosplay Summit
10/2/2007Junko Mizuno, 2 New Book Authors, Battle Royale Editor Interviewed
10/2/2007TokiKake, Atagoal, Brave Story in Chicago October 5-14
10/2/2007My Ham, Rosario + Vampire, Druaga Promo Videos Posted
10/2/2007Case Closed for Detective Conan? Not Quite
10/1/2007Notes near Body Parts in Belgium Linked to Death Note
10/1/2007Japanese Box Office, September 29-30: Eva Down to #8
10/1/2007Canada's CBC Airs Spirited Away with Edits for Time
10/1/2007Mysterious Cities of Gold DVDs in UK in 2008, US Later
10/1/2007Toshiba, Manganovel Offer User-Translated Manga Online
10/1/2007NY Int'l Children's Film Fest Screens The Cat Returns
10/1/2007Viz Sponsors Night at NYC's Blood Manor Attraction
10/1/2007Fifth Digimon Season Premieres on Toon Disney Monday
10/1/2007Naruto Takes Top 3 on Nielsen Bookscan, 14 of Top 50
10/1/2007Mameushi Children's Picture Book Adapted as TV Anime
10/1/2007Shigofumi: ~Stories of Last Letter~ Anime Confirmed