Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/30/2007Susan Napier presents new book on American anime fans
3/30/2007Manga to Anime: From Astro Boy to Spirited Away at the Smithsonian
3/30/2007Titan gives British readers Oh! My Goddess, Eden
3/30/2007Kinokuniya to move flagship NYC store
3/30/2007Staff details for Miyazaki's next project
3/30/2007Sexy Voice and Robo becomes live-action TV series
3/30/2007Aurora Publishing enters English-language manga market
3/30/ confirms Libre/CPM dispute
3/30/2007Ah! My Goddess Season 2 Website Open
3/29/2007ADV brings anime to XBox Live
3/29/2007TAF 2007: Satelite Works With French Animators on Valerian Anime
3/29/2007TAF 2007: 5cm per Second Director Interview Online
3/29/2007TAF 2007: TAF Attendance Figures Announced
3/28/2007Anime Expo Announces First Guest of Honor
3/28/2007Hellsing III OVA Trailer Available
3/28/2007Blue Dragon to be Toriyama's Final Anime?
3/27/2007BusinessWeek Article on Anime
3/27/2007Anime Network Expands in Midwest
3/27/200710th Anniversary of Pokemon in Japan
3/27/2007TAF 2007: A-1 Pictures Discusses Ookiku Furikabutte
3/26/2007Japanese Box Office Update
3/26/2007Japanese AX Tour PR Correction
3/25/2007Emile Hirsch confirmed as live-action Speed Racer
3/25/2007Japanese companies Unite for Film/Anime/Game Festival
3/25/2007Bandai sublicenses Galaxy Angel Rune
3/24/2007I.G. and Kazuto Nakazawa to Animate "Asience: Hairy Tails"
3/24/2007Japanese Tour to Anime Expo
3/24/2007TAF 2007: Baccano! TV Anime Announcements
3/23/2007Shirow Masamune and Production I.G. Announce Ghost Hound
3/23/2007Makihara files suit against Matsumoto
3/23/2007TAF 2007: All Japan Anime "Knowledge Test" Announced
3/23/2007New Anime Central Guests: Nightow and Zinguji
3/22/2007TAF 2007: Shin SOS Dai Tokyo Taikenkai in Japanese theatres in May
3/22/2007Errata: Freedom HD-DVD Release
3/22/2007Shinchosha Announces Digital Manga Magazine
3/22/2007Classic Robotech Songs Remixed In New CD
3/21/2007Fred Schodt on Osamu Tezuka coming in September
3/21/2007Naruto Movie to Premiere in Theaters
3/21/2007Imagi releases Gatchaman Concept Art
3/21/2007Anime at the Egyptian Theater on March 31st
3/21/2007Motley Fool says: 4Kids Not 4 Me
3/20/2007Ponyo Above a Cliff Illustration
3/20/2007Freedom set for simultaneous US/Japan HD-DVD release
3/20/2007Manga publisher claims US releases are illegal
3/20/2007Fruits Basket Final Volume, Fanbook Released in Japan
3/20/2007Dragon Ball Online (MMO) To Be Released in 2008
3/20/2007Blogging from the Tokyo Anime Fair
3/19/2007Satoshi Kon in Washington, DC on April 14
3/19/2007Next Studio Ghibli Projects Announced
3/19/2007Results of 6th Annual Tokyo Anime Awards Announced
3/19/2007Production I.G. Screenwriter to Visit Eastern Europe
3/19/2007Japanese Box Office Update
3/18/2007Live-action Lupin in the Philippines
3/16/2007Highlander: The Search for Vengeance Trailer Released
3/15/2007Japanese Box Office Update
3/15/2007Protoculture Addicts
3/15/2007Cartoon Network Renews Prince of Tennis, M?R
3/15/2007'Kekkaishi' wins 52nd Shogakukan Manga Award
3/15/2007Clannad to become TV anime
3/14/2007Bandai Picks up Galaxy Angel AA
3/14/2007Anime Network Adds Linear Channels in Texas
3/14/2007Errata: Broccoli Books Distribution
3/14/2007Nodame Cantabile Album Awarded
3/14/2007Tokyo Anime Center Admits 300,000
3/14/2007Red Garden OVA Announced
3/14/2007Negima Drama In Doubt?
3/13/2007New Viz manga licenses
3/13/2007Funimation Adds Gunslinger Girl, Basilisk to iTunes
3/13/2007New English Toei Website
3/13/2007Anime / Manga Based Films Dominate Japanese Boxoffice
3/13/2007Code Geass Scores Magazine Cover Trifecta
3/13/2007HUGE Lupin DVD Box Photos
3/13/2007Astroboy Specialty Shop To Open In Fukuokashi Hakataku Sumiyoshi
3/13/2007NHK Anime Docu TV Program Updates
3/13/2007The Laughing Man Hacks You!
3/13/2007NANA2 DVD To Feature Multiple Camera Angle Footage
3/13/2007Mushishi Debuts In Japan
3/13/2007Buena Vista Declares Next Gen Format War Over / Releases Ghibli Work On Blu-Ray
3/13/2007enius Party World Premiere Set
3/13/2007500,000 Death Note DVD Sets Readied
3/13/2007Wii Naruto Game To Feature America-Exclusive Content
3/13/2007Dragon Dynasty Gets Riki Oh
3/13/2007Viz Gets Live Action Ping Pong
3/13/20072006: Anime Dominates DVD Sales In Japan
3/13/2007Shoko Nakagawa To Release Anime Cover Songs Mini-Album
3/13/2007Kissdum: Engage Planet - Production Dry Run Before Macross?
3/11/2007Legends of Corocoro 10 Comic Series Debuts in May
3/11/2007New Kyo Kara Maoh OVA in production
3/11/2007New Bokusatsu Tenshi Anime Announced
3/11/2007Much Music Beck Marathon
3/10/2007Ghibli Museum Director Interview Online
3/10/2007Speed Racer release date confirmed
3/9/2007Death Note Book PCs
3/9/2007Sweden's Queen to Visit Studio Ghibli Museum
3/9/2007Keroro Gunso Season 4
3/9/2007Follow Up: Victor Voice Actress Auditions for Macross
3/9/2007Production I.G animates Maaya Sakamoto music video
3/9/2007Live-action Slam Dunk movie in production
3/9/2007Tofu Records to Re-Organize
3/9/2007Kemonozume DVD release date announced
3/9/2007Voice Actress Haruko Momoi Releases Chiptune Album
3/9/2007Hayate Cross Blade Talking Organizer Unveiled
3/9/2007Infinity Studios Delays Iono-sama Fanatics
3/9/2007Bandai to Release Haruhi CD Same Date as DVD
3/8/2007Irvine to Offer More Anime and Manga Courses
3/8/2007Afro Samurai to Air on Japanese TV in May
3/8/2007New Evangelion Game
3/8/2007Tokyopop Announces Rising Stars 7 Online Voting
3/8/2007ADV Schedules 009-1
3/8/2007Dark Horse Delays
3/8/2007Subtitled Gegege no Kitaro Trailer
3/8/2007Dark Horse and Broccoli Books Move to Diamond
3/8/2007WCS 2007 Date Announced
3/8/2007Geneon to Release Shonen Onmyoji
3/8/2007New Season of Code Geass
3/8/2007Eminence to do Romeo X Juliet Music
3/8/2007Geneon / Bandai Visual USA Solicit Gunbuster 2 Release
3/8/2007Geneon / Bandai Visual USA Solicit Demon Prince Enma
3/7/2007Funimation Channel Expands to New York
3/7/2007Hellsing Staff to Attend Animagic in Germany
3/7/2007One Piece Movie 8 Box Office Results
3/6/2007New Prince of Tennis Anime in the Works
3/6/2007Kodansha announces international manga competition
3/6/2007Manga Toilet Paper Announced
3/6/2007Hellsing Ultimate Volume 2 Details
3/5/2007Young Sunday and Yahoo! Japan Hold Charity Auction
3/5/20072007 Tokyo Game Show Announced
3/5/2007Former Cartoon Network VP Joins ADV
3/5/2007Beck Marathon on MuchMusic
3/5/2007Bleach Coming to Latin America
3/5/2007Giant Gundam Lantern
3/5/2007Anime at the Hong Kong International Film Festival
3/5/2007Butler Cafe Opens in Akiba April 1st
3/5/2007Bandai Visual USA new licenses and distribution deal
3/5/2007Geneon to Release When They Cry - Higurashi
3/4/2007Hokuto no Ken Online Game Announced
3/4/2007Ouran High School Host Club Dating Sim in the Works
3/4/2007Kamichama Karin Anime Premeires Next Month in Japan
3/4/2007Japanese Anime Classic Collection Drops April 27
3/3/2007Central Park Media to re-release Fencer of Minerva, Sins of the Sisters
3/3/2007Appleseed 2 trailer released
3/3/2007Four Anime Among Top-10 Japanese Movies
3/3/2007Aperture Press to publish collection of cosplay photographs
3/3/2007Reideen trailers
3/2/2007Memories on Encore Action
3/2/2007ADV Launches Kurau Phantom Memory Site
3/2/2007Go!Comi To Publish Wendy Pini Original Series
3/2/2007Nausicaa Screening in Washington, DC
3/2/2007Doujjin Work Gets Anime Adaptation
3/2/2007Di Gi Charat Nyo, Tide-Line Blue in May
3/2/2007Gundam PS3 Game Sets Sales Records in Japan