Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/31/2007Universal, Hong-Kong-Based Director to Remake Shinobi
7/31/2007Manga for American iPhone Users Promised by Voice Bank
7/31/2007Halko Momoi Sends Letter to North American Fans
7/31/2007Director Kobun Shizuno at New York Anime Festival
7/31/2007Naisho no Tsubomi, Kaiji, Noramimi TV Anime Announced
7/30/2007Kenji Kawai, L'Arc-en-Ciel to Create Gundam 00's Music
7/30/2007Death Note's L Spinoff to Open on February 9 in Japan
7/30/2007Genius Party's Premiere Dates at Kennedy Center Set
7/30/2007Japanese Box Office, July 21?22: Coo debuts at #8
7/29/2007Comic-Con International 2007 - Final Panel Update
7/29/2007CMX Gets A Girl Who Runs Through Time Manga, More (Updated)
7/29/2007Errata: Milleni+M creator of J-Idol Audition
7/29/2007Old Boy Wins Eisner Award
7/28/2007Del Rey Confirms Manga, Novel, Fan Guide Licenses
7/28/2007Dark Horse Signs CLAMP to 2009 Sh?jo Manga Title (Updated)
7/28/2007Funimation Licenses Appleseed Production Team's Upcoming Vexille
7/28/2007Viz Announces More Arina Tanemura Manga
7/28/2007CMX Licenses Crayon Shin-chan
7/28/2007Comic-Con International 2007 - List of New Licenses and Titles
7/27/2007Yen Press Picks Up New Manga from Akita Shoten, Mediaworks
7/27/2007Seven Seas Acquires Two Yuri Manga, Two Yuri Novels
7/27/2007Broccoli Books to Release Natsumi Mukai's Nui! Manga
7/27/2007Harmony Gold Starts Work on Shadow Chronicles Sequel
7/27/2007AnimEigo Giving Out Yawara Volume 1
7/27/2007Viz to Serialize Bleach, Publish Slam Dunk
7/27/2007Anime Bento Festival to Show 4 Movies in 250 Theaters
7/27/2007Salon Magazine Looks at Death Note
7/26/2007Fantasia: Tekkonkinkreet Best Animated Film
7/26/2007USA Today Booklist: July 17-22: Naruto Hangs On
7/26/2007Viz Adds Nana TV, Honey and Clover TV, More Death Note (Updated)
7/25/2007Starz to Air Richard Roeper Anime Special in December
7/25/2007Funimation Reveals Dragon Ball Z Broly Blu-Ray Details
7/25/2007Int'l Manga Runner-Up Posts Report, Sees 2nd Printing
7/25/2007Gonzo's Romeo ? Juliet English Trailer, Special Online
7/25/2007New York Mag Excerpts Pages of Tezuka's Apollo's Song
7/25/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 18?July 24
7/25/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, July 17?July 23
7/24/2007UK Tokonatsu Anime Festival Combines Con with Camping
7/24/2007Myself;Yourself Anime Airs in October with KAORI Song
7/24/2007Anime Network's 24/7 Service Adds Two Kansas Providers
7/24/2007Japanese Volunteers Transcribe Manga for Blind People
7/24/2007Baltimore Group Pegs Otakon's Impact at US$21 Million
7/24/2007AZN Television to Air Moon Phase, Kakurenbo in August
7/24/2007Innocent Venus #1 Streamed For Free by ADV
7/24/2007Yen Press Adds ICE Kunion's Manhwa Licenses, Editor
7/23/2007Otakon 2008 Dates Announced
7/23/2007Otakon 2007 - Videos
7/23/2007Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 to Run in August
7/23/2007Human-Sized Evangelion Spear Exhibited, Auctioned
7/23/2007Japanese Manga File-Sharer Sentenced to One Year Term
7/23/2007Bandai Visual Starts English Version of Dot-Anime Site
7/23/2007Shin-Ei to Air Time-Traveling War Fable of Two Walnuts
7/23/2007Labyrinth Detective Manga Animated by Deen for TV
7/23/2007Japanese Box Office, July 21?22: Piano no Mori at #9
7/23/2007Funimation Reduces Staff, Reportedly by 10%
7/21/2007Bandai Entertainment Adds Code Geass, Three More Anime (Updated)
7/21/2007Otakon Highlight Reel: Day 1
7/21/2007Media Blasters Confirms Anime Expo Licenses at Otakon
7/20/2007Two in Thai Maid Cafe Arrested, "Obscene" Manga Seized
7/20/2007Japanese Museum Holds Totoro Plushie Exhibition
7/20/2007Megazone PS3 Site Opens, Gegege no Kitar? Heads to Wii
7/20/2007Bandai Visual, Dark Horse, ImaginAsian Exec Interviews
7/20/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 20?July 17
7/20/2007Funimation Acquires Baldr Force EXE Resolution Anime
7/20/2007USA Today Booklist, July 9?16: Kingdom Hearts II Rises
7/20/2007Navarre's animeOnline Shuts Down, Promises Re-Launch
7/20/2007Funimation Adds Ouran Host Club, Sasami: Magical Girl Club (Updated)
7/20/2007ADV Licenses Moonlight Mile, Venus Versus Virus, Jing OAVs (Updated)
7/20/2007Clannad Movie and Eva:1.0 Trailers, Geass #1-23 Online
7/19/2007More Genius Party, Stranger, Phantasia Videos Posted
7/19/2007Gundam's Voice of Amuro Pilots Wii Game Demo
7/19/2007Bamboo Blade TV Anime Revealed, D.C. II to Air in Fall
7/19/2007Media Blasters Sets Dates for Phoenix, New Licenses
7/19/2007Sony Confirms Tekkonkinkreet Blu-Ray Disc, DVD Details
7/19/2007Tokyo International Film Festival to Launch Online Component
7/19/2007Back-On to Perform at Virginia's Anime USA 2007
7/19/2007Osaka Police Sweeps 70 Stores for "Harmful" Sh?jo Mags - Update
7/19/2007Canada's YTV to Premiere Death Note Anime in September
7/19/2007801 Media Schedules New Boys-Love Titles for 2008
7/18/2007Hana-Kimi Drama Searches for Most Handsome Boy?or Girl
7/18/2007TokiMemo Online Holds Graduation Ceremony for Shutdown
7/18/2007Gundam's Father, Voices to Unveil 18m, Life-Size Robot
7/18/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, June 26?July 16
7/18/2007Code Geass, Moetan, Entire Shigurui Episode Previewed
7/18/2007Free Mushi-Shi Showings in New York, Texas July 23-24
7/18/2007Kyoto Museum Exhibits Genius Party, CoroCoro, Terra E?
7/18/2007Protoculture Addicts #92 Shipped
7/18/20071980s Idol Miki Imai Sings Lupin III TV Special Theme
7/17/2007Production I.G Posts More Kanno Interview, Less Profit
7/17/2007Megazone 23 on PS3, Code Geass on DS, Doraemon on Wii
7/17/2007Actor Sonny Chiba to Appoint Successor to Inherit Name
7/17/2007Ryofuko-chan Anime Videos Announced for December Start
7/17/2007Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season Anime Announced
7/17/2007Japanese Box Office, July 14?15: 10th Pok?mon at #1
7/17/2007Gonzo, Trinity Blood Director Make Five Killers Pilot
7/17/2007Comic BonBon Ends in 2007, Sh?nen Rival Starts April
7/16/2007Ghibli Airs Special on Totoro, Mononoke Scenery Artist
7/16/2007Tokyopop Posts World-Manga-Based Animation on MySpace
7/16/2007Gundam's Amuro, Japan's Prime Minister Bring Out Vote
7/16/2007Funimation Thinking Blu-Ray While Geneon Waits
7/16/2007Chika Umino, Kazuhiro Kumagai, Shokotan's Newest Manga
7/16/2007MegaMan Star Force Heading to Cartoon Network in August
7/16/2007Stranger, Yes! Pre-Cure 5 Movie Trailers Posted Online (Updated)
7/15/2007Wooden Gundam Close-Up Pictures Posted
7/15/2007Otakon Schedule Online
7/13/2007Lupin III's Monkey Punch to Judge World Cosplay Summit
7/13/2007Interview: Chase Wang on Anime Expo 2007
7/13/2007Japan's Yokohama Doll Museum Hosts 400-Pok?mon Diorama
7/13/2007Viz Confirms Full Moon's Tanemura at Comic-Con 2007
7/13/2007Life-Size Gundam Attraction's Details Revealed Online (Updated)
7/13/2007Paprika Still in North American Theaters for 8th Week
7/12/2007Free Tokyo Anime Award Film Festival in Akihabara
7/12/2007Genius Party's Next Genius Contest Winners Announced
7/12/2007Free Saturday Akihabara Tours Offered to Foreigners
7/12/2007Internet TV Startup to Add Slayers, More from Gong
7/12/2007Printer Group Require Adult D?jinshi to Label Contents
7/12/2007Gundam's Char DVD Player Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
7/12/2007Olivia's Autographed Guitar on Auction for PMX Benefit
7/12/2007Death Note TV Special to be Three-Hour Director's Cut
7/12/2007USA Today Booklist, July 2?8: Naruto Climbs
7/11/2007Exclusive S.K.I.N. Photos and Videos
7/11/2007ImaginAsian TV to Air Kamichu!, Paradise Kiss, Ayakashi
7/11/2007Glass Rabbit to Screen in Vancouver on July 28
7/11/2007Vexille Opens Locarno Fest, Streams First Ten Minutes
7/11/2007Ace Assault Starts, Comic Jumbo & Sh?nen Fang Suspends
7/11/2007I.G, BMG Japan Launch Tokyo Marble Chocolate Website (Updated)
7/11/2007Kodansha Launches 2nd International Manga Competition
7/11/2007TotalVid Sells Funimation Anime Subscription, Downloads
7/11/2007Tekkonkinkreet Trailer for NYC, LA, Portland Showings
7/10/2007Japanese Toy Manufacturer Alter Warns Consumers
7/10/2007Megatokyo to Publish in Japan via Kodansha
7/10/2007Sunrise Music Videos, Themes Added to iTunes Japan
7/10/2007Namco Bandai Targets 60 Billion Yen on Gundam This Year
7/10/2007Code Geass Episodes 24, 25's Japanese Airing Scheduled
7/10/2007Yoko Ishida, FICE to Perform at Virginia's Akiba Fest
7/10/2007Shonen Jump's Neuro to be Animated on Japanese TV
7/9/2007Inuyasha Movie 3, 4 to Stream on Adult Swim Fix
7/8/2007Professional Group Lauds Anime/Manga Festival
7/8/2007Kanye West Music Video Inspired by Akira
7/8/2007Errata: Geneon to release Chop Socky Chooks
7/7/2007Del Rey Unveils First 2008 Titles
7/6/2007British Museum Hosts Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell, More
7/6/2007Anime Expo 2007 - Masquerade Winners Wanted
7/6/2007Bleach to Arrive on Nintendo Wii, DS in North America
7/6/2007Aquarion Movie Set for Fall Premiere in Japan
7/6/2007Bones' Stranger Movie, Haruhi Event Posts New Videos
7/6/2007I.G Adds Sakamoto Talk, Asience & Ghost Hound Videos
7/5/2007NetComics Adds cm0, Three Times Before the Kiss, More
7/5/2007Clamp in Wonderland 2 to Arrive on DVD, CD in Japan
7/5/2007Second Haruhi Season to be Announced
7/5/2007Live-Action Negima! Female Cast Revealed
7/5/2007Production I.G Announces Mag Garden Merger
7/3/2007Media Blasters Unveils New Licenses
7/2/2007Anime Expo to Move to New Venue for 2008
7/2/2007Breaking News: Halko Momoi Slams Anime Expo on Blog
7/2/2007Tokyopop Acquires Jyu Oh Sei Manga
7/2/2007Manga Entertainment to Release Strait Jacket
7/1/2007Anime Expo Photo Galleries, More Videos Added
7/1/2007Bandai Entertainment Licenses Gundam Seed Destiny Specials, Silent Mobius films, AIKa, AIKa R-16
7/1/2007Funimation to Release Love Hina, Jyo Oh Sei, Darker than Black, XXXHolic, more Tsubasa, more Negima
7/1/2007Halko Momoi Cancels Day's Appearances at Anime Expo 2007
7/1/2007DrMaster to Release Metro Survive, Yasushi Suzuki Titles
7/1/2007Dark Horse Licenses Gantz, Blood+, More
7/1/2007Funimation Confirms One Piece Dub Cast
7/1/2007AX Back Stage Hosts Videos