Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/28/2007Gonzo Halts Romeo?Juliet Fansub with FUNimation's Help
9/28/2007Arakawa's Hero Tales Television Commercial Posted
9/28/2007Singapore's Odex Subs Haruhi with Similar Text to Fansub
9/28/2007Funimation's New One Piece Dub Starts Saturday
9/28/2007Italian Police Confiscate 80,000 Pirated Anime DVDs
9/28/2007Ru Igurashi's 10th Annual Anime Fan Questionnaire
9/28/2007H.I.S. Holds Tours of Studio 4?C, Ghibli Museum, More
9/27/2007Warner Bros., Weinstein to Release AstroBoy, Gatchaman
9/27/2007Bandai Visual USA Makes Website 'Interim Retail Center'
9/27/2007Ghibli's Takahata, Paprika, Geass Win Anime Kobe Awards
9/27/2007Haruhi PSP Adventure Game's Promotional Movie Posted
9/27/2007USA Today Booklist, September 17-23: Naruto Hangs On
9/27/20071st of New Evangelion Remakes Seen Over 1 Million Times
9/27/2007Bamboo Blade, Prism Ark, Sketchbook Videos Posted
9/26/2007Maguire, WB attack the big screen with 'Robotech'
9/26/2007Spirited Away's Canadian Network Premiere on Sunday
9/26/2007Gaia Online Streams 2 Full Episodes of Kiddy Grade
9/26/2007Last School Days Episode's 1st Run to be on Satellite
9/26/2007Geneon USA to Cancel DVD Sales, Distribution by Friday
9/26/2007Image Launches Color Comic from Petit Eva Creator
9/26/2007Tokyopop Hiring for Executive, Editorial, Support Jobs
9/25/2007Preempted School Days Episode to Show at Tokyo Event
9/25/2007Kite Liberator, Pumpkin Scissors Trailers Posted
9/25/2007Crayon Shin-chan Theme Park to Open in His 'Hometown'
9/25/2007Tokyopop's Diaz-Przybyl, DC Comics' Nee Promoted
9/25/2007Japan Plans to Toughen Copyright Law on Downloads
9/25/2007Less Punch In Your Pocky
9/25/2007Film Magazine Interviews Speed Racer's Emile Hirsch
9/25/2007Morning's Elec-King Cartoon Strip Gets Anime
9/25/2007Blade of Phantom Master Anime Trailer Posted Online
9/25/2007Japanese Box Office, September 15?16, 22-23: Eva Drops
9/25/2007Naruto Movie Debuted at #25 on Nielsen's VideoScan 100
9/25/2007Beta Test Announced for Gundam Tactics Online
9/25/2007Prime Minister Fukuda to Govern without Manga Fan As?
9/24/2007Rose of Versailles Author Adapts Korean Drama as Manga
9/24/2007'A Country Doctor' Wins Ottawa Animation Fest's Prize
9/24/2007Viz Pictures Licenses 1st Film from Funky Forest Trio
9/24/2007Japan's Ghibli Museum Library to Add Russian Snow Queen
9/24/2007Bones Co-Founder Hiroshi ?saka Passes Away at 44
9/24/2007Variety Asia Talks with Viz Pictures Executives
9/24/2007Media Blasters Announces Collection Details
9/24/2007ADV, Bandai Visual Set Release Dates
9/24/ Launches Worldwide Convention Map
9/24/2007Py? to Fuku! Jaguar Live-Action Movie Casting Announced
9/24/2007Fukuda Wins Party Leadership Election over Manga Fan As?
9/24/2007Survey: Server Names
9/24/20072nd Axe-Slashing Incident Does Not Preempt Higurashi
9/24/2007Anime Bento Fest Screens Lupin III, Karas This Week
9/21/2007ADV Films, Geneon USA Distribution Deal Cancelled
9/21/2007Good Things Come in Green Packages
9/21/2007Live-Action Negima's Television Commercial Posted
9/21/2007Rock Bands LiN CLOVER, Thee Out Mods to Perform at PMX
9/21/2007Cinderalla's Mizuno to Appear in California October 6
9/21/2007Batman, Lost's Dini to Work on Gatchaman Film Script
9/21/2007Dentsu, ADV Films Confirm Withdrawal of Geneon Deal
9/21/2007KBS Kyoto Station Also Preempts Higurashi Kai
9/21/2007Japanese Popular Culture's CoFesta Opens in Tokyo
9/20/2007World Bank Turns 1 World into Anime-Style Short
9/20/2007USA Today Booklist: September 10-16: Naruto Drops
9/20/2007Mononoke Adapter Neil Gaiman Visits Studio Ghibli
9/20/2007Borders to Promote Sony's E-Book Reader Device
9/20/2007Astro Boy Essays Author, Tokyopop Editor, Japanime Head Interviewed
9/20/2007Death Note Confirmed to Air on Adult Swim October 20
9/20/2007Higurashi Kai Preempted "Due to Various Circumstances" (Updated)
9/19/2007CMX Adds 2 Yagami Manga, Confirms First 2 Flex Titles
9/19/2007Viz Pictures Licenses Live-Action Death Note Films
9/19/2007Anime Weekend Atlanta to Premiere New One Piece Dub
9/19/2007New Jersey's Yurisai to Host U.S. Premiere of Simoun
9/19/2007Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA's DVD Trailer Posted
9/19/2007Manga Entertainment Expands Anime Download Offerings
9/19/2007Minneapolis College Holds Annual Manga/Anime Workshop
9/19/2007Last School Days Episode Preempted by Real-Life Crime
9/19/2007ZARD Memorial Concert Held at Nippon Bud?kan
9/18/2007Witchblade Anime Episode 1 Streamed Online
9/18/20071st Anime Major in Japanese Public University Planned
9/18/2007Japanese Man Arrested for Auctioning Illegal DVD Copies
9/18/2007Manga Pioneer Osamu Tezuka's Editor Passes Away at 84
9/18/2007Virginia's Akiba Fest Ball Hosts Salia, Psychic Lover
9/18/2007Lone Wolf and Cub Writer Starts Copyright Info Company
9/18/2007Kite Anime Sequel's Trailer Released
9/18/2007Paprika, Jin-Roh to Come to High-Def Disc
9/18/2007HoiHoi-san Television Anime Report Retracted
9/18/2007Free Magazine for Japanese Cosplay Events Launched
9/17/2007Thai Maid Cafe Shuts Down
9/17/2007Studio Gonzo Designs Robot for Live-Action Film
9/17/2007Spain's Sitges Film Festival Announces Selections
9/17/2007HaruToki 3, Monochrome Factor Anime Formally Announced
9/17/2007Anime/Manga Stocks Drop as As?'s Rival Leads in Polls
9/17/2007Kujira, Pico Promotional Videos Posted
9/17/2007This Week's Anime Bento Film Showings Hosted by Guests
9/17/2007Canada's Razer to Premiere Shin Chan on September 17
9/13/2007Haruhi Game Showcased with Interactive 3D Web Haruhi
9/13/2007UK's AnimeCentral Channel Launches on Sky Digital
9/13/2007Manga Artists Win 20-Million-Yen Suit versus Uploaders
9/13/2007UK's Propeller TV Expands Anime Network to Daily Block
9/13/2007Translator Schodt Speaks on The Four Immigrants Manga
9/13/2007Obscene Manga Artist Ordered to Pay 300,000-Yen Fine
9/13/2007Viz VP, Robotech Sequel Helmer, Rising Stars of Manga Interviewed
9/13/2007New Gundam Game to Feature Robot Mecha from 15 Titles
9/13/2007USA Today Booklist, September 3-9: Naruto Gains Again
9/13/2007To Terra Manga Artist to Appear in California Saturday
9/11/2007Geneon Lays Off Sales, Marketing Staffers
9/11/2007Glass Mask Stage Show, Sh?nen Onmy?ji Musical Planned
9/11/2007Seven Seas Artists, Manga Guide Author, Tezuka Curator Interviewed
9/11/2007Gaia Online Community Presents First Animated Short
9/11/2007Votoms Pailsen Files Spinoff's 4th Promo Video Posted
9/11/2007Dentsu is Geneon's Sole Owner After Mitsubishi Divests
9/11/2007Abandon the Old in Tokyo Manga Wins Harvey Award
9/11/2007Ikigami, Kurosagi Film Adaptations Announced
9/10/20072 Adult Anime Labels Team Up to Fight Illegal Downloads
9/10/2007Japan's Copyright Groups to Launch Portal Site in 2008
9/10/2007Anime News Network Job Openings - Reminder
9/10/20076th Animax Award-Winning Scripts Announced
9/10/2007Genshiken 2 Anime Television Series Promo Video Posted
9/10/2007Japanese Box Office, September 8?9: Eva Drops to #2
9/10/2007To Terra? Creator to Attend Vancouver Manga Festival
9/10/2007Literary Magazine Interviews Death Note Films' Director
9/10/2007Vancouver Japanese Consulate Presents Anime Screening
9/9/2007Singapore's Odex Directors Speak as Protests Continue
9/8/2007Human-Sized Eva Spear Auctioned for 13.7 Million Yen
9/8/2007Samurai-Era Culture Festival with Anime Held in Kyoto
9/7/2007Flash Anime To Promote Tourism in Osaka Released
9/7/2007Prism Ark, The Garden of Sinners Movie Videos Posted
9/7/2007Entire Red Garden #1, Welcome to the NHK Video Posted
9/7/2007Stranger, Rental Magica, Megazone 23 Game Videos Posted
9/7/2007Japanese Comedians' Comic Yoshimoto Manga Mag to End
9/7/2007Jojo's Araki Draws Cover for U.S. Biological Journal Cell
9/7/2007San Diego Asian Film Fest Shows 5cm per Second, More
9/7/2007Gravitation Manga Author, Tokyopop Publisher Interviewed (Updated)
9/7/2007Warner, Tobey Maguire Acquire Robotech Film Rights
9/6/2007CMX, Minx's Owner DC Signs Random House to Distribute
9/6/2007Hokuto no Ken Creator Hara to Produce Children's Anime
9/6/2007ImaginAsian's TMS DVDs Expected Out the Door by Friday
9/6/2007Museum Exhibit on Ghibli Art Extended to October 1
9/6/2007USA Today Booklist, August 27?September 2: Naruto Rises
9/6/2007British Cultural Organizations Hold Anime Events
9/6/2007Akihabara Entertainment Conference Adds Manga Festival
9/6/2007Koji Yakusho to Represent CoFesta Entertainment Events
9/6/2007Pizza Hut Launches Evangelion Movie Campaign in Japan
9/5/2007Tezuka Anime Downloads Added to American iTunes Store
9/5/2007Distant Star's Shinkai Creates Ad for Hometown's Paper
9/5/2007Vertical to Print Osamu Tezuka's Dororo Manga in 2008
9/5/2007Negima! Live-Action Drama's Negi Played by 13-Year-Old Girl
9/5/2007Fox Acknowledges Dragon Ball Film, Stays Mum on Details
9/5/2007Toei, NEC Offers Online Anime Service in Japan
9/5/2007Jump Square Manga Mag's 2nd Promo Video Posted Online
9/5/2007Sh?nen Champion's 24 no Hitomi Adapted for Live Action
9/4/2007Death Note Removed from Canada's YTV Schedule
9/4/2007Viz Confirms Death Note's English Cast
9/4/2007Kamikaze Girls Author Booked for Cannabis Possession
9/4/2007Nippon2007 Convention Hands Out 38th Seiun Awards (Updated)
9/3/2007Japanese Box Office: August 25-26, September 1-2 (Updated)
9/2/2007Manga Adaptation Wins Korean TV Drama Awards
9/2/2007Love Hotels Make Twice as Much as Anime
9/1/2007Kadokawa Announces 2007 Light Novel Awards
9/1/2007Gundam 00 Previewed before 15,000 in 28 Japanese Areas
9/1/20072nd Eva Film Remake to Add Redesigned EVAs, New Girl
9/1/2007Live-Action DBZ Set to Shoot in Montreal
9/1/2007Funimation Puts Afro Samurai on iTunes, Gives Away Custom iPods
9/1/2007Production I.G releases details of upcoming anime