Anime News

DateArticle Name
4/30/2008USA Today Booklist, April 21?27: No Japanese Manga
4/30/2008Ghibli Background Artist Kazuo Oga Interviewed
4/30/2008Live-Action Neko Rahmen Taish? Film Based on Manga
4/30/20083rd Higurashi Tentatively Slated as Rei Video Series
4/30/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, April 22?28 (Updated)
4/30/2008Daily Briefs
4/30/2008New Blue Dragon Anime Gets Manga Tie-In
4/30/2008Killer Penmanship in 'Death Note'
4/30/2008Quebecor Loses Billions But Says Restructuring on Track
4/30/2008Retailer Shot in Stick-Up Remains Critical, But Stable
4/29/2008Wolfie the Pianist Anime Named Cannes Official Selection
4/29/2008More of EXILE Song & Dance Unit's Examurai Anime Announced
4/29/2008Chinese-Japanese Three Kingdoms Anime to Air in June
4/29/2008Daily Briefs
4/29/2008Anime artists join breast cancer fight
4/29/2008Kerokero Ace Magazine to Run Fourth Code Geass Manga
4/29/2008Last Exile's Murao to Draw World Destruction Manga
4/29/2008Anime Adapts Child Emperor's Life After Supposed Death
4/28/2008Live-Action Higurashi Film Sequel in the Works
4/28/2008Oshii's Sky Crawlers Trailer Officially Posted Online
4/28/2008Bandai Visual Confirms Global Blu-ray, Online Releases
4/28/2008Megumi Hayashibara to Sing Slayers Revolution's Themes
4/28/2008Daily Briefs
4/28/2008Bandai Plans 'Miracle 5' From 'Othello' Creator
4/27/2008Authorized Online Manga Zombie Translation Completed
4/27/2008English Cosmode Online Mag's Free Preview Issue Posted
4/27/2008Bandai Visual to Offer Freedom on BD Worldwide in Fall
4/27/2008USA Today Booklist, April 14?20
4/26/2008Vampire Hunter D's Kikuchi, Takaki to Attend Anime Expo
4/26/2008Aurora Publishing Adds Hitohira, Three Boys-Love Manga
4/26/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 16?22
4/26/2008AKB48 Otaku Idol Group Gets AKB48 Sprout Online Manga (Updated)
4/25/2008Genshiken's Shimoku Kio to Start Digopuri Manga
4/25/2008English Code Geass Clips, Episode 1 Posted Online
4/25/2008Japanese Box Office: April 19?20
4/25/2008Gonzo's Linebarrels of Iron Anime Promo Video Streamed
4/25/2008Macross Frontier TV Anime Promo Videos Posted Online
4/25/2008Images from Code Geass R2 Episode 5 Reportedly Leaked
4/25/2008Otakon to Host Madhouse Studio Co-Founder Maruyama
4/25/2008Bones' Upcoming B?nen no Xamdou Anime Trailer Streamed
4/25/2008Daily Briefs
4/24/2008Blade of the Immortal Anime's Promo Video Streamed
4/24/2008NisiOisin's Bakemonogatari Light Novels to Get Anime
4/24/2008Ga-Rei Afterschool Spirit-Hunting Manga to be Animated
4/24/2008Manga, Anime Planned for Sega's World Destruction RPG
4/24/2008Gonzo to Stream Limited Animation of Hennako-chan Manga
4/24/2008Daily Briefs
4/24/2008The Edgeman Inc. Purchases Razor Entertainment Group
4/24/2008Inkworks Keeps Things Simple With 'Kung Fu Panda' Product
4/23/2008Tetsujin Dakkan Sakusen 2 Manga Revives Tetsujin 28
4/23/2008Uma Thurman: New Anime Sequence Written for Kill Bill
4/23/2008Daily Briefs
4/23/2008American Manga Sales Rose, But at Slower Rate in 2007
4/23/2008Kare Kano's Tsuda to Start New Chotto Edo Made Manga
4/23/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 2?8
4/23/200820th Century Boys Film Trilogy's Teaser Streamed
4/23/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, April 15?21
4/22/2008USA Today Booklist, April 7?13
4/22/2008Manga Editors Talk About Goals, 2008 Plans
4/22/2008Vexille to Run in Boston, Maiko Haaaan in 3 US Cities
4/22/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 7?13: Blue Dragon
4/22/2008Daily Briefs
4/22/2008Kamikaze Girls' Nakajima Oversees Anime TV Shorts
4/22/2008Broccoli Books Posts Koi Cupid, sola Manga Previews
4/22/2008American Anime Fan Disappears in Japan
4/22/2008FanFare Gets Taniguchi's Quest for the Missing Girl (Updated)
4/22/2008Live-Action Kitar? Sequel's 2nd Teaser Streamed
4/21/2008CMX Adds Astral Project, Ballad of a Shinigami Manga
4/21/2008Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Movie's Teaser Streamed
4/21/2008Errata: Anime Boston Cosplay Gameshows Coordinator Title
4/21/2008Kinnikuman, Captain Tsubasa to Return to Jump in 1-Shots
4/21/2008Viz Plans Hunter X Hunter Release in DVD Season Boxes
4/21/2008Digital Manga Picks Up Tezuka's Swallowing the Earth
4/21/2008Last Gasp to Publish Tokyo Zombie Horror Comedy Manga
4/21/2008Detroit Metal City Teaser Posted with Death Note's Matsuyama
4/21/2008Tokyopop Adds Maru-Ma Novels that Spawned Kyo Kara Maoh
4/20/2008Japan's Jump Anime Tour to Show New Dragon Ball Anime
4/19/2008Bandai Entertainment Adds Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
4/19/2008Yen Press Announces Titles to Run in Anthology Mag
4/19/2008Del Rey Adds Gakuen Prince, Samurai 7, Zetsubo Sensei
4/19/20081st Linebarrels of Iron Episode to Premiere at Anime Expo
4/19/20081st Penguin Girl Heart Anime Episode Posted in Japan
4/19/2008Naisho no Tsubomi Anime's Commercial Streamed
4/19/2008Daily Briefs
4/18/2008Riku Ranj?'s Akikan! Romance Light Novels to Get Anime
4/18/2008Japanese Box Office: April 12?13
4/18/2008Aya Hirano's "Unnamed World" Music Video Streamed
4/18/2008Japanese Winny Anime File-Sharer Gets 1 Year in Prison
4/18/2008Tokyopop Expands GoComics Relationship For Mobile Manga
4/18/2008Yen Press Lands 'Haruhi Suzumiya' Manga Launching in October
4/18/2008Bandai Entertainment Gets Gurren Lagann TV Anime
4/18/2008Bandai Entertainment Gets Gundam 00 TV Anime
4/18/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 31?April 6
4/17/2008First Bleach Film to Run in U.S. Theaters June 11-12
4/17/2008Japanese Highlander Director's Cut Promo Videos Posted
4/17/2008Anime North to Host Voice Actress/Singer Halko Momoi
4/17/2008Live-Action Negima's Unaired Episode #26 Streamed
4/17/2008Yen Press Acquires Haruhi Suzumiya Manga in N. America
4/17/2008Shirodaira, Mizuno's Spiral Alive Mystery Manga to End (Updated)
4/17/2008Kurumi Duo to Launch Tsukiiro no Noel Fantasy Manga
4/17/2008UDE looking for big things from new Yu-Gi-Oh! series
4/17/2008Little, Brown Gets Haruhi Light Novels in English
4/16/2008Soul Eater TV Anime Ad Posted Online
4/16/2008Unaired Code Geass Episode's Ending Leaked by Accident
4/16/2008Matsumoto: Korean Harlock Film Planned Without Consent
4/16/2008Florida Gay & Lesbian Film Fest to Show Love My Life
4/16/2008First Look at the 'Iron Man Statue' From Kotobukiya
4/16/2008'Death Note' Movie Gets Theatrical At More Than 300 Venues
4/16/2008Ghost in the Shell Live Action Movie In 3-D With Avi Arad Producing
4/16/2008'The Last Airbender' Release Set July 2nd, 2010
4/16/2008New Superhero Team from Stan Lee 'Legion of 5' to Debut in CGI Movie
4/16/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 24?30: Seasonal Break
4/16/2008Daily Briefs
4/16/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 26?April 8
4/16/2008Oshii Casts Oscar-Nominated Kikuchi for Sky Crawlers
4/15/2008Daily Briefs
4/15/2008Last 6 Minutes of Unaired Code Geass R2 Episode Leaked
4/15/2008Ohio Anime Con Uses RFID Technology to Track Attendees
4/15/2008Anime Expo to Host Musical Duo Jyukai
4/15/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, April 8?14
4/15/2008Eyeglass Store Sells Official Library War Glasses
4/15/2008Japanese-Animated Batman Video's New Trailer Posted
4/15/2008Spider-Man Co-Creator Stan Lee Interviewed on Ultimo
4/15/2008DreamWorks to Make 3D Live-Action Ghost in the Shell
4/14/2008USA Today Booklist, March 31?April 6: Vampire Knight 4
4/14/2008Arakawa, Disney, Jinni's 1st Fireball Episode Streamed
4/14/2008T.M.Revolution to Run Live Radio Show in NYC Bookstore
4/14/2008Singer Gackt's Pet Dog Ener to Get Anime, Picture Book
4/14/2008KISS Singer Simmons Cameos in Detroit Metal City Film
4/14/20081st Death Note Film to Run in 300+ U.S. Theaters in May
4/14/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 17?23: Conan Rises
4/14/2008Manga Listed Among Eisner Award Nominees for 2008
4/14/2008Eisner Awards Share the Wealth Manga Gets More Attention
4/14/2008Interview With Alex Ross On 'Project Superpowers' & 'Avengers/Invaders'
4/14/2008New 2-Minute Live-Action Speed Racer Trailer Posted
4/12/2008Daily Briefs
4/12/20082nd New Cobra the Space Pirate OVA Project Confirmed
4/12/2008Eve no Jikan Movie Trailer Posted Online
4/11/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 19?25
4/11/2008Video for Clannad, Shuffle, D.C. II's 3D Virtual World
4/11/2008Toei's Uchi no 3 Shimai Anime Ad Posted Online
4/11/20085th Grade Girl Wins Miyazaki's Jet Art Design Contest
4/11/2008Korea's Eight Peaks Plans Captain Harlock Movie
4/10/2008Recent and Upcoming Anime
4/10/2008Stan Lee, Bones Confirmed to be Working on Hero Man
4/10/2008New Nij?-Mens? no Musume Anime Teaser Trailer Streamed
4/10/2008Macross Frontier, Code Geass R2 Gets DVD, Blu-ray
4/10/2008Slayers Revolution Manga to Start in Dragon Age Mag
4/10/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, April 1?7
4/10/2008Kids' WB Doubles Up on Spidey Starting This Saturday
4/10/2008Viz Media to Publish 'Zelda' Manga 2-Volume Series From 2000
4/10/2008Villard Acquires 'Unique' Graphic Novel From Platinum Studios
4/10/2008Score Readies TV Ads for 'Bleach TCG' Supporting the 'Bankai Expansion'
4/10/2008Chicago Retailers Brace for Massive Sales Tax Hike
4/10/2008Daily Briefs
4/10/2008Hawaiian Int'l Film Fest to Show Vexille, Always
4/9/2008New York Comic Con Posts T.M.Revolution Interview
4/9/2008Viz Shows Kilari, Monster, Nana at Global TV Trade Con
4/9/2008Genco, Nico Nico Douga Streams Charawood Anime Shorts
4/9/2008Cosmode Mag's English Edition Posts Online Preview
4/9/2008Studio 4?C's Genius Party Beyond Trailer Posted
4/9/2008Daily Briefs
4/9/2008Japanese Box Office: April 5-6
4/8/2008Eagle, Zipang's Kaiji Kawaguchi to Draw 1-Shot Manga
4/8/2008Kondansha's Morning 2 Manga Magazine to Go Monthly
4/8/2008Beyblade Anime to Return after 4 Years This Summer
4/8/2008V.B. Rose's Hidaka to Start Berry Berry Part I Manga
4/8/2008ACen to Host Gunsmith Cats' Sonoda, A-ko's Moriyama
4/8/2008Clannad, Shuffle, D.C. II to Launch 3D Virtual World
4/8/2008Sentencing Delayed in Retailer Trial George's Attorneys Ask Judge to Overrule Jury
4/8/2008Borders' Financing Deal Improves Rescuer Also B&N Shareholder
4/8/2008Voltron's Origin Story in July New Miniseries from Devil's Due
4/8/200847 Million Counterfeit 'Pokemon' Cards Seized in the Past 16 Months
4/8/ Acquires Anime on DVD Staff Will Continue
4/8/2008Japan Hires Detective Conan to Introduce World Summit
4/7/2008Daily Briefs
4/7/2008AnimeOnDVD Sold to Entertainment Community
4/7/2008Druaga Anime Episode Removed from Crunchyroll for Now
4/7/2008Eureka Seven Movie to be Announced in Newtype Mag
4/7/2008Viz Wins Two 2007 Gem Manga Awards from Diamond
4/7/2008Disney, Jinni's Fireball Robot Promo Movie Streamed
4/7/2008BOST TV Offers Free 1st Episodes of Druaga, Blassreiter
4/7/20082008 Detective Conan Movie's Two TV Ads Posted
4/7/2008Manga Rule BookScan Graphic Novel List
4/7/2008Sakuishi's Beck Rock-and-Roll Manga to End in Japan
4/6/2008France's Annecy to Show Piano Forest, Appleseed Sequel
4/5/2008Daily Briefs
4/5/2008Sony's Animax Expands to Spain
4/4/2008Stan Lee, Shaman King's Takei Unveil Ultimo Manga Pic
4/4/2008Ultraviolet: Code 044 TV Anime's Trailer Streamed
4/4/2008Daily Briefs
4/4/20082 Alabama 6th-Grade Boys Arrested for Death Note Book
4/4/2008Registration Opens at N. America's Only 21+ Anime Con
4/4/2008Druaga Now Available in Global Streams, Downloads (Updated)
4/4/2008LA's Japan Film Fest to Run Appleseed Sequel, One Piece
4/4/2008Mononoke's Nakamura to Adapt Mushrambo into 2 Films
4/3/2008Daily Briefs
4/3/2008Viz to Publish Legend of Zelda Manga in October
4/3/2008Second Rosario + Vampire Anime Series Announced
4/3/2008USA Today Booklist, March 24?30: Naruto, Fruits Basket
4/3/2008Library War Promo Movie, Commercial Posted Online
4/3/2008Speed Racer To Close NYC's Tribeca Film Fest
4/3/2008X Japan to Play NYC's Madison Square Garden This Fall
4/2/2008Third Season of NHK's Ani-Kuri Shorts Streamed
4/2/2008Nico Nico Anime Channel Opens for Original Net Anime
4/2/2008Code-E Sequel Mission-E's Promo Video Posted Online
4/2/2008Hisaishi to Mark 25 Years of Ghibli Music with Concert
4/2/2008Sony to Sell Manga Ent. Anime in Non-English Regions
4/2/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, March 25?31
4/2/2008Award-winning Toradora! Light Novels to be Animated
4/2/2008Ben Stiller Nabs Graphic Novel Oni's 'The Return of King Doug'
4/2/2008Disney Sets Up First Three Stan Lee Projects 'Nick Ratchet,' 'Blaze,' & 'Tigress'
4/2/2008Gonzo Adopts Open-Pricing For 'Crunchyroll' Downloads
4/2/2008Movies a Major Focus at NYCC World Premiere of 'The Spirit' Trailer
4/1/2008Urban Vision Returns with Manga-Based Azumi 2 Film
4/1/2008Ky?ran Kazoku Nikki Anime's Promo Video Streamed
4/1/2008Sekirei Promotional Video Posted Online
4/1/2008Used Book Chain Offers 100M Yen to Manga, Book Authors
4/1/2008GDH to Allow Downloaders to Set Price for 2 Gonzo Anime
4/1/2008'Speed Racer' Gets 'EW' Cover Story 'Pops Like a Comic'
4/1/2008Urban Vision Releasing 'Azumi 2' Live Action Ninja Film
4/1/2008'Appleseed' TV Series Set for 2009
4/1/2008Siegel Heirs Win Superman Case Get Share of Rights
4/1/2008'Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit' To Air on the Cartoon Network
4/1/2008Marvel's Reebok Deal Promoting 'Iron Man' & 'Hulk'
4/1/2008Yaoi House future clouded
4/1/2008Daily Briefs
4/1/2008Japanese Box Office: March 22?23, 29?30
4/1/2008Yaoi Jamboree Hosts Aoi Futaba, Kurenai Mitsuba