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Anime News

DateArticle Name
12/31/2005Mainichi Moe Podcast
12/31/2005Doraemon at World Figure Skating Championships
12/30/2005Stand Alone Complex Marathon on YTV
12/30/2005Samurai 7 on IFC and Animania
12/30/2005AnimeNext Announces First Round of Guests
12/30/2005More Naruto Licenses Basic Fun and Great Eastern
12/29/20057 new anime series announced
12/28/2005Yun Kouga Doujinshi
12/26/2005Japan to Use Anime to Buff Its Image in China
12/26/2005Ring in the New Year with The New England Anime Society
12/26/2005Viz Responds to Gakuen Alice Rumors
12/26/2005Gundam Seed 3?
12/26/2005Bandai Games Name Change
12/26/2005New Digital Manga Titles
12/26/2005Buena Vista Ghibli Collections Website
12/23/2005Pokemon USA Takes Over Pokemon Licensing
12/22/2005One Piece Returning to 4KidsTV
12/22/2005Production I.G Stock Triples in First Day
12/22/2005South Korea Expects 1 Billion Dollar Income From Cultural Exports
12/22/2005"Pokemon" Gene Renamed
12/22/2005China Aims At 50-60% Yearly Contents Industry Growth
12/22/2005Urban Vision Announces Live Action Line
12/22/2005Highest Export Price In Korean Animation History
12/21/2005Urban Vision Launches AsiaVision
12/21/2005'Slam Dunk' manga magazine fouls out over plagiarism claims
12/21/2005Little Nemo Released To DVD In Japan
12/21/2005BIGLOBE Internet Anime Delivery Starts In Taiwan
12/21/2005Japan And China Strengthen Ties On Animation
12/21/2005RAY: THE ANIMATION Web
12/21/2005Tezuka's Son Makes BlackJack Even Blacker
12/20/2005Lovege Chu Website
12/20/2005New Manhwa Publisher in January
12/20/2005Otaku Influences in Japanese Buzzwords
12/20/2005Anime Network on Shaw
12/20/2005New Legislation Could Regulate Violent Manga
12/20/2005TAF 2006 To Be Largest Ever
12/19/2005sicland Blowback?
12/19/2005Getsumen To Heiki Mina OVA series
12/19/2005Yahoo To Deliver 100,000 Free Animation Works
12/19/2005Black Lagoon To Be Animated
12/18/2005Madhouse Frame On AEON FLUX Box Set Rear
12/17/2005AIR GEAR TV coming soon
12/17/2005Production I.G going public
12/17/2005Naruto To Become Theatrical Play
12/16/2005Future Media Closes Down
12/16/2005Livedoor Gets Into Animation
12/15/2005Mew Mew Power Moves Back
12/15/2005New Girls Manga Magazine
12/15/2005MSN Movies Ranks Mononoke One of the Greatest Ever battles
12/15/2005Gedo Senki News
12/15/2005Koch to Distribute Crash Media Group
12/15/2005Animax Launches In South Korea
12/15/2005Hellsing OVA Expanded By 15 Minutes
12/15/2005Advance Gashapon Expands Into 500 Stores
12/15/20052nd House To Be Dramatized
12/14/2005The Final Play for Musicland's Bookselling Media Play Chain
12/14/2005Howl's Moving Castle Wins at New York
12/13/2005Media Play to Shut Down
12/13/2005Ghibli Announces New Anime
12/13/2005Viz Signature Line Details
12/13/2005CNN on "Anim?, Piracy and Profits"
12/13/2005New Media Blasters Manga Licenses
12/13/2005Working Designs Shuts Down
12/12/2005Free Streaming Anime
12/12/2005Mew Mew Power Returns for Christmas
12/12/2005New Sunrise Robot Series
12/12/2005The History of the Ocean Group
12/12/2005Chou Dragonball Z Makes Platform Jump
12/12/2005Cartoon Network to Air Naruto Marathon on New Year's Eve
12/12/2005Pretty Cure 2 Aims For 1 Billion Yen Opening
12/12/2005Paprika / Toki Wo Kakeru Press
12/12/2005Female Otaku Admit Little Stress
12/12/2005Angelique To Be Animated
12/12/2005Studio Ghibli Website Renewal
12/12/2005Anti-Korean Japanese Comic Upsets Patriots
12/12/2005Paramount Acquires Dreamworks
12/12/2005Evangelion Stamps
12/11/2005Tokyopop Manga Draw Negative Attention
12/11/2005Broccoli Unveils Comi-Digi
12/11/2005New Magazine For Anime Creators
12/11/2005Arashi No Yoruni To Screen In 24 Countries
12/11/2005Blackjack Film To Go Global
12/10/2005Wings of Rean Online
12/10/2005New Mihona Fujii Manga
12/10/2005TANK S.W.A.T. 01 Release & Trailer
12/10/2005Joe Hisaishi wins Best Score
12/9/2005Witchblade Anime Website
12/8/2005Super Manga Blast Update
12/8/2005Weta FX Specialist Talks about Evangelion Movie
12/8/2005AZN Channel Details
12/8/2005Initial D in New York
12/8/2005Viz Licenses Naruto Products
12/8/20052006 Pokemon Movie Revealed
12/8/2005Sunrise Explains Anime Production
12/8/2005Zatch Bell on Hiatus
12/8/2005Vertical Moves to Random House Distribution
12/8/2005Viz Takes Ownership of top 10 Manga
12/8/2005Funimation - Shinsen-Subs Follow-up
12/8/2005Yaoi Manga Bible
12/8/2005Police Display Confiscated Sailor Outfits
12/8/2005New Film Based On Santa Inoue Manga
12/8/2005TV Series Official Title Changes
12/7/2005Official Bandai Visual Annoucnement
12/7/2005Del Rey Acquires Gundam SEED Destiny Manga
12/7/2005Gun X Sword Novelisation
12/7/2005Ohayocon Guest List
12/7/2005Funimation Enforces Intellectual Property Rights
12/7/2005Real Life Blackjack Practiced Medicine For 8 Years
12/7/2005Evangelion Film Update
12/7/2005Getsumen Usagi Heiki Mina OVA
12/7/2005Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo To Become Animated Film
12/7/200512 Episodes For Demonbane
12/7/2005Vietnam And Japan To Partner On Contents
12/6/2005Live-Action Website Updates
12/6/2005Classic Matsumoto Manga to be Released
12/6/2005Solty Rei Manga
12/6/2005New Meine Liebe Manga
12/6/2005AZN To Shut Down
12/5/2005Dance Till Tomorrow
12/5/2005Cameron Seeks Actress
12/5/2005Baki Restarts
12/5/2005XXXHOLiC TV Details
12/5/2005Bandai Visual USA To Launch Honneamise Label
12/5/20052005 Annie Award Nominations
12/5/2005November Toonami Ratings Up
12/5/2005Cute Anime Festival: Cute'em All 2005
12/5/2005Bandai Cancels Capital Tie-up With Ashi Productions
12/5/2005Second Season For Negima?
12/5/2005Most Popular Animation Portals Of Japan
12/5/2005Sailor Moon Otaku Busted For Indecent Exposure
12/4/2005New Spring TV Series
12/4/2005Papillon Rose TV Update
12/4/2005Ayakashi To Feature Amano Character Designs
12/4/2005Nikkei Closes At Best Level In 5 Years
12/3/2005TRSI Ipod Trailers
12/2/2005Virginia Man Found Guilty of Downloading Child Porn
12/2/2005Central Park Media Launches Votoms
12/2/2005Katsushika Hokusai Exhibition
12/2/2005Bandai to Release Naruto CCG in March
12/2/2005Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Anime
12/2/2005Shin Tenchi Muyo! to End
12/2/2005New Peach-Pit Manga
12/2/2005Bandai Visual Preparing for US DVD Launch
12/1/2005YTV to Air Princess Mononoke
12/1/2005Har?+Guu Delayed
12/1/2005Macross English Cast Announced
12/1/2005Outlanders in February
12/1/2005New Saikano Short Story
12/1/2005Blood+ Free Online Chapters
12/1/2005Production I.G - Fuji Partnership
12/1/2005Adult Swim Schedule Changes
12/1/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship Hits San Francisco
12/1/2005The King of Fighters: Another Day Update
12/1/2005Puffy Thanksgiving Day Parade Pictures
12/1/2005Demonbane TV Animation Start
12/1/2005Gravity Interactive Launches Rose Online