Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/30/2005CPM Acquires Otaku Unite
6/30/2005Drawn & Quarterly Announces First Manga Plus Other Strong Releases
6/30/2005Initial D Opens Big in Asia In Five Markets
6/29/2005Initial D Star Tour
6/29/2005Namco & Bandai Closer Now To Merger
6/29/2005University creates Manga Department
6/29/2005Gun X Sword Licensed?
6/29/2005PS3 Pricing Revealed?
6/28/2005Online Manga in English
6/28/2005New Viz Manga
6/28/2005New Gravitation Manga
6/28/2005More on Shadow Skill
6/27/2005Disgaea Anime
6/27/2005Type Moon: Fate/Stay Night Anime
6/27/2005ADV to Release Shadow Skill TV?
6/27/2005Har?+Guu Music to Change
6/27/2005ADV Announces Second Season of Kaleidostar
6/27/2005Princess Tutu Delay
6/27/2005Fruits Baskets Stays on Top of Bookscan
6/27/2005TCJ Does Shoujo
6/27/2005Grokster Held Liable for Copyright Violations on P2P Network
6/27/2005New CMX Licenses
6/27/2005Tokyopop Contest
6/26/2005Anime!! at MoMA
6/26/2005Kamikaze Girls Website
6/24/2005Outlanders Delayed
6/24/2005Manga on North American Cell Phones
6/24/2005Macross Boxed Sets from Harmony Gold
6/24/2005Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Game Details
6/24/2005Eureka Seven Game Site
6/24/2005Takuhai Online
6/24/2005Satsuki and Mei's Home to Stay in Aichi
6/23/2005Want a Fullmetal Alchemist 6.5' tall armor? Call Pizza Hut???
6/23/2005Atlanta area Titan Games and Comics stores are helping to put U.S. troops in Iraq in touch with their hobbies from home through the Baghdad Hobby Club Drive July 1st through 3rd.
6/23/2005Del Rey New Manga
6/23/2005Southern Island Nabs 'Full Metal Alchemist' Figures
6/23/2005Viz Announces Hot Topic Exclusives
6/23/2005Kids' WB to Air 'Viewtiful Joe'
6/23/2005Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on UMD
6/23/2005Live Action Touch Movie
6/23/2005New Cowboy Bebop Game
6/23/2005Funimation Contest
6/23/2005Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Licensing
6/23/2005Whisper of the Heart Used to Promote Japanese City
6/23/2005Ashita-Genki Website
6/23/2005Mattel Awarded Master Toy License for ONE PIECE
6/22/2005Bandai Gets Naruto TCG License Also Sony Videogame Rights
6/22/2005New Tokyopop manga listed on Amazon
6/22/2005New York Licensing Show Viz News
6/22/2005Tokyopop Licenses Bumper King
6/22/2005Otaku Article at Asahi
6/22/2005Geneon Licenses The Law of Ueki
6/22/2005WB's Speed Racer Mach 5
6/22/2005Jigoku Shoujo Website
6/22/2005Fantasia Film Festival 2005 Announced
6/21/2005Anime, from Cute to Scary
6/21/2005Geneon October & November Releases
6/21/2005Business Week on Anime
6/21/2005'Family Guy' Feature Direct to DVD
6/21/2005Galaxy Express 999 goes live-action
6/20/2005Japanese Entertainment on Satellite Radio
6/20/2005Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Movie
6/20/2005Sailor Moon Manga Rights Expired
6/20/2005Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire and Ninja Scroll on UMD
6/20/2005Blackjack on 3G Cellphones
6/20/2005Graphic Novels Keep Dollars Up Again
6/20/2005Motonori Kishi sentence reduced
6/19/2005The Little Guy Gets a Piece of the Animated Action
6/18/2005FUNimation announces Speed Grapher
6/16/2005Franchises to Span Platforms
6/16/2005DC Anime Art Show
6/16/2005Beijing Imitation Pavilion
6/16/2005Online Retailers Off Sales Tax Gravy Train?
6/16/2005Gwen Stefani Property Gets Sanrio Deal
6/16/2005Negima CD Does not Reach #1
6/16/2005MTV's Top Anime
6/16/2005Attack Haus in New York
6/16/2005Geneon Animasian Invasian Contest
6/16/2005Peach Pit at Anime Expo
6/15/2005Battle Angel Alita?
6/15/2005Speed Racer Movie on Track
6/15/2005Tokyopop Begins Publishing Business In Japan
6/15/2005Manga Continues to Dominate Bookscan
6/15/2005The Hidden Manga Consumer
6/14/2005Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Game for GBA
6/14/2005Controversial Picture Book Returns to Japan
6/14/2005China Could Ban Foreign Animation
6/14/2005Hot Gimmick Ends
6/14/2005Animation RE Magazine Launches
6/14/2005Tokuyama University Establishes Manga Room
6/14/2005Gundam Zeta Movie 2 Release
6/14/2005Viacom Approves Company Spin-off
6/13/2005Slam Dunk Manga "Coming Soon"
6/13/2005Three New Blood Manga
6/13/2005Maids over Akihabara
6/13/2005Bandai to Release 'One Piece TCG'
6/13/2005Howl Opening Weekend Numbers
6/11/2005Mindgame Premiere in NYC
6/11/2005CPM Drops Patlabor Price
6/11/2005Be Beautiful Canadian Distribution
6/11/2005Geneon Drops Canadian MSRPs
6/10/2005Air Master on Canadian TV
6/9/2005Sun-Sentinel on Graphic Novels, Manga and Anime
6/9/2005Synch-Point on I'm Gonna be an Angel Release
6/9/2005New York Comic-Con
6/9/2005Mai Maid
6/9/2005Eureka 7 Tops Showtime List
6/8/2005Tokyopop Confirms Blu Label
6/8/2005Tokyopop Still Has Spiral
6/8/2005Bee Train Working on Spider Riders
6/7/2005Viz November Releases
6/7/2005Funimation September Releases
6/7/2005Anchor Bay to distribute Manga Entertainment in Canada
6/7/2005Saiyuki Gaiden Returns
6/7/2005Washington Post on Akihabara Otaku Culture
6/6/2005New Megazone 23 Anime
6/6/2005Now from Infinity Studios
6/6/2005Banner of the Stars III Release Set
6/5/2005Funimation Licenses Basilisk
6/5/2005More Exposure for Anime Music Wanted
6/4/2005Geneon Anime Festival to Include KOTOKO's North American Debut
6/4/2005Viz to Publish Novels
6/4/2005Otakon Giving Away Free Tickets to Howl's Moving Castle Advance Screening
6/4/2005Zeta Movie Breaks Records
6/4/2005Geneon Boxed Sets
6/4/2005Golgo 13 DVD
6/3/2005Tenchi 3 Website
6/3/2005Kimagure Orange Road Trade-in Ends
6/3/2005Kimagure Orange Road Box Set Sold Out
6/3/2005Black Lagoon Anime
6/3/2005Psycho le Cemu Lead Singer Arrested
6/3/2005Bishoujo Figure Convention
6/2/2005Harlequin Manga from Dark Horse
6/2/2005Hinado Girl to End
6/2/2005Aria Anime
6/2/2005Ichigo Mashimaro PS2 Game
6/2/2005Zeta Movie Ranks 3rd
6/2/2005Appleseed Sales
6/2/2005Steamboy Releases
6/2/2005Yaoi Paddle "Upgrade"
6/2/2005Part of Air Movie Free Online
6/2/2005Part of Air Movie Free Online
6/2/2005Frederik Schodt Interview
6/2/2005Nutech Blue Eyes Clarification
6/1/2005Satsuki And May's House At Center Of Tug O War
6/1/2005Sony Establishes Anime Music Portal
6/1/2005NTV Reaps Big From Film Moves
6/1/2005TV Tokyo Establishes Animation Division
6/1/2005New Ken Akamatsu OAV
6/1/2005WB Drops Weekday Kids
6/1/2005Battle Bedaman Off Jetix