Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2006Anime Network Reaches 40 Million Homes
8/31/2006New Mega Man Anime
8/30/2006Digital Manga Dates
8/30/2006MAX to Perform at Anime USA
8/30/2006Nana Movie Sequel in December, Trailer Now
8/29/2006Fullmetal Manga #1 in 2005
8/29/2006Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Clip Live on MySpace
8/28/2006DramaQueen Hustles for Yaoi Fans
8/28/2006Monkey Punch No-Go At AnimeFest
8/28/2006Gedo Senki Back at #1
8/28/2006Whisper of the Heart Screenings in LA
8/28/2006IGPX English Recording Report
8/27/2006FMA Movie Theatrical Screening Impressions
8/25/2006Aim For The Top Double Feature Trailer
8/25/2006Nijidama Drama
8/25/2006Diamond No Longer Distributing Funimation DVDs in Canada
8/25/2006DC Anime Art Show
8/25/2006Naruto & Zatch Bell Anime In Latin America
8/25/2006Solid State Society Airs In 10 Days
8/25/2006Strange Kind Of Woman To Be Animated
8/25/2006Contents Focused Prime Minister?
8/25/2006Reasons For Bandai Fansub Warning?
8/25/2006Masami Obari On New Dancougar Anime
8/25/2006Nippon No Media Geijutsu 100 Sen
8/25/2006Chan, Li, Spielberg, Dragonball and Monkey King Movie Rumors, Truths And Speculation
8/25/2006Get Your News From Housemaids The Moe Way
8/25/2006Was Tezuka Inspired By China?
8/25/2006Japan Sinks Hits Seoul
8/25/2006Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Novel To Be Published In China
8/25/2006Cupid No Itazura Nijidama To Be Adapted To Drama
8/25/2006Chibi Maruko Drama Returns
8/25/2006 Wiz Acquires Ashi Productions
8/25/2006Jackson No Longer Attached To Monkey King
8/25/2006Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Boxoffice
8/25/2006Latest Hokuto no Ken Movie Hits DVD
8/25/200650 Years Of Toei Animation - New Projects Hinted
8/25/2006China To Produce 70,000 Mins. Of Animation In 2006
8/25/2006Nijidama Drama
8/25/2006Diamond No Longer Distributing Funimation DVDs in Canada
8/25/2006Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Site Goes Live
8/24/2006Booklist: Naruto, Fruits Basket Dig in
8/24/2006Gainax Co-Founders in Germany
8/24/2006Funimation Doubles Syndicated TV Package
8/23/2006Illumitoon Picks up AM Driver
8/23/2006Rozen Maiden OVA on the Way
8/23/2006Geneon Explains Hellsing Episode Count Change
8/23/2006Naruto, Hellsing Nominated for Quills Award
8/23/2006Anime at Venice Int'l Film Festival
8/22/2006New Di-Gi-Charat Miniseries
8/22/2006Negipod Arrives in December
8/22/2006FutureQuake OEL Manga Anthology Pulled due to Plagiarism
8/22/2006Anime Genesis Podcast Teaches How To Make Anime
8/22/2006Dragon Quest Anime DVD BOX
8/22/2006K-Pop Show Goes On After Dancer Faints On Stage
8/22/2006Corolla 40th Anniversary Exhibition
8/22/2006Superman Returns Tops Japanese Box Office
8/22/2006Final Versions Of PS3 Development Decks Circulate
8/22/2006NBA's Yao Ming In Live Action Slam Dunk?
8/22/2006South Park Creators On Kaiju Spoof?
8/22/2006Hellsing Ultimate OVA II Trailer
8/22/2006DC Comics CEO on CMX, Tenjho Tenge Editing
8/22/2006Bandai: Do Not Fansub Ghost in the Shell Film
8/21/2006Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Hits Theaters October 20
8/21/2006Astro Boy Phone with "Bum-Mounted Lasers"
8/21/2006Former Manga Executive Joins Navarre
8/21/2006Otaku Space Tourist Fails Physical
8/21/2006Japanese Government Sponsors Anime Tours
8/19/2006New Votoms Series
8/19/2006Fullmetal Alchemist Theater List
8/19/2006Godchild Not Returning to Shojo Beat
8/18/2006Voice Actor Boot Camp
8/18/2006Toei Expands Online Anime Service
8/18/2006Anime Music Roundup
8/18/2006Haruhi Suzumiya Theme Goes Gold
8/18/2006Laputa DVD Sets Sales Record
8/18/2006Heidi Exhibition
8/18/2006Inspired Corporation Announces New Fusian Label
8/18/2006Miike On Yakuza Prequel
8/18/2006Hollywood Monkey King Film Adaptations?
8/18/2006Negima Season 2 Site
8/18/2006Anime And Manga Focused SNS
8/18/2006Theatrical Quality Animation For My Hime Zwei OVA
8/18/2006Japan's Association With Animation Is Growing
8/18/2006DrMaster Announces Kia Asamiya's JUNK
8/18/2006Kyojin No Hoshi Comes Back
8/18/2006Final Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Underway
8/18/2006Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Author Talks Remake Success
8/18/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Premieres
8/18/2006Juno Reactor In Japan
8/18/2006No Blu-Ray Region Barrier For Japan / USA
8/18/2006Death Note Hits Big In Hong Kong
8/18/2006Hollywood Looking At Death Note Remake
8/18/2006Teppan Shoujo Akane Drama
8/18/2006Toei Expands Online Anime Service
8/18/2006Yahoo Reveals Transformers Movie Lineup
8/18/2006Fullmetal Movie in Houston
8/17/2006Fruits Basket Sets Booklist Record
8/17/2006Video: Transformers on Access Hollywood
8/17/2006Metrocon Introduces Amano's World
8/17/2006AnimEigo Picks up Yawara
8/17/2006Fullmetal Movie in NYC
8/16/2006Animax India Goes All-English
8/16/2006New Stuff in Japan
8/16/2006Toonami Jetstream Soars to 9.5 Million Streams
8/15/2006Hayari Gami Film Part 1 Online
8/15/200622,302 at Otakon 2006
8/15/2006Denno Coil Website
8/15/2006New Manga Magazines
8/15/2006Voice Actor Kouji Tatani Dies
8/15/2006Dual Japanese Boxoffice Rankings For Gedo - Pirates
8/15/2006Akira Toriyama On Top Runner?
8/15/2006Illumitoon Announces 1st Anime License: GET RIDE! AM DRIVER
8/14/2006Negima 2 will be All-New
8/14/2006Tokyopop Licenses Slayers Novels 7 & 8
8/14/2006Crayon Shin-chan Website
8/14/2006TANK S.W.A.T. 01 Translated
8/14/2006Gundam PSP Game Scores Record Breaking 1st Week
8/14/2006Solid State Society Trailer
8/14/2006Top 10 Selling GRaphic Novels For Week Ending August 6
8/14/2006Score to Release Bleach CCG
8/14/2006Final Speed Racer DVD in October
8/14/2006Armor Core Anime
8/14/2006Fist of the Blue Sky Anime
8/14/2006Freedom Project Trailer
8/14/2006Kitty Media Picks Up New Yaoi Titles
8/14/2006Ursula K. Le Guin on Gedo Senki
8/14/2006No Anglosphere Licenses For Gedo Senki Yet
8/14/2006Galaxy Railways II
8/14/2006Victorian Romance Emma Season 2
8/14/2006Gunbuster Movie Premiere
8/14/200690% Of Animation On Chinese TV Is Anime
8/14/2006Genius Party Site & Details
8/14/20062005 Anime Market Worth 233.9 Billion Yen
8/14/2006Sazae-san Shop Opens
8/14/2006Asian Kung Fu Generation On Tekkon Movie
8/14/2006Broadway Nakano Joins Oatku Hot Spots
8/14/2006Ikki Tousen - Kanu Exclusive
8/14/2006Vertical Licenses To Terra
8/14/2006Gedo Senki #1 Yet Again
8/13/2006China Bans Anime from Prime Time TV
8/11/2006Basilisk Site Online
8/11/2006School Rumble in Early 07
8/11/2006Gedo Senki Still #1
8/11/2006Fruits Basket Creator Interviewed
8/11/2006IDOLM@STER Anime Coming Soon
8/11/2006R.O.D. Creator Books Trip to Vegas
8/11/2006Bandai Museum Closes
8/11/2006Animax Expands In Hong Kong
8/11/2006Patrick Macias Looks At Shibuya Girl Tribes
8/11/2006Sumomo TV Site
8/11/2006Comike Cosplay Info
8/11/2006Mai Otome Zwei OAV Release
8/11/2006Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Goes Viral
8/11/2006Negative Advance Reviews For AIR On Blu-Ray
8/11/2006009-1 Anime Details
8/11/2006AnimeNEXT Announces 2007 Dates
8/11/2006J-Anime Paper Launches
8/11/2006Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 3rd TV Series
8/11/2006Hidamari Sketch TV Site
8/11/2006Armored Core Anime Announced
8/11/2006Bartender Site
8/11/2006Victorian Romance Emma Season 2
8/11/2006AIR Blu-Ray Demonstration
8/11/2006AnimeNEXT Jumps to July
8/10/2006Unbalance Unbalance in October October
8/10/2006German Anime Con Next Month
8/10/2006Fruits Basket Reaches Top 30 on Booklist
8/10/2006Gundam Voice Actor Dies
8/10/2006Piyoko Manga Chapters Online
8/10/2006Nodame Cantabile Drama
8/10/2006Imagica Imageworks Site
8/10/2006Japan's Digital Contents Market Worth 2.5 Trillion Yen
8/10/2006Nodame Cantabile Anime
8/10/2006Maison Ikkoku Drama Update
8/9/2006Highlander Hits US in 07
8/9/2006Hellsing Creator at Anime Vegas
8/9/2006Anime Expo 2007 Dates Announced
8/9/2006Crayon Shin-chan on Adult Swim
8/9/2006Manga Article In TIME Magazine
8/9/2006 Aya Hirayama Announced For Atagoal Cast
8/9/2006Goro Miyazaki Worked On Satsuki & Mei House Design
8/9/2006New SNS Aims To Bring Japanese Talent To Hollywood
8/9/20062,000 Toei Animation Episodes Go Online
8/9/2006Yunagi No Machi Sakura No Kuni Movie
8/9/2006Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Cast Reunite For Special
8/9/2006D-Gray Man TV Cast And Broadcast Dates
8/9/2006Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge Drama Coming Too
8/9/2006Nikkei Characters Suspends Publication
8/9/2006Maid Bikini
8/9/2006Update: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge To Be Animated
8/9/2006Green Bunny Shuts Down Site
8/9/2006Seiyuu Take Over Yurikamome For Comike 70
8/9/20061.5 Billion Yen Projected For Death Note TV DVD Sales
8/9/2006Hideaki Anno Quote
8/8/2006Gundam Goes Life-Sized
8/8/2006Sony Opens Door to UK Anime Channel
8/8/2006Newtype Hypes Evangelion Scoop
8/8/200610 Weeks for Naruto 10 on Booklist
8/8/2006Arima, Aizawa at AWA
8/8/2006Gundam PS3 Game Coming to America
8/8/2006Initial D Marathon in LA
8/8/2006Otakon Discussed During Baltimore Baseball Coverage
8/8/2006Go Speed Racer: Waiting for Green Light
8/8/2006Appleseed EX Game Details
8/7/2006Sgt. Frog Facing Tough Times In South Korea
8/7/2006Witchblade Anime Hits USA In April 2007
8/7/2006CLAMP Deals With Stalking
8/7/2006Japan Sinks To Screen In 16 Countries
8/7/2006Venezuelan Japanese Boom
8/7/2006China Set To Release Most Expensive Animated Film
8/7/2006New Hideaki Anno Project in the Works
8/7/2006DramaQueen Picks up New Yaoi, Manhwa
8/7/2006Viz Inks Deal with Bay Area Transit
8/7/2006New Evangelion Anime Movie(s) Coming?
8/7/2006Death Note Game Update
8/7/2006Princess Maker 5 Site
8/7/2006Brave Story In Japan
8/7/2006Vince Vaugh As Racer X In Wachowski's Speed Racer
8/7/2006More Trouble For North American Anime Retailers?
8/7/2006The Haruhi Suzumiya Drama That Wasn't?
8/7/2006Tokyo Tribe 2 Anime
8/7/2006GAINAX Hiring For New Hideaki Anno Anime
8/7/2006Girls Polled On Their Manga "Blush Rate"
8/7/2006Philippine President Plans To Train Supermaids
8/7/2006Atomic Bomb Anime Screening In Las Vegas
8/7/2006Atagoal Site
8/7/2006Negima Second Season And Manga
8/7/2006Black Lagoon Second Season
8/7/2006Hanbun No Gatsu Ganoboru Sora Drama
8/5/2006Toei and Disney Co-Productions Announced
8/5/2006Funimation Acquires School Rumble
8/5/2006ADV Acquires Shin Angyo Onshi
8/5/2006Digital Manga Licenses Flower of Life
8/5/2006New Yaoi Company Launched
8/4/2006Steamboy, Shinesman on Encore Action
8/4/2006Death Note Locks up Japanese TV
8/4/2006Rumiko Takahashi Wraps up One-Pound Gospel
8/4/2006Anime Vegas Commercials Online
8/3/2006Reborn as Anime
8/2/2006Paprika, Tekkon Kinkreet at TIFF
8/2/2006Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles DVD in November
8/1/2006Funimation Channel on Verizon FiOS Today
8/1/2006Appleseed 2 Gets Name, Date
8/1/2006Gedo Senki Tops Box Office