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Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/30/2007Anime Expo 2007 - The Art of Reviewing Anime Panel
6/30/2007TRSI Licenses Victorian Romance Emma, Announces Lost Universe Thinpak
6/30/2007Go! Comi Licenses Angel's Coffin, Cy-Believers, more
6/30/2007ADV Licenses Devil May Cry, Gurren Lagaan, Kyoshiro
6/30/2007DMP Licenses Family Complex, Flamboyant, more (Updated)
6/30/2007English Cast for School Rumble Revealed
6/30/2007Geneon Announces Shana OVA, Two Seasons of Lyrical Nanoha, Deltora Quest
6/30/2007Hong Kong Artist Wins Japan's 1st 'Manga Nobel Prize'
6/29/2007Cosmode USA Edition Plans Announced at Anime Expo 2007
6/29/2007S.K.I.N. Concert Significantly Delayed (Updated)
6/29/2007Bandai Visual Adds Gundam MS Igloo, Super Robot Wars
6/29/2007Anime Expo 2007 Opens
6/28/2007Studio 4?C Speaks Before Genius Party's Japan Opening
6/28/2007Anime Network Adds 200,000 New Subscribers
6/28/2007AnimeOnline Offers US$1.99 Funimation Video Downloads
6/28/2007Hikaru Utada to Sing First Evangelion Film Remake Song
6/28/2007Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Videos at
6/28/2007Saish? Shiken Kujira Anime Production, Staff Confirmed
6/28/2007AAA Anime Running Scavenger Hunt at Anime Expo
6/28/2007Death Note Post-Finale Primetime Airing Planned in Japan
6/28/2007Haruhi to Appear on Japanese Nintendo Wii via Kadokawa
6/28/2007Montreal Fest Shows Ghost in the Shell, Naruto, Tekkon
6/28/2007G4techTV Canada Adds Six Geneon Anime Titles
6/28/2007Otakon Draws 2 Passes to Transformers Preview Thursday
6/28/2007Viz Media to Release First Death Note DVD in November
6/28/2007Sega Toys Announces Evangelion "Handy Magi-System"
6/27/2007Project Blue Earth SOS Acquired by ADV Films
6/27/2007Funimation Hosts Mushi-Shi Director at Anime Expo
6/27/2007Gonzo to Screen Subtitled Romeo ? Juliet at Anime Expo
6/27/2007Second Sisters of Wellber Anime Project Announced
6/27/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, June 19?June 25
6/27/2007Lucky Star Special Edition DVD Flies off Shelves in Akiba
6/27/2007Haruhi Adventure Game Set for Japanese PlayStation 2
6/27/2007Imagi Hosts 2009 Astro Boy Film Director's Interview
6/26/2007TotalVid Offers Death Note by Subscription or Download
6/26/2007Sirou Tunasima's Jinki to Restart in Dengeki Moeoh
6/26/2007Infinity Studios to Print Shaa's Ky?haku Dogs in Fall
6/26/2007Magician to Transform Tokyo Big Sight into Giant Robot
6/26/2007New York Anime Festival Finalists
6/26/2007Magi-Cu Magazine Ends After Six Years, 40 Issues
6/26/2007Otakon Hosts Versus, Godzilla: Final Wars Director
6/26/2007Free Streaming of The Third Episode #1 All This Week
6/25/2007Night Wizard Tabletop Roleplaying Game to be Animated
6/25/2007Go! Comi Starts A.I Revolution, CMX Offers Presents
6/25/2007Oshii Serves Up Female Tachigui Sequel This November
6/25/2007The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Character Soundtrack Vol. 2: Yuki Nagato Give-Away
6/25/2007Otakon Hosts Final Fantasy XII Composer, Eminence Show
6/25/2007ADV Films Licenses Tokyo Majin Anime for North America
6/25/2007AnimeNEXT 2007 Hosts Romeo ? Juliet Producers
6/25/2007Anime News Network Panels at Anime Expo
6/25/2007Tales from Earthsea at UK's Cambridge Film Festival
6/25/2007Initial D Movie Theme Song's AAA to Perform at Otakon
6/25/2007Broccoli Hosts Galaxy Angel Cast, Staff at Anime Expo
6/24/2007HIS Launches Japanese Pop Culture Tours
6/22/2007Haruhi PSP Game Coming from Bandai Namco Games Japan
6/22/2007Publishing Company Asahi Sonorama to Go Out of Business
6/22/2007Japan's Cultural Affairs Agency Ranks Top Anime, Manga
6/22/2007ImaginAsian Delays TMS Classics
6/22/2007Gonzo Creates Promotional Anime Short for Panasonic
6/22/20075 Centimeters, Freedom, Ping Pong to Screen at AX 2007
6/22/2007Australian release of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
6/22/2007Intermixi Japan Tours Website Up
6/21/2007Fullmetal Alchemist's Arakawa's Newest to be Animated
6/21/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, June 12?June 18
6/21/2007ADV Acquires Makoto Shinkai's 5cm Per Second
6/21/2007Rozen Maiden: Tr?umend Set for US, Manga Ends in Japan
6/21/2007Translator Schodt, Dark Horse's Horn on Radio Forum
6/21/2007Heroes' James Kyson Lee Hosts Anime Network's AX Show
6/21/2007Studio Ghibli's Iblard Jikan Video Trailer Online
6/20/2007"How-To" Mag for Manga to Launch This Fall in Japan
6/20/2007Kappa Mikey's Animation Collective Mods Speed Racer
6/20/2007Oshii's Latest Film, The Sky Crawlers, Set for 2008
6/20/2007All-Japan High School Manga Competition Evaluations Begin
6/20/2007Satoshi Kon, I.G, Manga Guide, Go! Comi Interviews
6/20/200718-Meter Robot Statue to Stand at Creator's Birthplace
6/20/2007Studio 4?C, DJ Ken Ishii in Genius Party Music Event
6/20/2007CPM Confirms Upcoming Manga Slate into Next Year
6/19/2007ADV Films Licenses Xenosaga Anime
6/19/2007Eat-Man Creator Yoshitomi's Blue Drop to Be Animated
6/19/2007Viz, Toonami, NFL Team Up for Eyeshield 21 Streaming
6/19/2007Appleseed: Ex Machina Slated by Warner Home Video in 2008
6/19/2007Otakon to Host Director, Producer of Conan, City Hunter
6/18/2007Girl Who Leapt Through Time Wins France's Annecy Award
6/18/2007Mushi-Uta, Shigurui, Kiddy Grade Preview Videos Posted
6/18/2007Gundam Online Role-Playing Game to Close at Year's End
6/18/2007Tokyopop Confirms 38 Upcoming Manga, Manhwa, Novels
6/18/2007Funimation Channel Ends Digital Los Angeles Broadcast
6/17/2007Konami Announces Hayate the Combat Butler CCG, DS Game
6/17/2007Namco Bandai Announces Afro Samurai Game
6/17/2007Jiro Tanuguchi Promotes Cartier Watch
6/16/2007Chibi Maruko-chan Manga to Return as Newspaper Strip
6/16/20071.5-Million-Yen Manga Obscenity Fine Appeal Denied
6/16/2007Last Exile to Start Airing on AZN Television June 25
6/16/2007Johnny Depp to Guest-Voice on Doraemon Pirates Special
6/16/2007International Manga Symposium in Kyoto
6/15/2007Tokyopop Sets V.B. Rose, Gakuen Alice for January 2008
6/15/2007Fushigi Yuugi, Basara, Utena Artists in New Rinka Mag
6/15/2007Funimation Sets September 25 for First Witchblade DVD
6/15/2007CPM's Astra Inspires "Super Heroine Manga Musical"
6/15/2007DC Invests in Online-Focused Manga Publisher in Japan
6/14/2007Anime Network Licenses Ninja Nonsense From Right Stuf
6/14/2007When They Cry Artist to Start New Shonen Gangan Manga
6/14/2007Karate Kid, Fifth Element Writer to Pen Gatchaman Film
6/14/2007Japanese Government Seeking Arts Fund Applications
6/14/2007NYAF Contest Extended, New Prize Added
6/14/2007CNN Profiles Voiceover Actors and Sites
6/14/2007Anime Studios Forecast Profit Drops
6/14/2007ASOS to Attempt Largest Haruhi Dance at Anime Expo
6/14/2007He is My Master, Maburaho Artists in New Yuri Magazine
6/14/2007Bokurano Helmer Changes Story Due to Dislike of Manga
6/13/2007Tsubasa Manga #21-23 to Bundle Anime DVDs in Japan
6/13/2007Anime Expo S.K.I.N.Ticket Sales Offline
6/13/2007Anime Expo Schedule Online
6/13/2007Akimbo Add Geneon Titles to Video-on-Demand Service
6/13/2007Otakon Hosts Nana, Chobits Director Morio Asaka
6/13/2007Animate Launches Online TV "Channel" for Videos
6/13/2007Latest by Boys Be, Yuria #100 Artists in Super Jump
6/13/2007Sony's Animax Channel Goes Mobile in Canada, Australia
6/13/2007Barefoot Gen to Become Live-action Drama
6/13/2007Drawn & Quarterly, Vertical Announce New Manga Titles
6/12/2007Kyoto Lists 13 "Harmful" Manga Depicting Female Minors
6/12/2007Red Garden: Dead Girls Production Footage Video Online
6/12/2007Osaka Police Sweeps 70 Stores for "Harmful" Sh?jo Mags
6/12/2007More Distractions Lead to Falling Kids' Anime Ratings
6/12/2007CG Evangelion Model Provided by Software Developer
6/12/2007Welcome to the NHK, Calling You to End in Shonen Ace
6/12/2007Nymphet Manga to Bundle "Unairable" Anime DVD in Japan
6/12/2007Yomiuri Reports Increase of Crime in Akihabara
6/12/2007Girl Who Leapt Through Time Staff's New Work in August
6/11/2007NYC Museum on Anime "Big in Japan, Unknown in America"
6/11/2007Madman Acquires Haruhi, Solty Rei For Australia
6/11/2007New Movies Mark Return of Evangelion Coffee in Japan
6/11/2007Apanman Hair Salon Opens in Children's Museum in Japan
6/11/2007AX to Give Plushies to Kids, Pocky to Blood Donors
6/11/2007Karas Video Series to Restart on August 24 in Japan
6/11/2007Votoms Pailsen Files, Vexille Videos Showcase CG Mecha
6/10/2007Manga Author Taiz? Yokoyama Passes Away
6/10/2007Manga in Japanese Magazines Tops 100,000 Pages Monthly
6/9/2007Sequel Slated for Tonari no 801-chan Otaku Love Comedy
6/9/2007Speed Racer Movie Preview Website Launched
6/9/2007Synthpop's YMO Returns as HASYMO for Appleseed Sequel
6/9/2007I.G Posts English Kanno Interview, Anime Expo Details
6/8/2007Touka Gettan Recruits Actresses for Scripting, Cameos
6/8/2007Official Animage Magazine Website Opens in Japan
6/8/2007Bandai Visual Hosts Freedom Writer, Rune Actress at Anime Expo
6/8/2007Funimation Building New Headquarters
6/7/2007Paprika Widens in U.S. Friday, Opens in Canada June 15
6/7/2007English Anime Mags Profiled, Otaku USA Plans Outlined
6/7/2007Downtime Tonight (June 8)
6/7/2007Singapore Company Cracks Down on Anime Downloads
6/7/2007Anime Accounts for 26% of Top 100 Wikipedia Searches
6/7/2007DMP Launches Vampire Hunter D Website
6/7/2007Scott Porter Joins Speed Racer Cast as Young Rex Racer
6/7/2007AAA Anime to Exclusively Distribute Haruhi Character CD Volume 2 - Yuki Nagato
6/7/2007MediaWorks Announces Manga Versions of Light Novels
6/7/2007HD Wings of Honneamise, Akira Slated for North America
6/6/2007Akimbo VOD Adds AnimEigo, AnimeTV, Right Stuf, Voltron
6/6/2007Anime Expo Adds Transformers Preview, Posts Film List
6/6/2007Studio 4?C to Design Virtual "Cyber Megacity Tokyo"
6/6/2007Funimation Sales Rise 47.8% in Year of New Releases
6/6/2007Publishers Weekly's Comics Bestsellers, May/June
6/6/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, May 29-June 4
6/6/2007Tezuka Exhibit Ties in New Book, Manga Panel, Workshop
6/5/2007Kawamori of First Macross to Helm, Design New Macross
6/5/2007Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Main Character, Staff Identified
6/5/2007I.G, Pierrot, From Soft Creating Online Virtual Tokyo
6/5/2007Tokyopop to Import Gothic & Lolita Bible
6/5/2007Second Bleach Movie Announced in Japan
6/5/2007Anime Based on ef Game Announced in Japan
6/5/2007Sensual Phrase's Mayu Shinjo Leaves Shogakukan
6/5/2007Manga by Tezuka, Tatsumi Vie for Harvey, Quill Awards
6/5/2007Kimikiss TV Anime Announced
6/5/2007ImaginAsianTV Posts TMS Classics Broadcast Schedule
6/5/2007Marvelous Entertainment to Make More Gunslinger Girl
6/5/2007Highlander Anime Has Two Cuts: Japanese & American
6/4/2007X Japan to Reunite with Single, Concert by Year's End
6/4/2007Geneon to Offer Akira in HD, Anime Shows on Xbox Live
6/4/2007Funimation Offering Anime on Xbox Live Marketplace
6/4/2007Macross, Orguss, Wizardry Composer Haneda Dies at 58
6/4/2007Full Moon's Arina Tanemura at Comic-Con International
6/4/2007Ghibli Director Isao Takahata Working on New Film
6/4/2007Kamikaze Girl Anna Tsuchiya to Perform at Anime Expo
6/4/2007More Revealed on Monthly Shonen Jump's Aftermath
6/4/2007Japanese Box Office, June 2-3
6/2/2007Bandai Acquires Galaxy Angel X, S Special
6/2/2007Mobile Suit Gundam 00 TV Series Announced for October
6/1/2007Viz's Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat Shake Up Manga Lineup
6/1/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 23-29
6/1/2007Monthly Shonen Jump's Rosario + Vampire to Be Animated
6/1/2007Broccoli Books Announces Coyote Ragtime Show Details
6/1/2007SmartMoney Looks at 4Kids
6/1/2007New Bootleg Saber Swimsuit Figures Hitting U.S.!
6/1/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: May 21-May 27
6/1/2007Great Yamato #0 Volume 1 Streamed Online for Free
6/1/2007See-Saw's Chiaki Ishikawa to Perform at Anime Expo