Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/28/2006Viz Has Naruto & Kenshin Novels Inuyasha Movie 4 Out in August
2/28/2006Megatokyo Migrates to CMX DC Comics' Imprint's First OEL Title
2/28/2006Dark Horse to Double Manga Output in '06 Also Adds 'SS' Manga Techniques Magazine
2/27/2006Funimation Acquires Afro Samurai
2/27/2006Robotech Live-Action?
2/27/2006Tokyopop's 'Hellgate: London' Manga Based on the Flagship Studios PC Game
2/27/2006Anime Vegas convention set for Labor Day weekend 2006
2/27/2006NYCC: VIZ Media Announces Uncut Naruto, Full Moon, Inu Yasha & Maison Ikkoku
2/26/2006Naruto Build-A-Ninja Contest
2/26/2006New CMX Manga Licenses
2/26/2006Sugar Manga licensed by ADV
2/26/2006Bleach party
2/26/2006An American Anime: Homage or Oxymoron?
2/26/2006County's first anime 'con' deemed a hit
2/26/2006The Anime Network on Cell Phones
2/25/2006ADV New York Comic-Con licenses
2/25/2006CPM to release Embracing Love
2/25/2006MegaCon: Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Licensed
2/25/2006NYCC '06: ADV Films Talks Future Formats Anime distributor reveals their thoughts on VOD, UMD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
2/25/2006NYCC: Funimation Goes "Big Gonzo" in 2006
2/24/2006D.Gray-man on Hiatus... Again
2/24/2006New Gundam Seed Anime
2/24/20064Kids Licenses Pretty Cure
2/23/2006NY Children's Film Festival to Screen Miyazaki Titles
2/23/2006USA Today Booklist
2/23/2006Namco Bandai Cuts Forecast
2/22/2006Satsuki And Mei's House to Re-Open
2/22/2006New Ghost in the Shell Related Anime
2/22/2006Samurai Seven on IFC and Animania
2/22/2006MIT Symposium on Anime and Manga
2/22/2006FYE Parent Company Bids for Musicland
2/22/2006GDH Establishes Korean Subsidiary
2/22/2006Manga Based Noh Play
2/22/2006Yuricon Founder to Lecture on Yuri at University of Illinois
2/22/2006Realbuzz Studios Announces Three More Inspirational OEL Titles
2/22/2006Yoko Ishida at Kawaii Kon
2/22/2006Early Post War Anime Restored
2/22/2006Sailor Moon Themed Tour of Tokyo
2/21/2006Fujiko F. Fujio Museum and Documentary
2/21/2006Media Blasters Acquires Kirameki Project
2/21/2006Bandai Hobby Center
2/21/2006Howl Nominated for Saturn Award
2/21/2006New Anime Updates
2/21/2006Canadian National Police Services Removes Misleading Anime Fact Sheet
2/20/2006Trinity Blood Cast
2/20/2006Funimation news from Katsucon
2/20/2006News on Cameron's Battle Angel
2/20/2006Media Blasters to Include Japanese on Bible Black: New Testament DVD
2/20/2006Viz Announces Shojo Beat Video Label
2/20/2006New Anime From Madhouse
2/20/2006New Releases
2/20/2006Import Store Offers Free Manga to Scanlators
2/20/2006Afro Samurai Manga To be Released in North America
2/20/2006Toon Radio acquires Anime Genesis
2/20/2006Konjiki no Gash Resumes Serialization
2/17/2006Asian Erotic Animation DVDs Untranslated
2/16/2006Otakon Posts Artist Alley Rules
2/16/2006Prefectural Earth Defense Force OAV Parody Anime Available Direct From ADV
2/16/2006World of Warcraft Is Upper Deck's Major Initiative For 2006
2/15/2006Funimation Financial Shortfall Explained
2/15/2006Ergo Proxy Music by Radiohead
2/15/2006Ape Escape Anime
2/15/2006Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid OAV Announced
2/15/2006Canadian Child Exploitation Coordination Center Misdefines Anime
2/15/2006Cowboy Bebop Film Manga Details and Price Correction
2/15/2006Adult Swim "Fix" Goes 24/7
2/14/2006Funimation Licenses Crayon Shin-Chan
2/14/2006Dragonball Z Back on Cartoon Network
2/14/2006Black Lagoon TV Series
2/14/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Rise of the Sacred Beasts Website Tie In
2/14/2006The Brattle Anime Festival Online Ticketing
2/14/2006Pokemon Kicks Off 10th Anniversary
2/14/2006Studio Ghibli Clothing Store
2/14/2006Gedo Senki Voices Announced
2/14/2006Yuri Manga in Anthropology Course
2/13/2006Vertical to Release Ode to Kirihito
2/13/2006Advent Children Release Date
2/13/2006Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Dub Cast
2/13/2006New Anime
2/13/2006Warners Financing Live Action 'Death Note' Movie Based on the Popular Manga
2/13/2006Bandai to Publish Top Cow Titles In Manga Format
2/13/2006Bandai Offers Zatch Bell Organized Play Zatch Bell Battle League Kits Free to Retailers
2/13/2006Blizzard Puts Chill on Toy Fair 2005 Numbers Also Cold
2/12/2006Butler Cafe
2/12/2006Hunter X Hunter Interupted
2/12/2006Black Jack - Kuroi Ishi Serialization Ends
2/10/2006ICv2 Announces More Panelists
2/10/2006CNN Article on Maid Cafes
2/10/2006Viz Media Talks Comic-Con
2/10/2006Ghibli Museum Movie Footage and Interview
2/10/2006Navarre in the Red due to Music Land
2/10/2006Cowboy Bebop Film-Manga in May
2/10/2006Zeta Gundam Shaving Gel
2/10/2006Super Robot Wars i on Cell Phones
2/10/2006Kiki's Delivery Service Screening at University of Wisconsin
2/10/2006Fullmetal Alchemist on YTV
2/9/2006School Rumble Preview
2/9/2006Otaku University
2/9/2006Fullmetal Alchemist TCG Tournament Series
2/9/2006Anime Dance in Vancouver
2/9/2006Article on Anime Bootlegs
2/9/2006Akira Ifukube Dies
2/9/2006Tsubasa in Top 150 Books
2/9/2006Air Gear Website
2/8/2006Prefectural Earth Defense Force Release
2/8/2006Path of the Assassin Manga
2/8/2006Kyou no Go no Ni Website
2/8/2006New Sukeban Deka Live Action
2/8/2006Bincho-tan PS2 Game
2/8/2006Kabe Otoko Movie
2/8/2006Spider Riders on Teletoon
2/8/2006New .Hack Anime
2/8/2006Prince of Tennis OAV
2/8/2006Robotech on Mobile Phones
2/8/2006Robotech: Shadow Chronicles Completed
2/7/2006Digital Manga Launches New Yaoi Imprint
2/7/2006Princess Ai News
2/7/2006Howl Shut out at Annie Awards
2/6/2006Happy Live Action
2/6/2006Top Movies of 2005 in Japan
2/6/2006Ghost in The Shell Individual Eleven Details
2/5/2006Valentines Day JPOP Party in Ottawa
2/5/2006Funimation Films Website Launches
2/5/2006Naruto #1 in Canada with Teens
2/5/2006Otakon 2006 Pre-Reg Open
2/5/2006Bonus Shinichiro Watanabe Event in Houston
2/5/2006Manga in Booklist
2/5/2006Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (PSP)
2/5/2006Space Pinchy to be Reelased as Graphic Novel
2/5/2006Wizard World Boston Cancelled
2/5/2006New Rumiko Takahashi Short Manga
2/3/2006Stone Bridge Press Announces Anime Encyclopedia 2nd Edition
2/3/2006Ubi-soft to Release "Lost Magic"
2/3/2006Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Lecture in Miami
2/3/2006Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD Delayed Should Be Out Later This Year
2/3/2006'Mechwarrior' Short Film Will Debut at Summer Conventions
2/3/2006Speed Racer DVD Has Die-Cast Car But Only 8 Episodes
2/3/2006Full Metal Alchemist Sprints to the Lead While Naruto Dominates the Top Ten
2/2/2006Palisades Is Musicland's First Casualty Out of Business After 11 Years
2/2/2006Taipei International Book Exhibition 2006 to Feature Anime and Manga Guests
2/2/2006Otakon Statement Regarding Fan Art
2/1/2006Kurosagi Live Action
2/1/2006ImaginAsian TV Launches Home Video Label
2/1/2006Tokyo Anime Fair New York
2/1/2006The Anime Network on DirecTV
2/1/2006Fuji TV News Segment on U.S. Shojo Manga
2/1/2006Cartoon Network to Air New One Piece Episodes
2/1/2006New York Comic-Con Announces Anime Programming
2/1/2006Oyayubihime Infinity Licensed by CMX
2/1/2006Mew Mew Power Broadcast Finished