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Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2006The Pillows in San Francisco
5/31/2006Always Premieres in NY
5/31/2006Gunsmith Cats Burst, Re-Release in 2007
5/30/2006First Anime Evolution Guests
5/30/2006Central Park Media Statement
5/30/2006ADV on ZVUE
5/30/2006Japan Times on the Manga Name Game
5/30/2006Five New Otakon Guests
5/30/2006Kenshin PS2 Site Online
5/29/2006Otome Wa Boku Ni Koshiteru To Be Animated
5/29/2006Robotech to Screen at NY, AZ Festivals
5/29/2006Beck Creator at AnimeNext
5/28/2006Mural Treasure Almost Became Public Bath Fuel
5/27/2006Kaiyodo Opens Akihabara Hobby Shop
5/27/2006Gorillaz Creator Honored
5/27/2006Sony Sells Off Magazine / Book Publishing
5/27/2006ADV Announces Jinki:Extend
5/27/2006Funimation Announces Beck
5/26/2006Hellsing, Yellow Creators at Otakon
5/26/2006CPM Lays off Staff, Prepares for Bankruptcy
5/26/2006Broccoli Gets Disgaea, Yoki Koto Kiku
5/26/2006Funimation Picks up Full Metal Panic TSR
5/25/2006Big International Interest For DEATH NOTE Live Action Movie
5/24/2006New Kujian Anime
5/24/2006The Pillows Tour North America in June
5/24/2006CNAnime Scheduled
5/23/2006Keigo And FLOW Bounce Back
5/23/2006Naruto UK Plans Revealed
5/23/2006First Fruit of Appleseed 2
5/23/2006Bleach Movie in December
5/23/2006More Anime at Cannes
5/23/2006Suncoast Anime Update
5/22/2006Pop Culture & Contents Helping Japan's Image?
5/22/2006Anime Expo Hotels Sold Out... But Not Sold Out
5/22/2006Funimation to Distribute Tokyopop Titles
5/20/2006Nobuhiro Watsuki's Buso Renkin To Be Animated
5/20/2006Katori Shingo To Star In Hsi Yu Chi Movie
5/20/2006New Appleseed Film And PS2 Details
5/19/2006Pokemon Chronicles on Cartoon Network
5/19/2006Kong Gets Blood on His Hands
5/19/2006Viz Confirms New Licenses
5/19/2006Geneon Keeps Kyo Kara Maoh Coming
5/19/2006Viz Wants to Make SF's J-Town J-Pop Center
5/19/2006China: Sleeping Animation Giant
5/19/2006Older Japanese Crazy For Plastic Model Kits
5/19/2006Anime Music Sweeps 2006 JASRAC International Category
5/19/2006Maid Cafes Go Asia
5/19/2006Stiff Sentence For Uploading Manga In Japan
5/19/2006Nausicaa Packs Out House At Cannes
5/19/2006Emaki Scrolls Represent Old School Manga
5/18/2006Free Yu-Gi-Oh Cards in Shonen Jump Titles
5/18/2006Naruto on Nintendo this Fall
5/18/2006CMX Fall Manga Dates
5/18/2006CPM Signs with Consortium
5/18/2006Maid Cafe Opens in Thailand
5/18/2006Manabi Straight To Be Animated
5/17/2006Yutaka Izubuchi at Anime Expo
5/17/2006Liberty Media to Acquire IDT Entertainment
5/17/2006Hino Matsuri at Comic Con
5/17/2006June Manga Launches
5/17/2006Baseball Manga Master Backs Independent League
5/17/2006Prince Of Tennis Live Action Stage Greeting
5/17/2006Otani Returns To One Piece
5/17/2006Bandai And NIKE Team On Character Branded Shoes
5/17/2006Artificial Tree Business Grows Into Anime
5/16/2006Dark Horse Editor on Appleseed, Hellsing, 2007
5/16/20064Kids Q1 Earnings Report
5/16/2006GDH To Provide Aid to UNICEF
5/16/20064KidsTV Fall Lineup
5/16/2006Media Blaster Release Changes
5/16/2006 Toei Establishes Representative Office In China
5/15/2006Bandai Distribution in Canada
5/15/2006Death Note, Bokura ga Ita Anime in Production
5/15/2006Viz Rep Interviewed On Anime Piracy
5/15/2006Big Tokyopop Moves In May
5/15/2006Japanese Fans Pissed Over Estimated PS3 Cost
5/14/2006Mainstream Moe Raises Artist's Ire
5/14/2006IG At Cannes
5/12/2006Baker & Taylor Sold For $455 Million
5/12/2006Pokemon Moves in with Miguzi
5/12/2006Haruhi Suzumiya CD Sells Out
5/12/2006Haruhi Suzumiya Single on Oricon
5/12/2006Negadon in the New York Times
5/12/2006Puffy Announced as Goodwill Tourism Ambassadors
5/12/2006Ohzora Publishing Establishes American Subsidiary
5/12/2006Shinobi and Cromartie at New York Asian Film Fest
5/11/2006Brave Story at Cannes
5/11/2006More Negima
5/11/2006Matsumoto Discusses Online Manga
5/11/2006Anime at The ImaginAsian
5/11/2006Twelve Kingdoms and other Pop Fiction Novels in '07
5/11/2006Puffy AmiYumi East Coast Tour in July
5/11/2006Korea Adapts Japanese Lit Left And Right
5/11/2006Anna Tsuchiya On Silent Hill Theme
5/11/2006"Instant" Anime Delivery on 3.5G FOMA Phones
5/11/2006Project BLUE Earth SOS Promises High Quality
5/10/2006Pokemon Special Reruns on AOL
5/10/2006Lohan Comments on Sailor Moon Rumors
5/10/2006Digital Manga New Acquisitions
5/10/2006Tomino Brings Gundam Z Films to Chicago
5/10/2006Tokyo Tribes TV Anime in October
5/10/2006Fullmetal Alchemist Cracks Booklist 100
5/10/2006XBOX 360 HD-DVD Add-on By Year's End
5/10/2006Missing Tezuka Manga Found In America
5/10/2006TMS To Relocate Hedquarters To Tokyo
5/10/2006Akihabara@Deep Due In 2009
5/9/20062nd Chinese Animation Festival Draws 200,000
5/9/2006GAGA's First Anime Project - Night Head Genesis
5/9/2006BoA Jumps Into Voice Acting
5/9/2006DDR TV Show Coming To CBS
5/9/2006H+MC Shiokazecon Thank You!
5/9/2006D'espairsRay at AnimeNext
5/9/2006Bernie Mac Joins Transformers Movie
5/8/2006Ventura Owed $78 Million First Look Payment Went to Bank
5/8/2006King of Fighters Anime to be Packaged with Game
5/8/2006Gundam Seed Destined for Movie
5/8/2006An Anime Quest for Deltora
5/8/2006MIT Symposium Recording Online
5/8/2006Actress Machiko Soga Dies
5/8/2006Dragonball Game Announced For Nintendo Wii
5/8/2006Ishin To Write Death Note - XXXholic Novels
5/8/2006Otomo's SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai To Become OAV
5/8/2006Innocent Venus To Be Animated
5/8/2006YOUTUBE - "Lawless Area For Japanese Contents"
5/8/2006Anime Industry Needs To Be More Business Savy
5/6/2006ADV Films Website Hacked
5/5/2006Monkey Punch Coming to Metrocon
5/5/2006Tokyopop To Move Away from OEL and World Manga Labels
5/4/2006Nickelodeon Gets Anime-Mated With Two Japanese Co-Productions
5/4/2006Details on Hayao Miyazaki's Next Film Tomorrow
5/4/2006Metal Gear Solid Movie in the Works
5/4/2006Netcomics September Lineup
5/4/2006New ADV Release Dates
5/4/2006Advent Children #2 on VideoScan
5/4/2006LA Area College to Display Banned Manga Book
5/4/2006Oh! My Goddess Pre-Order for $29
5/3/2006Hyde Adds Hollywood, Fillmore Gigs
5/3/2006ICv2 Releases Manga Market Size Estimate For 2005
5/3/2006Rintaro, Maruyama at AnimeNext
5/3/2006Trinity Blood Theatrical Premiere
5/2/2006Tokyopop Starts Young Adult Fiction Line
5/2/2006Mick Takeuchi Coming to Anime Expo
5/1/2006Fruits Basket, Naruto Dominate BookScan Graphic Novel Rankings
5/1/2006Sonic X Scores Card Game
5/1/2006Ice Kunion Relaunches Site
5/1/2006Gedo Senki Site Open
5/1/2006Hikaru no Go Premieres Tomorrow on ImaginAsian