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Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2007New York Anime Festival Brings Maid Cafe to US
8/31/2007Ichigo Ichie Anime Shorts Announced
8/31/2007Alabama Planetarium to Host Anime Program
8/31/2007Wall Street Journal Criticizes Use of Anime to Promote Japan
8/31/2007Videogame Company Hopes to Bring Anime-based Games to US
8/31/2007Pop Japan Travel Accepting Reservations
8/31/2007Life-Size Flying Nausica? Glider Displayed at WorldCon
8/31/2007Nippon2007, Asia's First WorldCon, Opens
8/30/2007Seto no Hanayome 17th Episode Broadcast on AT-X Cancelled
8/30/2007Kurenai Anime Adaptation Confirmed
8/30/2007Runners up for Kodanasha Manga Contest Announced
8/30/2007Air Episode on
8/30/2007Odex Plans More Legal Action Against Downloaders
8/30/2007New York Anime Festival to Host Art Contest
8/30/2007Evangelion 1.0 International Premiere Announced
8/30/2007New York Magazine Continues Manga Previews
8/30/2007Journal Examines Anime Translation Process
8/30/2007USA Today Booklist, August 20-26: All 3 New Naruto Volumes Place
8/30/2007Playwright Bases New Work on Osamu Tezuka's World War II manga
8/30/2007New York Times Interviews Pokemon USA Executive
8/30/2007HunterXHunter To Resume Serialization
8/30/2007Those Who Hunt Elves Manga Returns
8/29/2007Sazae-san is Last TV Anime Using Cels, Not Computers
8/29/2007Press Release: ADV and Geneon Announce Strategic Partnership
8/29/2007MAG Garden Releases Aria's 3rd Season's Title, Artwork
8/29/2007Japan's SkyPerfectTV to Air 23 Gundam Works in October
8/29/2007Comcast's Select On Demand to Offer AnimeTV Talk Show
8/29/20074Kids to Premiere Sega's Dinosaur King Anime on Fox
8/28/2007Seiy? Yukarin to Play at 15,000-Person Budokan Arena
8/28/2007Gundam 00 Manga to Serialize in Japan's Magazine Z
8/28/2007Speed Racer Film to Use 1967 Song, "Animation" Compositing
8/28/20071/1 Votoms Model, Gundam Balloon Float at Japan's C3
8/28/2007Survey: 5,400 Live in Internet, Manga Cafes in Japan
8/28/2007Aria TV Anime's 3rd Season Greenlit for Production
8/27/2007Appleseed Gets Online Card Game in Japan This Fall
8/27/2007Kadokawa Leaks News on Junjo Romantica Boys-Love Anime
8/27/2007GeGeGe no Kitar?'s Original Manga to be Animated
8/27/2007Fictional Game Within Genshiken World Gets Own Manga
8/27/20075 Centimeters per Second to Screen in Dallas August 30
8/27/2007Manga Entertainment Anime Titles to Play on
8/27/2007Korean Actor to Star in Japanese/Korean City Hunter
8/27/2007Virus Buster Serge to Run on Sci Fi Channel in October
8/24/2007ADV Takes Over Geneon's Sales, Marketing, Distribution
8/24/2007ADV Takes Over Geneon's Sales, Marketing, Distribution
8/24/2007Christian Manga, Bible with Japanese Artists Announced
8/24/20079th One Piece Movie to Open in March, Videos Posted
8/24/2007Go! Comi Runs Black Sun Silver Moon Drawing Contest
8/24/2007ADV Streams Xenosaga's First Episode on IGN for Free
8/24/2007Viz Media Surveys Fans on Online Manga Downloads
8/24/2007New Generation Pictures Opens Shanghai Studio
8/23/2007New Protoculture Addicts eBooks and Discounts
8/23/2007Air Movie Streamed for Free in Japanese
8/23/2007Illustrator Arrested for Allegedly Obscene Manga Sales
8/23/2007Videos for ef, Koharu Biyori, Stranger, Geass Posted
8/23/20072nd Gunslinger Girl Airs in Spring with Pinocchio Arc
8/23/2007Moyoco Anno's Hataraki Man to be Made into Live-Action
8/23/2007USA Today Booklist, August 13?19: Fruits Basket Rises to 3rd Best Ever Spot
8/22/2007Ring Finger artist, Miki Falls artist, CMX interviewed
8/22/2007Code-E, Devil May Cry, Evangelion Anime Videos Posted
8/22/2007Korean Film Company Invests in ImaginAsian
8/22/2007MPD Psycho Moves from Sh?nen Ace Mag to Comic Charge
8/22/2007Sh?nen Ace Publishes Extra Issue Devoted to Evangelion
8/22/2007Japan's Four Big Film Companies Open Official Database
8/20/2007New York Children's Film Fest to Screen Anime Short
8/20/2007Hana Yori Dango: Final Movie to End Live-Action Drama
8/20/2007Japanese Box Office, August 18?19: Vexille Opens at #9
8/20/2007Japan's Comic Ry? to Include Free Galactic Heroes Film
8/20/2007JAL Posts Ghibli's "Fly the Skies" Campaign Trailer
8/19/2007Media Blasters Sets Release Dates for New Acquisitions, Series Boxes
8/19/2007A Country Doctor Trailer Released
8/18/2007Yoko Kanno, Heroine's Voice Announced for New Macross (Updated)
8/17/2007Prince of Tennis Adapted as Live-Action Drama in China
8/17/2007Japan's Consulate, JETRO to Sponsor Anime Roundtable
8/17/2007Stranger Film, Ayakashi Game-Based Anime Videos Posted
8/17/2007DOLL Creator's Embalmer Manga Spawns Live-Action Show
8/17/2007Words of Devotion Yaoi Manga Inspires Live-Action Movie
8/17/2007Ex Machina Cast & Staff
8/16/2007Anime Expo's Parent Organization Names New CEO
8/16/2007Viz Pictures to Release Lovely Complex Movie
8/16/2007Protoculture Addicts 2005 eBook Compilation
8/16/2007ADV Films Launches News Website, Offers Innocent Venus Episode 1 Preview
8/16/2007Toei Video-On-Demand Poll
8/16/2007San Francisco's Tezuka Exhibit Hosts Publishers' Forum
8/16/2007Del Rey Manga Website Relaunches
8/16/2007Death Note Films Come to Austin Film Festival
8/16/2007New On-Demand Cable Channel to Offer Anime
8/16/2007Koyuki Joins Cast of Upcoming Blood Movie
8/16/2007USA Today Booklist, August 6?12: Three Manga Listed
8/15/2007MapleStory Online RPG Inspires TV Anime in October
8/15/2007Australia Fines Man for Importing Pornographic Anime
8/15/2007Court Orders Singaporean ISPs to Name Illegal Anime Downloaders
8/15/2007Free Yawara Preview Disc Now Available Online
8/15/2007Manga Used to Educate Japanese Men on Viagra Drug
8/15/2007Mattel Recalls One Piece Figure Due to Small Magnets
8/14/2007Japanese Box Office, August 11?12: Pok?mon, Naruto
8/14/2007Al Jazeera English Reports on Otakon, Anime Fandom
8/14/2007New Manga from Sensual Phrase, Cromartie Creators
8/14/2007Ghibli Italian Dubber, Manga Guide Author Interviewed
8/13/2007Viz to Offer Bleach Anime for Download on August 31
8/13/2007Clannad Movie, Ghost Hound, DuelPod Videos Posted
8/13/2007Higurashi no Naku Koroni Live-Action Film in 2008 (Updated)
8/13/2007Death Note's L Film's Heroine, 4-Nation Debut Revealed
8/13/2007Comic Akibana Mag to Launch with Free Issue in Japan
8/13/2007Third Kiddy Grade Movie's Trailer Posted Online
8/13/2007Manga About Yaoi Fan Remade for Live-Action This Fall
8/13/2007Animax Names Animation Competition Regional Finalists
8/13/2007Toei Video-On-Demand Poll
8/10/2007Anime Broadcaster 4Kids Releases First Quarter Results
8/10/2007Paprika Director Discusses Work Habits in BusinessWeek
8/10/200773-Hour, 46-DVD Galactic Heroes Box Offered in Japan
8/10/2007Houston Art Museum to Screen Ghost in the Shell 2
8/10/2007Tokyopop's Marmalade Boy Anime License Expires
8/10/2007Unicorn Table to Perform at New York Anime Festival
8/10/2007Voltron Live-Action Nearing Deal, Tokyopop Shops Films
8/10/2007Toei to Launch "All You Can Watch" Anime Service in Japan
8/9/2007Ghibli Background Artist, Vertical Director Interviewed
8/9/2007USA Today Booklist, July 30?August 5: Bleach Rises
8/9/2007New York Bookstore to Open with Viz Event, Tezuka Art
8/9/2007Japan Tour Offers Evangelion Film Showing in September
8/9/2007ImaginAsian's TMS Classics DVDs Delayed For Second Time
8/9/2007Arakawa's Hero Tales Promotional Video Posted
8/9/2007Japan's Popteen Mag Posts Free Manga Online in English
8/9/2007Moetan Episode Removed from Japanese Broadcast for DVD Release
8/8/2007Tokyopop Artist Wins International Manga Contest
8/8/2007Petit Eva Computer-Graphics Video Details Revealed
8/8/2007Report: Japan Bought 331% More Books on Phones in 2006
8/8/2007Toonami Jetstream to Host One Piece, DBZ, Bobobo-bo
8/8/2007ADV Films Posts Trailers for Second Kanon TV Series (Updated)
8/7/2007Versus Star Directs Sakigake!! Otoko Juku Live-Action
8/7/2007Bandai Offers US$1600 Gundam T-Shirt
8/7/2007Anime at the Ottawa International Animation Festival
8/7/2007Funimation's Parent Navarre Posts First Quarter Results
8/7/2007Otakon Releases 2007 Attendance Figures
8/7/2007Del Rey's Middaugh, Tokyopop's Ross, Manga Curator Interviewed
8/6/2007OVA ToHeart2 Sequel Production Announced
8/6/2007Petit Eva Super-Deformed Series to Be Made into Video
8/6/2007Japanese Box Office, August 4?5: Naruto Debuts at #6
8/6/2007J-Pop Group AAA Apologizes for Graffiti Near Otakon
8/6/2007Crows Zero's Second Teaser, Full Trailer Posted
8/6/2007French Team Wins 5th World Cosplay Summit
8/6/2007ANN Interviews Full Moon o Sagashite's Arina Tanemura
8/6/2007Thai Police Punished by Hello Kitty
8/6/2007Wolf and Spice Televison Anime in the Works
8/4/2007Yoko Ishida Talks Concerts, CD Plans
8/4/2007Tales of the World Give-Away Extended
8/3/2007Anime Singer Yoko Ishida to Perform at Anime Vegas
8/3/2007Fests Show I.G's Asience, Ghost Hound, Marble Chocolate
8/3/2007Ex Machina Showings to Add Devil May Cry, Tokyo Majin
8/3/2007NPR Covers Anime Music Videos, Otakon's Iron Editor (Updated)
8/3/2007Singapore Anime Licensor Pursues Illegal Downloaders
8/3/2007Digital Manga to Publish Otaku Travel Guide
8/2/2007Original Strait Jacket English Pilot Video Streamed
8/2/2007Full Moon's Tanemura, Slam Dunk's Inoue Interviewed
8/2/2007Legend of Kamui's 2009 Live-Action Movie to Begin Filming
8/2/2007Sony Holds Auditions for Movie Based on Pride Manga
8/2/2007Cutie Honey Remade for Live-Action Television
8/2/2007Takumi-kun Boys-Love Novels Made into Live-Action Film
8/2/2007USA Today Booklist, July 17?29: Bleach Enters
8/2/2007ChocoMimi, Kurumada's Kojir? to Be Adapted as TV Dramas
8/2/2007Japanese Anime Market Grew to 242 Billion Yen in 2006
8/1/2007Cosplay Summit Convenes at Japan's Foreign Ministry
8/1/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, July 24?30
8/1/2007Videos for Gonzo, Earthsea, Appleseed Sequel Posted
8/1/2007New York Magazine Previews Del Rey's Alive Manga
8/1/2007DC's Flex Comix, DramaQueen's Action Line Previewed
8/1/2007Charade Mag Ends While Avarus, Adult Manga Mags Debut
8/1/2007ANN, Protoculture Addicts Panels at Montreal Otakuthon