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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2005Wao Discontinues University Plans
11/30/2005Sony Drops DAT
11/30/2005The Place Promised in Our Early Days Novel
11/30/2005Avengers DVD Release
11/30/2005Kage Kara Mamoru! Website Updated
11/30/2005Infinity Studios Licenses Now Prequel
11/30/2005YTV Backpedals on Stand Alone Complex
11/29/2005Saiunkoku Monogatari To Be Animated
11/29/2005Katsuhiko Nagata Manga
11/29/2005Souichiro Kawabata Dies
11/29/2005Ouran High School Host Club Anime
11/29/2005Fate/Stay Night Manga
11/29/2005Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokaan Follow-Up
11/29/2005New Digital Manga Licenses
11/29/2005DMP Sets IWGP Volume 4 Release
11/29/2005Viz Licenses Naruto to Upper Deck and Everbrite
11/29/2005Right Stuf Announces Boys Be Release
11/28/2005Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo Anime
11/28/2005Ready To Take A Chip To Use TiVo?
11/28/2005Dai Mahou Touge OVA Staff
11/28/2005Tuyokisu Manga
11/28/2005NANA TV
11/28/2005Fuji And IG Establish New Digital Animation Studio
11/28/2005Nerima Daikon Brothers Cast Update
11/28/2005Blue Sub No.6 To Become Live Action Film
11/28/2005Kawasaki City Museum Boosts Anime / Manga Offerings
11/28/2005Place Promised In Our Early Days Manga
11/28/2005Transformers Movie Free Stream
11/28/2005DramaQueen Announces New Titles
11/28/2005Hellsing OAV Delayed
11/28/2005Kagihime Monogatari - Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku
11/28/2005Vinland Saga by Planetes Creator
11/28/2005Renkinjutsu 3 Kyuu Magical? Pokkan Website
11/28/2005Destiny Ships 1 Million DVDs
11/28/2005Fortune Magazine on ADV and Anime
11/28/200550% of Evangelion Movie Funds Raised
11/27/2005Angel Live-Action Movie
11/25/2005New Pretty Cure TV Series
11/25/2005Howl's Monopolizes Oricon Top 3 DVD Slots
11/25/2005Dai Mahou Touge OVA
11/25/2005'Karate Kid' Sensei Pat Morita Dies at 73
11/25/2005More Ah! My Goddess
11/25/2005New Gundam Goods in Japan
11/25/2005TBS Confirms AMG 2nd Season
11/25/2005Production I.G Studio History
11/24/2005Lupin Music Composer Takeo Yamashita Dies
11/24/2005BONES To Animate Ohran High School Host Club
11/24/2005Super Manga Blast Discontinued
11/24/2005Marvelous Entertainment & Nihon Falcom Merge
11/24/2005Funimation Channel Launches Website
11/24/2005Richard Kekahuna accepted into Producers Guild of America
11/24/2005New Speed Racer Animation and Toys
11/24/2005Classic Anime on the Big Screen in Montreal
11/23/2005Otaku Elite Magazine Begins
11/23/2005Outlanders Voice Announced
11/23/2005One Piece & Tokyo Mew Mew Not Canceled
11/22/2005Tokyo's Mile High Sky City Project
11/22/2005TV Tokyo Reveals BB Anime Delivery Strategy
11/22/2005Prince Of Tennis Live Action Climax Filmed
11/22/2005Hiroshima Plans To Revitalize Local Animation Industry
11/22/2005Tomoe Shinohara In Paris
11/22/2005m.o.v.e Anime USA Performance Reported In Japan
11/22/2005NHK Ni Youkoso! Animation Coming
11/22/2005Comic Rex Launches
11/22/2005Nana Books Theft
11/22/2005GONZO Teams On Travel Tour
11/22/2005Evangelion Store Opens
11/22/2005New Kinnikuman TV Series Broadcast Start
11/22/2005XBOX 360 Internals
11/22/2005Viz And Tokyopop Partner On German Manga Strategy
11/22/2005Leiji Matsumoto's Name On Japanese Spacecraft
11/22/2005Japan Manga Tour 2006 Announced
11/22/2005Anime Con in the News Over Open Source Project
11/22/2005Saskatchewan Anime Store Forced to Close Due to Ratings Stickers
11/22/2005Second Amaenai de Yo!! Season Announced
11/22/2005Pokemon USA Looking for Animation Director
11/22/2005Digital Manga Looking for Copywriter
11/22/2005Dance Till Tomorrow Live Action Movie
11/22/2005New Ys Anime
11/22/2005Oshii's New Film "Superlivemation"
11/22/2005Maria-sama ga Miteru OAV
11/21/2005Anime Figurines from Southern Island
11/21/2005Gundam Mahjong Game
11/21/2005YTV Responds Regarding Ghost in the Shell Episode
11/21/2005Erotic Publisher does "Manga-Style" Erotic Books
11/21/2005New York Times on Xenophobic Manga
11/21/2005Paradise-Kiss Store Opens in Tokyo
11/21/2005Upcoming Disney Ghibli Releases
11/21/2005Advent Children
11/21/2005New Oshii Anime
11/21/2005CDS to Distribute Fruits Basket Figures
11/21/2005Ishinomori Film Will Be Chosen From 500 Works
11/21/2005Anime / Manga Gaming
11/21/2005Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings- TV Series Update
11/21/ Partners to Promote ZATCH BELL! DVD Release
11/21/2005Fumiko Orikasa First Live Tour 2005 - "Flower"
11/21/2005Housemaid Sex Club Busted
11/21/2005Eyeshield 21 Increases American Football Popularity
11/21/2005Trainman Manga Mixup
11/21/2005Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro Apparition Festival
11/21/2005Front Mission 5 Video
11/21/2005Amaenaideyo!! TV Start
11/21/2005Zero No Tukaima Animation Decision
11/21/2005Kasimasi PS2 Game
11/21/2005New Y's OVA From Marvelous Entertainment
11/21/2005eigoMANGA Announces 2 City Comic Tour
11/21/2005Kamisama Kazoku To Be Animated
11/21/2005DOA Live Action Picked Up
11/18/2005Once Upon A Time in China Animation
11/18/2005AnimeMusicVideos.Org Served with Cease & Desist Order
11/18/2005PopoloCrois PSP Game Coming to America
11/18/20054 Kids TV in the UK
11/18/2005Angel Shop Online Exclusive Print Run
11/18/2005Wild Arms: Alter code F with Anime DVD
11/18/2005Dororo Live-Action Movie
11/18/2005Fuccons Torrent
11/18/2005Shamanic Princess Episode Download
11/18/2005Howl 1/24 Frame Hits 37,500 Yen On Yahoo
11/18/2005Anime Industry Lecture In Brunei
11/18/2005Perfect Change Gunbuster
11/18/2005Steamboy - Howl Considered For Oscar Nomination
11/18/20052008 Olympic Mascots Based On Anime
11/17/2005Nutech Loses Preliminary Legal Battle
11/17/2005Christian Inspirational Manga
11/17/2005AX 2006 Blood Drive
11/17/2005Honda "Nadja" OP Single Sells For 20,000 Yen
11/17/2005Howl 1/24 Frame Hits 26,500 Yen On Yahoo
11/17/2005Asia's Hardening Soft Power
11/17/2005iPOD And iTunes #1 In Japan
11/17/2005Ikebukuro Is The Otaku Girl's Sacred Ground
11/16/2005Fate/Stay Night Prologue DVD CM
11/16/2005700+ Tezuka Manga Offered To Mobile Phones
11/16/2005Kingdom Hearts Anime?
11/16/2005Classic Manga Reprints
11/16/2005Production I.G. To List On JASDAQ
11/16/2005Princess's Wedding Dress Anime Inspired ?
11/16/2005Hollywood Adaptations of Shotaro Ishinomori Manga
11/16/2005m.o.v.e. Concert Update
11/16/2005IATV on Time Warner in NY and NJ
11/16/2005Hunter X Hunter on Hiatus
11/16/2005NTT Data Creates Cardcaptor Sakura Linux
11/15/2005Elfen Lied Manga Ends
11/15/2005XXXHOLiC & Tsubasa Chronicle DVD Release
11/15/2005WOWOW's First True Hi-Def Anime: Ergo Proxy
11/15/2005North Korean Animation
11/15/2005Meine Liebe TV Series Sequel Broadcast Start
11/15/2005Mashima Hiro's New Manga
11/15/2005Jigoku Shoujo Episode Six Broadcast Blackout
11/15/2005New Tamakoshi Hiroyuki Manga
11/15/2005Comic Bon Bon Changes Size
11/15/2005New Masashi Tanaka Manga
11/15/2005Lemon Angel Project
11/15/2005Utena on AZN TV
11/15/2005Viz Names Mattel Master Toy Licensee for Naruto
11/14/2005Shibito no Koiwazurai Live Action Movie 9 (Updated)
11/14/2005Digital Manga Delays Releases
11/14/2005Monkey Punch Asks, "What Should Lupin Steal Next?"
11/14/2005One Piece And Mew Mew Power Dropped From 4Kids Schedule
11/14/2005Animax Comes To Latin America
11/14/2005Namco Announces COBRA THE ARCADE
11/14/2005Seven Seas Adds Webcomics
11/14/2005Latest Drama Based Off Of Saimon Fumi Manga
11/14/2005Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema
11/14/2005Tickets Required for m.o.v.e. Concert at Anime USA
11/14/2005Disgaea Website
11/14/2005CPM Looking at 40 to 60 Manga and Manhwa a Year
11/14/2005Geneon Layoffs
11/14/2005YTV Skips Ghost in the Shell Episode
11/13/2005Studio Ghibli Produces ALWAYS Commerical Spot
11/12/2005Planetes Price Drop
11/12/2005Hiro Takahashi Dies
11/12/2005Newtype Spinoff
11/12/2005Infinity Studios Updates Website
11/12/2005Baki to End
11/12/2005Hayao Miyazaki's Son to Direct Next Ghibli Movie
11/12/2005NewWords Update
11/11/2005Karin Renamed Chibi Vampire
11/11/2005Bandai February Releases
11/11/2005Tokyopop April Releases
11/11/2005ADV January Releases
11/11/2005Dark Horse March and April Releases
11/11/2005Geneon March & April Releases
11/11/2005Tokyopop May Releases
11/11/2005Fafner Website Update
11/11/2005Full Metal Alchemist UMD / DVD Release
11/11/2005Ayumi Hamasaki On Shin Onimusha
11/11/2005Anime Inspired Concept Car
11/11/2005Comike 69 Catalog
11/11/2005Makai Senki Disgaea
11/11/2005 Totoro DVD Sales Examined Over 200 Weeks
11/11/2005Most Popular Japanese Words Of 2005
11/11/2005Fake News Report On Tite Kubo Tax Evasion
11/11/2005Sailor Moon Music Composer Arrested On Drug Charge
11/11/2005Lemon Angel Project Presite
11/11/2005370 Million Chinese Watch Animation
11/11/2005Pretty Cure Movie 2 Site
11/10/2005Advent Children Delayed, Possible Theatrical Release
11/10/20054Kids Posts 3rd Quarter Results
11/10/2005Ergo Proxy
11/10/2005Manga Nominated for ALA Lists
11/10/2005Blockbuster Warns of Bankruptcy
11/10/2005Experimental Broadcast Techniques
11/10/2005Utaware Rumono TV Update
11/10/2005Soreyuke! Tetsuyuki Susumu
11/10/2005Kuitan Drama
11/10/2005300,000 Yen Gundam Model Damage Fraud
11/10/2005Fafner Special
11/9/2005Kaleidostar OAV in December
11/9/2005Viz Offers Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist Box Sets For the Holidays
11/9/2005Lemon Angel Project
11/9/2005Rec TV
11/9/2005No Animation In Sight For NHK Ni Youkoso!
11/9/2005Dragonball History Site
11/9/2005Sony Points
11/9/2005Astroboy Sneakers In America And Europe
11/9/2005Grenoble Foot 38 Manga Mascots
11/9/2005New Bleach ED Theme
11/9/2005Nerima Daikon Brothers Update
11/8/2005Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club
11/8/2005Novel Pulled For Appropriations
11/8/2005Analyst Sees DVD Sales Decline
11/8/2005Miyazaki Movies on Turner Classics
11/8/2005IMAF Competion Winners
11/8/2005From Anime to Zatoichi
11/8/2005Battle B-Daman off of ABC Family, remains on Toon Disney
11/8/2005Inukami! TV Series
11/8/2005Kage Kara Mamoru! TV Series Update
11/8/2005Rabugetsu Chu TV Series
11/8/2005Meine Liebe TV Series Sequel
11/8/2005Witch Blade Anime Update
11/8/2005Robotech Tour in Latin America
11/8/2005Gundam Sayla Mass Statue
11/7/2005Kage Kara Mamoru! TV Series
11/7/2005Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings- TV Series
11/7/2005Gundam Art Exhibition Opens
11/7/2005Toshiko Takagi Honored
11/7/2005Toei Animation DVD Site
11/7/2005ALWAYS Sanchoume No Yuuhi Movie
11/7/2005Singer Minako Honda Dies
11/7/2005Yaoh Drama
11/7/2005BEAT DOWN Manga Online
11/7/2005New Tenchi Sequel: Sasami-Mahou Shoujo Club
11/7/2005Keroro / Zerori Site
11/7/2005Hininden -Gausu-
11/7/2005Kameo Animation
11/7/2005Manga Coming To US Paper Funny Pages
11/7/2005Electronic Paper Technology Advances
11/7/2005Tezuka Is Dead
11/7/2005Wal-Mart Plans Black Friday Blitz
11/7/2005DrMaster Picks Up the Four Constables Where It Left Off
11/7/2005Media Blasters Gets Into Porn
11/7/2005Tokyopop Licenses Love Hina Novels
11/7/2005Manga Syndicated
11/7/2005D.Gray-man Manga-ka Ill
11/5/2005Devil Man Manga Offered For Cell Phones
11/5/2005Sega To Halt Sales Of Dino King Battle Card Game
11/5/2005Japan Robot Festival
11/5/2005Oricon Girls' Best Comic Ranking
11/4/2005WOWOW's Dengeki Light Novel Gekijou
11/4/2005Toshio Suzuki Lecture
11/4/2005Kashimashi Garu Mitsu Garu TV Date
11/4/2005Thin shipments worry retailers
11/4/2005Wild Arms Alter code: F Game Coming Soon
11/4/2005Asifa-Hollywood Tribute to Kimba
11/4/2005MSNBC On Space Farring Otaku
11/4/2005DMP Announces Four New Yaoi Manga
11/4/2005Be Beautiful and Kazuma Kodaka Contest
11/3/2005Roy Mustang Most Valuable FMA Card
11/3/2005January Shonen Jump Biggest Ever
11/3/2005USA Today Booklist
11/3/2005Gackt in Dirge of Cerebus
11/3/2005Turner Classics in Canada
11/3/2005New Ghibli Museum Shorts Announced
11/3/2005Loveless Licensed
11/3/2005Gundam SEED Destiny Complete Best Debuts
11/3/2005Anime / Manga Gaming
11/3/2005Free Anime Stream
11/3/2005DICE Airs In Japan
11/3/2005Gundam Otaku To Blast Off In Fall 2006
11/3/2005Visit With Kojima
11/3/2005Moegaku Video
11/3/2005Gackt In Dirge Of Cerberus
11/3/2005First Original Manga To Be Marketed On Cell Phones
11/3/2005Aiko And Mero In Crayon Shinchan
11/3/2005Ishihara Satomi To Star In N's Darama
11/3/2005Longest Running Manga Serials
11/3/2005Cyndi Lauper Meets With Puffy AmiYumi
11/2/2005Netflix Offers Upgrades to Settle Suit
11/2/2005Animator's Salaries
11/2/2005Rose Of Versailles Revival
11/2/2005Broccoli Planning Original Juvenile Orion Art Book
11/2/2005Fullmetal Alchemist and Wolf?s Rain on UK TV
11/2/2005Kunicon Cancelled ?
11/2/2005IGPX Premiere in Tokyo
11/2/2005Be Beautiful Announces 4 New Yaoi Manga
11/2/2005IFilm Anime
11/2/2005First Gundam Z Movie DVD Ranks #1
11/2/2005Blood+ Covered In 'Television'
11/2/2005 Blood+ Covered In 'Television'
11/2/2005Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Float In Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
11/2/2005Salt Lake City's First Anime Store
11/2/2005Americans Access Anime "Underground"
11/2/2005Maiahi No Doragostea Din Tei-Love Murder Threat Tie-in
11/2/2005TFC Marks Down Saikano DVD's
11/2/2005Gaiking Web
11/2/2005Yurikamome Gets Mascot
11/2/2005Cup Noodle In Space
11/2/2005FAVO Comic Pack
11/2/2005Saitama City Awarded
11/2/2005Tokimeki Coming To PSP
11/2/2005Monster Farm 5 To Be Bundled With OAV
11/2/2005Limited Edition Zac II Model
11/2/2005Mega Hobby Tsubasa Chronicle Figures
11/2/2005Totoro Lawn Art
11/2/2005Comic SEED Publication Suspended
11/2/2005China Needs 150,000 Workers In Animation Industry
11/2/2005Teacher Designed Cardgame Takes Off
11/2/2005Nihonbashi Becomes Otaku's Sacred Ground In Osaka
11/2/2005TYO Establishes Animation Course
11/1/2005iTunes: 1M Video Downloads
11/1/2005IndieFlix offers on-demand DVDs
11/1/2005Anime titles download to iPod
11/1/2005High-def rivals in race to market
11/1/2005Tom's Hardware Guide on Anime
11/1/2005New Naruto OAV
11/1/2005Funimation February Releases
11/1/2005Shoujo Manga Exhibition at CSU-Chico
11/1/2005Tactical Roar
11/1/2005Bincho-tan in Early 2006
11/1/2005Cartoon Network Less Cartoony
11/1/2005Pepsi-Gundam Promotion Illegal
11/1/2005Digimon on Jetix
11/1/2005Next Ghibli Project to be Announced December 13
11/1/2005New Mamoru Oshii Movie
11/1/2005 Yumeria BT Promo
11/1/2005Zatch Bell Toys Coming Soon
11/1/2005Lilith Angel Announced
11/1/2005NEO Magazine Launches
11/1/2005Working Conditions Of Japan's Animators Investigated
11/1/2005Toei Animation Retrospective
11/1/2005My Santa Always Video Sample
11/1/2005XXXHOLiC Movie Preview
11/1/2005Evangelion Radio Special
11/1/2005Evangelion Perfume
11/1/2005Takara To Sell All Broccoli Stock
11/1/2005World's Largest Anime DVD Shopping Guide Launches
11/1/2005HKBN Digital Offers Animax
11/1/2005Lupin III Site Relaunch
11/1/2005Akino Arai 20th Anniversary
11/1/2005Bobby Valentine Featured In Manga
11/1/2005 Kodansha's e-Manga
11/1/2005Shoko Hamada Cosplay Declaration
11/1/2005Nakagoshi Earthquake Manga
11/1/2005Kanzen Maid Sengen
11/1/2005Seiyuu Storybook Reading Tour
11/1/2005Kadokawa Shoten Announces Overseas Movie Strategy
11/1/2005Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe Performs In South Korea
11/1/2005Maaya Sakamoto Concert In Roppongi Hills
11/1/2005Nagasaki 1945: Answers No Kane Screens In Hiroshima
11/1/2005Nintama Rantarou Play