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Anime News

DateArticle Name
4/30/2007Japan Brings Barefoot Gen to Non-Proliferation Event
4/30/2007Adult Swim to Complete Week with Friday Night Programs
4/30/2007Death Note Wins Audience Award at Belgium Film Fest
4/30/2007Lucky Star Changes Director After Four Episodes
4/30/2007Honey & Clover's Umino to Start Manga in Young Animal
4/30/2007Ohio's Columbus, Dayton Get FUNimation Channel Block
4/30/2007Adult Swim Shortens Eureka 7's Final Episode Broadcast
4/30/2007Japanese Box Office: April 28-29
4/30/2007Manga Devoted to "Marine's English" Draws Crowds in Akiba
4/30/2007Tezuka Cultural Prize Nominees for Manga Announced
4/29/2007Four Monthly Shonen Jump Titles to Run After Mag's End
4/29/2007Ride Back Motorcycle Robot Manga to Be Animated for TV
4/28/2007Follow Up: Shin SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai Trailer Online
4/28/2007Monthly Comic Birz to End Rozen Maiden's Serialization
4/28/2007Japanese Game Ranking, April 16-22
4/28/2007New Clannad Manga to Publish in Comi Deji+ Magazine
4/28/2007Survey: 80% of Manga/Internet Cafes Have "Residents"
4/28/2007Japanese Teen Stabs Guard to Steal?Used Manga
4/28/2007Bandai to Release Haruhi Character CD 2 Exclusively Through AAA Anime
4/27/2007Paprika Director Satoshi Kon Reveals New Project
4/27/2007Co-Founder Takami Akai Steps Down From Gainax's Board
4/27/2007Nodame Cantabile Holds Live Japanese Concert in June
4/27/2007Moetan English-Teaching Anime to Air in July in Japan
4/27/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 16-22
4/27/2007Anime Boston Video
4/27/2007ADV Licenses Air TV, Movie
4/27/2007Higurashi Second Season Details Revealed
4/27/2007Fanfare Adds to List of 2007 Releases
4/27/2007Macworld Looks at English-Language Visual Novels
4/26/2007The Familiar of Zero Second Series to Air in July
4/26/2007British Bishops Use "Manga-Styled" Art to Attract Youth
4/26/2007Viz to Publish Naruto at 3 Books a Month at Year's End
4/26/2007USA Today Booklist, April 16-22
4/26/2007Japanese Anime DVD Ranking, April 18-24
4/26/2007Voltron Forces Gaogaigar on DVD Hiatus
4/26/2007Rental Magica, Sketchbook to Become Television Anime
4/26/2007GyaO Offers Anime on Net Streaming Box for Japanese TVs
4/26/2007Tekkon Kinkreet's NA Home Video and Manga This September
4/26/2007Heroes' Masi Oka Acknowledges Anime, Manga Influences
4/25/2007Tokio Vocalist to Make Anime Debut in BONES' Stranger
4/25/2007Toon Disney Licenses 5th Digimon Series for Fall 2007
4/25/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, April 18-24
4/25/2007Playlist Magazine Covers Online Anime in North America
4/25/2007Gundam Wields Beam Saber with Wii Remote July 26
4/25/2007160 North American Screens Signed Up for Naruto Movie
4/25/2007Shueisha Light-Novel Author Mugen Passes Away at 47
4/24/2007Two New Manga/Novel Magazines Starting in Japan
4/24/2007Japan Spent 94 Billion Yen on Anime DVDs in 2006
4/24/2007New Boys-Love Mag Features Kizuna Creator, FAKE Sequel
4/24/2007Forthcoming Book Looks at Origins of Manga
4/24/2007Japanese Game Ranking, April 9-15
4/24/2007Dengeki Movie Festival Opens; Press Conference Held
4/24/2007Anime News Network Australia Giving Away Tickets to a Night in Fantasia
4/24/2007Fafner and Evangelion Anime Go Online
4/24/2007Movement-Based Gundam Game for 904i Debuts
4/23/2007FUNimation Sends BECK (Anime) on Summer Con Tour
4/23/2007Manga Comes to the (New York Public) Library
4/23/2007Japanese Minister to French Presidential Hopeful: "Read More Manga"
4/23/2007Famous Cosplayer Blogs about Yaoi in the USA
4/23/2007Sales Campaign for Female Otaku-Themed Books Starts
4/23/2007Anime Expo Hosts Death Note Anime Director, Designer
4/23/2007BusinessWeek Spotlights Manhwa's International Rise
4/23/2007Otomo's Shin SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai Screens May 19
4/23/2007Young King Ours+ Manga Magazine Ceases Publication
4/23/2007Second Genshiken Series to Air This Fall in Japan
4/23/2007Japanese Box Office: April 21-22
4/22/2007Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Launches Mascot Character Contest
4/22/2007Kitty Media Explains Editing of Adult Anime DVD
4/22/2007The Spring 2007 Anime Preview Guide
4/21/2007GONZO's Romeo ? Juliet Streaming Online for Free
4/21/2007Anime Boston Panel Reports
4/21/2007Anime Boston: Geneon Announces The Familiar of Zero
4/21/2007I.G Hosts Mamoru Oshii's Tachigui Interview, Part 2
4/21/2007Otomo's Freedom Recruits Another Hikaru Utada Single
4/21/2007Vertical to Expand Lineup with Modern Manga Imprint
4/21/2007First Kyo Kara Maoh! OVA to Debut in Japan October 26
4/20/2007Anime Boston: ADV Films Licenses Innocent Venus
4/20/2007Japanese Anime DVD Ranking, April 11-17
4/20/2007Geneon Gets Best Independent Award from Retail Group
4/20/2007Weekly Shonen Magazine Circulation Drops Under 2M
4/20/2007Newtype USA Looking for In-House Japanese Translator
4/20/2007Tekkonkinkreet to Screen in NY, Honolulu, LA, Portland
4/20/2007"Surreal" Online Japanese Manga Becomes Comedy DVD
4/20/2007Follow Up: Denno Coil Trailer Online
4/19/2007Japanese, World Manga Nominated for 2007 Eisner Awards
4/19/2007USA Today Booklist, April 9-15: Fruits Basket Sets New Record
4/19/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 9-15
4/19/2007Takashi Miike Helming Live-Action Crows Prequel
4/19/2007Captain Baseball Manga Goes Live-Action in August
4/19/2007Lost's Matthew Fox Vying to Play Speed Racer's Racer X
4/19/2007Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms goes to Cannes
4/19/2007Asahi Shimbun Looks at New Gosho Aoyama Museum
4/19/2007Live-Action/Anime Hybrid Hood of Horror to Open May 4
4/18/2007Appleseed Movie Sequel Slated for Fall 2007
4/18/2007Japan to Create Drama, Anime Database for Foreigners
4/18/20073000 Attend "Funeral" for Fist of the North Star's Raoh
4/18/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, April 11-17
4/18/2007PW Comics Week Interviews Shojo Beat Editor-in-Chief
4/18/2007Manga Creator Kaoru Shibayama Passes Away at 43
4/18/2007Peach-Pit's Zombie-Loan Anime to Air July 2007
4/18/2007Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Fest to Show Paprika April 20
4/17/2007Japanese Anime DVD Ranking, April 4-10
4/17/2007Media Blasters Picks Up Space Pirate Mito Sequel
4/17/2007Maison Ikkoku Live-Action TV Gets Release Date
4/17/2007Anime Boston Announces Premieres
4/17/2007Hajime no Ippo Super-Collection in the Works
4/17/2007Magazines Dedicated to Anime Music Appear in Japan
4/17/2007Tokyo FM Sponsors Moe-Fes 2007 Event
4/16/2007Japan Post Announces Next Anime Stamp Series
4/16/2007Miyori no Mori Anime Announced
4/16/2007VIZ Media Acquires Blue Dragon Anime
4/16/2007Broadcast and DVD Release of Orguss, Nobody's Boy Remi and Cat's Eye coming from ImaginAsian
4/16/2007Paprika to screen at Californian film festival April 24
4/16/2007Japanese Box Office: April 14-15
4/16/2007Pop Japan Travel Grounds This Year's Operations
4/16/2007Oshii Films at South Korea's Jeonju Int'l Film Fest
4/16/2007Death Note Films' U.S. Premieres at Newport Beach Fest
4/15/2007"Gundam World" Debuts in Japanese Theme Park
4/15/2007Sony Pictures' Animax TV Gains Foothold in Europe
4/15/2007Japanese Science Fiction Con Award Nominees Announced
4/14/2007Update: Sarah Brightman's Page Hosts Pok?mon Trailer
4/13/2007Japanese Game Ranking, April 2-8
4/13/2007Hare Hare Yukai in Akihabara
4/13/2007X JAPAN Founder Yoshiki to Launch Jrock Revolution in Los Angeles
4/13/2007Christina Ricci to Play Heroine Trixie in Speed Racer Movie
4/13/2007Cafe Marks Kitaro Horror Premiere with Eyeball Drink
4/13/2007Funimation Acquires One Piece
4/13/2007Soprano Sarah Brightman Sings 10th Pok?mon Movie Theme
4/13/2007Production I.G Hosts Interview with Composer Yoko Kanno
4/13/2007Anime Expo 2007 Announces ORESKABAND as First Japanese Guests of Honor
4/12/2007Turner Classic Movies to Air Spirited Away on June 3
4/12/2007Megazone 23 Celebrates 23rd Anniversary with Live Event
4/12/2007Yen Press releases With the Light
4/12/2007Original Manga, Manga Cookbook, Gift Books in the Works from Japanime
4/12/2007USA Today Booklist: Naruto, Bleach, Fruits Basket
4/12/2007Ring's Hideo Nakata to Helm Death Note Spinoff
4/12/2007Mobile-Phone Manga Storms Japan
4/12/2007Online Manga Rental for PC
4/12/2007Update: Utena Movie on FUNimation Channel's VOD, Not Broadcast
4/12/2007DMGI Acquires Gigantor for Digital Release
4/11/2007Nikkatsu establishes subsidiary in Los Angeles
4/11/2007Studio 4? Sets Genius Party Release Dates
4/11/2007Namco Bandai Brings Naruto to American, European PSPs
4/11/2007Madhouse News from TAF 2007
4/11/2007Japanese Comic Ranking
4/10/2007Fans Confront Bandai Visual About Pricing
4/10/2007FUNimation Channel adds CPM titles, new live-action show
4/10/2007Robotech's Carl Macek on live online/telephone talk show April 14
4/10/2007Oricon: #1 Manga Mag for Japanese Girls Is?Shonen Jump
4/10/2007Boys-Love Publisher LEAF Files for Bankruptcy
4/10/2007What do you think of Moe?
4/10/2007Yatterman, Gatchaman Live-Action Movies Green-Lit
4/10/2007Bandai Namco's Plex Offers 1/60 Wooden Gundams
4/10/2007Bandai: Capsule Toys Are a 31-Billion-Yen Business
4/9/2007Website for TIFFCOM, TPG media market events opens
4/9/2007Japanese government hires Detective Conan for PR campaign
4/9/2007Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Screening in Houston
4/9/2007Japanese Box Office Update
4/9/2007TMS reanimates Buzzer Beater for July debut
4/9/2007Brave Story at Tribeca Film Festival
4/8/2007Funeral Planned for Fist of the North Star's Raoh
4/8/2007Sakura-Con Announcements
4/8/2007Bandai Visual USA Panel
4/8/2007Jigoku Shojo Details
4/8/2007SakuraCon License News
4/6/2007Freecon This Weekend
4/6/2007Newtype Announces New Clamp Manga
4/6/2007Gedo Senki DVD Information Announced
4/6/2007Shueisha to Launch New Monthly Magazine
4/6/2007Hey, Answerman! hiatus
4/5/2007Geneon Solicits El Hazard, The Hakkenden, Strawberry Eggs and Strawberry Marshmallow Re-releases
4/4/2007Live-action Cutey Honey extras finalised
4/4/2007Reed unveils New York Anime Festival
4/4/2007Aurora confirms manga licenses
4/4/2007Otakon Announces Fred Gallagher as Guest of Honor
4/4/2007Anime Expo Announces Anime Idol Contest
4/4/2007Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo to Air on Jetix UK
4/4/2007Anime Boston Announces More Guests
4/4/2007Errata: Lead Designer did not recently leave ADV
4/4/2007Errata: Ohzora Publication Names
4/4/2007Production I.G interviews Blood+ animation director
4/3/2007Susan Sarandon and John Goodman Lined up for Speed Racer
4/3/2007DMP licenses Megami DX, Garden Dreams
4/2/2007Platinum 30 Million Yen Gundam
4/2/2007Japanese Box Office Update
4/2/2007Bleach TCG Website Live
4/2/2007Illumitoons DVD Replacement Offer