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Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/27/2007ANN Exclusive: Dark Horse to Release A Wind Named Amnesia Novel
2/27/2007American Anime Awards Updates
2/27/2007Haruhi Coming to DVD in May
2/27/2007Blue Dragon Anime Details
2/27/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Sequel to be a Feature
2/27/2007First Look At Blue Dragon Animation
2/27/2007Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu Light Novels 9 And 10 Announced
2/27/2007Mushiuta TV Anime Director Named
2/27/2007Adult Swim Picks Up 50 Episodes Of Blood+
2/27/2007Zero No Tsukaima 2nd Season Updates
2/27/2007Fans Line Up From 3AM to Enter Taiwanese Manga Con
2/27/2007B'z On New Hokuto No Ken Movie Theme
2/27/2007Anime Screenings At Anima2007 In Belgium
2/27/2007Japanese Ren Fair Adopts Magical Girl Mascot
2/27/2007Over 70,000 Shipments For Nodame Cantabile CD
2/27/2007Illustrator Hiro Suzuhira Retires From Navel
2/27/2007Shigeru Mizuki Receives Angouleme Trophy
2/27/2007Tone & Copy Paper Experience Industry Wide Price Hike In Japan
2/27/2007New Evangeriwon Trailer To Hit Japanese Theaters
2/27/2007"Evangelion Pinky Ver.2" Shown Off At Wonderfest
2/27/2007Doraemon Goes Live Action For The First Time Ever
2/27/2007Always, Sunset On Third Street Sequel Tidbits
2/27/2007Otomo Mushishi Exhibition In Shibuya
2/27/2007Oricon: Gundam SEED Special DVD Tops Japanese Chart
2/26/2007CMX Licenses New Manga
2/26/2007Dororo Trilogy In The Works
2/26/2007Kodomo No Jikan Staff
2/26/2007Fate/stay night PS2 Details
2/26/2007Shuraki Drama CD And Figurines Coming / Anime And Game Possible
2/26/2007Bunsei Art University Establishes Animation Major
2/26/2007Hello Kitty Stump Village Merchandising Barrage Planned
2/26/2007Rozen Maiden Fighting Game Media
2/26/2007Highlights From Wonderfest 2007
2/26/2007Digital Hollywood University Opens International Animation Laboratory
2/26/2007Record Of Loddoss War R2 DVD BOX
2/26/2007New VOTOMS Animation Updates From Wonder Festival 2007
2/26/2007NTV Sees A Winner In Free Manga Magazine Comic
2/26/2007New Winny Computer Virus Uses Kanon Imagery
2/26/2007Japan Post Releases Evangelion Stamps
2/26/2007Sumomomo Momomo: Chijou Saikyou No Yome Rumors Dispelled
2/25/2007New York ComicCon 2007 - Newtype USA
2/25/2007Cosplaying Cage Otaku Crashes Japanese Ghostrider Premiere
2/25/2007L 'Arc-en-Ciel Returns To Anime With Moribito Theme
2/25/2007Tokikake DVD Extra: Concept To Realization
2/25/2007CLANNAD Movie Site Opens March 8th
2/25/2007ARMS Web Revamp
2/25/2007Char Zaku Motorcycle Helmet
2/25/2007Elite Yankee Saburo Drama Update
2/25/2007Detailed Gundam SEED Model Sells For Over 1MM Yen At Japanese Auction
2/25/2007Japanese Prime Minister Surprise Visit At Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival Awards Ceremony
2/25/2007Mushiuta To Become Manga
2/25/2007Eroge Game Creator Takashi Iwasaki Dies
2/24/2007ICv2 Updates, Revises Market Estimates
2/24/2007Monthly Shonen Jump To Cease Publication
2/24/2007ANN Exclusive: Dark Horse Licenses Oh! My Goddess Novel
2/24/2007American Anime Awards Winners
2/24/2007Eileen Stevens to Return to Reprise Role in Ah! My Goddess
2/24/2007Clannad Feature Length Anime Announced
2/24/2007Sakuran Stage Greeting In Tokyo
2/23/2007Adult Swim Launches Interactive Video Plyer
2/23/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Sequel in Production
2/23/2007Viz Announces New Manga Licenses at NYCC
2/23/2007CLANNAD Movie Out By Years End
2/23/2007Monthly Shonen Jump To Suspend Publication
2/22/2007Studio Ghibli Lines up Art Staff for New Film
2/22/2007New Appleseed Anime Movie Due In Fall
2/22/2007Live Action Dororo To Become Trilogy: 2nd And 3rd Films Confirmed
2/22/2007Liar Game To Be Dramatized
2/21/20072 Meter Tall EVA Unit 01 Figure For Sale
2/21/2007American Anime Awards to Stream Live from IGN
2/21/2007Tokyopop Updates Ratings System
2/21/2007Dororo: 4 Weeks at
2/21/2007Shochiku Solicits New Anime
2/21/2007Funimation Controls US Anime Market for 6th Straight Year
2/21/2007Tokyopop 10th Anniversary Statement
2/21/2007Galaxy Railways Movie Update: Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari Wasure Rare Ta Toki No Wakusei
2/21/2007Doujinshi Author Shinagawa Kaoruko Busted On Tax Evasion
2/21/2007OVA AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION OVA 1 Delay
2/21/2007Cubby The Fox And Taekwon V Draw 1 million Viewers In South Korea
2/21/2007C3xHOBBY To Occur Same Weekend As Summer Comiket
2/21/2007Production I.G. 20th Anniversary Event
2/21/2007Shochiku Shows Off 2 New Anime Films At Berlin
2/21/2007Director Mamoru Hosoda To Attend Los Angeles Tokikake Screening
2/21/2007Other Unannounced Shochiku Animation
2/20/2007New Anime Announcements for Tokyo MX
2/20/2007Osamu Tezuka Exhibit in San Francisco
2/20/2007Hideaki Anno Releases Statement About New Evangelion Movies
2/20/2007Tokikake Wins "Animation of the Year" at Japanese Academy Awards: Follow Up
2/20/2007Tokikake Comes to San Francisco Int'l Asian American Film Festival
2/20/2007Boondocks Airs In Japan
2/20/2007Elite Yankee Saburo To Be Dramatized
2/20/2007My Melody Anime 3rd Stage
2/20/2007Skullman To Be Dramatized
2/20/2007AVEX Launches Special Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 Site
2/20/2007Patlabor Slot Machine
2/20/2007Otaku New York Yankees Pitcher Kei Igawa
2/20/2007Nielsen: FUNimation Dominates USA Anime Industry In 2006
2/19/2007Tokio Kakeru Syoujyo Wins Japan Academy Prize
2/19/2007Blue Dragon Anime Hits Japan in April
2/19/2007Mari Iijima to Perform at Tekkoshocon
2/19/2007Jinki: Extend Creator "Pleased" With Offers to Restart Series
2/19/2007Gigantic Formula Broadcast Start And Manga
2/19/2007Love Com Animation Sites Go Live
2/18/2007Blood+ Debuts March 10 on Adult Swim
2/18/2007West Coast USA Tokikake Premiere / Paprika NA Premiere Delayed
2/18/2007"Gundam Boxer" Koji Umetsu Enters The Ring
2/18/2007Chibi Maruko Drama Season 1 Ends In Spring
2/18/2007Manga Propaganda
2/18/2007Stage Greetings This Weekend
2/17/2007Arcadia of My Youth Goes Out of Print This Summer
2/17/2007Rebuild Of Evangeriwon: Shin Gekijou-ban Films Officially Announced
2/17/2007Daddy Eyeball Train Hits Rails In Japan
2/17/2007Microsoft Challenges YouTube
2/17/2007Video Parody Of JASRAC Soars In Popularity
2/16/2007Trailer Roundup
2/16/2007To Heart Site Online
2/16/2007Death Note Trailer Downloads at NYCC
2/16/2007Bleach Stays Steady on Booklist
2/16/2007Japan's First Int'l Anime Research Lab Opens in April
2/16/2007Gegege no Kitaro Returns for Fifth Season
2/16/2007TMS Entertainment Sets up Shop in UK, Hong Kong
2/16/2007Geneon Licenses Karin
2/16/2007 Sky Girls TV Series On Track
2/16/2007"Haruhi Suzumiya" Google Maps / Earth Search Brings Up Hospital
2/16/2007Low Japanese TV Ratings Plague Negima 2nd Season
2/16/2007Baseball Pitcher Picks Animaton Theme As Intro Song
2/16/2007Tokikake Wins Japanese Academy Award For Best Animated Film
2/16/2007Anime Flag Campaign In Nerima
2/16/2007Live Action Blood The Last Vampire Filming Gets Underway Next Month
2/16/2007Komutachin Komutachin To Become Anime Film
2/16/2007New FCC TV Violence Guidelines: Anime Implications?
2/15/2007Death Note Site Online
2/15/2007Download Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 1 for Free
2/15/2007Animax India's Country Head Speaks About India's Anime Craze
2/15/2007Ah! My Goddess Season 2, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3 Coming in May
2/15/2007Dororo Records Third Straight Japanese Box Office Win
2/15/2007Tales of Earthsea Comes to Poland, Taiwan
2/15/2007Gunbuster Sweepstakes Offers Trip to Japan
2/15/2007Speed Racer Production to Begin in May
2/15/2007Blue Dragon Anime And Game Cast Differs
2/15/2007Phoenix Wright Contest / USA Adaptation Struggles
2/15/2007Hokoto No Ken Jagi Prop Replica Helmet
2/15/2007IDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA TV Series To Stream Free Online
2/15/2007Gundam SEED Fandisc Series To Be Released In Japan
2/15/2007Mangaka Sugi Emiko Dead At 47
2/15/2007Chocolate Sushi
2/15/2007High Definition Flush - Blu-Ray Cracked
2/15/2007Shin Seiki Evangelion Coffee And Orange Juice Beverages
2/15/2007Sony Begins Production On American Metal Gear Movie
2/15/2007Anime Figure Photography
2/15/2007Nintendo Approves First Adult Game?
2/15/2007Akiba University Backs Foreign Tour
2/15/2007Seito Shokun To Be Dramatized
2/15/2007New Puffy Valentines Album Drops In 5 Countries
2/15/2007Latest Pokemon Film Gets Title
2/15/200710+ Publishers Offer To Transfer Sirou Tunasima's Jinki Extend
2/15/2007Mitsuteru Yokoyama's Gigantor Gets 18 Meter Tall Kobe Monument
2/15/2007Prolific Anime Writer Hiroyuki Hoshiyama Dies
2/14/20075th TV Anime for Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Announced
2/14/2007Gainax and Animate Introduce Evangelion Drinks
2/14/2007DrMaster Announces The Art of Yasushi Suzuki
2/14/2007Anime TV Premieres Tomorrow on iTunes, YouTube
2/14/2007New Evangelion Movie Premieres September 1
2/14/2007DBZ Takes 4 of Oricon Top 7
2/14/20072nd Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Announcement Pending?
2/14/2007Hideaki Anno To Announce New Eva Films On February 17th
2/13/2007ANN Toy Column Launches
2/13/2007Japanese Government: "Promote Anime and Manga"
2/13/2007Voltron Collection 3 Pushed to May
2/13/2007Navarre Q4 Report: Profits Up 24.9
2/13/2007Funimation Launches iTunes Store
2/12/2007Afro Samurai Creator, Director at NYCC
2/12/2007Howl's Moving Castle Floats to Latin America
2/12/2007Princess Mononoke Screening in Pasadena, CA
2/12/2007NANA "Battle of the Bands" in Shibuya Next Month
2/12/2007Dororo Tops Japanese Box Office Again
2/12/2007Next Stop for Gundam Traveling Exhibit: Kyoto Int'l Manga Museum
2/12/2007February BroComi Online
2/12/2007Solid State Society Wins Grand Prix Jury Prize
2/12/2007Azureus to Distribute Anime from Manga Entertainment
2/12/2007Viz Seeking Advertising Sales and Marketing Manager
2/12/2007Kiddy Grade Digest Movies
2/12/2007Westbow Signs Real Buzz to Multi-Year Deal At Least 26 Volumes of Christian-Themed Manga
2/12/2007PGW Decision Due Today Perseus & NBN Place Competing Bids
2/12/2007Player One Interviews Final Fantasy Translator
2/12/2007Tokyopop and Gentosha Release Gravitaion EX Simultaneously Worldwide
2/12/2007CTV Unveils Degrassi "Mangasodes"
2/12/2007Reed Announces New York Anime Fetival
2/12/2007Anime on iTunes
2/12/2007New Sakura-Con Guests: Kurata, Hirano, Nightow
2/12/2007Gundam Seed Destiny Coming to YTV
2/11/2007Murder Princess OVA Announced
2/11/2007TV Anime for Go Nagai's "Jeeg" Coming In April
2/10/2007Dancougar Nova Press Conference Images
2/10/2007Ai Kawashima Debuts As A Voice Actress In New One Piece Movie
2/10/2007Suzuki's SX4 Auto Inspired By Anime
2/10/2007The Secret Life Of Tekkon Kinkreet
2/10/2007American Broadcast Television Anime Loses A Friend: Cartoon Network Head Jim Samples Resigns
2/10/2007Anime And Manga Cultural Ambassadors To Be Sent Overseas
2/10/2007NERV Optical Mouse
2/10/2007FREEDOM2 Will Stream Free For 3 Days
2/10/2007Kyou No 5 No 2 OVA Volume 2 Release
2/10/2007Kotetsushin Jeeg Broadcaster Site Opens
2/10/2007Kiddy Grade Movie Site
2/10/200721st Digital Contents Grand Prix Winners
2/10/2007Y's 20th Anniversary Site
2/10/2007PS2 Game Will Wrap Fate/stay night Storyline
2/10/2007Blue Dragon Details
2/10/2007Heroic Age TV Series Announced
2/10/2007Gegege No Kitaro TV Details
2/10/2007Terra e TV Details
2/10/2007Overdrive TV Series Details
2/9/2007NADIA DVD-BOX Re-streets At 19,950 Yen
2/9/2007Ryu Ga Gotoku Movie Site
2/9/2007Kodomo No Jikan To Be Animated
2/9/2007Gunhed DVD Release Event
2/9/2007Shoko Nakagawa Promotes 40th Super Robot Wars Game
2/9/2007Piano No Mori Movie Given July Release
2/9/2007New Service Offers Anime Autobiographies
2/9/2007Ogushio Manga Stirs Badminton Buzz
2/9/2007Manga Author Norifumi Hirokane Gets Professorship
2/9/2007Anime And Manga Themes Sweep Elandor Awards
2/9/2007Skull Man Updates
2/9/2007CLAMP's Mokona Kimono Artbook & Exhibition
2/9/2007Tekkon Kinkreet Honored / North American Premiere At MoMA
2/9/2007Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica PS2 Game
2/9/2007Yoshikazu Abiko: "Gundam Was Audacious"
2/9/2007The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Dub Cast Announced
2/9/2007Mokona (CLAMP) Releases Kimono Book, Opens Kimono-themed Show
2/9/2007Le Chevalier D'Eon Site Online
2/9/2007Piano no Mori Feature Length Film Announced
2/8/2007Afro Samurai Screening / Talk
2/8/2007Yasushi Suzuki Interviewed
2/8/2007Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society Awarded with Jury Prize at 21st Digital Content Grand Prix
2/8/20071986 Interview Reveals Glenn Danizg As OG Anime Fan
2/8/2007Tales Of Anime 2007 In CA Bay Area
2/8/2007Denno Coil Details
2/8/2007Kotobukiya Lands HALO License
2/8/2007Non Non Ba to Ore Wins "Best Comic Book" Award
2/7/2007American Anime Awards Finalists Announced
2/7/2007Newtype to offer Special Web Broadcast for Kaze no Stigma
2/7/2007Switch Manga, Rin Yoshi Accused of Plagiarism
2/7/20073 Part Kiddy Grade Film Announced
2/7/2007Code E To Be Animated
2/7/2007Japan TV News Roundup
2/7/2007Joss Whedon To Direct Hollywood Sailor Moon?
2/7/2007Doraemon Final Story Video Report
2/7/2007Hideaki Anno To Direct STRINGS
2/7/2007Takashi Murakami Reccomends New FPM Album
2/7/2007Pirate Death Note DVD Contains Mysterious Code
2/7/2007Bandai Ent. Acquires My Otome / Tide Line Blue
2/6/2007Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Anime Announced
2/6/2007First screenings of 5 Centimeters per Second Announced
2/6/2007Sunadokei becomes TV Drama
2/6/2007Tomo-Dachi 2007 In Northern Ireland
2/6/2007Slam Dunk Scholarship USA Connections
2/6/2007Kikoushi Enma DVD Volume 4 Release
2/6/2007Nozokiya Drama
2/6/2007Death Note Anime OST 2 Release
2/6/2007Manga Publishers / Retail Outlets Plan RFID Tests
2/6/2007Illustrator Kazuhiro Watanabe Dies
2/6/2007Index To Market Manga On Mobile Phones Worldwide
2/6/2007Terasawa Daisuke In South Korea
2/6/2007Soseki Natsume Mannequin
2/6/2007YouTube Meets With Japanese Copyright Reps
2/6/2007Takashi Yanase's 88th Birthday Bash
2/6/2007March Opening For Toki Wo Kakeru Shojo In Taiwan
2/6/2007Sakura-Con Announces Hideyuki Kurata, Kouta Hirano, Yashuhiro Nightow and K.T. Gray.
2/5/2007LA Times Article on Tekkon Kinkreet
2/5/2007Bandai Entertainment Licenses Tide-Line Blue and My-Otome
2/5/2007Tetsujin 28 Trailer
2/5/2007Victor Casting For New Macross?
2/5/2007Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica TV Details
2/5/2007Philippines Lawmaker Warns of Porn Anime Through Internet, DVDs
2/5/2007Akiyamakobo's 2 Meter Tall Evangelion Figure
2/5/2007First Byosoku 5cm Story To Be Available Freely Online
2/5/2007Tokyopop & HarperCollins To Release Warriors Graphic Novels
2/5/2007Criminal Charges Loom For "Doraemon Final Story" Doujinshi Creators
2/5/2007Japanese Weekend Boxoffice February 3-4
2/5/2007Afro Samurai Screening
2/5/2007First Anime Based Hollywood Movie To Get Specific Release Date
2/4/2007Kadokawa to Sell BitTorrent Films in US
2/4/2007Split Infinity Anime Film in the Works
2/4/2007Sega's Shining Tears To Be Animated
2/4/2007FFXII DS Trailer
2/4/2007Mamoru Oshii On Live Action Blood
2/4/2007Freesia Live Action Opens In Japan
2/4/2007Tokikake R2 DVD Extras
2/3/2007Live Action Cutie Honey in April
2/3/2007Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo in NYC
2/3/2007Demon Prince Enma Coming this Spring
2/3/2007DMP Picks up Heroes Are Extinct
2/3/2007Roundup: New Anime in Production
2/3/2007Death Note Makes YALSA Top Ten
2/3/2007Brazil Welcomes Late Night Anime Block
2/3/2007World Cosplay Summit 2007 to be Held in Nagoya
2/3/2007CGI Gatchaman Set for 2008
2/3/2007Israeli FM Talks Manga With Taro Aso
2/3/2007Tekkon Kinkreet Distribution Expected In 50+ Nations
2/2/2007NYCC Stops Saturday Ticket Sales to Avoid Overcrowding
2/2/2007Pies Anthony / Split Infinity Anime Movie
2/2/2007Tokyopop Picks Up Gutsoon! Manga Title
2/2/2007Tokikake North American Premiere
2/2/2007AMD Awards Ceremony
2/2/2007Goshou Aoyama Manga Factory Details
2/2/2007Next Type-Moon Work Due At End of 08
2/2/20072 New Countries To Contend In World Cosplay Summit
2/2/2007Rilakkuma Themed Condoms Promote Cute Safe Sex
2/2/2007My Otome, Votoms Items Apear On Cure Maid Menu
2/2/2007Doujinshi Could Be In Trouble
2/2/2007$20K Per Episode Average For TV Series Licenses
2/2/2007DMP Announces 2 New Yaoi Titles
2/2/2007Death Note Debuts on DS
2/1/2007Air Date for New Gainax Series Announced
2/1/2007Naruto Falls off Booklist
2/1/2007Celsys Announces Cell Phone Manga Software for North America, Europe
2/1/2007Hellsing OAV Episode 3 Delayed
2/1/2007Yamato USA Announces New Website
2/1/2007Gunbuster 2, Honneamise And Enma Coming From Bandai Visual
2/1/2007Avril Lavigne Develops Manga With Del Ray
2/1/2007Initial-D 4th Stage Carbon DVD-BOX
2/1/2007Worldwide Death Note Anime Licensing Spread
2/1/2007Leiji Matsumoto Interviewed On Copyrights
2/1/2007Sunadokei To Become TV Drama
2/1/2007Sega Hosts Hidenori Matsubara Art Exhibition
2/1/2007CB Character Go Nagai World OVA Remaster Release
2/1/2007New Gegege No Kitaro Animation
2/1/200750 Years Of Shoujo Manga Talk
2/1/2007NANA Being Considered For Hollywood Remake
2/1/2007Miura Explains Recent Berserk Manga Break
2/1/2007Kotobukiya Markets Votoms Coffee
2/1/2007Bae Doona Resmbles Rei Ayanami?
2/1/2007m.o.v.e to Perform at Sakura-Con
2/1/2007Bleach Fights Crime
2/1/2007Leiji Matsumoto Inspired Gundam And Star Wars?
2/1/2007Ghost In The Shell: SAC Walkman
2/1/2007Hana Yori Dango Drama Shot In New York City
2/1/2007Top Wo Narae! Gattai Gekijouban Box Office
2/1/200710 Years Later - Tamagotchi Sales: 40,000,000 Units