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Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/31/2005Japanese Spring Anime Updates
3/31/2005WOWOW Summer Anime Announcements
3/31/2005Devil's Due Licenses D&D For Comics and Graphic Novels
3/31/2005Manga madnes
3/31/2005Blood TV Series
3/31/2005He is my Master Promotional Video
3/31/2005Street Fighter II on Encore
3/30/2005Clarification on ADV Kamikazekon Report
3/30/2005Viz Edits
3/30/2005New Pataliro Anime
3/30/2005New Series Sites
3/30/2005Paradise Kiss Correction
3/30/2005Tokyopop To Produce Street Fury
3/29/2005International Channel Name Change
3/29/2005 Steamboy Week 2 Figures
3/29/2005Anime Sales on the Upswing
3/29/2005Imaginasian TV Network Accepting Submissions for PSA Contest
3/29/2005Say sayonara to blood and guts
3/29/2005Manga Translations into English
3/29/2005Read Manga and Books on Your PSP
3/28/2005Waldens Stores Become Borders Express
3/28/2005Nashville goes anime
3/28/2005Audiences find pipe dreams in 'Steamboy'
3/27/2005Guyver "Project"
3/27/2005Man faces life in prison over anime child porn
3/27/2005Paradise Kiss Details
3/27/2005Kamikazecon News
3/26/2005Defining the comics
3/25/2005Bandai Announces 8% Profit Decrease - Cites USA Sector Sales
3/25/2005Upper Deck Retools Organized Play
3/24/2005Japan Girls Nite US Tour 2005
3/24/2005Kare Kano Manga to End
3/24/2005Pirated Anime Seized in Hong Kong
3/24/2005Namco Announces New Fist Of The Northstar Game
3/24/2005Oval X Over Animation Announced
3/24/2005Who says little girls find them a turnoff?
3/24/2005Comic Dollars Up 15%
3/24/2005DrMaster Announces New Titles
3/23/2005New Viz Manga
3/23/2005DrMaster Manga Updates
3/23/2005News From Japan Slows As Companies Prepare for TAF
3/23/2005Mushiking - The Second Pokemon?
3/23/2005Ninja Scroll Ultimate Collection
3/23/2005Up Show in Down Year
3/23/2005Batman Hush Series 3 Delayed
3/23/2005Saint Seiya Cult Anime Comes to PS2
3/23/2005The Glass Panel
3/23/2005Puffy AmiYumi West Coast tour and performance on ABC
3/23/2005GAMA Trade Show Attendance Up 10%
3/23/2005Yotsubato! Image Album
3/23/2005ADV Consolidates Studios
3/23/2005Scrapped Princess From Tokyopop
3/22/2005ADV Films Announces Maburaho Release
3/22/2005Miyazaki DVDs Rank in Top 50 Sellers
3/22/2005ADV Films Full Metal Panic Complete Collection Release
3/22/2005Sub-Continent's Hungama TV Bulks Up On Anime Programming
3/22/2005BECK Soundtrack Scorching Hot In Japan
3/22/2005Malaysian Cosplayer Numbers Growing
3/22/20051st Ever Chinese International Animation Festival To Be Held In June
3/22/2005'Yuri' Manga Headed to U.S.
3/22/2005Three Fullmetal Alchemist TCG Releases in '05
3/22/2005Tokyopop Expands Cine-Manga in Wal-Mart
3/22/2005Paradise Kiss Anime
3/22/2005Anime Insider Monthly
3/21/2005Full Metal Alchemist English Aide
3/21/2005Ebert Pans Steamboy
3/21/2005Anime fans to gather
3/21/2005A mobile page turner
3/21/2005Namie Amuro performs "Want Me, Want Me"
3/21/2005Japanese Girl Punk-Rock Bands Rock 'n' Roll in San Francisco on March 27!
3/21/2005Wasabi Animusical to Premiere at JACON 2005
3/21/2005A Japanese music glossary
3/20/2005Shogakukan To Publish Aya Ueto Monogatari
3/20/2005Aichi Expo Goers Get First Peek At New Doraemon
3/20/2005Maaya Sakamoto Clip
3/19/2005Tokyopop Announces 'Sakura Taisen'
3/19/2005Japan Society Manga Event
3/18/2005Shueisha Brings Manga Settings To Life
3/18/2005TANK S.W.A.T.01 Updates
3/18/2005ADV Refocuses Manga Efforts
3/18/2005Kyo Kara Maoh! Cards Revelaed
3/18/2005Pokemon Pavilion at Aichi
3/17/2005Investors purchase Toys R Us for $6.6 Billion
3/17/2005Pop Japan Travel Article in Asahi
3/17/2005Howl's Moving Castle Release Details
3/17/2005Media Blasters July Releases
3/17/2005ADV Releases
3/17/2005Digital Manga Releases
3/17/20054Kids 2004 Financials
3/17/2005Magical Do Re Mi Schedule for Fall TV Release
3/17/2005New Mexico tries to Attract Japanese Anime Industry
3/17/2005AX Open House / Job Fair
3/17/2005LA Times Article on Steamboy
3/17/2005Robots Producer Touts Steamboy As Future Of 2D
3/17/2005Current Doraemon Cast Records Final Performance
3/17/2005NANA Single Tops Oricon
3/17/2005PUFFY Records TAF Preview Episode
3/17/2005New Crayon Shinchan ED Theme
3/17/2005Cherry Blossom Fever Hits Japan
3/16/2005Media Blasters Licenses GTO: The Movie
3/16/2005YTV Anime on Demand
3/16/2005CMX Manga to Release Appleseed Ani-Manga
3/16/2005Arts of Japan Website
3/16/2005New Kaleido Star OAV
3/16/2005Loveless Site
3/16/2005New Zoids Series
3/16/2005Satsuki and Mei's House Ticket Scalping Continues
3/16/2005ADV Layoffs Confirmed
3/16/2005Media Blasters Announces Genshiken Volume 1
3/16/2005Geneon Announces DearS Volume 1
3/16/2005Classic Tezuka Disney Manga To Be Reprinted
3/16/2005Korean And Japanese Animation At The NYICFF
3/16/2005Princess Tenko Part Of American Themed Restaurant
3/16/2005Miss Marple Anime / Manga In UK
3/16/2005Mosburger To Market 1000 Yen Sandwich
3/15/2005Live Action Transformers
3/15/2005eigoMANGA Headed To Eisner's And Internet
3/14/2005Steamboy Theaters
3/14/2005Sakura-Con Guests of Honor
3/14/2005Tokyopop Rising Stars
3/14/2005New Dominion Tank Police Anime
3/14/2005Manga Stirs Debate At School Libraries
3/14/2005More on TANK S.W.A.T. 01
3/14/2005New Doraemon Manga
3/14/2005Go Comics Teams With Tokyopop To Bring Manga To Mobiles
3/14/2005Sean Lennon To Adapt Japanese Novel
3/14/2005Live Action Dragonball Director?
3/14/2005Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Doll Exhibition
3/14/2005Naruto Movie to Become First UMD Anime Release
3/14/2005Tokyo Dome Aurora Vision Revamp
3/14/2005Tales Of Legendia Theme Announced
3/14/2005Card Captor Sakura TV DVD BOX
3/14/2005Nagasaki 1945: Anzerasu No Kane
3/14/2005New Fushigi Yuugi PS2 Game
3/14/2005Japan's Movie Industry Up Nearly 5%
3/14/2005Osaka Based Digital Tokiwa Adapts Masamune Shirow
3/14/2005Latest Crayon Shin-Chan Film
3/14/2005New Amano Exhibition In Ueno
3/14/2005A Father-and-Son Adventure to the Heart of 'Japanese Cool'
3/14/2005Kichijoji Animation Festival This Weekend
3/13/2005More "Archie Manga"
3/13/2005California Court Ruling: Bloggers Must Reveal Sources
3/13/2005Companies Represent At TAFLA
3/13/2005Plastic Little Creator Unveils New Project
3/13/2005Bandai Announces Scrapped Princess Release
3/13/2005Manga taking over USA one bookstore at a time
3/12/2005Japanese anime craze spreads like wildfire
3/11/2005TOEI DVD Impressions
3/11/2005Doraemon Announcement
3/11/2005New Ah! My Goddess Manga Format
3/11/2005Gilles Poitras To Preside Over Cutey Honey Screening
3/11/2005Go Nagai Wrestler Design In New Film
3/11/2005Extra Tenchi Volume Announced
3/11/2005Cameron To Bring Battle Angel To X-Box?
3/11/2005JoyRide Entertainment Announces Their First Trading Card Game
3/11/2005Gundam Seed 'Movies' Out This Summer 'Gundam Seed Destiny' Licensed
3/11/2005Tokyopop's Free Manga Magazine Mailed Directly to Consumers
3/11/2005Aaron Bynum of Animation Insider on Tenjho Tenge Manga
3/11/2005Planetes Special Edition trailer and Scrapped Princess music video
3/11/2005Bandai talks Scrapped Princess
3/10/2005Cutie Honey in San Francisco Bay Area
3/10/2005Robin Williams: The Anime Fan
3/10/2005Usagi No Glass To Go Nationwide In Japan From May
3/10/2005Daniel McAbee of The Tangled Web on Yu-Gi-Oh!
3/10/2005Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Ani-Manga
3/10/2005New TV Series
3/10/2005Saguaro student from China loves art, anime
3/9/2005Gundam Seed News
3/9/2005Totoro House Too Popular
3/9/2005Tokyopop Manga Magazine
3/9/2005350 Cases of Fake Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Seized in LA Manufactured in China
3/9/2005Geneon Acquires Fafner Anime
3/9/2005He-Man Heads to DVD
3/9/2005Stan Lee's Marvel Lawsuit Near Settlement?
3/9/2005FUNimation Cleans Up in's 2005 Anime Awards
3/9/2005Manga's future in female hands
3/9/2005More On Tokyopop Takuhai
3/9/2005Hiroaki Inoue in Washington
3/9/2005Gokusen Reaches Record Popularity
3/9/2005New Fullmetal Alchemist Game
3/9/2005Naruto Movie Update
3/9/2005Mandarake To Open Sapporo Branch
3/9/2005CLAMP Profiled
3/8/2005 Gundam Exhibit in Osaka
3/8/2005Cosplay Event at Wizard World LA
3/8/2005Yuricon Tokyo Event Announces 2 Guests
3/8/2005Yoshimoto Kougyou 10 Billion Dollar Yen Fund With Eyes On US Market
3/8/2005GONZO Announces Project Solty
3/8/2005TV Tokyo Announces 2nd Naruto Movie
3/8/2005Pretty Cure Movie Music News
3/8/2005Further Street Fighter MiniMate News
3/8/2005Megaman Revival
3/8/2005Rembert Parker of Reader Copies on Yu-Gi-Oh! Allocations
3/8/2005Jim Brocius of Cosmic Comics on Marvels in 7-11
3/8/2005Dean Phillips of Krypton Comics on Free Marvels in Schools
3/8/2005Bandai Says They Will Build Real Doraemon By 2010
3/8/2005New PS2 YuYu Hakusho Coming
3/8/2005Bandai's Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Figures In 2005
3/8/2005Small-scale "Nausicaa" US Theatrical Release This Summer
3/7/2005Puffy AmiYumi in San Diego
3/7/2005Tenjho Tenge Uncensored Campaign
3/7/2005Otaku Exhibit in Tokyo
3/7/2005Viewtiful Joe Licensed by Geneon
3/7/2005ADV Licenses Yugo the Negotiator
3/7/2005Studio Plug And Play Sued By Shogakukan
3/7/2005Live Action Cutey Honey In SF
3/7/2005Japanese And Korean Pop Idols Set Trends For Chinese
3/7/2005GAINAX Hosts Wonderful Days Screening
3/7/2005One Piece Kubrick Line To Commemorate New Film
3/7/2005Animator Takashi Wada Dies
3/7/2005Sony Announces World's Largest Screen
3/7/2005New One Piece Movie Opening Report
3/7/2005Zatch Bell! Latest Japanese Craze Hits the States
3/7/2005Dragon Quest VIII Action Figures Announced
3/7/2005New Speed Racer DVD Out in May Distinctive 'Steering Wheel' Packaging
3/7/2005PJT Contest - Be in the Manga
3/7/2005Puffy Tours USA
3/7/2005Geisha Casting Row Continues
3/7/2005Japanese comics aren't just kid stuff
3/7/2005TOKYOPOP Introduces "Manga After Hours"
3/6/2005Navarre Withdraws Stock Offering to Finance Funimation Purchase
3/4/2005Tokyopop's Star Wars Cine-Manga Original Trilogy Exclusive to Germany, UK & Japan
3/4/2005Marvel Widens Distribution With 7-Elevens & 300 Barnes & Noble Stores
3/4/2005'Megatokyo' Reaches Number 3 Fruits Basket #1
3/4/2005Canadian Arrested for Importing Loli-porn Manga
3/4/2005Odenkun Anime
3/4/2005Daniel McAbee of The Tangled Web on Yu-Gi-Oh! Allocations
3/4/2005Howl to Surpass Spirited Away's Box Office Record?
3/4/2005Ruling Against 2CH For Unauthorized Manga Reprint
3/4/2005Garnet Crow and Miho Komatsu On MAR TV
3/4/2005Suginami Animation Museum Opens Doors Saturday
3/4/2005Filming Starts On Live Action Touch Movie
3/3/2005Adult Swim/CN Split Cements Strategy Kids or Adults, Not Both
3/3/2005Direct Market Losing Manga Sales Share
3/3/2005NASA Teams With Pokemon On Education
3/3/2005AU Mobile Phone Anime Site Opens
3/3/2005Radio Controlled Iron Man 28
3/3/2005Japan's Largest Animation Distributors Headline 27 Companies Signing On To PSP Video Format
3/3/2005Korean Studio Behind Simpsons Profiled
3/3/2005Newtype 20th Anniversary Appreciation Fair
3/3/20052nd Gash Bell Movie Announced
3/3/2005USJ Announces Alchemist Premiere Tour
3/3/2005Gankutsuou Manga Announced
3/3/2005Kotobukiya on "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"
3/3/2005Tekken 5 Action Figure UPDATE
3/2/2005Howl's Moving Castle Current Japanese Viewership
3/2/2005Satsuki And May's House Drawing Attention
3/2/2005Fans Can Help Produce NTT's New Unique CG Anime Project
3/2/2005Lorelei Figures
3/2/2005Toei Prepares Fist Of The Northstar DVD Release
3/2/2005I.G. At TAF LA
3/2/2005Ghibli Theme Park And Miyagi Prefecture Plans
3/2/2005Retailer Won Case over Evidence Return Gordon Lee's 90s Battle
3/2/2005Graphic Novels Up 25% in 2004 ICv2 Reports
3/2/2005Domain Speculation
3/2/2005The Invasion Continues! New Invader Zim Toys
3/2/2005Old Boy Reviewed by Alexa Moses
3/2/2005Square Enix launches 'variety' show
3/2/2005Production I.G Anime Promoted Japanese Indycar Race
3/2/2005Beck Game Site
3/2/2005Geneon To Re-Evaluate Canadian Distribution
3/2/2005Totoro House at Expo 2005
3/2/2005Full Metal Alchemist Starter Sets not Limited to Future Shop in Canada
3/2/2005Bonnie Pink at SXSW
3/2/2005Totoro House Tickets Sold out for 37 Days
3/2/2005Tokyo Dark Castle San Francisco Announces a Change of Venue
3/2/2005TMF3 Fund to Support Anime
3/2/2005Tenjho Tenge Manga Heavily Edited
3/2/2005Otaku Culture Facts And Figures
3/2/2005Animation To Remember War In Japan
3/1/2005HK Live Action Initial D Site Launched
3/1/2005Next Oshii Project Announced
3/1/2005Theatrical Release Of Gundam Zeta Movies 2-3 Dated
3/1/2005Navarre / FUNimation Update
3/1/2005Toei Parnters On New Entertainment Label
3/1/2005Yamato Trifurcates Figure Lines Anime Mini-figures, Statues, Mecha
3/1/2005SOTA Displays '05 Wares Charmed, Street Fighters, More
3/1/2005eigoMANGA Teams With Diamond To Support Comic Book Retailers Over Mainstream Book Stores
3/1/2005.hack//SIGN on YTV
3/1/2005Bandai Games Inc. Launched
3/1/2005Second Naruto Movie Details
3/1/2005MTAC Convention News
3/1/2005Osaka University Of Arts Establishes Character Design Course
3/1/2005Pokemon Education Service
3/1/2005Broccoli Acquires Kamui License
3/1/2005'Koi Kaze' touches on a surprising subject