Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/28/2005UK top 100 Cartoons
2/28/2005Devilman Director Dies
2/28/2005Japanese Movie Exports Earn $60m in 2004
2/28/2005Lorelei Release Nears
2/28/2005Japanese Dolls Big In Germany
2/28/2005Pokepark Attraction Will Use RFID
2/28/2005Yokohama City Seeks To Bring In Animation Business
2/28/20053 Million Howl Admissions In South Korea
2/28/2005Lawson To Sell Satsuki And May Goods
2/28/2005Monkey Punch At Metrocon 2005
2/28/2005Jackie Chan To Film In Japan?
2/28/2005Zatch Bell! Spell Books Also Collectable Chase Versions for Organized Play
2/28/2005Toynami Adds to Successful Lines Plus Adds Voltron
2/28/2005Target Yu-Gi-Oh! DVD Exclusive In April
2/28/ Heads USA Today "Hot Sites" List
2/27/2005More Fist of the North Star
2/27/2005ADV Films Five Star Stories Anime Release
2/27/2005Johnny Robo Released Online
2/27/2005Anime Boston Announces New Guests
2/27/2005Wao Corporation Holds Symposium
2/27/2005Tyo Announces Profits
2/26/2005More on Coca-Cola Nascar Commercial
2/26/2005Yuricon announces Tokyo Event Guests
2/26/2005Naruto Animation Global Launch Announced
2/25/2005Manga Shoplifting Lawsuit
2/25/2005"Distress" In Japan's Animation Industry
2/25/2005Gatchaman DVDs from ADV
2/25/2005Gundam, Teen Titans, D.I.C.E. Bandai's '05 Toy Lines
2/25/2005From Mostly Mass to Hobby Only Bandai Games in 2005
2/25/20053 X 3 Eyes Canceled?
2/25/2005Del Rey Acquires Love Roma
2/25/2005More Tokyopop Acquisitions?
2/25/2005Miyazaki to Continue Directing
2/25/2005ImaginAsianTV to launch new anime
2/24/2005LA Times Looks at Mamoru Oshii and Hayao Miyazaki
2/24/2005Steamboy International
2/24/2005Another Japanese Howl Pirate Bust
2/24/2005J-POP / Anime Themes Adapted To Samisen
2/24/2005Gonzo Gets Murdock Scramble Sci-Fi Novel Rights
2/24/2005Fruits Basket and Spongebob Tops in Libraries For Tokyopop
2/24/2005Mike Banks of Samuarai Comics on Read Across America
2/24/2005Comic Sales Skid Again Down 3% in January
2/24/20052nd Dr.Koto Shinryoujo Series
2/24/2005Net Being Looked At As Medium For Pan-Asian Manga Distribution
2/24/2005Bandai Games At E3
2/24/2005MovieFone Backs Nausicaa
2/24/2005Overman King Gainer Site Launches
2/24/2005Glass No Kamen TV Series Announced
2/24/2005More Viz Manga Licenses?
2/23/2005Mandarake Profits and Business Model
2/23/2005Doraemon Renewal
2/23/2005GDH Announces Share Split
2/23/2005Nobita's Dinosaur Remake
2/23/2005New Fund Established For Small And Medium Anime Businesses
2/23/2005Ghibli Tackles Yomiuri Commercial
2/23/2005ISID Delivers Toei ERP Solution
2/23/2005Battle Angel (GUNNM) Creator Interview
2/23/2005New Nintendo Retailer Merchandising Contest For the Pokemon TCG
2/23/2005Upper Deck's Full House for 2005 Yu-Gi-Oh!, Marvel, DC & More
2/23/2005I Think I Can Manage--Another One Bites the Dust
2/23/2005Mattel Snags License for 'Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi' Toys Launching the in Fall of 2005
2/23/2005DARKSTALKERS Series 1 Line Up
2/22/2005Megazone 23 20th Anniversary DVD
2/22/200543 Year-Old Arrested Over Stuffed Totoro Theft
2/22/2005Animation Events Announced Surrounding TAF
2/22/2005Crayon Shin-Chan Merchandising Row In China
2/22/2005Kill Bill Anime Director On New Tales Game
2/22/2005CGI Anime Pioneer Heads Takarazuka University Course
2/22/2005Tohoku University Announces Contents Course Professors
2/22/2005Another USA Manga Market Figure
2/22/2005Beijing: Culture Industry To Represent 9% of GDP By 2008
2/22/2005Pokemon Center Yokohama To Open
2/22/2005Howl Piracy In Tokyo
2/22/2005Northern Kyushu City Anime Plans
2/22/2005'B-Daman'--Marbles Game With Anime Tie-In Anime Starts on ABC in April
2/22/2005Nightjar, LLC Joins Blu-Ray Assocation
2/22/2005Manga Talk Everywhere
2/22/2005TOKYOPOP teams up with Bleeding Edge to make Princess AI figures
2/22/2005Bootleggers Boot Legitimate Products from China
2/22/2005Anime Expo Guests of Honor
2/22/2005Tokyo Godfathers Wins At Anima 2005
2/22/2005More Animation Companies In Japan Managing Contents Rights With ERPs
2/22/2005Gonzo Digimation Holdings ERP Adoption
2/22/2005More On ERP Solution Provider SAP
2/21/2005Article on 'The Four Immigrants Manga'
2/21/2005Gundam War and Zatch Bell CCGs from Bandai
2/21/2005Gundam PS2 Games
2/21/2005SOTA Toys Nabs Micronauts License Six-Inch Figures Out in Late 2005
2/21/2005Diamond Select Gets Street Fighter License For Minimates
2/21/2005Final Fantasy VII Advent Children action figures at the New York Toy Fair 2005
2/21/2005Manga Dominates Bookscans top 10 Graphic Novel Sales
2/20/2005Oh My Goddess TV, Genshiken, Hinotori, and Phantom Acquired by Media Blasters
2/20/2005AFP Article: Young Americans revel in Japanese pop culture
2/19/2005World-wide Anime Market Worth $100 Billion
2/19/2005New Transformers on Cartoon Network
2/19/2005Full Moon o Sagashite Licensed by Viz ?
2/18/2005Koei Sets up International
2/18/2005Viz Fullmetal Alchemist Products
2/18/2005New Titles from Digital Manga
2/18/2005Disney Miyazaki DVD Promotions
2/18/2005Media Blasters Picks Up Master of Mosquiton
2/18/2005He is my Master Premiere Set
2/17/2005Historic Toei Theater Closes
2/17/2005Starchild History
2/17/2005'Naruto' Heads to Toonami Along With 'One Piece', 'IGPX,' & 'Bobobo-bo'
2/17/2005Animerica Gets 'Conventional' Publication Will Be Distributed at Cons
2/17/2005DearS Release Details
2/17/2005R.O.D -The TV- Netcast
2/17/2005Odd Sazae-san Stock Market Correlation
2/17/2005Aniplex to Centralize Licensing
2/17/2005More Online Anime
2/17/2005Pretty Cure Movie Trailer
2/17/2005Kids'WB! 2005-2006 Schedule
2/17/2005Coca-Cola 'Anime' Commercial on Daytona 500
2/17/2005Cartoon Network Adds Anime
2/17/2005Anime Within Sight Of 10 Trillion Yen Global Market
2/17/2005 Naruto Licensing Reaction In Japan
2/17/2005First Obscenity Judgement Against Manga
2/16/2005AnimeSuki Not Considering Naruto Licensed
2/16/2005Naruto and One Piece on Cartoon Network
2/16/2005DearS Anime Licensed
2/16/2005New Cowboy Bebop Special Edition
2/16/2005Cartoon Network Press Release
2/16/2005G4 Announces New Anime Unleashed Lineup
2/16/2005Further on Naruto and Fansubs
2/16/2005Upper Deck's New Round of Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Ads Starts Today
2/16/2005Grapevine Unveils MeMe And My World
2/16/2005Intermedia And Kadokawa Remake Miike Film
2/15/20053 Million Howl Viewers in Korea
2/15/2005DBZ TCG Back in July Two Releases in '05
2/15/2005'Tokyo Mew Mew' Debuts on Saturday As 'Mew Mew Power'
2/15/2005Blu-Ray Adds More From Japan
2/15/2005ShoPro named as Naruto licensor
2/15/2005MTV2 Revamp Focuses In On Anime
2/14/2005Riverside Renamed Chrono Code
2/14/2005New TV Series Updates
2/14/2005ADV Films Readies DNAngel: Facets Of Darkness
2/14/2005Aniplex Unifies Licensing Business
2/14/2005Warner Brothers Gets World Rights To Brave Story
2/14/2005Upcoming Anime International Impact Documentary
2/14/2005Tokyopop Acquires Bumper King Worldwide Media Rights
2/14/2005WWE Exec Guilty Licensing Kickbacks
2/14/2005Tokyopop Announces New Manga
2/14/2005Animation Insider Interviews Fred Schodt
2/14/2005Komikworks Announces Grounded Angel
2/14/2005Appleseed LE Goes Metal
2/13/2005SD Gundam Force Least Popular Gundam Ever in Ratings
2/13/2005Tsubasa Premiere Set
2/13/2005Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 Tidbit
2/11/2005Digi Charat Nyo! Announced
2/11/2005Manga Mover Update
2/11/2005China to Expand its Anime Market
2/11/2005CLAMP 15th Anniversarry Project Announced
2/11/2005Anime Crash Enters Anime Production With Shiden
2/11/2005Avex Reorganizes Businesses
2/11/2005Japanese Theme Park Controversy
2/11/2005Tokyopop Schedules Heat Guy J Plus Beck, Tokyo Mew Mew Sequel
2/11/2005Geneon Plans Two New Series for June 'Girls Bravo' and 'Melody of Oblivion'
2/11/2005Interupted CLAMP Serialization to Resume
2/11/2005Torrent Site Crushed by MPAA
2/11/2005New Studio4?C Anime
2/11/2005Live Action Last Exile?
2/10/2005Three More Miyazaki Movies
2/10/2005Anime Coke TV Ad Coming
2/10/2005AX 2005 Manga Library
2/10/2005Industry Rumors At TAFLA
2/10/2005Sky Blue And Tree Of Palm At The Alamo
2/10/2005New Viz Releases / Licenses
2/10/2005Studio Ghibli to Split from Tokuma
2/10/2005JPop Concerts
2/10/2005Private Investors Funding Musical And Visual Arts In Japan
2/9/2005Movielink Expands Anime Content
2/9/2005Miyazaki Wins Golden Lion
2/9/2005TV Tokyo Anime Performance
2/9/2005ADV Films Announces Latest Hello Kitty Release
2/8/2005More on Imported Manga
2/8/2005First Details: New Viz Girls Comics Magazine - Shoujo Beat
2/8/2005Gundam V Mecha Designer Tackles Real World Project
2/8/20054Kids Announces Uncut Collector's DVD Editions Of YU-GI-OH! And SHAMAN KING
2/8/2005DBZ TCG Returns DBGT TCG Retiring
2/8/2005Imported Manga at Borders a Test
2/8/2005Vampire Hunter D Novel Details
2/8/2005Duel Masters Trade Day At Hobby and Gaming Stores
2/8/2005Eva Mendes Cast in Ghost Rider Shooting Starts this Month
2/7/2005Japanese Forgetting To Be Polite?
2/7/2005Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi To Broadcast In Japan
2/7/2005Kare Kano DVD Rerelease
2/7/2005Magazine Collection Crushes Owner
2/7/2005Yanase Usagi Statue
2/7/2005Tenjho Tenge Anime Includes Promo Manga With Limited Edition
2/7/2005WizKids Enters Board Game Arena With 'Tsuro' Strategy Board Game
2/7/2005CBLDF Takes Georgia Obscenity Case Defending Retailer Gordon Lee
2/7/2005CPM Press Cancels Titles
2/7/2005Imported Manga at Borders and Waldenbooks
2/7/2005Negima Facelift
2/7/2005Rave Master Repeats Start Today
2/7/2005SPJA OVA Challenge
2/7/2005Planetes DVD Features
2/7/2005Kyoto University of Art and Design Collaborates with Anime Cram School
2/7/2005Abenobashi on Anime Unleashed Tonight
2/7/2005Kikaida & Daisuke Ban Return to San Francisco
2/7/2005Score Re-Releases DBZ TCG
2/7/2005Yakitate Japan! Bread Update
2/7/2005JETRO To Promote J-Pop In USA
2/7/2005Chinese Animation Industry Rising
2/7/2005Bandai Leads Cultural Wave as Japanese Entertainment and Style Gain Prominence in American Market
2/6/2005Tokyo Mew Mew this Fall
2/6/2005Death Note Stirs Controversy in China
2/6/2005Mitsubishi Wants To Mass Produce Real Gundams
2/5/2005Vampire Hunter D Novels Arrive In Enlgish
2/5/2005New Oshii Book - Innocence: METHODS
2/5/2005Ziyi Zhang At Oscars
2/5/2005Pretty Cure Mania Sweeps Japan
2/5/2005ADV Readies Blue Seed Ultimate Edition
2/4/2005Chinese geisha give slanted view of Japan's oldest professionals
2/4/2005New Kiki's Delivery Service from Disney
2/4/2005CPM Lays off Staff
2/4/2005Yoko Ishida At Anime Boston 2005
2/4/2005MO Otaku Club Article
2/4/2005Innocence Oscar Comment
2/4/2005Pink Pineapple / Green Bunny Status
2/4/2005ICv2 2004 Manga Awards Top Publisher, New Publisher, Phenomenon & Book of the Year
2/3/2005Steamboy Update
2/3/2005Battle Royale American Rights Status
2/3/2005Manhwa Becoming Major Export
2/3/2005Yakitate!! Japan Bread
2/3/2005The Howl That Could Have Been
2/3/2005Comics That Draw Girls
2/3/2005Adult Swim Adds 'Samurai Champloo' & 'Paranoia Agent'
2/3/2005Bandai Co-Producing Eureka 7
2/2/2005"Howl's Moving Castle" US Premier on June 10
2/2/2005Stars And Stripes: "Mecha: Could It Be The Soldier Of The Future? "
2/2/2005Appleseed DVDs Planned for May
2/2/2005The Cat Returns in New York
2/1/2005Studio Ironcat Shuts Down
2/1/2005CNet Discusses Fansubs
2/1/2005Shonen Jump International Sales
2/1/2005Ghibli Clothing Line
2/1/2005Retailer Alert