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Anime news from 7/11 to 7/18 New Products from 7/11 to 7/18
Disney: Up - Carl Pop Figure
Disney: Up - Russel w/ Candy Pop Figure
Disney: Up - Young Carl Pop Figure
Disney: Up - Young Ellie Pop Figure
Robocop: Robocop (Alex Murphy) Pop Figure
Sanrio: Hello Kitty 50th Ann. - Hello Kitty w/ Cake Pop Figure
Ad Icons: Green Crayola Crayon Pop Figure
Addams Family: Mortica Addams Deluxe Pop Figure
Addams Family: Uncle Fester w/ Thing and Mansion Pop Home Figure
Advent Calendar: Dragon Ball Z - Assorted Figures (Display of 24)
Advent Calendar: WWE - Countdown 14 Days Assorted Figures (Display of 14)
Attack on Titan: Ymir Pop Vinyl Figure
Batman: 85th Anniversary - Batman Glide Deluxe Pop Figure
Batman: 85th Anniversary - Batman in Batcave Deluxe Pop Figure
Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers on Motorcycle Pop! Rides Vinyl Figure
Christmas Classics: Santa (Off Season) Pop Figure
Clerks 3: Randall Pop Figure
Comic Cover: Daredevil - Man Without Fear Issue 1 Pop Figure
Comic Cover: Marvel's 85th Anniversary - Spider-Man Pop Figure
DC Comics Holiday: Harley Quinn w/ Red Nose Helper Pop Figure
DC Designers Series: Harley Quinn Traditional Action Figure by Amanda Conner
Demon Slayer: Yahaba Pop Figure
Disney: Alice 70th Anniversary - Tweedle Dee & Dum Pop Figure (2-Pack)
Disney: Bambi 80th Anniversary - Bambi Pop Figure
Disney: Beauty & Beast - Beast (Curls) Pop Figure
Disney: Donald Duck 90th Anniversary - Donald Duck (Angry) Pop Figure
Disney: Donald Duck 90th Anniversary - Donald Duck (Dapper) Pop Figure
Disney: Donald Duck 90th Anniversary - Donald Duck (Heart Eyes) Pop Figure
Disney: Halloween - Witchy Minnie Pop Figure
Disney: Haunted Mansion - Madame Leota Pop Figure
Disney: Haunted Mansion Portraits - Alexander Nitrokoff Pop Figure
Disney: Jungle Book - Baloo and Mogli Deluxe Pop Moment Figure
Disney: Jungle Book - King Louie on Throne Deluxe Pop Figure
Disney: Pinocchio - Pinocchio (School Bound) Pop Figure
Eternals: Kingo Pop Figure
Final Fantasy XII: Judge Magister Gabranth Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Final Fantasy: Squall Trading Arts Kai Action Figure (FFVIII)
Interview with a Vampire: Louis de Pointe du Lac Pop Figure
InuYasha: Inuyasha (Eating Ramen) Pop Figure
Inuyasha: Naraku Pop Figure
Iron Man: War Machine Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Marvel Holiday: Hulk (Gingerbread) Pop Figure
Marvel: Maximum Venom - Venomized Doctor Strange Pop Figure
Masters of the Universe: Sy Klone Pop Figure
MLB Legends: Dodgers - Jackie Robinson Pop Figure
Moon Knight: Mr. Knight Pop Figure
My Hero Academia: All Might POP Vinyl Figure
NFL Legends: Bears - Mike Singletary (Samurai Mike) Pop Figure
NFL Stars: Ravens - Roquan Smith Pop Figure
Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack w/ Goggles and Snowmobile Pop Rides Figure
Overwatch 2: Genji 3.75'' Action Figure
Pinocchio (Netflix): Black Rabbit Pop Figure
Pokemon: Raichu Pop Figure
Pop Icons: Richard Simmons Pop Figure
She-Hulk TV: Titania Pop Figure
South Park: Chief in Suit Pop Figure
Star Wars: Ahsoka TV - Professor Huyan Pop Figure
Star Wars: Obi Wan - Leia w/ Lola Pop Buddy Figure (2023 Summer Convention Exclusive)
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Leia (Boushin) Pop Figure
Stranger Things: Ghostbusters Will POP Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things: Lucas ver. 2 Pop Vinyl Figure
Succession HBO: Shiv Roy Pop Figure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Slash w/ Pre-mutated Slash Pop and Buddy Figure
X-Men: Emma Frost Marvel Now ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure
Key Chains
Key Chain: Batman 85th Anniversary - Batman Soaring Pocket Pop Figure
Ad Icons: Whoppers Malted Milk Balls Pop Figure
Banjo and Kazooie: Banjo and Kazooie Pop Figure
Batman: 85th Anniversary - Batman (Bloody) Pop Figure (Michael Keaton)
Batman: 85th Anniversary - Joker w/ Bloody Teeth Pop Figure (Jack Nicholson)
Batman: 85th Anniversary - Vicky Vale Pop Figure (Kim Basinger)
Child's Play: Vintage Halloween - Chucky with Axe Pop Figure
Child's Play: Vintage Halloween - Good Guy Chucky Pop Figure
Clerks 3: Jay Pop Figure
Clerks 3: Silent Bob Pop Figure
Demon Slayer: Susamaru Pop Figure
Disney: Donald Duck 90th Anniversary - Donald Duck (1938) Pop Figure
Disney: Jungle Book - Hathi Jr. Pop Figure
Fate/Stay Night: Sakura Matou RAH Action Figure (Wonder Festival 2016 Winter)
Galaxy Quest: Fred Kwan as Tech Sergeant Chen Pop Figure
Loki TV S2: Renslayer w/ Miss Minutes (1893) Pop Buddy Figure
Looney Tunes Halloween: Bugs Bunny (Ghost) Pop Figure
Looney Tunes Halloween: Marvin The Martian (Mummy) Pop Figure
Looney Tunes Halloween: Sylvester (Pumpkin) Pop Figure
Looney Tunes Halloween: Tweety (Witch) Pop Figure
MAD TV: Alfred E. Neuman Pop Figure
NBA Mascots: Denver Nuggets - Rocky Pop Figure
NBA Mascots: Memphis Grizzlies - Grizz Pop Figure
NBA Mascots: Orlando Magic - Stuff the Magic Dragon Pop Figure
NFL Stars: Steelers - Terry Bradshaw Pop Figure
Parks and Rec: Leslie Knope with Waffles Pop Figure
Pet Sematary: Gage Creed Pop Figure
Poltergeist II: The Other Side - Carol Anne Freeling Pop Figure
Pop Rocks: Ozzy Osbourne (1989) Pop Figure
Sonic: Amy Rose Pop Figure
Street Sharks: Streex Pop Figure
Warcraft: Reaper of Souls Malthael Pop Figure
Warcraft: The Lich King (Frozen) Pop Figure
WWE: Summerslam - Lex Luger Pop Figure
My Little Pony: Dr. Hooves (Wide Eye) 11'' Plush
Ad Icons: Etch A Sketch Pop Figure
Ad Icons: Honey Comb - Monster Pop Figure
Avengers Infinity War: Groot w/ Stormbreaker Pop Vinyl Figure
Black Panther: Black Panther (Warrior Falls) Pop Viny Figure
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Queen Romanda Pop Figure
Captain Planet: Gi Pop Figure (Water)
Captain Planet: Kwame Pop Figure (Earth)
Captain Planet: Linka Pop Figure (Wind)
Captain Planet: Ma-ti Pop Figure (Heart)
Captain Planet: Wheeler Pop Figure (Fire)
Disney: Beauty & Beast - Belle w/ Mirror Pop Figure
Disney: Dug Days - Carl Pop Figure
Five Nights At Freddy's: Balloon Freddy Pop Figure
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Kraglin Pop Figure
Legally Blonde: Elle as Bunny Pop Figure
Marvel's What If?: T'Challa Star-Lord Pop Figure
MLB Stars: Yankees - Lou Gehrig in Dugout Deluxe Pop Figure
NBA Mascots: Charlotte - Hugo Pop Figure
NBA Stars: Blazers - Damian Lillard (CE'21) Pop Figure
NBA Stars: Cavaliers - Donovan Mitchell (Dribbling) Pop Figure
Office: Kevin Malone w/ Chilli Pop Vinyl Figure
South Park: Boyband Cartman Pop Figure
Space Jam: A New Legacy - Lebron (Leaping) Pop Figure
SpongeBob SquarePants: Fry Cook Games Patrick Pop Figure
SpongeBob SquarePants: Ripped Pants Spongebob Pop Figure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo (TV) Pop Figure
The Batman: Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) Pop Figure