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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/31/2007Geneon Signs Exclusive Deal with TechTV Canada
1/31/2007Otaku TV Block Hits Brazil - Latin America Next
1/31/2007Unidentified New Anime Coming Up In Japan
1/31/2007Canada Approves Anime Channel
1/31/2007Gurren Lagann Site Preopens
1/31/2007Unseen Goddess Episodes To Appear On Final DVD
1/31/2007Huge Chinese Television Documentary Series On Japan To Include Anime And Manga
1/31/2007Tokikake Director Hosoda Speaks
1/31/2007Taekwon V Becomes Korea's Most Theatrically Viewed Animation
1/31/2007Byosoku 5cm Images
1/31/2007Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Site Launches
1/31/2007Hellsing Ultimate OVA Release Suspended
1/31/2007Shigofumi: Stories Of Last Letter To Be Animated
1/30/2007Three Conventions Cancelled
1/30/2007Del Rey Sets Release Dates for Five New Series
1/30/2007Anime LA: Bandai Visual Report
1/30/2007Afro Samurai DVD in May
1/30/2007The Anime Channel Comes to Canada
1/30/2007Lone Wolf And Cub In Hollywood
1/30/2007New Anime Books From Stone Bridge Press
1/30/2007Reideen Epiosde 1 Online Free
1/30/2007Mizuki Manga Awarded At Angouleme
1/30/2007Bambino Drama Web
1/30/2007Rozen Maiden Manga Suspended
1/30/20072007: Interesting Times For Manga Publishers?
1/30/2007Gedo Senki Japan's #1 Film In 2006
1/30/2007Real Life Lupin III Car And Bike Used In Promotion
1/30/2007Anime HD-DVD Release Changes
1/30/2007Mixi Has 8 Million Registered Users
1/30/200720 Million+ Registered Hangame Users
1/30/2007450MM Yen Boxoffice Start For Dororo
1/30/2007Your Face On A Maid Doll
1/30/2007NANA Glamorizes Underage Smoking?
1/30/2007Cheapest / Most Widely Available DVD Player Yet?
1/30/2007Temp Agency / Hataraki Man Cross Promotion
1/30/2007Is Les Miserables Anime Moe?
1/30/2007Evangelion Postage Stamps In Japan
1/29/2007Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 Information
1/29/2007Funimation Channel's Pow Wasabi Block Starts Tonight
1/29/2007Azumanga Daioh Episodes Online (in Japanese)
1/29/2007Kiddy Grade Gets Second Season
1/29/2007Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto Back on Booklist 150
1/29/2007Dororo Wins Japanese Box Office Weekend
1/29/2007Dir en Grey Concert Ticket Drawing for Otakon 2006 Attendees
1/29/2007Gedo Senki Opens Early in France
1/29/2007Circuit Wolf DVD Mook
1/29/2007Bambino! To Become TV Drama
1/29/2007More International Interest For Dororo
1/29/2007Creators Speak At Media Arts Exhibition
1/29/2007Yeu Woo Bi Cubby The Fox Boxoffice
1/29/2007Kyoshiro Sora Broadcast Start / DVD Exclusives
1/29/2007Rei Hiroe Art Collection: Barrage
1/29/2007Ski Jumping Pairs 2 Clip
1/29/2007 Independent Yakuza Shorts Hit YouTube
1/29/2007Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni PS2 Date
1/29/2007Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 Details
1/29/2007Evangelion: Portraits Figure Series
1/29/2007Shogakukan Plans Spring Light Novel Market Assault
1/29/2007Japanese Transformers Site
1/29/2007Highest Quality DVD-R?
1/29/2007First Noda Junko Concert In 1 1/2 Years
1/29/2007Anime Tunerz: The Best Of 2006
1/29/2007Nodame Catabile Drama Finale Logs 21.7% Rating
1/29/2007Record 920,000 Visitors To Mizuki Road In 2006
1/29/2007TWO-MIX On Kissdum - ENGAGE Planet Theme
1/29/2007Toriyama Working On New Dr. Slump Anime Movie
1/29/2007Wal-Mart Yanks Yaoi Titles
1/28/2007Dracula's Castle On Sale For $75.6 Million
1/28/2007Peko-san To Become Special Resident Of Niiza
1/28/2007World's Largest LCD Display To Become Digital Blackboard In Schools
1/28/2007Live Action Gakkou No Kaidan Film Announced
1/28/2007Laughing Man Logo Creator Revealed
1/28/2007Makoto-chan Japanese DVD Release
1/28/200739 Bishoujo Videogames Sold In Japan Last Week
1/28/2007Atsuya Uki's Cencoroll
1/28/2007Kill Bill Anime Sequels / Prequels Status?
1/28/2007Malaysia Cranks Up Late Night Anime
1/28/2007Classics Revival: Nekketsu!! Coro Coro Densetsu
1/27/2007Anime And Manga Toy Wrapup From Toy Forum
1/27/2007Yu Kobayashi Tours Yoyogi Akiba Campus
1/27/2007JASRAC To Meet With YouTube In February
1/27/2007Ultraman Taiga DVD BOX
1/27/2007Ultraman To End Due To Ratings Slump?
1/27/2007Shonen Jump Japan's Top Selling Weekly Magazine In 2006
1/27/2007Chisa Yokoyama To Star In Theatrical Play
1/27/2007Princess Maker 5
1/27/2007Production I.G. Short On Maaya Sakamoto DVD
1/27/2007Marvelous Entertainment Moves
1/27/2007Anime / Manga Misc.
1/27/2007New Slayers Movie To Become DVD BOX Exclusive
1/27/2007Mokke TV Series Due In October
1/27/2007New NHK Anime Interview Program: Anime GIGA
1/27/2007Nissan Launches Record Label
1/26/2007The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Video Second Most Watched Video on Youtube
1/26/2007The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 1 in May
1/26/2007Love and Berry Anime
1/26/2007NHK Anime World Announces Broadcast Dates for New Anime
1/26/2007Tsutaya To Begin Manga Rental Service
1/26/2007Go! Comi Portfolio Review at NYCC
1/26/2007I.G Posts About Ghost in the Shell Movie in English
1/26/2007Live-Action Mushishi Film Receives Distribution Offers
1/26/2007Korean, Japanese Creators Exchange New Years Greetings
1/26/2007UART Paprika Figures
1/26/2007Tokikake Wins AMD Prizes
1/26/2007Spring Premiere For Kotetsu Shin Jeeg TV
1/26/2007KiddyGrade 2 Presite
1/26/2007Mushishi Distribution Offers Stream In From Overseas
1/26/2007Plastic Surgery Manga Popular In South Korea
1/26/2007 First Live Action Gegege No Kitaro Images
1/26/2007Dowango Acquires Masami Okui's Evolution Label
1/26/2007Celsys To Market Mobile Anime / Manga Creation Internationally
1/26/2007Blu-Ray Owns 80% Of Japanese HD Hardware Market Not Including PS3
1/25/2007Hentai Featured in Upcoming Ben Affleck Movie
1/25/2007Romeo x Juliet Preview Event in March
1/25/2007Funimation Announces New License and Tsubasa Release Date
1/25/2007Earthsea Wins "Raspberry Award"
1/25/2007New York Comic-Con Seeks Fan Interviewers
1/25/2007Denver Anime Club Celebrates 25 Years
1/25/2007New ADV Films T-Shirts
1/25/2007Viz Appoints New VP
1/25/2007Zenkaikon Announces Spring Formal
1/25/2007Fox Subpoenas YouTube for User Details
1/25/2007Solid State Society in July
1/25/2007Bandai Visual to Release "Gunbuster 2"
1/25/2007Anime News Network Australia
1/25/2007Bandai To Market First Yamato Model In 23 Years
1/25/2007Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo To Be Animated
1/25/2007Shoujo Manga Test Goes Digital
1/25/2007Zeiram Japanese Track Version Review
1/25/2007Kimera Manga Endings And New Beginnings
1/25/2007Animage Chief Editor Hideo Ogata Dies
1/25/20071/350 Scale Plastic Model Space Battleship Yamato
1/25/2007Ji-hyun Jun In The USA
1/25/2007Tokyo Australian Embasy Holds Emily Rodda Event
1/25/2007Maid Hunting Occuring In Akihabara
1/25/2007Death Note: The Last Name Box Office Figures
1/25/2007Tokyopop Launches Slew of Princess Ai Products
1/25/2007Film Festival Roundup
1/25/2007Udon Acquires More Street Fighter
1/24/2007Funimation Acquires Aquarion
1/24/2007Japan Tourism Promotion Campaign Includes Akihabara Tour
1/23/2007Manga Entertainment New Blu-ray Title Solicitation
1/23/2007Museum Dedicated to Case Closed Author Opens in March
1/23/2007GR -Giant Robo- Episode 1 Online
1/23/2007Johnny Yong Bosch Hosts Anime TV
1/23/2007Takara Introduces Transforming MP3 Player
1/23/2007No Oscar Nomination for Paprika
1/23/2007Funimation Picks up Suzuka
1/23/2007Haruhi Suzumiya Event Ticket Draws $540 At Auction
1/23/2007HD-DVD Encryption Cracked
1/23/2007Byousoku 5 Centimeter Release In March
1/23/20072006's Most Popular Anime In France
1/22/2007Trailer Roundup
1/22/2007Paprika Screening at IFFR
1/22/2007Anime Today Interviews Carl Macek
1/22/2007Miyazaki's Next Film to be Revealed in March
1/22/2007Funimation Acquires Ragnarok: The Animation
1/22/2007Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 1 Online
1/22/2007Victor Entertainment Holding Open Auditions For The Heroine of a "Blockbuster Anime"
1/22/2007Video: Taekwon V Movie Opening
1/22/2007Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo DVD BOX
1/22/2007Moyoco Anno Manga Adapted Film To Screen In Berlin
1/22/2007Live Action Evangelion In 2009?
1/22/2007Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Phantom Blood Movie Update
1/22/2007Byousoku 5 Centimeter Production Finished
1/22/2007Death Note: The Last Name Box Office
1/22/200752nd Shogakukan Manga Prize Winners
1/22/2007New Anime To Air On Adult Swim
1/22/2007Myspace Japan Goes Big In 2007
1/22/2007Legal Issues Gaining Importance In Contents Industry
1/22/2007Robot Taekwon V South Korean Box Office
1/22/2007Anime Doesn't Make Competition Division At Berlin
1/22/2007Satoshi Kon Interviewed On Paprika
1/22/2007Victor Seeking Fresh Talent For Anime Heroine Role
1/21/2007Mushishi & Dororo Live Action Movie Trailers
1/21/2007Urasawa Starts 20th Century Boys Final Chapter
1/21/2007Anime Themes On UNICORN TABLE CD
1/21/2007Akihabara Turns 140 This Year
1/21/2007Korean Yeu Woo Bi Opens This Week
1/21/2007Robot Taekwon V Statue Unveiled
1/20/2007Mini-Tezuka: Set of 200 Miniature Osamu Tezuka Manga Now On Sale in Japan
1/20/2007Tokikake, Tekkon Kinkreet Receive Mainichi Japan Film Awards
1/20/2007Paprika Hits US Theaters May 25
1/20/2007Korean Comics Exhibit in Ohio
1/20/2007How to Build a Life-Sized Gundam
1/20/2007Ghost in the Shell Interview Series Continues
1/20/2007Tokikake & Tekkon Win At Mainichi Film Awards
1/20/2007Paprika American Theatrical Release May 25th
1/20/2007Shimanaka Publishing Shuts Down
1/20/2007Comic Gumbo Available Online
1/20/2007Kawasaki City Museum Doraemon Exhibition
1/20/2007Dororo Live Action Movie To Go Worldwide
1/20/2007JA Zennoh Drops Takao Yaguchi Bag Design
1/20/2007GDH And So-Net Announce Tieup
1/20/2007RGB Adventure Cancelled
1/20/2007GITS: Solid State Society Fansubs Emerge
1/20/2007Advance Ticket Sales High For Taekwon V
1/19/2007Ghibli Museum To Support Animation Research Project
1/19/2007Har?+Guu Joins Funimation Channel
1/19/2007Shining Wind Features Allstar Japanese Seiyuu Cast
1/19/2007GR-Giant Robo Episode 1 Online - Free To World
1/19/2007Exclusive Report: GR-Giant Robo At TIFFCOM 2006
1/19/2007GR-Giant Robo Seasons 2-3 Planned
1/18/2007OverDrive TV Anime Series Announced
1/18/2007May 5 is Free Comic Book Day
1/18/2007Saint Seiya on Cartoon Network Latin America
1/18/2007AnikiCon Cancelled
1/18/2007New Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Documentary Online
1/18/2007Domo-Kun Premieres This Fall
1/18/2007Studio Ghibli Opens Ghibli Museum Library
1/18/2007Geneon Podcast: Patrick Seitz Interview
1/18/2007New Yuria, Raoh Gaiden Trailers Online
1/18/2007Viz Media Gets New Sales VP, Directors
1/18/2007Booklist Sans Manga
1/18/2007ImaginAsian CEO Profile in USA Today
1/18/2007Production I.G. Enters Negotiations for Live-Action Ghost In The Shell
1/18/2007GDH VP Talks Afro Samurai
1/18/2007Sola Anime Details
1/18/2007Ichigo Marshmellow Trailer
1/18/2007Sylvanian Families 3DCG Japanese Animation
1/18/2007Goshou Aoyama Manga Factory Opens In March
1/18/2007Mini Tezuka Manga
1/18/2007Naoki Urasawa Defines Professionalism
1/18/2007Kei Toume Art Exhibition
1/18/2007Winter TV Anime Season 2007 Class Picture
1/18/2007Mr. FullSwing To Be Animated
1/18/2007Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro To Be Animated
1/18/2007Evangelion Noh
1/18/2007Sahaquiel XX Figure Release
1/18/2007Manga Author Ken Ishikawa Dead
1/18/2007Chiaki Kuriyama Digs Otaku Culture
1/17/2007DramaQueen Pick up Devil x Devil
1/17/2007Jinki: Extend Dropped From Comic Blade
1/17/2007Protoculture Addicts in Barnes
1/17/2007TV Tokyo Spring 2007 Anime Season
1/17/2007Jesus Film Goes Anime
1/17/2007Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 7 Cover
1/17/2007Fate/Zero Visual Novel Phenomenon
1/17/2007Aquarion OVA
1/17/2007Berserk Manga Returns
1/17/2007Emily Rodda Interviewed On Deltora Quest Anime
1/17/2007Young Animal: Harmful Book
1/17/2007JTBUSA Tokyo Anime Fair Tour
1/17/2007Slam Dunk Scholarship Site
1/17/2007Anime / Manga Exhibits At Kawasaki City Museum
1/17/2007DOA Credit Cards
1/17/2007Afro Samurai Soundtrack Release On January 30th
1/17/2007Osamu Tezuka Manga Made To Order
1/17/2007Amazon Otaku Store
1/17/2007Sgt. Frog Korea's Most Popular Animation In 2006?
1/17/2007Rahxephon Movie On HD-DVD
1/17/2007RFID Tags In Your Manga
1/16/2007Japan's First Free Manga Magazine Arrives January 16th
1/16/2007Highlander Film on June 5
1/16/2007Anime Innovation Tokyo Introduces First Project
1/16/2007Netflix to Sell TV Shows, Movies Online
1/16/2007Winning FLCL T-Shirt Design is Scarface Haruko
1/16/2007Sirou Tunasima Bails On Jinki Extend Manga
1/16/2007Miyazaki's Clock
1/16/2007Masami Hisamoto Lands Doraemon Movie Role
1/16/2007Recording Wraps On First Naruto Shippuden Episode
1/16/2007Hollywood Ghost In The Shell Film Coming
1/16/2007Death Note Movie 2: The Last Name DVD Release
1/16/2007Akiba Fest After Report
1/16/2007Ghibli Distributes Western Animation (Continued)
1/16/2007Comic SPA! Launches
1/16/2007Yoshimoto Kogyo Enters Manga Field
1/16/2007Atsushi Yamasaki Killed In Car Accident
1/16/2007New Dr. Slump Film Planned
1/15/2007Digital Meme To Release Rare Classic Anime on DVD
1/15/2007Girl Power Exhibit in Washington
1/15/2007Air Gear Site Launches
1/15/2007Producer Talks about Highlander
1/15/2007Digital Meme Releases Japanese Animation Classics
1/15/2007Shoujo Manga Exhibit In D.C.
1/15/2007New Sakura Wars Anime in the Works
1/15/2007Nodame Cantabile Breaks Late Night Record
1/14/2007Tekkon Kinkreet At Berlin International Film Festival
1/14/2007Seiyuu Yuko Sanpei And Ami Koshimizu Get Married
1/14/2007OverDrive To Be Animated
1/13/2007Death Note Release Won't be Limited to Downloads
1/13/2007Anime at Timbaland / Timberlake Concert
1/12/2007Sakura-Con Announces First Japanese Guests
1/12/2007Train Man in Hartford Next Month
1/12/2007Geneon Opens Paradise Kiss Site
1/12/2007Air Gear: The Musical Now on Stage in Japan; DVD Release in May
1/12/2007Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Returns to Cartoon Network Daily
1/12/2007Geneon Licenses Rozen Maiden
1/12/2007Maid Cafe Opens In Thailand
1/12/2007AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSON OVA Release
1/12/2007Cream Lemon Actress Azumi Muto Brutally Murdered
1/12/2007Death Note Live Action Actor Appears In Anime
1/12/2007US Cowboy Bebop / Ghost In The Shell HD-DVD Release
1/12/2007Trickster Anime Collaboration Coming
1/12/2007Nausicaa Glider Integrated into Flight Simulator
1/12/2007Pillows On Moonlight Mile Soundtrack
1/12/2007MomoCon 2007 Unveiled
1/12/20075th Sakura Taisen OVA Series Announced
1/12/20072006 Manga Magazine Roundup
1/12/2007Good Job To Become Drama
1/12/2007IGN: Ghibli Should Adapt Okami
1/12/2007Princess Hours Sequel Faces Hurdles
1/12/2007Kyoto International Manga Museum Updates
1/12/2007Comic Gumbo: Japan's First Free Manga Weekly
1/12/2007Prism Ark Anime Confirmed
1/12/2007Nodame Cantabile Debut Sets All Time Late Night Anime Ratings Record
1/11/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles in 3 More Theaters
1/11/2007Animazement Announces 7 Japanese Guests
1/11/2007Anpanman Museum Opens in April
1/11/2007Roundup: New Anime Series, Japanese Sites
1/11/2007Ouran High School Host Club Video Game Coming to Playstation 2 in Japan
1/11/2007Two Titles Added to Ameircan Anime Awards Manga Ballot
1/11/2007Viz Licenses Death Note Anime for Download
1/11/2007Booklist Update: Death Note, Naruto, Fruits Basket
1/11/2007The Last Unicorn DVD on February 6
1/11/2007Princess Tutu Block Party in Austin
1/11/2007iPhone A Big Yawn In Japan
1/11/2007Koutetsu Sangokushi To Be Animated
1/11/2007Arakure Knight Live Action Film
1/11/2007BUZZMANGA Looks To Create Manga Ads For International Crowd
1/11/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Soundtrack on Feb 13
1/11/2007Munroe Talks Highlander And Gatchaman
1/11/2007Gokujo Seitokai In The USA And Korea
1/10/2007Denno Coil to Become a TV Anime Series
1/10/2007Cartoon Network Goes HD in September
1/10/2007Bo^7 Season 2 Coming to Toonami
1/10/2007Shyamalan Signs up for Avatar Trilogy
1/10/2007Fullmetal Alchemist on Adult Swim Fix
1/10/2007TV Anime Series for Hayate the Combat Butler Announced
1/10/2007Say Hello to Black Jack Switches to a New Publisher
1/10/2007Economic Impact Of Winny On Anime / Manga Estimated
1/10/2007Tokyo Anime Fair Exhibition Space Sells Out Early
1/10/2007Hyakki Yakou Shou Becomes TV Drama
1/10/2007Taiwan Anime Pirate Goods Conviction
1/10/2007Pizza Hut Japan Launches Code Geass Campaign
1/10/2007Tohoku Shinsya Loses Sankyo Suit Over Yamato Rights
1/10/200719 Trillion Yen Japanese Contents Industry By 2015
1/10/2007Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo DVD Announced
1/10/2007Gatchaman Gets Director
1/10/2007Second Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Season In USA
1/10/2007Japanese NPA Looks At "child pornography" Manga
1/10/2007Ghibli Wants Foreign Director / Advances Western Animation
1/10/2007Kara No Kyokai Bags Command Premiums At Auction
1/10/2007BlackJack Ni Yoroshiku Manga Spawns Sequel
1/10/2007Anpanman Museum Opening In Yokohama
1/10/2007Manga Find Spurs Library Privacy Concerns
1/10/2007Japanese Cosplayer Hosting Service
1/10/2007Gungho To Develop Fist Of The Northstar MMORPG
1/10/2007Reiji Matsumoto Museum In Kitakyushu
1/10/2007Scooby Doo Creator Iwao Takamoto Dead
1/10/2007Original Gundam DVD Box Preorders Exceed 120,000
1/9/2007Nihon TV: "Plans" to Air NANA in US
1/9/2007Viz Looking for New Approvals Coordinator
1/9/2007One Piece Movie 8 Trailer Online
1/9/2007Rensa Byoutou
1/9/2007GP Museum Soft Moves
1/9/2007Kara No Kyokai Animation Official
1/9/2007Prism Ark Animation Announced
1/9/2007Comic Market 71 Wrapup
1/9/2007Cameron Opts For Avatar Over Battle Angel
1/9/2007Japan Post Announces Evangelion Stamp Series
1/9/2007Le Chevalier D'Eon on TAN
1/9/2007Ghibli Plans to Work with Foreign Director
1/9/2007Spider Riders Premieres January 20 on Kids' WB
1/9/2007ADV's Best Student Council Site Online
1/9/2007DST Announces ?24? Licensing Agreement
1/9/2007Spike TV: More Afro Samurai Ratings
1/8/ Now Sells Everything Yaoi
1/8/2007Madman to "Restart" Australian Dragon Ball Z Release
1/8/2007Kara no Kyokai Film in the Works
1/8/2007Talent Agency Makes Manga Magazine
1/8/2007Miyazaki's Next Movie Revealed?
1/8/2007Oricon: Fans Want L, Char Aznable Spinoffs
1/8/2007Japan's Top 10 Box Office Hits in 2006
1/8/2007Reideen Remake On-Air Date Announced
1/8/2007Only Three Nominations for Best Animated Feature
1/8/2007ADV Acquires 009-1
1/8/2007Linda Linda Linda Starts Friday in Boston
1/8/2007Yoko Ishida to Perform at Kentucky's Daigacon
1/8/2007Afro Samurai Ratings Report
1/8/2007Hayate No Gotoku! Animation In 2007
1/8/2007ICE OVA Surfaces
1/8/2007Megachu! Animation Decision
1/8/2007Doki Doki Haha Musume Ressun
1/8/2007Viz: Prince of Tennis, 3 Manga in April
1/8/2007New Anime Sites (Japanese Only)
1/7/2007Manabu Ono Working On New Series
1/7/2007New Kouji Masunari Work
1/7/2007Another New Anime From Mizushima Seiji
1/7/2007Sakoi Masayuki Attached To Direct New Anime
1/7/2007Denno Coil Date
1/7/2007Cup Noodle Creator Momofuku Ando Dies
1/7/2007Kotetsu Zieg Remake
1/7/2007Sola Crossmedia Project Announced
1/7/2007Dezaki Wraps Storyboard On Clannad Movie
1/7/2007Big Slayers Franchise Announcement Coming
1/7/2007Mushiuta Anime?
1/7/2007Indian Summer (Koharu Biyori) Anime?
1/7/2007New Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novel To Be Published
1/7/2007Potemayo To Be Animated
1/6/2007Kiddy Grade Sequel Details
1/6/2007Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula Mecha Designers
1/6/2007Unofficial Noir / Madlax Sequel - El-Cazador
1/6/2007Yoshitomo Yonetani To Helm Independent OAV
1/6/2007WB Answer to HD War: A Bi-Compatible Disc
1/6/2007Toward The Terra TV Remake Debuts In Spring
1/6/2007Masahiko Okura's Next Project
1/6/2007Tatsuo Sato On Upcoming TV Series
1/6/2007Gankutsuou Film And New Manga
1/6/2007Animazement Announces 2007 Convention Details
1/6/2007Japan Travel Survey
1/6/2007Upcoming Funimation Releases / License.
1/5/2007Nana Kitade to Grace the Cover of Feb. Shojo Beat Magazine
1/5/2007Ookiku Furikabutte TV Series Announced
1/5/2007Job Listing Reveals Princess Resurrection Anime
1/5/2007Worldwide Haruhi Suzumiya Updates
1/5/2007Mardock Scramble Production Discontinued
1/5/2007Rumors Foretold Mardock Scramble Cancellation
1/5/2007Zero No Tsukaima Second Season Confirmed
1/5/2007RahXephon Film Goes HD in Japan
1/5/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles at The ImaginAsian, Documentary Online
1/4/2007Naruto, Fruits Basket Back on Booklist
1/4/2007eigoMANGA To Speak During Macworld 2007 Week
1/4/2007Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection) To Be Animated
1/4/2007Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny Trailer Stirs Controversy
1/4/2007Domo-kun Products Arrive In USA / Anime To Air In Fall
1/3/2007Kyoko Kishida Dead at 76
1/3/2007Naruto for Nintendo DS This Spring
1/3/2007Hitohira Trailer Online
1/3/2007DBZ Remastered: Before and After
1/3/2007Ten Biggest Anime Conventions of 2006
1/3/2007Cantarella Joins ALA READ Program
1/3/2007Air Gear Episode 1 Online
1/3/2007Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles in Columbus, Portland
1/3/2007Kids off the Couch Program Features Spirited Away
1/3/2007Naruto DS Game America Bound
1/2/2007Takara to Purchase Stake in Akachan Honpo
1/2/2007DBZ Wii Game Drops in Japan
1/2/2007New Anime Wrap: Kamichama Karin, Kaze no Stigma, Kara no Kyokai
1/2/2007Saiyuki OAV Trailer Online
1/2/2007Synch-Point Replaces FLCL Ultimate Booklets
1/2/2007American Anime Awards Voting Now Open
1/2/2007Kurau Phantom Memory in April
1/2/2007Watch Afro Samurai Episode 1 Now